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Yazad Tafti Nov 13
to pierce the sky and write away from home
to nudge the earth where the moonlight shone
to love your entity and to crack a skull
to shed my soul like feathers of seagulls
where i am know
i am known
but at this moment i cannot be known
for it is shedding
and i am wailing in silence
my life is a hole excavated by violence

leave me alone on this island to rot
for the sand through your feet will not be forgot
for i am sieved through the mesh of your foot
as crystals come and silica goes
i will always remain from your memories to your toes
Yazad Tafti Nov 11
There is a hole in me where my heart once laid
Happiness seems as much a mirage as a casino inviting you in to win
She seems distant but so close perhaps only in my thoughts
It does not feel any better
This metal device peering out of my chest
It hurts
But I’m filling the hole
I’m filling the hole
And this knife in my chest should be evidence ….no?
But besides the waterfalls of iron retained blood riddening it’s self out of my chest
Why do I still feel so empty?

Because when she was everything you ever loved
Without her a part of me is always missing
Yazad Tafti Nov 6
she smiles a bit of me dies inside
she laughs
she cries
a bit of me still cries inside

tears don't shed
so i get tattoos of them on my face
from my eyelids where the water once bled
these inked drops now take their place

i hear to **** is bad
to detain
and disembowel
is a tad worse

for my mind is my greatest gift but it may
also be my most frantic curse.
i know you know that i know that you know
Yazad Tafti Sep 19
May I …
May I take you out over a candle lit evening
Where the look in your eyes burn hotter than the flame its self
May I kiss you over so gently and tell you there is no worry in the world our willingness cannot over come
When the sun may set and our eyes reset
You will be my last 64 bit pixelation stored in my memory net
For May I love you all year round
My arms around you I have wound
For take a cigarette and weld it in my arm
Let the heat ignite my firearm
For May I love you all year round
Memories with you burned in can never be drowned
May I
I may
Yazad Tafti Sep 12
to pour some 'erb diffusive tea
let it mellow in my cup
let the leaf take whole
where it leaves a hole
for this cup of sorrow is best enjoyed alone
with no company
just a settlement between
Yazad Tafti Aug 22
so much anger that words should ignite as they are typed

no wonder my CPU was overheating hahahah

at least this helps cool me down a tad
Yazad Tafti Aug 22
i don't admire the world anymore
i'd rather see no faces beyond closed doors

if everyone would sleep on a rope laced necklace i think i may be happy

i do not see friends in this glass marble upon which i live anymore
i do not seem many who care but rather just aquire and regress to their own cavern

so many heads turned
but not many ears who listened

people diagnosed with vague perceptions
but yet no one was there to percieve

fiction off of folk lore

it is arson to deprive someone from their well being
but it is irrefutably criminal to deprive someones time from their livleihood
time is not in your will

even the most beautiful of eyes may turn to distant shadows
forcefields unspoken when the serpents devour you on proximity

******* a joke

and if i made an error , possible,  i should make ammends for such
i will
the biggest error may be denial of your own error and shame on you
**** everyone

when respect is negligible i question how you will overcome anything in life
all you do is run..
is what it is
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