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green eyes like pickles
brunette hair like the bun toasted to the crisp
smile and a warm feeling like nuggets out of the fryer
compliments just as the best customer service
we ordered 5000 cheeseburgers
but when i joked about being 35 you left just like the customer who left their stale burger on the table
whateva...i'm eating it
Yazad Tafti Sep 1
because i love you
******* cutie
Yazad Tafti Aug 28
light dispersion
through a carved glass prism
array of colours emerging a from a single beam
a fraction of me dies
a faction of me dyes
that's why my hair now has highlights
colloquial phrases
Yazad Tafti Aug 19
hey gorgeous... you never give me a reason to look away
eyes a lustrous cardinal me somewhere to paradise
your hair dangles like a chandelier midway through your eye
hair a burst of dirt road that why we do so much ***** talk
your freckles are the guide to my treasure map
i dig with my lips
you mark the spot
you look good in anything...better in nothing
you wear your smile best and mine is your critical guarantee
your voice is my lullaby and morning alarm

paradise:                       we sit
                                  by the river
                     ­                    US
gorgeous has a name ;)
Yazad Tafti Aug 9
shove my **** in her
so deep it comes out of her mouth
is that a new tongue?
these days i taste for her

pull her hair in ******* rough, i realign her spine
i got you by your leash and in this dog park
we can play fetch with ***** all day

kiss her so gently my lips struggle to leave
suction cups formed by our lips
no squid but i'll spill my ink all over her mouth later

find me in a sea swimming
i'll swim with you but never get too close
don't want to be a dependency
i'm diving down head first in the deep end of your sea

lol i got urges
Yazad Tafti Aug 8're as stable as....

a cube of ice on a bridge of salt
a water balloon on a bed of nails
a painter's hand during an earthquake
an OCD patient in a room full of crooked paintings
(is there anything wrong if they're all crooked)??
a brick of potassium in the presence of air
a ****** coming off their last hit
the stock market in 15 years're not stable...but i can be a support.
who needs stability anyways
Yazad Tafti Aug 1
i love you
no you don't
i love you
stop lying
i love you
you're making me uncomfortable
i love you
leave me alone
i love you
maybe you do..
i love you
i love you
allo luv
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