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Yazad Tafti Jul 15
when your smile fades my
heart drops just as your cheek bones do
and everyone's enthusiasm does
when your eyes sadden
my euphoria hides just as your
eagerness to welcome me does
just as an afraid bear cub does to a wrath swallowing winter  
when your smile fades
i cry in the corner and whip my self as if indiana jones did
shatter my crystal skull
granulize the pieces like the extinguishment of a burnt cigarette
my scars never fade
when your tears run
i run towards you to comfort you as beanbag chairs do
to channel flipping tv junkies
when your smile fades i will always love you
when your smile fades a part of me vaporizes
when your smile fades a part of mine grows
when your smile fades
i hope you know what it's like to be tortured
hurt and whipped
my scars upon my face just as the joker entertains
ensures my
smile never
my darling *****
Yazad Tafti Jul 10
irony and tyranny
ironic isn't is how photographers say don't forget to smile in photos when they hate their job

funny isn't is when a comedian jokes a bout a car accident on the 401 but the audience's daughter died apart of it

silly isn't it how dentist who make great money have just as great a suicide rate

crazy isn't it how I write immense poems but read as negligible amount

odd isn't it how aunt susanne would sow sweaters but had no children

aunt susanne was at the comedy show a week after her daughter died on the 401, each sweater sown would be the same size as sally would have been that year .

she loved sally .
Yazad Tafti Jul 1
morning swift tides upon a bank of swiss wind eroded rocks
rock your world because no chocolate is sweeter than your smile
milk pitchered chocolate leaving a streak of vanilla as a sunburst yellow horizon streaks on the water
i love looking in to your eyes
that's when time freezes and i chill like
an eyesicle
Yazad Tafti Jun 24
i'm training
blood staining
body engraving
organs paining
and all you wanted was to see a smile
walk 200 billboards worth of repelling miles
worse than grocery spills
no clean up in aisle 4
and this clean up is for you
Yazad Tafti Jun 24
freely flowing across the sea of processed refined
flimsy, takes the shape of breezes just as my
ball point breezes across this cotton gestured framework
paper dented
skull shattered
fragments spewed like a precracked glass stencil
your body laid out
and i'm not loving it but
something had to be done
no more running
Yazad Tafti Jun 11
days come when my eyesight simmers and i go all googly
eyed upon your presence
- dropped jaw left a mark in that concrete -

your presence is your greatest present

as the sun dismounts its self from the sky
Just as an ornament debranches from the tree upon boxing day

you are mi corazon
the fusion reactions which support the sun
the uv rays which nurture plants
the roses i pick for you upon the brightest moon
the sweet summer dance i shared upon you in the month of june

you are the most fond melody
only justice woulb be brought when played by a symphony

you are my heat waves and i am your
cool summer drink
get on your knees
like lemons fall from lemon trees
like bass notes drop on a timpani
i'm about to lemonade in your mouth babe

Yazad Tafti Jun 6
don't give a ****

don't fall in love

don't be kind

back the *******

stop trading your life for theirs

don't fall head over heels for them

don't go on joy rides around the city

don't give them your time of day, i'd give them every second

stop waiting for them

stop asking them out

**** off all relation

don't be the ***** of the relationship
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