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Late night,
My mouth's watering.
"Wanna taste a Drumstick,"
My taste buds are shouting.

The flavors of those juicy flesh,
My tongue's missing.
To chew those tasty crispy crust,
My teeth are waiting.

In my bed, I'm dreaming
Of chicken frying.
"I wanna filled with leg piece,"
My tummy is crying.

I am just 17,
But 85 kg, I'm weighing.
Yet to have chicken,
My mind is craving...
Just a fun write😅😂
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2020
Crowded bar
Drink held in hand
Music blaring loud
Pretty sure my soul is ******
After the second round

Shot of whiskey down throat
One more to follow
Sea of ***** keeping afloat
Weightless with each swallow

Dizzy head
Thick and light
And hazy
Tiredness drags down my sight
Legs relaxed and lazy

Warmth spreads throughout torso
Fingertips begin to tingle
Euphoria inside my brain grows
My neurons and serotonin mingle

Air heavy
Sweat and motion
Humid heat clinging to my skin
Around me is a blurred commotion
Logic and sense wearing thin

Tummy performing cartwheels
Whole place unbalanced and dark
Stool wobbly underneath my heels
Bartender pouring from a fifth of Monarch

Saturday night in a tiny town
Where everything else is just too far
So you find yourself driving the same road down
To the local nothing-better-to-do bar
In Talkeetna that bar is called The Fairview which is where I was when I began writing this little treasure haha
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2019
Always hungry
Munching on yummy food
Eating delicious snacks all day
Day 8: Write cinquain on any topic
Arisa Apr 2019
I wanna eat something
but it won't fill me up
only drag me down.
Of This Whelk Hooked Sluggish Autodidact

Nay, despite failing to make the grade,
     this bluesy well red, duff mute
     average white band hit,
     hard knock school alumnus
jack of all trades master of none bumped along

     *** hole cratered steep pitch
     while riding the bus
bullies skewered kosher me all, cannibalized
     carte blanche timid ego

     brandishing exacto knife
     threatening jugular, cuss
sing maniacally pulling out all stops
     going headstrong for this doofuss

Embracing premonition making me mincemeat
     vis a vis via, Atilla the *** plus
Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore
     after diet of worms

     as hors d'oeuvre hug guess
if given a choice, would prefer Loch Ness
monster, or the whale that swallowed Jonah,
     either t'would be a quite im press

heave feted feat, versus being poached,
      roasted, skewered burnt alive
perhaps sautéed to feed additionally,
     the Gothic (Jacks sin) five,
the latter adorned with

     Bandolier prototype, whence they would jive
to Vandals mess sigh ya,
     these last yet another contra band
     to play on command, or risk not being
     he gee beegee bing  a live

all thee above iterated blather spluttered
     as punishment against revive
ving human sacrifice by pence hoove lee donning
     a new jersey wordlessly trumpeting, and strive

ving assiduously as a one man lobbyist,
     and aye willingly negotiate
     to take more'n one wive

even though that would be big o' me decor,
thus a last minute reprieve given
     without axing por favor
and black keys handed over

     to Holy Roman Empire in ****
rubble ruins (over the Weeknd), thus brutish nasty,
     and short tempered surprisingly
     (boot not prematurely) ******* bon jour

foo fighters actually (grand
     aery an nah - did a three sixty)
     feting me guest of *** or,
boosting self esteem, the first time
     since being a kid in a candy store

which poetic digression
     did make quite a dee tour,
and bringing detente amidst marauding
     village people hoop reef furred war.
without asking for tangible receipts
but to pollinate greensward vis a vis
as pay forward recompense

many good samaritan instances
     came my way of late, yet
hive heal stymied, how
     unexpected gratuitous deeds didst whet,

a voluntary yen of mine
     to pay back or forward
     countless instances
     to balance out scale reciprocation

     doth weigh within mine conscious
     and/or subconscious
     giving back status unmet,
thus...this ambling, bumbling, fumbling,

     et cetera sensate **** Sapien able Juan
     Tim steady state Cane, tis ready and set
analogous to the tricks Seine (seen)
     by a rheas ease pond dint

     surveyed monkey smart pet
whom calculated thine net
total asper positive fortunate events this chap
     and or loved ones within mine family met

since years gone by to the present moment let
me experience minimal anxiety
     finds euphoric sensation within me (as if jet
     ting into stratosphere,

     and a counter force get
tin overpowering akin
     to a creditable conscientious debt
begging to be honored as a non boastful bet

among the better angels of thyself
     whom regulate acceptable, affordable, airing...
     agreeable, amenable, un arguable heartfelt
     good fella expressing deserved certifiable
     bona fied ardent

action demonstrating appreciation
     for innumerable, humbling deeds
done divinely deposing
     dada's depredatory, depredation, depression

     sans crucial life line feeds,
as genuine deep seated acknowledgement
     as proof emotional, financial,
     and spiritual bountiful personal necessity
     receiving such psychic receipts heeds!
amidst cavorting delightfully, enjoying thorough
frolicking gingerly, foreign hick hating ******>hip-hopping insouciantly sustaining row

biological status quo
kvetching lamely moreso mother became pro
naturally physically rumbling,
   heard all the way in Oslo

   supposedly twerking, undulating vivaciously
wantonly x2c wisely yielded – nada no
   zona pellucida anchored byte size ******,
   potent embryonic fetal moe
newlweds nocturnal merriment
   moma's ****** marked march 1959

   lovingly joyusly, insemination happened ha low
bullseye clenched diploid fertilization
   guaranteed germinating heiress
   while squaqking lichen Apache at Diablo
   ma late mother did should know

upon awakening upon tautly stretched exertion
   during dilating ******, which jiggled like jello
three score orbitz round el sol, warmed cockles

   and muscled away brutally cold degrees
   tab billed an igloo,
   or circa six decades
   drafted exuberant **...**...**...
cuz, i.e. thencee at 362nd day

   baby in belly did fully grow
December first nineteen fifty seven
   sanctioned newly minted papa  
   to sing a capella for he's a jolly good fellow

   quintessential nascent
   kickstarter heady everflow
though wintry dark,
   a “hi” beam illuminated
   newborn girl with dayglow

sans, mechanical engine ear
   papa (an honorably discharged army vet)
   all spit and shine groom,
   who wed a bride somewhat callow

first time parents with giddiness did saul fully bellow
Boyce and Harriet Harriet countenance
   twas (like an elf on Christmas eve) all aglow.
D­ear Sis – I knew not what else to do
thus, this poem crafted fur ewe
a doe ting maternal gal – whose time on Earth flew
Poetic T Apr 2016
It groans at the anticipation of what
is wanted in moments it is fulfilled in
yummy goodness that is plentiful but
It lingers on echoes that talked to its
yearning "FEED ME TILL FULL.

But a belly is a misunderstood thing
for not always is it hunger, but where
thirst creeps in. It talks in code that
need too be drunk upon, till dehydrated
fades away, that means real thirsty to all of us.

It talks so much like an echo of what
it had digested but now no longer full.
"My belly is singing a sad song,
It rumbles like a lion does roar.

I'm found through cupboards, standing
on the sideboard to see what delicacy's
can be ingested to make my belly proud.
but my belly makes a gurgle a little too loud.

My mummy pops a head a foot a hand
waving at me as my tummy rubbles on.
Then she listens to it playing its sad song,
A little tummy needs yummy to fill it up.

A filling sandwich, a drink of milk to get
my thirst filled up. Then my song sings no
more as a tummy now filled up. "Burp,
that was a thank you it liked it very much.
for my kids :)
Simon Soane Dec 2015
In the shape of your movement
my tummy is stormed
by jingles
and foxtrots,
it leaps a ballet
as you punctuate
with glorious panache.
It always tries to run everywhere
when you
come into view;
all the tumbling roams
at the slight tour of your smile.
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