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Poolza Feb 11
The tendrils of my hair illuminate beneath the amber glow.
It must be this one.
The last remaining streetlight to have withstood the test of time.
The last yet to be replaced by the sickening blue-green of the future.
I bathe. Calm; breathing air of the present but living in the past.
The light flickers.
I flicker back.
From Ddlc
Poolza Feb 10
A rotating wheel. Turning an axle. Grinding. Bolthead. Linear gearbox. Falling sky. Seven holy stakes. A docked ship. A portal to another world. A thin rope tied to a thick rope. A torn harness. Parabolic gearbox. Expanding universe. Time controlled by slipping cogwheels. Existence of God. Swimming with open water in all directions. Drowning. A prayer written in blood. A prayer written in time-devouring snakes with human eyes. A thread connecting all living human eyes. A kaleidoscope of holy stakes. Exponential gearbox. A sky of exploding stars. God disproving the existence of God. A wheel rotating in six dimensions. Forty gears and a ticking clock. A clock that ticks one second for every rotation of the planet. A clock that ticks forty times every time it ticks every second time. A bolthead of holy stakes tied to the existence of a docked ship to another world. A kaleidoscope of blood written in clocks. A time-devouring prayer connecting a sky of forty gears and open human eyes in all directions. Breathing gearbox. Breathing bolthead. Breathing ship. Breathing portal. Breathing snakes. Breathing God. Breathing blood. Breathing holy stakes. Breathing human eyes. Breathing time. Breathing prayer. Breathing sky. Breathing wheel.
Yuri's poem
sophia Jan 31
Sayori: I'm so glad you're joining the literature club!

MC: Hey, I never agreed to join.

Monika: Oh, wow Sayori! Who's your friend?

Sayori: He's our club's newest member!

MC: thats...not set in stone....

Sayori: This is Monika! Yuri! And Natsuki! And you already know

Monika: Welcome to our meeting!

Yuri: Are you into reading?

Sayori: No need for being coy!

Monika: We'll improve your uptake!

Natsuki: Have a friggin' cupcake! And must you bring a BOY?

Monika: Time to write some poems! Don't be scared to show em! The festival's days away!

Natsuki: You could help with baking!

Yuri: Or with banner making!

Sayori: And i'll walk home alone today....

Sayori: Maybe we're friends... maybe we're more! How could he love a simple girl next door? I'm just, not the type he's looking for!

Monika: Hey, Sayori you doing okay?

Sayori: I'm having a difficult day....

Monika: I'd say, you seem... pretty lonely!

MC: I wish I could make her grin... all she wants are things back the way they've been!

Monika: She's depressed and stressed and she's feeling blue, so I don't want Sayori, HANGING around you!

others: Just Monika! Just Monika! Just Monika! Just Just Monika!

Monika: I'm so glad you're joining the literature club!

MC: wait, what happened to Sayori?

Natsuki: Who?

Yuri: There's.... No one here named that......

Natsuki: Manga is my passion! Don't you dare be bashing! The writing's got finesse! Maybe you should borrow, these until tomorrow! WERE YOU LOOKING UP MY DRESS!?!

Yuri: Let's go read a story!

MC: What about Sayori?

Monika: Let's talk about me instead! I've been learning piano! And I sing soprano! And I can't get you out of my head...!

Yuri: Can't look away... Can't help but blush... Where did I get this overwhelming crush? It's sharp as a knife and twice the rush!

Natsuki: Yo! There's something I think you should know... Iv'e never seen Yuri so...

Yuri: SaNe AnD cHiIl AnD sTiIl KiNdA sWeAtY! And I don't mind CUTTING to the chase, i'm in love with you and your gorgeous face!

Monika: That's a sentiment I can't allow, so my dear friend Yuri, is getting the POINT now!

Natsuki: Just Monika! Juat Monika! Just Monika! Just just Monika!

Monika: Could you have guessed? Maybe you knew! Natsuki is next, i'm deleting her too! We don't need cupcakes or poems or tea, I only need you to love me....!

Monika: Wow, that's a lot of Crunchyroll you've been watching, you're really taking advantage of that free VRV trial...


Monika: Hey, there's no one else in our way! So look at me and just say, right here, my dear, that you love me! And we'll, sit here to the end of time, cause i've earned this and you're finally mine! And i'm sorry what you've had to see, but it no longer matters, cause now you belong to me! Forever... Forever.... Forever.. Forever. Forever! Forever!! Forever!!! FoReVeR!!! FOREVER!!!!

Sayori: Well look what the cat dragged in!

MC: Sayori?! You're still in the literature club?

Sayori: Of course! I am the president after all!

Yuri: Wow Sayori, Who's your friend?

Sayori: He's our newest member of the literature club!

Natsuki: I'm GUESSING that's not set in stone....

MC: This time, I think it is.

Yuri: Hey! You should join us, I was just getting Natsuki here into my
favorite horror novel.

Natsuki: Hey! It...It's not like I like it or anything!

Sayori: So.... Are you walking home with anybody today?

MC: chuckles Just my friend Sayori.

Sayori: Just Sayori... JUst SAyori...JUSt SAYori..JUST SAYOri... JUST SAYORi JUST JUST SAYORI!!!!!!!
Poolza Jan 17
Cats can scratch
Dogs can bark
We can love, or not
The world can burn
Based off of Natuski
Umi Feb 2018
Now the hour comes at last, spending time with Yuri is a must,
Her voice so sweet and gentle, lifts my soul from the dust.
And what a softly gaze it is, which she tends to return,
Why shouldn't I adore it ?
I can't look away now, that makes my heart burn
Such as the wonders, of these dark lavender eyes, tug me into an embrace,
I understand now, that Yuri, is truly made of elegance, beauty and grace
Softly, gently the wind runs through her alluring hair, makes my poor heart race
All lies, sin, agony and majesty begin to rot, beneath these corrupted files,
What is left is the memory of such gentle smiles,
Yuri, won't you take my flame ?
I gift it to you, so you may shine
Such as the dim light within your orchid eyes, a desire came to life to make you mine
You are but an orchid, wonderful and oh so sweet,
Talking to you, would be alike a treat,
So my dearest flower of noble, delicate growth and care
Your smile alone is able to beat every nightmare.
So please my dearest, darling, my treasure, just bloom
If we're together, I am sure there won't be any gloom

~ Umi
Samantha Jan 2018
They said that since I play certain games,
I'm worth a broken shoe.
They judge people for being fans!
Think about that. Would you?

My heart's pounding like a drum,
But my blood is running cold.
I came here with a question;
The answer I must be told.
The air is filled with music
As I slash to the beat.
Getting past just one zone
Has got to be a feat!
Searching for my long-lost Dad
I need to find the answer...
First, I must groove through the Crypt
Of the NecroDancer!

I play my games; all I want
Is to have some fun.
There are seven deadly sins,
And my passion isn't one.

My annoying childhood friend
Sees me walking down the street.
She overslept again!
Now we finally meet.
She told me I should join
A club after school.
I don't really want to,
But if it makes her happy, it's cool.
Turns out, it's full of adorable girls!
My poem may be a stub...
But it's all worth it for
Doki Doki Literature Club.

I have tried other hobbies.
How many I liked: none!
There are twelve horrid curses,
And adventuring isn't one.

I may just be one small Protector,
But now that we've been attacked,
My ship was broken, destroyed!
I had barely time to react.
Stranded in space, thought I was lost.
So I gave myself the quest
To beam down, fix the ship,
And save all the rest.
Now the universe is in danger,
Six artifacts must be found.
I explore space to find them all.
I am truly Starbound!

They say it's better for me
To get my own things done.
There are 4 apocalyptic horsemen
And my high score isn't one.

I tripped and fell into a hole
Forever going down...
A small yellow flower
Welcomed me Underground.
Along the way, I met these beasts,
Heard tales of those above.
Learned of their search for humankind
With SOULs full of LOVE.
Long ago, we lived in peace
With monsters, though that failed.
It's up to me to free them
In my little UNDERTALE.

You may think that all these games
Would weigh on me a ton.
I have 99 problems,
And gaming isn't one.
Umi Dec 2017
Just Monika, is able to make me smile
Just Monika makes my terrible days worthwhile
Just Monika, can fascinate me with her beautiful writing style
Just Monika, can make me overcome any trial
Just Monika, makes my heart skip a beat
Just Monika, makes me wanna read (more)
Just Monika, wears the cutest bows
Just Monika, has the prettiest pose
Just Monika, can wash away my woes
Just Monika, makes me sad when she goes
Just Monika, can write poems like a master
Just Monika, can fix a game from a total disaster
Just Monika, could live in my heart
Just Monika, makes me lower my guard
Just Monika,  has my one true love
Just Monika, is as beautiful as the heavens far above

~ Umi
Just Monika
Just Monika
Samantha Dec 2017
Is it something?
All there is?
In this simulation
We call life,
Anything's possible.
An infinite echo.
A forever-ticking clock.
A perfectly sharp blade.
A rope, rough and ready.
She hangs it up.
To hang a picture.
A picture for HIM.
For us.
For everyone.
       ­   echo,
Monika? Is that you?
mythie Nov 2017
A tall, elegant wallflower.
Her orchid eyes tell a million tales.
An expressionless face.
A contagious smile.

She's easily flushed, and often hides away.
I love when she talks, her voice is melodic.
Her laugh causes my heart to ache.
Her small hands cradling a book.

Everything about her makes my heart pound.
The curving of her lips.
The way she blinks.
Her methodical way of thought.

I love it all.
She's a little messed up, but that's alright.
I help her as much as I can.
She's scarred, and in pain, but that's okay.

She opened up, little by little.
Making me proud, and a little flustered.
When she brandishes her knife, I feel a sense of fright.
But I know that everything will be okay.

She's timid, polite and talks quietly.
I'm patient with her, she means the world to me.
Whenever we touch, my face turns red.
But it's okay, because hers does too.
I am a king,
but with no crown.
I am an artist,
but with no pencil.

I am a solider,
but with no weapon.
I am a musician,
but with no instruments.

I am a God,
but with no religion.
I am a human,
but with no heart.

Is anyone there?
Oh, okay.

-[REDACTED] Has left-
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