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Alex McQuate Mar 2022
Oh Gygax,
If you could see what you've made,
What it's become,
To those you've touched,
With simple dice, paper, and pen,
You'd see a community you've helped,
A people inspired,
Of joys you bring everyday.

You introduce to some a world of creativeness,
Of fantasy and dragon slaying,
To others you've helped provide a creative outlet,
Something they thought they'd never have again.

You've helped people make friends,
Some lifelong,
Connecting them in various ways,
But through it all,
It will have all started,
With a 20 sided dice,
And a simple question;
"Would you like to play?"

You've helped some through some rather dark and rough patches,
A form of escapism that can't compare,
To others you've provided a fun weekly activity,
To decompress from the toils of the day-to-day.

From the starry eyes of our most youthful,
To the slightly hazy eyes of old,
Entertainment you've brought to us,
From your average joes,
To famous folk,
The touch of your creation enraptures all that it beholds.

My friends and I gather again,
On this Friday night,
To fight zombie hoards, Kobold warlords,
Even a Black pudding or two,
And for a little while,
In those fleeting instants,
They're great hero's of Valara and Altour.

So thank you Gygax,
for all you've done,
as we sit down at this table,
from the noble adventuring group known as the Assless Chaps,
(Exasperated Sigh)
And their beleaguered Dungeon Master.
Olivia Daniels Jun 2021
Shout out to the fact
that I wrote my D&D character
to be everything
I've ever wanted
I've ever hoped for
I've ever imagined
for myself

Now I'm quite literally
living vicariously through her
and finding myself wishing
for what she has
rather mourning what I don't

It's probably not healthy
how invested in her I am
how obsessed
how utterly disappointed I am
that I'm not really her
I want to be her
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Taking a chance to roll the die,
Hoping to land a critical strike,
On your heart,

I’ll be by your side,
Singing you songs about the feelings I can’t hide,
I’ll be your bard,
In disguise,

My turns next,
And I can’t wait,
To see if the die brings us any closer to our first date,

You’re as wonderful as they come,
No DM can deny it,
The way you light up the room,
With your dancing lights,
That you cast from behind your eyelids,

Let’s get a pint,
And start to unwind,
As I tell you the tales,
Of how you stole this heart o’ mine.
Serena Jun 2020
The moment it all goes off the rails,
I remind myself:
the rails don’t exist.
And once I actually believe it,
the rails disappear.
Serena Jun 2020
The gleam in their eyes
-don’t miss it! It’s gone before you know it-
when they realize that the whole time
they were staring right at the solution
and the joy that comes
from knowing the answer
makes me want to refute them,
so I can amaze them again.
Serena Jun 2020
Sometimes it’s stressful
when I’m unprepared
and nervous, because
I fear they might think
I’m not doing my job.
But when I feel good
having put in work
and seeing it all
pay off, I feel
amazed at
the fear
that no
Charlotte Ivy Jun 2020
D&D books and pirate smiles
Our middle school crush has gone a thousand miles
Behind the band room kisses before class
Only your Stitch impressions could make me laugh
Late night phone calls and good morning texts
I love you like I’ve never loved the rest
Jay M May 2020
The world is being torn apart
Coming apart at the seams
Fabric of realities wearing thin
Cross through the shadows
Some of them fell
Away into it's madness

A lovely work of art
Nothing is as its seems
Nobody knows who shall win
Tell us, somebody knows
What can save us from this living hell
Bring light into the consuming darkness

Gather together, face the fear
We are all here
Stand together, battle side by side
There's no place to hide
If we do nothing
So stand, do something
For those who need you
Do what you know you have to do

Take to a tavern
Venture inside
Chat with the guard
Talk about the cavern
Spotted, nowhere to hide
Have a seat, discuss business
Calm thy selves, what a mess!

Take the job, take the precious cargo
This kid mocking me, think I'm gonna blow
Come on, we've got a job to do
Yeah, that includes you!

Go save your world,
While we save ours.

- Jay M
May 6th, 2020
A friend of mine started a D&D campaign, the party members being some friends, my sisters and I. Today we'll be having the second session, and I can't wait!
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