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Mandii Morbid Jan 31
I have lost many and gained nothing in my kingdom of ice and hate. Succession to the throne would merely seal my fate.
You can't love, you can't dare show weakness or they will descend upon you like flies to the dead.
There are those who once bowed in reverence that would gladly take your head.

I sit and play this game, a game of blood and war.
There are days I start to forget what it all has been for.
We serve them pawns of flesh and they sing songs of sorrow.
Mourning the dead can wait till tomorrow.

I count the days until I may see your face again.
I wonder yet, if you will forgive me, my greatest sin.
Will you hold me once more in your warm embrace?
Will you smile at me despite the pain you face?

If I could rip out this heart,
show you it beats only for you.
Would you tear it apart?
Or could we start anew?

Until I sit upon the throne, I can never truly atone.
You will never be free from winter's grip.
I cannot afford to slip.

To become what I despise,
I must play into their game of lies.
Become the King they want of me.
So I can drown them in their treachery.

When that day comes, my love, I can finally set you free.
This was actually loosely based on a character I developed for a story. I was writing in his perspective.
Hazel May 2017
*** ligger på marken
Hendes hud er helt bleg og hendes krop er kold.
*** har lagt der siden dét skete!
Marken er dækket af røde valmuer, kontrasten mellem hendes blege hud og de grønne græsstrå der giver fylde til marken, får det hele til at virke så uvirkeligt!
Brutalt, hendes øjne er stadig åbne, *** kigger til siden, for selvom *** er kold, er der stadig ting *** ikke vil se i øjnene.  
Blodet er stivnet, hendes blod er koaguleret, ligsom hendes liv.
Alt lever videre selvom *** er blevet plantet der ved en fejl, fuglene synger og insekterne spjætter, kun et spørgmål om tid før de bosætter sig på hendes korpus, og *** bliver en del af valmuemarken..
Wyatt Mar 2017
As sure as the night will come,
the beginning comes after the end.
The first thoughts are glum
while the gears start turning again.
Back to work, tie your apron, coffee for energy.
It's a rambunctious quiet,
different ideas for how the day will be.
This is the start of the day
where I'm awaiting another end,
how will the storyline
be placed for me today when I begin?

- Editor's Note Coming Soon -
It's no shocker for me to tell you all (whoever may be reading this) that my fingers have made contact with my brain a lot lately to type out these pieces. Inspiration has found me in such a strange time after only peeking in every now and again here on HelloPoetry. It's been a long while, but I'm feeling inspired to get my words out there to you all again. I am currently typing out a series of poems that can be enjoyed separately, but also are built to be read one after another. To tell a story of my thoughts throughout a day. My way of life as of now stuck in between the words success and failure. "Daytime Daydreams" is the name of this series of poems, I guess you could call it some kind of poetry book...just without the book part. I hope you look forward to my next entries where any related to Daytime Daydreams will be marked in the description of those pieces. I thank you all for reading, commenting and showing some love.
jdotingham Dec 2016
the lights in the night danced as we made love-
a hallucinogenic to put the hardest drug/*
                                  \to shame:
        ­                                          aremy
                 ­                            ...pyramid...
my love.
d.d. #3
jdotingham Dec 2016
i wish to document
i wish to live
can i do both without creating a rift?
so i'll tell you what
what do you tell?
i'll write about things from the ends of the earth, trump and hell.
i shall name it after you, abbreviation in cause,
a poem a day should have a round of applause (or not it's up to you - i'm sorry that sounded a tad narcissistic)
I have decided to create a project called d.d.
it compliles of writing a poem a day for the foreseeable future in hope to document not only my life but things which happen around me, i hope you join me on my journey but it's up to you.
poems will be published on here and on my tumblr -
there will be poems for everyone, political, religious, love etc as i continue to learn of this art form (practically and through linear education).
i do hope you join me on this adventure.
M Mar 2016
I am wasting my time on someone who does not even love me. But it is hard to move on so easily. So many memories that I just don't want to let go. And I am dumb for writing this.
But I know I'll get over it.
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