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Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Taking a chance to roll the die,
Hoping to land a critical strike,
On your heart,

I’ll be by your side,
Singing you songs about the feelings I can’t hide,
I’ll be your bard,
In disguise,

My turns next,
And I can’t wait,
To see if the die brings us any closer to our first date,

You’re as wonderful as they come,
No DM can deny it,
The way you light up the room,
With your dancing lights,
That you cast from behind your eyelids,

Let’s get a pint,
And start to unwind,
As I tell you the tales,
Of how you stole this heart o’ mine.
Damien Jun 2020
The moment it all goes off the rails,
I remind myself:
the rails don’t exist.
And once I actually believe it,
the rails disappear.
Damien Jun 2020
The gleam in their eyes
-don’t miss it! It’s gone before you know it-
when they realize that the whole time
they were staring right at the solution
and the joy that comes
from knowing the answer
makes me want to refute them,
so I can amaze them again.
Damien Jun 2020
Sometimes it’s stressful
when I’m unprepared
and nervous, because
I fear they might think
I’m not doing my job.
But when I feel good
having put in work
and seeing it all
pay off, I feel
amazed at
the fear
that no
Charlotte Ivy Jun 2020
D&D books and pirate smiles
Our middle school crush has gone a thousand miles
Behind the band room kisses before class
Only your Stitch impressions could make me laugh
Late night phone calls and good morning texts
I love you like I’ve never loved the rest
Jay M May 2020
The world is being torn apart
Coming apart at the seams
Fabric of realities wearing thin
Cross through the shadows
Some of them fell
Away into it's madness

A lovely work of art
Nothing is as its seems
Nobody knows who shall win
Tell us, somebody knows
What can save us from this living hell
Bring light into the consuming darkness

Gather together, face the fear
We are all here
Stand together, battle side by side
There's no place to hide
If we do nothing
So stand, do something
For those who need you
Do what you know you have to do

Take to a tavern
Venture inside
Chat with the guard
Talk about the cavern
Spotted, nowhere to hide
Have a seat, discuss business
Calm thy selves, what a mess!

Take the job, take the precious cargo
This kid mocking me, think I'm gonna blow
Come on, we've got a job to do
Yeah, that includes you!

Go save your world,
While we save ours.

- Jay M
May 6th, 2020
A friend of mine started a D&D campaign, the party members being some friends, my sisters and I. Today we'll be having the second session, and I can't wait!
Mandii Morbid Jan 2019
I have lost many and gained nothing in my kingdom of ice and hate. Succession to the throne would merely seal my fate.
You can't love, you can't dare show weakness or they will descend upon you like flies to the dead.
There are those who once bowed in reverence that would gladly take your head.

I sit and play this game, a game of blood and war.
There are days I start to forget what it all has been for.
We serve them pawns of flesh and they sing songs of sorrow.
Mourning the dead can wait till tomorrow.

I count the days until I may see your face again.
I wonder yet, if you will forgive me, my greatest sin.
Will you hold me once more in your warm embrace?
Will you smile at me despite the pain you face?

If I could rip out this heart,
show you it beats only for you.
Would you tear it apart?
Or could we start anew?

Until I sit upon the throne, I can never truly atone.
You will never be free from winter's grip.
I cannot afford to slip.

To become what I despise,
I must play into their game of lies.
Become the King they want of me.
So I can drown them in their treachery.

When that day comes, my love, I can finally set you free.
This was actually loosely based on a character I developed for a story. I was writing in his perspective.
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