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Mar 17 · 112
Hey You
Lowkie Mar 17
Hey you
Did anyone ever tell you you're beautiful?
With all your flaws and mistakes
Your imperfections is what makes you great
Your inner beauty is something they can't take
Hey you, yes you
Did anyone ever tell you that you're cool
Don't let anybody make you feel like a fool
I know this world can be cruel
Don't let them get to you
Believe in yourself
That's the number one rule
I know how it feels to be degraded
The judgment was weighing heavy on me
I started getting faded
I couldn't look at myself in the mirror
All I saw was what the world had concluded
I'm still struggling to let go of that illusion
Lowkie ©
Mar 12 · 80
Loving You
Lowkie Mar 12
How did I end up loving you?
Is it the way you move?
Looks you're ready to conquer the world
The same world that bought me pain
The same world that wanted me to change
The same world that made me feel like a caged bird
I love you cause you conquered my world
How did I end up loving you?
Is it the way you speak?
Your voice acts like my anxiety meds
Every time you speak
Another voice in my head goes to sleep
That means one less suicidal thought
That means one more demon defeated
I love you cause there's nothing
That heals me like you do

Mar 9 · 723
Pleasures Of Life
Lowkie Mar 9
It's temporary, yet we seek it.
It's forbidden, yet we lust it.
It's deadly, yet we crave it.
It's addictive, yet we "experiment".
It's disappointing, yet we never learn.
It's surprising, yet we rush it.
It's tasteless, yet it's fills us.
It's dreadful, yet it's unexplainable.
It's spiteful, yet it's addictive
Feb 22 · 75
Lowkie Feb 22
I write my pain on a piece of paper
Hoping to forget it later
They told me it would make me stronger
But all it did was get me addicted to the torment
Now all I ever think about
Is how to write my pain in different formats
The reactions I get for my thoughts are crazy
Don't get me wrong
I like the attention, it motivates me
Poetry has changed me
People say I'm beast with a pen
But really I'm just basic
I got people praying that I make it
I'm just praying I don't go crazy
I write my pain on a piece of paper
Hoping to forget it later
"How do you still feel alone
When people are telling you they're going through the same thing?"
That's what changed me
While others rate me
I pray we don't go past the point of 'no saving'
Feb 20 · 41
Kloud 9
Lowkie Feb 20
Let me take you to another place
We can call it out of space
Let me take you to the stars
A place where you belong
A place where you won't feel pain any longer
Roll a blunt and get high
Sit back and enjoy the flight
As we watch trouble pass us by
There is beauty in your red eyes
I can see the pain hidden in your eyes
This is a safe space to cry
Please don't be shy
Let me take you to a place called Kloud 9
We can watch the stars align
And take that as a sign
That all dreams come true here at Kloud 9
And we will be fine
As we slip on some fine wine
And continue to shine
Lowkie ®
Feb 19 · 292
Note To Self
Lowkie Feb 19
I wish I could go back in time
To tell that little boy it's okay to cry
Pour your heart out until
Your tears go dry
Because it will hard to move forward
If you don't give 'letting go' a try
I wish I could go back in time
To tell that little boy to practice his rhymes
Perform to your friends in your free time
I know you got a lot your mind
But no matter what the voices say
You never stop the climb
To reach your prime
I wish I could go back in time
To commit a crime
By changing what happened in the past
And alter the present
In hopes of a better future
Feb 18 · 80
One Rose
Lowkie Feb 18
One rose for the loved ones we lost
Through memories
You will forever live on in our thoughts
In our hearts
We carry the lessons you taught us
Through our mouths
We speak the language you spoke
Another rose for our silent soldiers
With scars that show physically
From wars that they fight mentally
People labelled them as crazy
Parents often refers to them as lazy
As they sit under the palm trees
Dazed off the purple haze
Wondering through their mental maze
Searching for a mental escape
Hiding behind a smile and "I'm okay thanks."
Lowkie ®
Dec 2020 · 104
Suicide Note
Lowkie Dec 2020
To whom it may concern
When I die
Light up my body and let it burn
I wish the tables could turn
I pray I die and return
Because this is not me
This is not who I hoped to be
To whom it may concern
Know that I'm going to a better place
A place where I can be free
A place where I can be me
A place with no past
A place with no future
A place with no hate
A place with no jealously
A place of peace
A special place for people like me
To whom it may concern
I'm killing myself but not physically
I'm killing the person who they thought I would be
Dec 2020 · 53
Lowkie Dec 2020
My intuition is telling me there'll be better days
I sit in silence and meditate
While smoking on some purple haze
Writing poems hoping people will be amazed
My head is like maze
Lost in my own thoughts
If I let you in, you'd be dazed
Dec 2020 · 120
Lowkie Dec 2020
Yeah I have family
Yeah I have friends
But what's the point
If it feels like none of them cares
Maybe I'm in my head again
Maybe it's just a figment of my imagination
I could be alone for hours long
No human contact
No sense of belonging
Not feeling the need to please people
Or reach out to people
Some might say this sounds evil
But I'm fine with the monsters in my head
Sometimes they can be peaceful
I feel alone
I live in a bubble of my own
That's how I've survived
That's how I've grown
Surrounded by tall walls that hardly crumble
Some days feels like the Royal Rumble
Some days feels like my life is about to tumble
Yet I try so hard to be humble
*To the person reading this poem, I would like you to know that the human brain has a way of making you think that things are as bad as they seem, but in reality it's not so I hope you find someone who'll make you feel like you matter because you do matter.
Dec 2020 · 163
Mary Jane
Lowkie Dec 2020
Mary Jane here we go again
Just me and you on this private plane
We hit a few turbulents from the ****
But we were able to maintain and came back strong
We should not be doing this
But how can something so right be so wrong
And now we are faded
Out of space, this world we evaded
On a new level, we evaluated
Inner peace, we mediated
Inner circle, no blunts rotated
Mental peace, we medicated
Mary Jane here we go again
On this journey, you and I
I was lost until you heard my cries
And as we watch how time flies
I no longer feel lonely with you by my side
Take me along on your ride
As you cruise through my mind
Lowkie ©
Dec 2020 · 74
How I Never Told You
Lowkie Dec 2020
I had my eyes on you for a while now
I'm confessing my feelings to you
I think it's about time now
Maybe it was your smile
Maybe it was your light brown eyes
Or maybe how your light skin makes the world shine
That twisted my tongue and
Had me at lost for words
And left me here thinking
How I never told you
I had all these feelings for you.
Dec 2020 · 230
U n I
Lowkie Dec 2020
You and I
We see the world through the same eyes
When you cry, I cry
When you smile, I smile
When you say jump, I ask how high
Together we shine like the stars in the sky
You and I
We walk this Earth together
No matter the storm, no matter the weather
In you I found treasure
No scale could measure
Much more valuable than gold
This type of love is rare
Or so I've been told
You and I
Me and You
Been praying for someone like you
And now my prayers came true
We both know the world can be cruel
But we got each other so it's cool
Lowkie ©
Nov 2020 · 240
Lowkie Nov 2020
Smile because

Someday everything will be okay
Might not be today but one day so
In the meantime
Live life and
Exist in the moment
Lowkie ©
Nov 2020 · 72
Save Me From My Feelings
Lowkie Nov 2020
These walls are closing in tight
With you gone
Nothing feels aright
Maybe I should put on a fight
But you were ready to take a flight
Straight out of my life
I told you everything
We were heading to better things
I even thought of buying you a diamond ring
For me it was love
For you it was just a fling
Save me from my feelings
You leaving hit me harder then you think
Life goes on
See that's the thing
What's life gonna be
Without the comfort you bring
This poem was inspired by Bmike
Nov 2020 · 334
Sleepless Nights
Lowkie Nov 2020
Early morning I wake up
As the morning sunlight
Shines so bright
Its time to gather all my might
To make through another day
Morning prayer
Hoping that when I die
I'll see the light
During the day
Pretend that everything is alright
Rolling up a white paper
Just to catch a flight
Daydreaming of new poems
That I want to write
Every night I lay on my bed
Another battle I have to fight
Can't seem to rest my eyes
Cause my thoughts are loud
All through the night
Another sleepless night
Nov 2020 · 80
Lowkie Nov 2020
I see ghosts
No, not the ones you see in horror movies
No, not the ones that possess and use people as hosts
These ghosts belongs to the skeletons in your closet
The ones you try to hide while looking for closure
The ones you wish would just disappear.
I hear voices
With your thoughts so loud, it's not like I have much of a choice
Some are crying out for help
Some are telling me how you got hurt by these boys
Some are confused
Some are telling begging me to tell you to stop using these girls as toys
I feel things
From a mere handshake to intense eye contact
I feel those feelings you try to hold back
I feel the anxiety attack
The weight you carry on your back
The depression relapse
As you hide behind that smile
So that no one else sees that
I feel your happy feelings too
Those butterflies you get when you see your boo
That blissful moments when you're with the crew
I feel that too
But while walking around in your shoes
I sometimes forget I still have to wear mine too
Lowkie ®
Nov 2020 · 71
Lowkie Nov 2020
Life is moving at a different pace
Physically I'm here
Mentally I'm in a different place
A place where everything makes sense
A place where there's no rules to bend
A place where I feel safe
Lately I've been in a different space
Lost in my thoughts
I don't want to be traced
Because outside
All the bad things are waiting to take place
Things that I'm not ready to face
But inside
I feel safe
You left me alone
But I found my happy place
Nov 2020 · 126
Parallel Lovers
Lowkie Nov 2020
Why don't parallel lines ever meet?
Is it because they are too similar
And if they ever could meet
The one will fit the other
And they would be complete
Maybe life never intended for them to meet
I mean look at Adam and Eve
Two half's of which made one whole
Made one mistake
That would spiraled the world out of control
God probably saw it wasn't good and he said no more
But it leaves me to question
People who found their other halfs
What secret do they know that we don't
Or do they get to happy and we don't
If so then where did we go wrong
When I look at you
I see the mirror image of me
When I think of it
Together we can set each other free
But maybe life never intended for us to be
And just like parallel lines
Maybe we're not supposed to meet
Lowkie ®
Nov 2020 · 87
Lowkie Nov 2020
Everybody wants change
But not everyone wants to change
Nov 2020 · 126
Lowkie Nov 2020
Hold me closer
I feel like I'm losing myself
I feel I'm getting colder
As I grow older
I realise my life has no order
Or maybe it has
I'm just not the controller
Hold me closer
I feel my heart becoming colder
I don't see the need to cry on someone's shoulder
I write down my feelings hoping for some closure
People think I do poetry for exposure
Really I'm just trying to numb the pain
And keep the tears away
Hold me closer
For years I've been called a loser
Now I'm stuck with the voices in my head
I want them to shut up so bad
Just so that I could go to bed
Nov 2020 · 76
Love Poem
Lowkie Nov 2020
Love Poem
It's been a minute since I've been here
In my feelings cause lately I didn't care
Much about love
Much about being curved
Lately I haven't been in love
You left with my heart
So I had to create a new one
Through my crafts and art
Ever been in a crowd
And feel like you're the only one
Ever felt so empty
And everyday is a constant battle
Between your mind and inner self
The title is "Love Poem"
Lately I haven't cared much
Since my queen left her throne
I removed all your pictures from my phone
But it's time I removed your memories
From my mind
Set myself free and focus on loving me
Lowkie Nov 2020
We all need something
Something to feel
Something that's real
Something that helps deal with pressure of life
Some people pop pills
Some people smoke ****
Some people drink alcohol until they can't feel
There are people who think they're clean
People who don't substances
Great life choice
But you're still hooked on something
The deadliest drug of them all
I tend to think I know life
I tend to think I'm in control
I tend to relapse and smoke ****
Just to escape to my little world
There's too much to deal with
In the real world
Nov 2020 · 93
"Madusa" Part 2
Lowkie Nov 2020
She had no snake heads as hair
But when she walks in
You could sense the danger in the air
She would turn your heart to stone
And walk away like she didn't care
People asked me why my heart was so cold
I froze and couldn't speak on what happened
The story remains untold
People asked me why aren't we together
I froze and couldn't speak on what happened
The nature of our relationship to me remains unknown
Madusa did what she was destined to do
And I fell for her hook, line and sinker
How could I be such a fool
I was just a student of the game
And Madusa took me to school
She left me broken in two, what a shame
Looking back, I see nothing was the same
Lowkie ®
Nov 2020 · 117
Fake Smile
Lowkie Nov 2020
Fake Smiles
I tried being happy for a while
Everything was going fine
Until I realized
It was all just a lie.
We all come from somewhere
We all got a story to tell
We all try to hide the pain
But does it seem to fade away?
I looked in the mirror
And I saw a broken me looking back
I thought the mirror was cracked
I decided to cover the mirror with something bigger
But wherever I saw a reflection of myself
It was still cracked.
I realized there's no use
Trying to hide behind
A fake smile,
While I'm broken inside
Lowkie ®
Nov 2020 · 61
Poet (Who Am I?)
Lowkie Nov 2020
I look outside
The gentle breeze of ignorance
Stimulates my brain cells
Some of these thoughts
I can't tell
So I write a poem
And hope it knocks at someone's home
I am a artist
And I write what I see
I look inside
The walls are covered in ink
Its not graffiti
I just needed to think
The untrained eye is too blind to see
All my hopes, goals and even my darkest dreams
Please don't open the red door
Please don't start that war
For I'm only human
And I can't take much more
Nov 2020 · 130
Lowkie Nov 2020
I tried to forget about you
But you are all that seems to be on my mind.
I thought I lost myself in you
But the closer I get to you
The more I feel like myself.
I don't believe in love
But with you I feel something special.
This feeling is beyond ******.
This feeling must  be unnatural.
I can write poetry about you all day
But sadly you won't notice
Because you don't feel the same way.
I wish I could stay
But the more I see you
The harder it becomes for me to love myself.
Lowkie ®
Nov 2020 · 103
Lowkie Nov 2020
They say humans are social beings
Thats how we survive on this Earth
But I've realized some people will treat you like dirt
But that's cool
Because others will make you feel like you have worth
Being asocial does not mean
I don't communicate
I just don't want my life
To complicate
So I observe everyone
Trying to figure out who's real and who's fake
I know what you're probably thinking
"He's judging a book by its cover"
I don't judge, I do a simple reading
Kind of like skimming
Trying to figure out is the book really worth reading
Or am I gonna waste my time
Trying to complete it
Choose wisely
Nov 2020 · 177
Dear Diary
Lowkie Nov 2020
Dear Diary
Dear Diary.
These voices are trying me
They don't want to go down silently
I feel them becoming violent
They want release the monster inside of me
Dear Diary
I'm becoming someone I'm not
Dear Diary
I think I'm losing myself
Dear Diary
I'm gone.
Lowkie ®
Nov 2020 · 74
Word Play
Lowkie Nov 2020
Cross some t's, dot some i's
It's like everyone left without saying their goodbyes
But look at my eyes
Clear as the blue sky
I have no more tears left to cry
Why? Why? Why?
Wait, the world just paused for a minute
I tried to smile but everything still feels gloom
Its like I'm trapped in this one room
In this body I am entombed
Resume, everything is fine they assume
I had nothing poetic to say
So I came up with this word play
The voices decided to come out and play
A good night sleep they want to delay
Memories of you they want to replay
I'm stuck between fed up and okay
But still praying everything turns out for the better one day
Nov 2020 · 109
Lowkie Nov 2020
I'm grateful for my depression
It taught me compassion
It taught me how to write poetry with a passion
It taught me life is not all sunshine and roses
And in order to heal
You have to let pain run its course
I'm grateful for my anxiety
It taught me to overthink things
And that the first decision
Is not always the best decision
It taught me how to draw conclusions
Although to some people it might cause confusion
I'm grateful for the voices in my head
Although they keep me awake at night
Whenever I'm down
They motivate me to get back up and fight
Accept who you are and be grateful
There's no one else like you so be graceful
Everyday is a gift so be thankful
Better days are coming so be fateful
Lowkie Nov 2020
I always wonder why you don't need a car
You're up so high
I bet you see the whole world
Right there where you are
You shine so bright
Day and night
During the day you are one
At night all your friends
Come out to share the same spotlight
Which changes my perspective on the saying
"When Days are dark, Friends are few"
Like you I have many friends at night
Who's always trying to bring me down
Who never leaves without a fight
And when brighter days comes
They are nowhere in sight
Like you I need no car
To see the world
Because I'm up so high
Trying to escape the world
That I'm trapped in
During the day I am one
At night
At night is when all my "friends" come out to play
They tell me stories as I lay
About how I will never shine so bright
If I don't persue to be great
Causing me to rush the process
And have little faith
That the outcome will be
Like the picture I paint
All of them shine brighter than me
Making me feel misplace
Making me feel like a mistake
But than I remember the words you said:
"Give yourself a break
Your mental health is at stake
Those friends are probably fake
Because the real ones already think you're great
Be patient and have faith
And you will find your place in the universe
Through all your mistakes"
Lowkie ©
Nov 2020 · 65
Lowkie Nov 2020
A art that is slept on
A world of inspiration the new generation
Might be kept from
Everyone wants to be a rapper
Everyone wants to be a singer
Noone wants to be a thinker
Noone wants to be a reader
The walls of poetry are closing on me
I think I need a breather
They know you when they've found love
I know you as a gift from above
You helped me see the beauty in things
You helped me see the darkness this world can bring
Whenever you called
I'd be first at the scene
You helped me as a teen
You saved me when noone else wanted to intervene
I thank you for the relief that you bring
I wish I could offer you a diamond ring - Maybe one day
First I need people to believe
In you
In me
And all the poets
Who has dreams they want to achieve
Nov 2020 · 136
Hip Hop Poetry
Lowkie Nov 2020
"Hey I read your poems
I like how your words rhyme
Are you a rapper and a poet in your free time?"
I am no rapper and I'm not trying to be one
Honestly from where I stand
I can see how studios are getting crammed
With people who don't really have the talent
All they know is how to get lit (sh*t)
Which lead to a whole new culture (skrt)
Don't get me wrong, I want to be part of this new wave
A poet showing these rapper how to really play this game
I speak with the tongue of your fathers
So you better behave
I speak with the tongue of your fathers
They're probably turning in their graves
I am a poet, not a rapper
Maybe I should jump on a beat
And show them I can do it better
Cause this is where it all started, at poetry
But now everyone is throwing words around hopelessly
Lowkie ®
Nov 2020 · 77
One Two
Lowkie Nov 2020
One Two Three Four
Why do these demons keep knocking on my door?
Don't they know their company is such a bore?
Don't they know they can't hurt me no more?
Don't they know I'm not as easy as before?
One Two Three
You laughed at me when I cried to be free
Now whenever you feel trapped
You look up to me
Seeking wisdom through my words you read
Father do you see these hungry minds I feed
I hope this qualifies as a good deed
One Two
Sit back and enjoy the view
While I try to paint something new
If you don't understand, it's cool
This picture is meant for a certain few
Nov 2020 · 117
Take Care
Lowkie Nov 2020
There was once a girl
She use to shine like a diamond pearl
She had the body that would make your toes curl
Little did anyone know
She was popping pills
First it started off just for the thrill
After a while
She couldn't go a day without half a pill
She had the most beautiful smile
And the most adorable laugh
I guess that's why noone stopped to ask
"Are you okay"
Depression was at play
The pills was to help ease the pain
She smiled just to hide the pain
Still noone asked
"Are you okay"
A few passed and something wasn't the same
Her room was locked until the police came
They broke down the door
And her parents saw that her room has changed
Suicide notes all over her walls
They were all written the same
Her blood used as ink
Man, the sight was insane
They searched her room
And found her lying in her own blood pool
I guess she couldn't take it anymore
She smiled just to hide the pain
So that no one could ask her
"Are you okay"
It never rain as hard as it did on that day
*take care of your loved ones cause you might not know
If they are in pain. Depression is real and trust me...
Its not a game
Nov 2020 · 61
Lowkie Nov 2020
Sometimes I want to drown my sorrows with *****
But then I realize its not worth a shot
Sometimes I want to get so high
But then I realize I can't smoke my problems away
Sometimes I want to take all these pills at once
But then I realize it won't take the pain away
Sometimes I want to rip my heart out of my chest
But then I realize its not mine to take
Sometimes I want to put a bullet through my head
But then I realize its not that bad
Sometimes I want to write down all my feelings
But then I realize I don't know what to say
Sometimes I don't know how to handle all the pressure
So I ignore it hoping it will go away
Sometimes I don't know what to do
So I break down and pray
Nov 2020 · 118
Drunk Poetry
Lowkie Nov 2020
I bet you've heard of drunk texting
I bet you've experienced drunk calling
Now let me introduce you to drunk poetry
I'm intoxicated off these words I'm spelling
Truth in my cup and I'm spilling
These thoughts got my head spinning
Double cups filled with my pain
Mumble rappers think they got game
Trouble should be my middle name
Cause I can switch rhyme schemes
Like some people switch lanes
They say the drunk never lie (that's a lie)
I don't want to wear a suit and tie
So bury me in a T-shirt and track paints when I die
Promise not to cry
I know its hard saying goodbye
That's why we get high and drunk while we young
We just want to have a good time
Nov 2020 · 88
Last Dance
Lowkie Nov 2020
Excuse me Miss
May I please have this last dance
Before your favourite song ends
We can take it slow
I will hold you close if you give me the chance
Excuse me Miss
May I please have this last dance
Pardon my stance
I'm not really good at romance
Practice makes perfect
But this is my only chance
Excuse me Miss
May I please have this last dance
Before your man comes
And I'll never get to see you again
You're looking for something different
I could tell when we both stole a glance
To be honest
You have me in a trance
I am yours
But only for one last dance
Nov 2020 · 214
Our Love Story
Lowkie Nov 2020
Let me take you down memory lane
Before all the scars and the pain
Before all the love in me was drained
There was a time when I had no shame
To say I love you the same
We both needed some company
Until she said
"I give you my heart, please no funny games"
We both had no intention to fall in love
But all that changed
When I said
"I love you and I hope you feel the same"
Sadly this is no fairy tale
No happily ever after
No wedding bells
Because you walked out of my life
And I was caught with my tail in-between my legs
Nov 2020 · 35
Lowkie Nov 2020
Knock knock
Excuse me sir
There's something on my mind
That I would like to get off my chest
Don't mind the stance
My vision is kind of a blur
Where was I, oh yes
Your daughter says you think I'm not good for her
"You come here banging on my door
Like you own the place.
Boy are you drunk? I see it in your face
You have some nerves
You better leave before I kick you to the curve"
Woah, chill man
Maybe I had one or two drinks
I don't know, I wasn't counting than
Woah, chill fam
No need to get violent
To be honest
I don't like your attitude, it stinks
"Boy get off my property
You're disturbing my peace
You better leave before I call the police
And stay away from my daughter
Or else I'll come to your house
And there will be slaughter"
Excuse me Sir
There's no need to be aroused
I think I have wrong the house
You look like a nice guy
Don't act like a rat, I mean mouse
I apologize for bothering you this late at night
Excuse me Sir as I say goodbye
Lowkie ®
I'm not a good story teller.
Nov 2020 · 55
It's Not You, It's Me
Lowkie Nov 2020
It's not you, it's me
I don't want you blaming yourself
It's bad for your health
But honestly it's not you, it's me
Cause I'm leaving you for me
I can be good to you
But I'm not good for you
Someone else will love you
Just not me
I still need to find who I need to be
Thank you for loving me
I needed to feel that
But I have to leave
And I do feel bad
Don't be sad
Everything will work out for the best
Lowkie ®
Nov 2020 · 102
"Another Time"
Lowkie Nov 2020
In another time
In another place
On a brighter day
Under a different sky
You would be mine
I was in the wrong place
At the wrong time
With the right one
Maybe buddha got it right
And we reincarnate everytime
Then I'll find you in a different life
We both came a long way
And I really wish I could stay
You're a good girl
The type I'd fall for everytime
You really tried to help but at this point in time
You can't save me from myself
Nov 2020 · 103
"Young, Wild and Free"
Lowkie Nov 2020
I'll be freestyling on these verses
And they will flow like I'm writing in cursive
Thanks to the voices in my head
They are a blessing and a curse
Everybody has their own free will
But I love it when you're being submissive
Tonight we are young, wild and free
With the spotlight
Of the moonlight
And the morning sunlight
Lights upon us while we dance
Grab your partner
There is more people jumping over the fence
Men in blue comes in two
Red and blue lights mistaken as party lights
But we have our hands in the air
So we just don't care
Put the guns down, seize fire
Don't spoil the fun, this is a peaceful fight
We're just trying to make it through the night
Lowkie ®
Nov 2020 · 93
"Mirror World"
Lowkie Nov 2020
I'm sorry that we're not the same
You enjoy the sun
While I prefer the rain
You enjoy early morning runs
I play video games for fun
I'm sorry we're not the same
Everybody knows your name
Very few people know me
And they think I'm clinically insane
You live for the fame while
I try to hide my shame
I'm sorry we are the same
The mirror is dividing us, you and me
I am you and you are me
To the world we are two different people
But in this mirror we are equal
Lowkie ®
Nov 2020 · 90
High Power
Lowkie Nov 2020
"The sky is falling
The wind is calling
Stand for something
Or die in the morning"
Section 80 - High Power
Nov 2020 · 199
Lowkie Nov 2020
Why do you chase perfection?
"Because I fear rejection"
So you'd lose yourself
Just for attention
From people who don't really matter?
There is no such thing as perfection
She might not be perfect to you
But she's perfect to me
Because you saw her flaws
And figured she's not worth the call
I saw her flaws
And that's when her beauty started to show
Love your imperfections
You don't need everyone's acceptance
Trying to be something you're not
Is too much maintenance
Rather be yourself
Then the right people will accept you
Flaws and all
Love yourself.
Nov 2020 · 63
Let You Go
Lowkie Nov 2020
They say if you love someone
You have to let them go
And if they return, that's when you know
But that's not always the case
In this case
I'm letting you go so that you can grow
You're a diamond in the rough
You like to act tough
But I'm calling your bluff
You were made from sugar and spice and everything nice
But you're no Powerpuff girl
You don't believe you're enough
But in a world filled with glitters and gold
You are a diamond pearl
They say if you love someone
Let them be free
This is me letting you be
And as I work on being a better me
I wonder who will you turn out to be
Lowkie ®
Nov 2020 · 54
Lowkie Nov 2020
Wake up and brush your teeth
Bath and go to eat
Leave the house looking neat
Cause there's "important" people you might meet
Get home and eat
Do what you have to before going to sleep
Next morning, repeat.
This is what life is suppose to be
Live in a routine until your 6 feet deep
Out there, noone really cares how you feel
As long as obey to societies needs
Your life is complete
I don't believe in déjà vu anymore
Everyday is the same thing
Nothing is new anymore
Yet life is unique, oh please
Ask yourself this
Are you alive or just on repeat?
Nov 2020 · 96
Close The Door
Lowkie Nov 2020
Please close the door
There is a bunch of dead bodies laying on the floor
Our brothers and sisters losing their lives too soon
Shaking the nation to its core
Got me questioning
Is this the peace we've been praying for??
Please close the door
For there are pictures on the wall
That I don't want to see no more
Memories I tried to ignore
Became part of the decor
And everytime I tear it down, it restores
Please close the door
This used to be my favourite room
But I don't enter it anymore
It reminds me of the person I was before
And that person is buried 6 feet beneath this floor
So please close the red door
Lowkie ®
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