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Lowkie May 9
I salute you for raising me on your own
Through blood, sweat and tears
Look mom I'm still here
Look mom I'm all grown
I have some issues I have to get through
But I don't want them affecting you
My dreams, my thoughts, my poetry
It may all sound like a mess to you
But I feel like God sent me with a message
And delivering it is something I have to do
I'm sorry if I didn't turn out as you expected
But in this world
You always got to make room for disappointments
I'm sorry if I didn't turn out as you expected
But in this world
I felt rejected
I did not become suicidal
Because that's what expected
I became a story teller
Now I feel accepted
Lowkie ©
Thoughts Of A Quiet Mind ©

#happymothersday  🌹🌺
Lowkie Mar 17
Hey you
Did anyone ever tell you you're beautiful?
With all your flaws and mistakes
Your imperfections is what makes you great
Your inner beauty is something they can't take
Hey you, yes you
Did anyone ever tell you that you're cool
Don't let anybody make you feel like a fool
I know this world can be cruel
Don't let them get to you
Believe in yourself
That's the number one rule
I know how it feels to be degraded
The judgment was weighing heavy on me
I started getting faded
I couldn't look at myself in the mirror
All I saw was what the world had concluded
I'm still struggling to let go of that illusion
Lowkie ©
Lowkie Mar 12
How did I end up loving you?
Is it the way you move?
Looks you're ready to conquer the world
The same world that bought me pain
The same world that wanted me to change
The same world that made me feel like a caged bird
I love you cause you conquered my world
How did I end up loving you?
Is it the way you speak?
Your voice acts like my anxiety meds
Every time you speak
Another voice in my head goes to sleep
That means one less suicidal thought
That means one more demon defeated
I love you cause there's nothing
That heals me like you do

Lowkie Mar 9
It's temporary, yet we seek it.
It's forbidden, yet we lust it.
It's deadly, yet we crave it.
It's addictive, yet we "experiment".
It's disappointing, yet we never learn.
It's surprising, yet we rush it.
It's tasteless, yet it's fills us.
It's dreadful, yet it's unexplainable.
It's spiteful, yet it's addictive
Lowkie Feb 22
I write my pain on a piece of paper
Hoping to forget it later
They told me it would make me stronger
But all it did was get me addicted to the torment
Now all I ever think about
Is how to write my pain in different formats
The reactions I get for my thoughts are crazy
Don't get me wrong
I like the attention, it motivates me
Poetry has changed me
People say I'm beast with a pen
But really I'm just basic
I got people praying that I make it
I'm just praying I don't go crazy
I write my pain on a piece of paper
Hoping to forget it later
"How do you still feel alone
When people are telling you they're going through the same thing?"
That's what changed me
While others rate me
I pray we don't go past the point of 'no saving'
Lowkie Feb 20
Let me take you to another place
We can call it out of space
Let me take you to the stars
A place where you belong
A place where you won't feel pain any longer
Roll a blunt and get high
Sit back and enjoy the flight
As we watch trouble pass us by
There is beauty in your red eyes
I can see the pain hidden in your eyes
This is a safe space to cry
Please don't be shy
Let me take you to a place called Kloud 9
We can watch the stars align
And take that as a sign
That all dreams come true here at Kloud 9
And we will be fine
As we slip on some fine wine
And continue to shine
Lowkie ®
Lowkie Feb 19
I wish I could go back in time
To tell that little boy it's okay to cry
Pour your heart out until
Your tears go dry
Because it will hard to move forward
If you don't give 'letting go' a try
I wish I could go back in time
To tell that little boy to practice his rhymes
Perform to your friends in your free time
I know you got a lot your mind
But no matter what the voices say
You never stop the climb
To reach your prime
I wish I could go back in time
To commit a crime
By changing what happened in the past
And alter the present
In hopes of a better future
Lowkie Feb 18
One rose for the loved ones we lost
Through memories
You will forever live on in our thoughts
In our hearts
We carry the lessons you taught us
Through our mouths
We speak the language you spoke
Another rose for our silent soldiers
With scars that show physically
From wars that they fight mentally
People labelled them as crazy
Parents often refers to them as lazy
As they sit under the palm trees
Dazed off the purple haze
Wondering through their mental maze
Searching for a mental escape
Hiding behind a smile and "I'm okay thanks."
Lowkie ®
Lowkie Dec 2020
To whom it may concern
When I die
Light up my body and let it burn
I wish the tables could turn
I pray I die and return
Because this is not me
This is not who I hoped to be
To whom it may concern
Know that I'm going to a better place
A place where I can be free
A place where I can be me
A place with no past
A place with no future
A place with no hate
A place with no jealously
A place of peace
A special place for people like me
To whom it may concern
I'm killing myself but not physically
I'm killing the person who they thought I would be
Lowkie Dec 2020
My intuition is telling me there'll be better days
I sit in silence and meditate
While smoking on some purple haze
Writing poems hoping people will be amazed
My head is like maze
Lost in my own thoughts
If I let you in, you'd be dazed
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