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lyka Jan 2023
He knew
he could melt me
with a touch
Dipped his fingers
into my darkness
Burnt his hand
with the pieces still on fire
With a tarred finger
in his mouth
He declared me
Shofi Ahmed Feb 2022
Every now and then
dip in the water
and every mo
breath to live.

Man comes and goes
it’s a bottomless sea
and the air is still deep
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2021
When I am over the moon
feels of a mo reaching for the stars.
The very moment I feel it the most
my toes are dipped in the dust.
Lowkie Nov 2020
We all need something
Something to feel
Something that's real
Something that helps deal with pressure of life
Some people pop pills
Some people smoke ****
Some people drink alcohol until they can't feel
There are people who think they're clean
People who don't substances
Great life choice
But you're still hooked on something
The deadliest drug of them all
I tend to think I know life
I tend to think I'm in control
I tend to relapse and smoke ****
Just to escape to my little world
There's too much to deal with
In the real world
Katelyn Billat Jul 2020
4 am
And the fog blankets the lake.
Critters wake
Crickets chirp
And fawns are alert.
On the surface,
A turtle's head
Emerges from the stillness.
The smooth reflection of
Moonlight is disrupted
As four wild youths
Run to the water.
This is where we belong.
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2019
The ancient rose
still dips in a still dew
it will not dry.
The seven seas sway
rock on the way!
Brandon Conway Jul 2019
Lip Dip Paint
One Two
Lip Dip Pain
Three Four
Lip Dip Pai
Five Six
Lip Dip Pa
Seven Eight
Lip Dip P
Nine Ten
Lip Di
Eleven Twelve

Necrosis of the teeth
the bone becomes brittle
limping with sore feet
the jaw shatters
sores line the throat
mouth only of gums
blood starts to flow
only holes left to tongue
red seeps out the mouth
doctors say this must be syphilis
Oh God, it hurts
to work for greed so villainous

Lip D
One Two
Three Four
Five Six
Seven Eight

Nine Ten

Another girl in the ground again

Eleven Twelve

It's safe, don't you want to
annh Jun 2019
dip me in moonlight,
come, sprinkle me with stardust,
dream my sleep awake

‘Magic is a naughty beast.’
- Rob E. Boley, The Wicked Apple: Snow White & Even More Zombies
Danny Nov 2018
Dive so refreshing
Free of all inhibition
Pure without constraint
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