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 Jul 2014 Ethan Titus
I lay on my back, absorbing the warmth.
I dream.

I look up at the sky.
I watch the clouds as they take shape.

I count the sheep,
They are swimming in the heaven's blues.

I think of the times I let my self tear.

I hope that i'm gazing at the same sky as You.
*Insanely ancient poem.*
 Apr 2014 Ethan Titus
Forgotten dreams
Thoughtless words
Bring the world down on young disasters
We are all used and abused
And finally broken by fears
Temptations and the thirst for love
Break even the strong
Chivalry is dead
No longer are kind words spoken
People are only controlled by lust and money
Thoughts and feelings are bottled up inside
Only to fester and boil
One wrong move can set anyone off
It is how hate and ****** are brought to existence
And chivalry is dead
 Apr 2014 Ethan Titus
Mental breakdown in your arms
I don’t know why I cry
Tears flow freely
Sobs shake me
You don’t know what’s wrong
Neither do I
Yet despite these tears
Despite these fears
I feel your love
Slowly but surely
The tears begin to dry
I love you
 Apr 2014 Ethan Titus
Set fire to my soul
Play the music till it burns
Watch me crumple into ashes
As the whole world takes its turns
Tears come into my eyes
But as the music takes its hold
Warmth fills my body
And I no longer feel so cold
And I
Need the light
And I
Need the light
And I
Need the light
To save me
To save me
From the darkness
 Apr 2014 Ethan Titus
I think
Is the best thing for a soul
Medicine for the mind
A product of pure genius
Art is expression of the soul
It can take on any form
Art gives us the liberty to show the world who we truly are
Maybe we artists are crazy
But there is nothing wrong with a little crazy
Craziness fuels creativity
Creativity fuels the mind
And we artists shape the world
 Apr 2014 Ethan Titus
I'm not here for the lust
Nor am I here for the money
I'm here for the pure emotion
Let's just stay forever entangled
In eachother's arms
Let's just pretend everything is okay
And forget about the world around us
You are my sunshine
Your very presence
Brings light to the night of my heart
I love you
I don't want to push you away
I don't want to do anything to lose you
You are my one and only
 Apr 2014 Ethan Titus
I can't believe I've lost you
You were my everything
You left me
Yet you are still here
Your very presence suffocates my heart
I love you so much
But I also hate you
I hate you for doing this to me
For loving me
And then for giving up on that love
You are so close
We still show affection
But yet
You are still untouchable
I can't say I love you anymore
And that's what hurts the most
Because I'll always love you
 Apr 2014 Ethan Titus
Our world it bleeds
Anonymous faces are screaming
Cynicism grows like a tumor on our hearts
Our lives are constructed around our fears
We can't let our twisted Earth rule us
We can return the light to this world
Believe in yourself
Believe in others
And be free
Together we can take back our freedom
We need not be afraid
 Apr 2014 Ethan Titus
The silent screams of forgotten souls
The poor things tethered to their worldly regrets
Are what haunt me in the dead of night
Pale ghosts glide before my eyes
Their images distorted by the veil between our worlds
They gather where their lives have ended
Pining for the times when they were alive
Or filled with a need for vengeance
Just the same, unsatiated
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