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what a beauty it is
a man wont bother to talk to you
apply that makeup and do your hair
you want that man to notice you
you are beautiful
does the man see that

you wear too much clothing
you dont wear enough
you shouldnt do it
you are beautiful

youll find one
be yourself
get up and get out
you are beautiful

what a beauty it is
 Jan 2015 Ethan Titus
Kate Irons
you are the person that makes every clock stop
and every broken memory fade
 Jan 2015 Ethan Titus
Kate Irons
"you don't have to be broken anymore"

then fix me
 Dec 2014 Ethan Titus
Cara Cooper
My hand gliding across a page,
Inspiring others,
My heart from God in some beautiful poem.
The stress is here,
I am tired,
Beaten (mentally),
I am ready to give up,
But then I glance across the room and see pen and paper.
I smile and start writing,
I don't exit my world,
I inspire myself.
Give others inspiration.
In all the hurt I give myself encouragement and others who need it,
Reminding everybody  God is there and that He has never left and never will.
 Jul 2014 Ethan Titus
 Jul 2014 Ethan Titus
Dark drapes fall on both sides

Heavy with the drought of sleepless nights

When the moon shone but did not shine

Through the windows that are stained to this day

I'd try rubbing the grit away

But the grains of sand have found their home

As have the lead in my heavy heart.
The windows are eyes
The drapes are the lids.
Figure out the rest.
 Jul 2014 Ethan Titus
 Jul 2014 Ethan Titus
Shells burst exposing the soul within

What once was bud holds the key

Buzz all you might

Such delicate skin shan't fall for your poison

Only one bee can access the honey in my deepest being.
 Jul 2014 Ethan Titus
As the curtains close

Tears you could not hold back begin to flow

No use of setting light to a room

When the darkness comes from inside of you

Look at that rose

Look as the petals slowly fade

Will you stay hidden from yourself?

Is there nothing else to take?

Dedicate your heart and soul to those who would do the same

The only beauty you live without is because of the beast you've locked within.
So sort of Beauty and the Best inspired?
 Jul 2014 Ethan Titus
Daylight rolls around a comforter and the sun touches the tops of trees,

Specifically the one I'm sitting on, trying to think of words to say when i meet you for the first time.

I'll tell you to close your eyes. I'll say "just let me paint you a picture".

I'll gaze up at the beauty blue, and even though i can't sing at all, I'll sing you a song to help you remember.

"You are my south, and i am the bird that'll migrate to your arms.

You are the child, and i am your big red balloon, so please don't lose me.

And i promise, with all my heart and my last breath, that i will do whatever to keep that smile on your lips,

I am just a body, and you are my heart, please keep beating.

Please keep me alive."
 Jul 2014 Ethan Titus
The wind blows whisps of hair into my eyes.

The clouds will cry and i dance.

Under his scorching rays i'll lay.

And she is the reason why my greatest dream is to sprout wings and fly.

The stars tie stories.

Bless the mother sky.
**He is the Sun
**And She is the Moon
 Jul 2014 Ethan Titus
My wings beat towards the morning sun.

The oceans are alive beneath my feet.

A beautiful melody flows from my beak.

My heart does like my wings, but just as my melody, it leaks.
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