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Demy Molentor Dec 2019
My brothers are no gentlemen,
But they are nothing if not gentle,
See, if you love us  we will be
The rains you’re calling suns,
But if you preach we will misquote you mental.
Sep 2019 · 46
Demy Molentor Sep 2019
Full moon is now gold,
As are lines on the river.
Blue hour is too short.
Demy Molentor Aug 2019
Wake up to being terrified:
This day puts an end to all restrictions and all laws,
Sit up and join in the greatest joys,
For from now on for that reason Earth knows no wars.
Get drunk with me,
Get drunk on Earl ****** Grey,
No hate, no glory,
Flags are roting into gray
Demy Molentor Jul 2019
You danced with me in the blessings,
And we didn’t part with the coming of  borders.
This is why we’re called friends,
While the first made us brothers.
Show me the streets that would answer my cravings.
And I will gladly dye all your threads.
Jun 2019 · 142
The cripple reggae
Demy Molentor Jun 2019
I say get in the way of that preachers.
Saying ******’s a sin and justifyn’ ****** with fables.
If god’s love (and god’s love), homophobia is sin, turn those tables.

And then abortion’s a sin but there are some expections.
It goes something like “all of life’s sacred but not life of a *******”.
Yeah, dumb joke, but it hurts, it don’t tickle.

But I still pray to saints for love and unity and friendship.
As a goliard in cell I follow Lord while damning all the priestlings.
This is ******* reggae not sounding soft beneath C.I.S. city sellings.
Apr 2019 · 43
Take me there
Demy Molentor Apr 2019
Take me to the place I dream of,
Where the main word is teacher,
And that’s whom all the hymns are for.
Where a boy’s first hero and a girl’s
First love’s a random upper-class kid,
And that’s whom all the poems are for.

That’s where we hug in public
Because the trend for hatred
Never got resurrected after dying in gulags.
That’s where I don’t feel pain
When we don’t meet for months, as the trend for loyalty
Came from the east and didn’t leave no place for gags.
In Russian there’s a song “mama, mama is the main word”.
Apr 2019 · 96
The thief and the knight
Demy Molentor Apr 2019
Fire and water,
Tsunami and blaze in the forest,
Love is now broken,
The thief and the knight, the fighting gone global.

Because sand of the sea
doesn’t match with the mountain’s snow.
Wolves don’t like oaks.
Just one month they loved one another,
But can’t tell what for.

And it’s nothing but their pain
The knight is busy getting drunk with dad,
While the thief is not done bleeding
Because his called him things real bad.

Now that they switch to blade which they throw, but the both miss on purpose, “why won’t you **** me?”, “ I can’t stand the thought or your blood running cold before mine does”. That was the answer and an air kiss.

End of storm,
Back to rivers
Waters go.
End of fire
Black as saints’ hearts,
That’s how grass fields now glow.
And they lay down
On them, blessed
With ache all over
Their bodies where dreams flow.
And there is a painting
On oaks wolves painted
Using the sand and the snow.
Mar 2019 · 59
Still there (never did)
Demy Molentor Mar 2019
And so there was a dummy,
All proud of his bloodline, all right and all rules.
And he ***** up friendship,
Didn’t miss another one transfer away.

But he never cared,
Always chill ‘cause “mom and dad and stuff are still there”.
Didn’t feel that much pain,
Valued dust over gold.

Then he fell out favor with faith,
As he wasn’t nowhere near perfect, human to the bone.
With no friends to back him up,
He thought family would understand him.

Break the news, they didn’t love him no more,
Say the truth they never did.
He just wasn’t the one they loved, not the picture they’ve painted.
And he alone in his mind no less, he deserved no more.
Mar 2019 · 96
Demy Molentor Mar 2019
Залишусь ліпше кроликом з «Аліси...»,
Щоб коли ти мене знов встрінеш,
Мій нерівний крок тобі почувся,
Мій свавільний оклик тебе зупинив,
Час норовом  невірним повертать любов.

It would be safer to remain the rabbit from the “Alice..”,
So that when you meet me yet again,
You hear that uneven step of mine,
And my reckless greeting stops you in your tracks.
It’s time to win back love with my bad temper.
Feb 2019 · 61
Home the spirit
Demy Molentor Feb 2019
Myself, I search for someone to hide amongst,  to hide inside.
For those not so wierd people who’d welcome in a wierdo.

And those people, when I find them, feel like tiny chambers haunted by Home,
Home the spirit, with their androgynous appearance and their kinda insane eyes.

And it’s so safe wether we’re madmen everyone mistakes for junkies, or
we’re flamboyant kids in a far right camp.
But something always happens to the chamber, all of them are ruins now.

That’s all because somebody’s moved away, and someone’s passed away,
Or someone don’t like his awesome brothers, and they tell me they hate each other,
           while I want them to love.

So what I wanna say is I met you the other day, it felt almost too cool.
The warmth was there, our laughs were there... and Home the spirit’s grave.

It wasn’t scary, I’ve only noticed it when I had put this memory of ours on repeat.
From right to left: it’s garage, road, sidewalk, two of us, and safety lying in a pit.
Jan 2019 · 150
Demy Molentor Jan 2019
The cracked down on him, inhuman heroes.
They were from the same squad, he and the bullies.
They’ve been laughing at his temper full of stragness.
But you made the talll one say “sorry”, he was the king of bullies

“Why let him with just one “sorry”?” Here am I, right beside you.
I say it like I’m wicked, and smile along with you.
And with joke I hope hil a wound of his or two.
A couple years shall pass, and he’ll be a mountain guarding weak ones, too.

Oh, yes, hi will be guarding with the strength of words.
His eyes, they burn, like sunset skies if you look eastwards.
Hi will be our fellow, buiding from chaos of freedom the best of worlds.
He was saved today, well he will save tomorrow, big friend, trust in these words.
A year ago I translated my best poems from English into my native languages.
Now it’s time I do it in reverse. This is translation of “Gorah”. The original is in Ukrainian.
Demy Molentor Jan 2019
Let me call you brother,
Since you treat me like a child.
Look down beside your feet,
Black water streams are running wild.

It’s loud rain, oh brother,
Thank god we ve been sitting under this tree.
Don’t run so fast, let me catch up,
The sky’s so bright with all the lightnings setting themselves free.

The streets are empty, all men are gone,
And we’re the only ones outside, we laugh on our way.
The crossing, all cars wait with red light on their backs,
The restaurants we pass are empty, reflected in the puddles on our way.

You run inside that mall,wait for me enter,
Inside it smells like sea side ruins.
You point to a cafe, we go there, our coats smell like rain.
Oh, don’t you dare, I’ll pay, just help count the coins.

The cafe’s bright, barista smiles as we choose
Two drinks, that do not match.
The rain keeps on, keep up,
You say “ I love the sound”, but you don’t like the wind that much.

The place is empty, but we do not stay,
We roam the mall like it’s a maze.
The loud rain’s a lullaby, but we don’t sleep,
We talk, while lightings try to set it all ablaze.
Trying to get back to my bad poetry’s roots.
Demy Molentor Dec 2018
I am not alone but lonely,
Yet I wanna be
Not lonly but alone.

My dear teacher’s left for Peking,
And another for Seul,
Now no one’s here to guide me, my heart’s gone.
My friend’s left for Peking,
My lover’s almost always busy.
Tokyo, now you are not home.

Sakuras are now all in bloom.
All people go to see them, every one takes selfies.
My phone’s feed’s overflowing with their bloom.
I play flute and I write haikus in my native language,
But not a line, not a note did I get out of my self about the bloom.

And now In my home,
I don’t have room of my own own,
And grandma’s tv is far to loud unless it’s mute.
Help me, please, please let me put a futon
underneath tatami,
Please let me beneneath the floar,
And let me break my flute.

When get out home, I scream in parks’ directiona,
“Wait for me to get better, you ******* Sakuras, don’t bloom”
I am now 17, I wanna die before I’m 50,
Don’t wanna waste a single season.
But I am a sick man a I cursse in front of elders,
And scream (people can hear me) “Sakuras, don’t bloom”.
Demy Molentor Nov 2018
Love them, love them. Your real friends and that namesake of yours.
Love them, love them. They are there for you answer your call at midnight, there for you to cross borders to meet.
Love them, love them. They, who gonna hool angry with you if you travel without them.
Not those, not those. They don’t meet each for months and they live in one city, no messages in the chat.
Not those, not those. Never gonna call you if you don’t, will never greet you if you won’t.
Not those, not those. Your opinion never match, nor will ever your hearts, that is a shame.
Search now, search now. Leave home, go out, hug strangers, let them be the first ones to ask of your name.
Search now, search now. Confront the wall you’ve built to have tea behind it with someone who’ll never come.
Search now, search now. Shut your heart up and go find people who share your road, and once you’re there, you better love whoever’s yours
Aug 2018 · 140
Demy Molentor Aug 2018
Am I worth the space I take up, and the portion of air I pollute, am I freaking worth?
Because I know that anyone read this mess is worth, I’m quite sure there’s someone who wants to be them and wants to stay in touch, and who doesn’t wanna wake up if the person who’s reading is the waker.
And, heck yeah, I believe one’s existence is justified by someone else’s love or affection or something like that, something sweet and similar to blessing, always hand in hand with jealousy and some pain. And, yes, jealousy plus something equals affection, which in turn equals worth and justifies existence. Period.
Jokes aside: am I freaking worth the space I take up? Well, for I know there is a painter who angry with only hanging out with a musician not caring for painter’s feelings, well if that’s jealousy my existence’s kinda justified, for jealousy equals love. Period. Or if it’s not jealousy, if jealousy is when you ask you can hardly without to answer your messages for once and being angry doesn’t, if it’s the latter I might very well be a waste, or am I not. Wich is it?
Oh, sorry, told you, mess.
Jul 2018 · 84
It is
Demy Molentor Jul 2018
And it is dumb of me to call you
Just to hear  your voice.
And it is lovely of you to answer me
With a generously happy tone.
And it is egostic of me not to let you be
Even though it’d bo the right choice.
And it is strange of you not to ignore me
As if you never wanted me gone.
Demy Molentor Jul 2018
They say curiosity killed the cat. Well, let it **** him as many times as it wants to. As usual cats’ got nine of those, and the dark-furred wierdo over here has way more. ‘Cause apparently he obtains one every time his heart gets stolen by some strangers, and that ugly thing’s been switching owners a lot lately... anyways, he’s off to some side streets this afternoon, so I guess he’s not gonna home on time once again, go catch him, if ya want, it’s not like i care. Bye now, gotta go, trace some trails.
Jul 2018 · 214
All my homes
Demy Molentor Jul 2018
How many homes do I have?
If home is somewhere I stay most of the time, then, of course, I’ve only got one, and none cares if I love it or not.
And if home is somewhere I’d love to be, where walls and people always seem to welcome me, then I’ve got plenty al around Kiev and it’s neighboring small towns.
And if it’s somewhere I belong, then I was born homeless and will probably stay like this till the end.
So, please, my dear strangers, choose whichever answer you like.
Demy Molentor Jul 2018
Send ghosts to  me,
Of all of the people I think of,
Of all of the humans I sing of,
Of all of the souls I dream of,
Oh, moon,
Send ghosts to me,
Of those who’d scream frightened of the dark,
Of those who’d speak a wild lot in the dark,
Of those who’d wake me when it’s no more dark,
Oh, moon,
Send ghosts to me,
So we hug in here for hours in my mind,
So we search in here for nothing in my mind,
So we wait in here for answers in my mind,
Oh, moon.
Jul 2018 · 60
Demy Molentor Jul 2018
When the lights go out in the evening, when you are to sleep.
don’t be scared.
I beg you .
For there will at least one more being there to guard you.
Don’t be scared
I miss you,
You’ll never know how much I’d love to be that being
Don’t be scared
I assure you,
And if you’re alone, you are a being, your mind’s a shield.
Don’t be scared
I ask you,
And once asleep, sleep tight,  let’s each other in our dreams.
Sorry, absence, comrades, I was busy writing in my native languages... but I do hope to switch back and forth between all three from now on
Nov 2017 · 161
I remember
Demy Molentor Nov 2017
I remember the voices i wanted to hear more and more.
I remember our talks on that corridor’s old floor.
And I remember us watching stars while laying on pavement.
And I remember happiness being people, not a place or a moment.
Oct 2017 · 247
Boat (lullaby)
Demy Molentor Oct 2017
Get under the blanket.
I’m starting to row.
Destination our is moon.
But wait for it to grow.

Don’t fall asleep just yet.
Try counting stars again.
For the winter is returnes soon.
And skies are brown then.

But the stream where we row,
He shines with the moon.
Can’t you the trees and flowers.
Some of roses still bloom.

As I row our boat gently,
You still stare at the skies.
With some immortalles in your hands.
Come on, now close your eyes.
Oct 2017 · 286
mad teacher
Demy Molentor Oct 2017
there she goes again,
mad teacher.
she goes to a place
forbidden by the preacher.

a graveyard with no names
or any crosses.
she goes there with a
wreath of roses.

nobody visits, folks don’t care.
but let dead ones take the blame.
and the reasons they’re dead
just remember not a name.

“why would i even memorize it.
it’s not like he’s a relative of mine”
oh, now she’s adding something
to that ignorant guy’s sweet wine.

there was a funeral and then mad
teacher was tried.
they pushed some questions,
but they were not replied.

to hard to prove some truth, eh.
they were to used to faking.
oh, my mad teacher, that
freedom’s yours for taking.
Oct 2017 · 148
Demy Molentor Oct 2017
empty, restless
kills, pushes, stops.
Someone’s lie’s and ignorance’s result.
Oct 2017 · 121
Demy Molentor Oct 2017
Be your self, love your self.
Get away with it.
Give hug to your friend.
Get away with it.

Steal some kisses, say some truth.
Just don’t get caught.
Ride a train dancing in headphones.
Just don’t get caught.

Be my torch in this sunny darkness.
Bad and young.
Get astray on your homeward way.
Bad and young.

Miss their good nights tonight.
Sadness is your sentence.
Love someone who can’t be near.
Sadness is your sentence.
Oct 2017 · 115
Demy Molentor Oct 2017
She is beautiful being,
She’s hiding in this loving dark
She sings plays piano, smiling .
And she lets winds inside her house.

Black lace skirt that reaches floor.
Grass eyes, grey hair and “the red Moscow”.
A heart of gold, a mind of ice.
A crimson sweater over that all.

Black kitty’s wandering the place.
There are dead flowers in a vase.
You think she is in pain, well it’s the case.
She’s weaving wreaths now with a sad face.
Oct 2017 · 139
The ones
Demy Molentor Oct 2017
Let me bother you for a moment.
Does anyone wish good night?
Let me look in your restless eyes.
Does anyone wake you up?

And if they do, let me ask you,
If it’s still by any means all right.
Are they the ones you want to hear in the morning?
Are they the ones you want to close your eyes beside?
Oct 2017 · 136
One problem, four answers
Demy Molentor Oct 2017

I ll stand, i ll hold on to life.
Till the last of my breaths i ll fight.
Let me race against death.
Check my pulse and see me around.


I shall embrace, that’s how i was, am and will.
You know my friends and they know me.
Doors not open. Roads not taken. I wouldn’t care.
Love this life, be it somewhat unfair.

I am normal, hear me roar this morning.
My brother’s brothers, a son to my father.
But don’t you notice my hands, i am fine.
I shall do what I can’t, you shall see.


I will prove my worth , I shall challenge this world.
I shall love I shall hate, Let me open the gate.
I ll find my perfect, reach my high.
Let luck split the world, we shall see where to fly.
Wanna hear the thoughts of yours so bad
Oct 2017 · 130
Demy Molentor Oct 2017
rhythmic, branching.
turns, teases, tricks.
niether place nor group.
Sep 2017 · 293
Demy Molentor Sep 2017
That ugly woman you dislike.
You think she ain't pretty.
But she is a teacher, you know.
And as any teacher, she is someone's queen.
To that someone she's beautiful.
But you don't care. She's just an ugly stranger.

And this ****** guy, no self control on board.
You say he's beyond dumb.
But somewhere in a college he gets high scores.
Somewhere in a house he feels emotions deep and true.
But how'd you ever know?
He s just a ****** on a train.

Oh yeah, the leading lady you applaud.
She lives with no hardships, it appears to you.
But she is sometimes crying hard.
The girl she adores doesn't care about her.
And now the leading lady cares not 'bout fame.
Whatever, she's a happy star to you.

Finally, the boy who's lost in the streets.
You always call him a loser, lost cause.
But he is somebody's reason to fight.
He is a youngster's greatest man.
He lives to help and helps to live.
But give ,oh please, no ****.  He is a loser in the streets

But you, a normal, boring, balanced human.
I see no interest in copies.
But you're a hurricane that dance under water.
But your the rebel seeking holes in walls.
And obedience is just a shameful mask you wear.
But i am clueless. You're just too boring, calm as sand.
That's just how it is in my shoes. No offense, almost
Sep 2017 · 207
Demy Molentor Sep 2017
Hit it big
Hit it strong
Back to life
Back to cold

Dance alone
Laugh when dark
Be the raven
And the shark

And forget
Who forgot you.
Back to skies,
Why won't you.

Back to dark,
Or bight the dust
Let lose your demons
And feel the heart burst.

Just forget.
And after midnight don't you cry.
Back to lonely.
Back to dry.
I don't miss them anymore. No that crazy at least
Sep 2017 · 115
Queen Al
Demy Molentor Sep 2017
she was so honored, she was so loved,
but Al's heart was so low..
she was the icon, the legend, the queen.
but she'd never go with the flow.

she didn't need no fame,
what of it, if her friends aren't watching.
one day Al disappeared for years;
and then found...she was frightening.

turns out, she'd left her palace
in search of her beloved old friends.
but found out they were thieves now,
and queen discovered happiness in some dark ends.
Sep 2017 · 279
They keep it real
Demy Molentor Sep 2017
They take their shots on film.
They dance  to the vinyl plates.
They write with old pens.
They keep it real through decades.

You know, someday, the lights go out for good.
They will know what to do.
But we depend on energy too much.
What's then we are to do.

Besides, they touch the music, smell the lights.
But we have only ones and zeros.
They keep real, we make it fake, so
I wonder who're the real weirdos.
Aug 2017 · 140
Heaven is a ruin
Demy Molentor Aug 2017
You sit there in a cage of gold,
Trading happiness for stability.
It ain't locked, your body's free.
But your mind yearns for normality.

Do you see us in the aging buildings.
There is true life's real face.
Thus we are happy here and safe.
Now that's a change of pace.

The empty eyes, they hate us.
With every single crime we're charged.
But don't you worry about us.
Our beloved chaos keeps us all untouched.

Get up, ya, follow me, let's recolllect our squad.
Now I recall every night in camps of old.
So let ya have your heart back, get borders crossed.
Why won't leave that cage of gold.
Just leave the cage once you can. Same goes for me.
Demy Molentor Aug 2017
I'm somewhere, I'm someone, that's a fact.
I'm alive.
Got no memories, got no scars, thus why would I shed a tear.
I'm safe.
Sure i've got knowledge, thus will find a way to live.
I'm brave
I'm alone in this world, perhaps, but I forgot how to be scared.
I'm free.
But those if's aren't here, thus I'm not
Aug 2017 · 351
You are my reasons
Demy Molentor Aug 2017
Back home again,
Ain't safe again.
But I am alive somehow.
It's all cause of a wov.

My friend, you are my reason.
My friends, you are the goal.
To be alive and keep it up.
Until in your hug I don't fall.

My friends, you are my reason.
My friends, you the fuel.
For the sparks of my eyes.
To be apart is far too  crue.

No place, no thing could take
Me as high as I'd be beside you.
My friends, you are my life.
I'm noone without you.
Confession: it's consist of my feelings and inspiration from music, also they come hand in hand. I hope it doesn't count as a reap off or a plagiat.
Consider it a fanfic if you will...
Comments appreciated:)
Aug 2017 · 205
The modern knights
Demy Molentor Aug 2017
With you should be our Lady luck.
Come brave with light and dark.
Go change the world, for you, unseen, cannot be coght.
Out there, with you 's my every bright thought.
To anonymous
Aug 2017 · 120
Demy Molentor Aug 2017
i try to live it through.
but i will never belong.
among those people,
how do i manage to last so long?

i try to run away.
but every single folk is the same.
all they say is rude and lies.
they only care about blood and fame.

i try to hide now in the woods.
but to interact is humans' fate.
now i can see that it is all no use.
perhaps myself is whom i hate.
Jul 2017 · 180
my scars
Demy Molentor Jul 2017
Can I hide or run or disappear as everyone wishes?
guess i can't but i still cry. my broken heart still crashes.
i am afraid even though i see the newcomers are bright and safe and so  kind.
but help me out. i can not trust
old scars reminding, took over my lost mind.
and i can hear that violence,  feel the pain of past, it's getting old.
why, you  my heart is in scars awaiting for winter lone and cold.
now i can trust no more
Jul 2017 · 227
Dreaming of love
Demy Molentor Jul 2017
I am in love in my daydreams,
But I know it's an illusion, made up.
All the love and friendship I dream of,
But in reality is where I always end up.

I'm jealous of sleep dreamers,
They fill real, as if they live to lives.
But my case is to bad on it's own,
I always know those feelings are lies.

But won't even find someone like that,
Who'd have a crush on me? None.
So here I am thinking nonsense,
Treating overthinking as if it's fun.
Jul 2017 · 254
Demy Molentor Jul 2017
Home ain't no safe, but it's my home,
And it greets me whenever back I come.
It's there for me get lost deep inside.
Even when I stand against the tide.

And I'm aware of dangers out here.
So I may wield a sword against fear.
But there are city lights giving hope.
And  when obvion beckons i say "nope".

I wanna run away to mountains and beyond.
But I won't leave if could, ya see.
For those lights, they keep me ever on hold.

I wanna come back home saying to a mate there "hello".
Being glad that one cares enough to simply reply.
Then I shall adict to home's rhythm, adapt to it's flow.
Jul 2017 · 493
king and queen (lullaby)
Demy Molentor Jul 2017
In that room with a hundred woolen cradles.
In that room with a thousand bright candles.
there were so many little ones sleeping tight.
there was Old Queen singing halfway through the night.

she was sitting on a carpet so magically good.
and then Little King came in barefoot.
10 years old voice of kids' leader joined the tune with his thoughts  and his breath and his heart.
and they began dancing slowly on that carpet with silent steps, both knowing acapella by hard.

suddenly he fell asleep in Queen's hands by himself lullabied.
and she'd let him go and so down to the carpet he'd slide.
and she left the room silent leaving children and Little King alone.
As the full moon was yet to be lullabied, Old Queen was gone.
Jun 2017 · 247
children and teens
Demy Molentor Jun 2017
children, they believe.
they see the sun and feel it guide.
they see the moon and feel it guard.
children don't deceive.

teens, we know.
we know the limits that we ever break.
we all aludr to words untrue and fake.
forward we go.

don't ever tell me who is right.
we are both somewhat blind.
so neither  can truth find.
but join us in our young rite.
Can't stop comparing...
Jun 2017 · 376
chaos is safe
Demy Molentor Jun 2017
we're safe, hear as we play and scream.
safe from the law and all lies on the screen.
We're safe in this crowd where each is self aware.
It's not blood, it's not faith, it's this safe chaos that we share.

and we live, as there's no law to forbid it.
and cross border. there's  no guns to guard it.
and so we go, and you are free to run among us.
and so we go, dance with me under stars.

and dance with us in the field
those are lands that winds wield.
And we won't get caught or killed.
so go with me to this wild field.
Jun 2017 · 164
Come (a humanist s prayer)
Demy Molentor Jun 2017
People, listen as I stand before you.
I stand straight and brave but i pray.

Come back,
To your roots and be alive and just.
Come fast,
Before you lose the rest of feelings.

People, open your eyes as I ask you.
Please, I say, please, open them up.

Come forth,
Be strong to make it all through again.
Come bright,
Bring all heritage with you never losing.

People, don't shout, but listen, just please.
I won't beg if I should, but you're no monsters.

Come carefull,
Beware of threads we forgot to forget in the past.
But come hopefull,
Humanity comes from nature, and know she cant lose.

Please come.
Jun 2017 · 368
Back we should come
Demy Molentor Jun 2017
There, in the past we were strange children.
All people were like that once in the past.
Or so, at least I trust.

Back then those would feel for true no holding back.
With honesty and hope  they all would laugh cry.
They were watched by the sky.

Bro, sis, lover, friend-those words were common then.
Those children would love  who was near.
And none they would fear.

Prince or orphan-they gave  nothing but ****, it was the same.
They would come and go together as one.
Loved by moon and sun.

They're dreams were so simple: a treehouse and plenty food.
You may set'en free, but they'd just play nearby .
They necer wanted to fly.

But now we think hi things in our minds, yet we have fallen so low.
We  forgot long ago to  simply breath.
All of llife is stolen by a heartless  thief
Jun 2017 · 306
Demy Molentor Jun 2017
Two   roses beautiful  have grown by a tree into one.
" lotd be with lady, and lady with lord . Shame" said pigeons as one.
With pointless hatred they threatened that love but they're the shame
Some ravens tried to stop them with words, but all doves're too sain.
"Love's a law" thus we, crows, started a shameless sky fight.
Needless to say, we won there with ease, every  raven's a knight.
But all we listen is our hearts, and if ye love, ye love, if not, then not.
Your feelings ye should  follow, the case matters not.
Jun 2017 · 323
Demy Molentor Jun 2017
one day.. i wish it'll rain..
and i ll meet you again!
again... after all the time
i wish you still know my name
that day... i wish...
and we'll embrace each other
and we ll hug tough and long and...
and i ll this world be the first day
that in long time I...I...
i feel safe and sound.
i feel alive and needed at that day!
again... and then i do not care.
i ve met you again. that's it,
come, storms. i fear to none yeah
i feel alive that day and i'll go forth
cause you remember me that day.
or so i maybe wish, or perhaps...
perhaps you forgot me
as all will to forget ehat they hate
perhaps you lied as all..
but i wish you did not, but...
i m gonna know that day...
I just miss   'em so bad
Jun 2017 · 286
borders of freedom
Demy Molentor Jun 2017
can you see that walls as we climb the tower?
those are the borders of freedom and they give in to no power.

now we are on top, and there is that lost child..
raised by a little bit older brats he's now among them running wild.

no rules here live: each one's at least a thief.
but don't be scared of danger. oh, don't you bow to grief.

within the borders run ya free and only wishes yours obey.
"be free here or be dead there" there is no other way
i just feel like revolution and chaos
Jun 2017 · 186
Demy Molentor Jun 2017
those teens
they ran away from prison
from hell
they were there for no reason.
and now
they are out for vengeance.
this world
shall be the saddest witness.
fires come
and every single prison is now dust
and waters
furious rivers took down sities fast.
their families
aren't happy with freedom of those they gave away.
just monsters
what else fo you want from me to say.
that guilt
it's on the crowd's stupid hands
all torture
to the 144 just makes no sense.
now see
this world is coming down for true
be strong
and see our revolution get it through.
i ve been about them for a while
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