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Demy Molentor Jun 18
I say get in the way of that preachers.
Saying ******’s a sin and justifyn’ ****** with fables.
If god’s love (and god’s love), homophobia is sin, turn those tables.

And then abortion’s a sin but there are some expections.
It goes something like “all of life’s sacred but not life of a *******”.
Yeah, dumb joke, but it hurts, it don’t tickle.

But I still pray to saints for love and unity and friendship.
As a goliard in cell I follow Lord while damning all the priestlings.
This is ******* reggae not sounding soft beneath C.I.S. city sellings.
DT Brunner May 4
Special is the word they use when they talk about me

They assume that my diagnosis fully defines me

Sometimes I wish I could only be heard and not seen

That’s what I often think about when I daydream
Rowan Wolff Feb 14
Chronic illness isn’t
Some beautiful
Girl sitting under a tree,
Book in hand.
It’s no romantic tragedy
Or heartfelt tear-jerker
Sitting on the floor of your bedroom
2 am
Trying not to cry because
You wanted to be in bed three hours ago
Your body didn’t.
Obsessively tracking every
Food and drink
Symptom and medication
Juggling four doctors and work
All at once
Trying not to *****
Struggling to stand
To exist
wrote this about my struggle with undiagnosed chronic illness.
Sat drinking my coffee  In local my supermarket thinking  I dont no from one day to another anymore what I'm
Lost to a world I serve no purpose anymore and now retired and no longer contribute to the system I'm been added to
lost and
by Government that only purpose Is take care of the weathly In society that hammer the poor disabled
and lonely they're blinded
by any
By greed In there eye's and there own self Importance
For the weathly of society life good but for disabled lost and the lonely life just barely an
Compassion blinded by self Importance and greed
no future for the disabled
list and the lonely were dad I n the water
Kyla Plummer Dec 2018
What good is it to judge me?
What do you see?
Perhaps a bitter young lady
In the presence of thee, I
May be a blind - but I
Once could see; pictures of
Sunsets, handsome faces
And much more.

No I am not blind!
Though I appear so
I still see faint pictures -
Of gatherings for
Christmas, Easter even -
New Years dinners.

You taunt me, your endless
Repetition, 'Bitter blind bat' - lo
Your torment does me no harm
Anymore but rather jostles -
Me to hold tight to what
My people's faces look like.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Laid In thoughts of
yesterday avoiding
present-day drifting
In and out of dreams
it's to where I have
control I have
the say
Free from problems
don't need newspapers
or to listen to
Don't need the clowns
who think they run our
lives with their dumb
In just short space time
they have destroyed
this country where once
I was proud to
They have no compassion
for the less fortunate
people who have no
chance to break free from
everyday poverty forced
upon them
A failed system food
banks unheard of when I
was  growing up as a kid
young people forced to
live on the
One day there will be a
reckoning on all those who
caused so much suffering
on the hard working
people who without them
this country would be
The poor sick old the young disabled all
forgotten by those who only care about there own self Importance
D A W N May 2018
you make me utter words
for you, my love
cannot get a single word
whenever i speak in full sentences
Salmabanu Hatim Apr 2018
I am like a saint,
being kind to others is me,
Caused I was abused.
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