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Saige May 2021
the sampling of amniotic fluid using a hollow needle inserted into the ******, to screen for developmental abnormalities in a fetus.


Not everything about you
is on that little screen; 
not in your number of chromosomes,
not in your misshapen genes. 

Yet everyone talks about you,
as if they know you:
"impaired cognitive abilities"...
"50% chance of being stillborn"...
"impacts the family unit"...

Your life and capacity for love
will never be defined by your DNA,
but rather by your smile and
your laughter and 
your heart

In short, my love, 
you cannot be defined by what is missing
but rather by what you can
and will be when you arrive 
in all your humanity
I say get in the way of that preachers.
Saying ******’s a sin and justifyn’ ****** with fables.
If god’s love (and god’s love), homophobia is sin, turn those tables.

And then abortion’s a sin but there are some expections.
It goes something like “all of life’s sacred but not life of a *******”.
Yeah, dumb joke, but it hurts, it don’t tickle.

But I still pray to saints for love and unity and friendship.
As a goliard in cell I follow Lord while damning all the priestlings.
This is ******* reggae not sounding soft beneath C.I.S. city sellings.
Tony Lee Ross Jr Mar 2018
I don't hate women
I don't want children to suffer
I don't want to tell a woman what she can do with her body.
I don't want the government to control our lifestyles.
I just want babies to live.
Claire Feb 2018
My body aches with rage and my faith in change is thin
My head hot with ignorance and the world begins to spin
Jumping on a bandwagon and not checking the contents within
Disgusted my teeth clench and wrinkles are etched in my skin.

For what is great in you and what is less in me?
We are told there are no differences in the people that we see
Diminishing those like us to the significance of a flea
This is not a distant issue but one in the land of the free--

The sharp end of a tube sinks into the head of an infant
Brains slurp through a hose and the death toll grows consistent
For what could be a lifetime he is dead in less than a minute
Him compared to us, tell me what is different--

Confused and torn inside-- all we learn is fake
Death is death, life is life, and it is no “mistake”  
No gray area can be seen in death of people we take
No words could ever express the horror behind these heart aches

Feminists defend people just like you and I
But the innocent without a voice still deserve to die?
The purest of people who have not even seen the sky
We all know the crime but we choose to close our eyes.

I cannot convey the sickening in my mind
Afraid of being different into conformity we sign
Opened to the truth I used to be blind
I pray for all the souls, without a thought left behind

Do not leave these words to be forgotten amongst your life
While the throats of children are being slit with a knife
I will not lighten these details to avoid any strife
Stand up for the innocent unable fight.

This is not for me or the attention I may gain--
This is for the lives that will never live again.
That small spark,
Once nothing more than a thought
In the atoms of the Earth

A pulse of being,
Aware of nothing else than
Her mother’s love

With time she grows
In the eternal deep,
Knowing not her gruesome fate

That one day,
Spelling her lifetime’s eternity,
She is torn and discarded

The only other she ever knew
Feared or disdained her
And saw not the beauty of her light

321,384 souls
Poets, mothers and heroes,
A number in the dark
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