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Parin Aug 2020
Sometimes my own thoughts consume me, scare me.
I know that the wild situations I create in my untamed mind aren't real,
and yet I scare myself to death.
Its like I'm drowning myself in these poisoned waves of thoughts whose pain is spreading inch by inch all over my body,
making me ******* in agony,
making me want to rip my hair off my head.
I need to save me from myself.
Who knew you could be your own worst enemy.
Peter Hark Jan 2020
Speaking is an art
words like paint
we smear and spread out our ideas onto canvas

If you paint too fast-
**** it
you might make a mistake

Did you know paint can expire?
you think come one, paint?
paint can't go bad!
then you try and use it and its separated and chunky
and boom
your whole piece is ruined.

Words can expire too.
did you know that?
phrases and metaphors age turn ugly and contaminating just like the paint
they might have been usable once, but now
you'd better get some new words.

Like, when referring to someone who uses a wheelchair
people don't say they're crippled.
because that word has expired!

The same way simpleton was used to
refer to someone with intellectual disabilities
was is the key word there.
please for the love of god don't call anyone a simpleton

Lunatic was once used to refer to people with psychiatric disabilities
don't say the teacher who gave you homework on a Friday is a lunatic!

******* was used to refer to people with intellectual disabilities
but now you should NOT call anyone or anything *******!
because it is inappropriate and insulting

This isn't about taking away your words
it's about what you are taking away from people with disabilities
when you use language like that.
what you are stripping away from people
when you decide to use a word like




Knock it off!
when you decide to use those words
it takes away from anyone who has a disability
or anyone who every will.

Use a different word
use swear words
find a thesaurus.

Get some new **** paint
Peter Hark Jan 2020
So I was taking lil Tyler to school
and I got to meet one of his friends!
Tyler was so excited to introduce me to him,
but that poor little babe!
He was in a wheelchair!

Bless my son's heart for looking past this kid's...
Well you know it takes a special kid to have a crippled friend!
I mean
Not special! My son is not special
No, wait, I mean he ain't SPECIAL special
You know?

Anyways, so I met his friend and I'm not quite sure what to do here
I say
and this little kid looks me dead in the eyes and told me
"Hello ma'am, there's no need to yell"
I was in awe
He didn't sound handicapped at all!
I mean I didn't know if he would be able to understand me
But he did!

Who would have thought a wheelchaired kid
could speak and think just like any other kid who wasn't gimpy!

I am just so so proud of my son
for looking past this poor victim of
Cuz you know it's probably good for the disabled
to have a regular normal friend like my son!

Hopefully my son can make that kid happy
you know since people like that usually have such sad lives.
Golly I am just so proud of my son for taking pity on that kid!
I am such a good mother!
I say get in the way of that preachers.
Saying ******’s a sin and justifyn’ ****** with fables.
If god’s love (and god’s love), homophobia is sin, turn those tables.

And then abortion’s a sin but there are some expections.
It goes something like “all of life’s sacred but not life of a *******”.
Yeah, dumb joke, but it hurts, it don’t tickle.

But I still pray to saints for love and unity and friendship.
As a goliard in cell I follow Lord while damning all the priestlings.
This is ******* reggae not sounding soft beneath C.I.S. city sellings.
Esther L Krenzin Apr 2019
My friends call me a *******
laughing all the while
they think it is amusing
because they do not know it
to be true

So I laugh along with them
"How did you know?"
inwardly hoping for them
to look closer
see clearer
past the veil of my own design

so we carry on with this ruse
and even if the words were dusted
in sugar
it would still sting

-Esther L. Krenzin-
I know that I am broken. I know I have the soul and the body of a old lady. But please treat me as you do your own.
fatima Jan 2018
the lights are dim
the happiness is the sorrow
the stars are the sun
and the absence is longing

for i don't know what's inside
there's a ******* in emptiness
and the emptiness is absence
lights are just illusion

the feelings are tangled
like a myth of red string
and i don't know where should i go
finding you in the compact of photons
last month and i'm free
John Bartholomew Jan 2018
As I sit here just chewing the cud
Nights lost and debauched with my friend Richard
Picking up that guitar as a kid from Cash Converters
He left me for the sun down under with the students and the surfers

E Minor through to a chord named A Sharp
Strangling that neck with fingers that don’t know where to start
I should have listened to Mr Hogarth for this career in its finest form
Rocking out on stage wow that would have been a storm

But it’s never too late to try and give it another go
Read music they say but I wouldn’t know my **** from my elbow
No, no, no, that’s not the attitude
I’ll plug this thing and never give up as someday I’ll fill those smoky rooms

I joined a band with 2 brothers and bassist of whom I did not know
Mill Hill practice every Sunday just thought I’d give it a go
But only one song and a commitment I could not keep it was always bound to fail
I’ll carry on solo still looking on but really just chasing my own tail

Work carried on as a plumber of which I never did really enjoy
But it paid the bills
A mortgage
A van
And a wedding on the horizon
All in sight except for that unseen tree which nearly stopped me from ever rising

Paraplegic is a word I had rarely ever used
you’re a *******, a ****, I had said once myself how dare I have used that abuse
To be told you will never walk again is a shot that broke my heart
Don’t let it get you down be strong and try for a brand new start
The days go by at the start of this new journey
The loss of once friends and to gain some new is now what must ground me
A different perspective and a sharper humour has now unveiled
Hello new world you won’t get me down just watch this beast unravel

Taking the good with the bad and filtering through the ugly
A different ship to now set sail, get ready for this could get choppy
But as I say and always repeat, life goes on its just how you take it
This second chance given to me a bit lower down, but still determined to make it,
Hey Mr Wheelchair.

“I had learned quickly that life doesn't always go the way I want it to, and that's okay. I still plod on.”
― Sarah Todd Hammer, Determination

“Know me for my abilities, not my disability.” Robert M. Hensel

“My disability has opened my eyes to see my true abilities.” Robert M. Hensel
natalie Jan 2018
i want to get out
but there's a frog in my knees
that won't allow me to move,
it won't allow me to leave.
i feel it in my throat now,
and im all choked up.
oh no its in my brain now,
im waiting to erupt.
imagery? personification.
There was a creek
Down in a hidden island
Called ******* Creek
Those who went down
And stood in it's waters
Were said to have drowned,
Crippled by the waters
Crippled by the stream
Crippled by the cold

So, I wander down to the creek
With hope that the waters
Might drown out my feelings
That they might sweep away the pain

So, I wander down to the ******* Creek
Hoping for it to take me
And one day I'll return
Anew, refreshed
The refreshing waters changed my life. Maybe they can change yours <3
Seema Oct 2017
The world shames
The people hate
The shooter aims
The helpless bait
Sitting on a rock
Admiring media talk
The reckless beings
Torture and stalk
The naive generation
Into the shocking ration
Shall I say the world is cruel
Or the people
Have turned this world half

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