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I remember a girl from my class telling me
my paternal line is all fools.
Her father works at church.

I remember being told too many times
I’ll go to Hell for whom I love.
My pain still burns strong like  a torch.

I remember staying in mountains,
In a camp where nuns were our teachers,
That’s the place  I picture when I sing “Deep river”.

My chosen family is huge,
I hope my friends all outlive me,
My every other friend is a believer.

When people are fighting online,
I always side with atheists,
Only their words my sense to my heart.

There is a woman who got her son killed,
She called me once, and said that one is good
If only he has Jesus in his heart.

I know Jah and saints always me call,
I know my friends don’t judge me,
But don’t pray to no one, hurts too hard.
You’ve been bullshitting people:
“He is like family, he’s like a brother”
“She is so kind and wise, she is a mother”
Well, are they, though?
Is there a chance he would disown you upon coming out?
Will she respect a man so cynical he threw his true love out?
No  he won’t, he’s got your back, he is your brightest moonlight .
he a is friend, a lilo, those words say all, they say enough.
No, she won’t, she’ll want him gone, wisdom comes with judgment.
She’s a techer or a mentor, these words are true and are enough.
So use the words you should, and stop bullshitting people.
Hell yeah, you can embrace me,
that is what friends may do,
But I’m not sure if you should kiss me,
that’s something siblings do.
I’ll try and clear the path you choose,
that’s called comrodary,
But I shall not dare touch your love nor fire,
that marks an enemy.
My brothers are no gentlemen,
But they are nothing if not gentle,
See, if you love us  we will be
The rains you’re calling suns,
But if you preach we will misquote you mental.
Full moon is now gold,
As are lines on the river.
Blue hour is too short.
Wake up to being terrified:
This day puts an end to all restrictions and all laws,
Sit up and join in the greatest joys,
For from now on for that reason Earth knows no wars.
Get drunk with me,
Get drunk on Earl ****** Grey,
No hate, no glory,
Flags are roting into gray
You danced with me in the blessings,
And we didn’t part with the coming of  borders.
This is why we’re called friends,
While the first made us brothers.
Show me the streets that would answer my cravings.
And I will gladly dye all your threads.
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