I am in love in my daydreams,
But I know it's an illusion, made up.
All the love and friendship I dream of,
But in reality is where I always end up.

I'm jealous of sleep dreamers,
They fill real, as if they live to lives.
But my case is to bad on it's own,
I always know those feelings are lies.

But won't even find someone like that,
Who'd have a crush on me? None.
So here I am thinking nonsense,
Treating overthinking as if it's fun.

Demy Molentor Jul 14

Home ain't no safe, but it's my home,
And it greets me whenever back I come.
It's there for me get lost deep inside.
Even when I stand against the tide.

And I'm aware of dangers out here.
So I may wield a sword against fear.
But there are city lights giving hope.
And  when obvion beckons i say "nope".

I wanna run away to mountains and beyond.
But I won't leave if could, ya see.
For those lights, they keep me ever on hold.

I wanna come back home saying to a mate there "hello".
Being glad that one cares enough to simply reply.
Then I shall adict to home's rhythm, adapt to it's flow.

  Jul 14 Demy Molentor
C Tyler

Ode to a Poet(writer)
I know you,
All alone
4am is when you feel most at home.
I feel you,
Blank page, full pen,
I see you,
Looking at a page waiting for a tale to unfold,
When it starts, it flows,
I am you,
Hiding away, writing my pain,
Escaping reality,
Day to day,
We are art,
In the way we move,
We are the dreamer's and believer's
Pad and pen in hand til our dreams come true.
C. Tyler

In that room with a hundred woolen cradles.
In that room with a thousand bright candles.
there were so many little ones sleeping tight.
there was Old Queen singing halfway through the night.

she was sitting on a carpet so magically good.
and then Little King came in barefoot.
10 years old voice of kids' leader joined the tune with his voice and his breath and his heart.
and they began dancing slowly on that carpet with silent steps, both knowing acapella by hard.

suddenly he fell asleep in Queen's hands by himself lullabied.
and she'd let him go and so down to the carpet he'd slide.
and she left the room silent leaving children and Little King alone.
As the full moon was yet to be lullabied, Old Queen was gone.

Demy Molentor Jun 29

children, they believe.
they see the sun and feel it guide.
they see the moon and feel it guard.
children don't deceive.

teens, we know.
we know the limits that we ever break.
we all aludr to words untrue and fake.
forward we go.

don't ever tell me who is right.
we are both somewhat blind.
so neither  can truth find.
but join us in our young rite.

Can't stop comparing...
Demy Molentor Jun 21

we're safe, hear as we play and scream.
safe from the law and all lies on the screen.
We're safe in this crowd where each is self aware.
It's not blood, it's faith, it's this safe chaos that we share.

and we live, as there's no law to forbid it.
and cross border. there's  no guns to guard it.
and so we go, and you are free to run among us.
and so we go, dance with me under stars.

and dance with us in the field
those are lands that winds wield.
And we won't get caught or killed.
so go with me to this wild field.

Head in the mountains
Heart in the seas
Feet in the rivers, in bays, in streams
Head in the logic
Heart in the dreams
Hands in the tension sew stitches and seams

Head in the skies
Heart in the breeze
Eyes in the stars chart new galaxies
Head in the wild
Heart in the free
You in my want, but not in my need.
Head in the clouds
Heart in the trees
Hair in the wind, like grasses and greens
Head in the known
Heart in myst'ries
Wish in whispers of waiting on maybes.

Head in the wander
Heart in the journey
Faith in the Author of my living story
Head in the mountains
Heart in the sea
Yet, Soul in the prayer of you finding me.


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