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Jan 20 · 161
Weary Eyed
Traveler Jan 20
Between the typos of your lines
I could clearly see your divine
Naked as the ****** birth
Broken contact introvert

You touched me just the same
In a place that has no name...
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 19 · 130
Sexual Orientation
Traveler Jan 19
I have had it with other people
Assigning my gender association
I can’t be identified
by mere ****** sensations
I’m a reject in normal relations
Yet only on special occasions
I like it both soft and hard
Steamy widows
Backs of cars
Poetically ******
Venus’s Mars
I’ll turn it on
My android charm
I swear my sexuality
Will do you no harm!

Especially in extended proximity
So mind your own beeswax
Jan 18 · 144
The Fear Factor Four
Traveler Jan 18
I see your malevolence
How can you be so...

Society has had enough of you!
The hierarchical
Has been notified

You’re going to grow old
And  DIE!

Then you will face
The Unknown!

And so you have it
The four fundamental
Fears humans have

Hope I didn't scare you
Traveler Tim
Jan 18 · 92
Suck In This Place
Traveler Jan 18
If I could only shift
There has to be a better reality of me
Set the quantum computations
The electrons are in all realities at once
Why are we stuck in this version
Of the universe?
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Quantum Machanic’s is a dry subject
For the non-creatives!
Jan 17 · 65
Less or More
Traveler Jan 17
We are paradoxical
In nature
Positively charged
Negatively grounded
We all can be quiet
Pleasantly unpleasant
When resisting becomes aggression

As cowardly unsung hero’s
Our absence is persistent
Who could contain
the vastness of our existence?
Don’t bottled it up in a broken heart
Like the Tin Man for instance
Hiding behind such fancy words
Our identity becomes missing

Oxymorons all of us
As we shift from our left to right
We find our balance in between
Our shadow selves and what is right
Jan 17 · 119
World Unkind
Traveler Jan 17
I dreamt you were an angel
in a world so unkind
A light shone all around you
suspending you in time
You come to heal the people
of their sickness and disease
But you turned away in sorrow
‘cause your touch could not heal me
It all felt so familiar
like it happened yesterday
You left me in the ruins
and slowly walked away
The bridge to my song world and kind
Jan 16 · 133
Darn Angels
Traveler Jan 16
Oh death
Won’t you sing me
My final dirge
Ode to the poet
Who ran out of words!
Traveler Tim
Jan 15 · 234
Traveler Jan 15
Gathering prompts from creation
I weave the fabric of reality
Tonight I paint the sky

An orchestration of shimmering shining
Humming hemispheric harmony
Colourful clusters of lights
Above your evening world!

All shall be remembered through dawn
As my awesome power moves on
To another sky
In somebody else’s mystique
Evening world!
Traveler Tim

In the Platonic, Neopythagorean, Middle Platonic, and Neoplatonic schools of philosophy, the demiurge is an artisan-like figure responsible for fashioning and maintaining the physical universe. The Gnostics adopted the term demiurge.
Jan 14 · 115
Hay Friends
Traveler Jan 14
I just wanted to say
I admire how you have
it all figured out 🤔
You recognise the person in the mirror
I still have my doubts.
I get that although
I know more than you 🧳
you know much more
then I ever could!
Impeccable in the way you should
May love feel our comments
In the force of good!!
🧳 Traveler
Traveler Jan 14
We are the energy
Of consciousness evolving
Mathematically invisible
From wound to tomb
We grow by the
Seasoning of our souls!
What more do you need to know?
Traveler 🧳 Tim

It don’t seem likely that any universe that’s expanding, evolving  consciously could somehow leave us out of the game (death)
As if our energy could devolve into entropy

  Deteriorating atom
Cause Multi-versus to splinter off of this one.
If so we have a lot of conscious energy
Jan 13 · 53
Afar Out Place
Traveler Jan 13
On a fragmented infested planet called Earth
Deep within the body of a distant universe
Smaller than the microscopic lenz
Dwells savage human carnivores
I tell you’
Bearer’s of reptilian brain stems!
Imagine the primal urge tearing from within
Hear their psyches roar!

Wonder how far they’ll get this time around, before the next earths end....
Traveler w
Jan 12 · 167
Confusing Myths
Traveler Jan 12
A myth is but an image
An image is a representation
My words are but Cupid’s arrows
My quiver desperation

Subatomic particles
Are but a myth of our existence
The patterns are repeating
Invisibly but consistent

You are the uniqueness
Of your own story
Your mythology is your glory
Save your own soul
At the altar of your own delusion
I hope there’s not too much confusion!
Traveler Tim

Misapprehension is but white noise
tripping on some really strong LSD
That’s the spirit this world needs!
Traveler Jan 12
It didn’t exist to us
Not until
Some scientist
Went poking around
Into the quantum unknown
For goodness sake’s
Don’t measure it!
Traveler Tim

A very positive negative message
Jan 11 · 125
Traveler Jan 11
The opposite of repentance
Is rebellion
The opposite of resignation
Is reincarnation
A child feels something amazing
So he does it again
And there for
The opposite of righteousness
Is a struggle within!
Traveler Timh
Traveler Jan 11
When you say racism
I understand
What do you mean by
The school system?
The system of government?
I got a great sound system in my house
Subwoofer surround sound

Systematic is all the above
Which there’s
Distortion in the corruption of!
Traveler Tim
Jan 10 · 100
Traveler Jan 10
So often begrudged
So often abused
A costly supply
An electrical tool

More power to us
More power to you
Reserve your energy
‘Till the blackout is through
More power corrupts
More power improves

Do you commit your power
To the ones you love
Or do you share your power
Like me?
You see I rarely run low
My battery recharge with every smile I see!
Traveler Tim
Jan 9 · 877
Traveler Jan 9
Our universe is like a bolt of lightning
Suspended between
A negative and positive force
The past that connects the future
The conductor is intelligence
Conscious energy
Ever flowing

Unfortunately faster than we can think
So it appears our world is on the brinks
Yet beyond all worry and fear
Our energy is pure
Traveler Tim 🧳
Jan 9 · 85
The Traveling Show
Traveler Jan 9
I am a master
Of sloppy guitar
I’ve played the strip clubs
The gutters the bars

I’ve taken the licks
I brandished the scars
My fingers bleed
When I am on fire

these things
that feed our desires
The traveling shows
Is where I’ll Expire
Jan 9 · 120
Traveler Jan 9
2 1/2 billion years ago
there was no oxygen on earth!
Started at the earth’s aqua vents
A byproduct of
Micro bacteria colonies thriving upon minerals
They never exchange their genes
with the sun lover’s
So they still live in the darkness
Continually producing oxygen

The photo synthesizers
That survive the Ice Age
Brought about this new world order
And together we thrive
On gods green earth
Traveler Tim
Jan 8 · 259
Liberation Brief
Traveler Jan 8
Fight it!
If you can beat it
You will be whole!

Face the tyrannical
With promiscuous
Grit and grin
With crooked teeth
Win the the final match
Take it to your wits end

There is where the hero will begin
Such a lovely wonderful liberation!
Traveler Tim
Jan 7 · 120
Rescue Spouses
Traveler Jan 7
Taking on a spouse
is like taking in a rescue dog
You just got a hope the dam thing is housetrained!
Jan 7 · 194
This Time Around
Traveler Jan 7
This time around it seems
The universe insisted
That I matured first
Before exposing the gifts I possess
It would be nice to finally pass this test!
Traveler 🧳
Jan 5 · 201
Traveler Jan 5
Hard to wrap your mind around
Harder yet to explain
The theories of the multi verse’s
Will blow your mind away

Every time you gamble
Simultaneously you lose and win
The split is at that moment
Another universe begins

There’s only one wave function
It’s call our universe
Yet these atoms are decaying
In an innumerable quantum burst
Traveler Tim 🧳

There is much proof behind what I’ve written about here.

Another Bang💥!
Jan 5 · 124
Systemically Ingrained
Traveler Jan 5
(systematic racism)

I come from a place
Where the language was harsh
Surely the thought police
Could simply tear me apart

I had a girlfriend for over 10 years
Every once in awhile
I’d  call her by my ex-wife's name.. Ouch!
It not my fault
It was systemically ingrained!

She has always known my true heart
She's always laughed at my follies
Oh how the thought police
Must get their jollies’

We are the artist of our own dream
Painting over a well used canvas!
Jan 5 · 2.7k
Traveler Jan 5
What part of my experience are you?

Oh these things we're capable of doing

While we sleep in a hive of animation

Yes indeed you're a strange sensation!

Inspired by mister truth
Jan 4 · 114
Universally Unaware
Traveler Jan 4
It’s the small things
that matter
It takes time to
get them done
You must first await the
chosen moment
Never jumping
the starting gun

The policy of puritans
Police the walls of paradise
You can take your ball and go home
But you better play nice
You see...
Acceptance is a roll of the dice

An entrance with an exit
Describes a revolving door
A pattern that consist
Of both peace, love
Hate and war
To and fro
The ego goes
Reincarnated unaware
Wayward souls
(I hypothesised that last flow)

Irrelevant yet intriguing
Would be
An ending without a beginning
And so I shall begin the ending here
Universally unaware!

Traveler Tim
The objects that populate the universe are both aspiring and terrifying in their capacity to create and destroy us.
Solar flares and astroid lurking  in the darkness of space threaten our humble fragile existence here on Earth
And in the chaos, tension, conflict and social division of 2020 it’s easy to forget just how lucky we humans are to be here
But with a bit of hard work maybe one day we’ll venture out towards the stars!
Alex Filippenko
Jan 3 · 118
Bard For Hire
Traveler Jan 3
(Romanticized not derogatory)

A bard is a poet
But not all poets are bards
I love to sing
And play my guitar

Dancing comes natural
Spinning on one toe
I take a gracious bow
Into a power pose

I’m more then the rest
My poetry’s the best
I recite the hero’s creed
I lead the chant
In a warrior stance
Into the violent streets

The news of the day
Rolls off of my tongue
Stanzas dressed to please
To the local tavern
The patrons run
To drink and brawl with me

Barmaids to breed
Sweet honey mead
The good life
Yes the good life indeed!
I make a loud toast
A salute to our host
Another round on me!
Traveler Tim

This Bards double as the bouncers
We all do our part

Traveling from place to place
It true
I am a
Itinerant Musician and Trader
I am a antique vendor with my own flea market
I write poetry and play guitar on stage whenever I can
Who knew the description of Bard would fit me so precisely.
Jan 3 · 72
Unconscious Reward
Traveler Jan 3
From here onwards it’s but a dream
Much, much more then
A wish upon a star lite computer screen
Much more then a prayer to the celestial skies
From here onwards time no longer flies
The sting of life and death betrayed
From here love no longer goes astray
And this soul
Is but a fleeting feeling
when we finally let go!
What I really, really mean to express
From here onward it’s time to rest.
Then it will be time for coffee and waking up!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Jan 2
We exist in a worried ideology
Clinging to a state of safety
Our understanding is fabricated
Shaped to comfortably fit
These simple consciousness
Even death we camouflaged in bliss

Few awake
to attempt to defined these miseries
To glimpses the quantum mechanics
of it all
Forsaking blind faith
in exchange for the unlimited cosmic
Traveler Tim
Traveler Jan 2
What if life had no mystery
we  just be doing time?

What if life had no end
meaning be hard to fine?

Let’s see
no mystery and no end
right back to Hell again!
Traveler Tim
Jan 1 · 119
Traveler Jan 1
So you claim you're highly
In which category would that be?
There's "cognitive" and "emotive" intelligents,
I'm sure your in the driver seat!

Or perhaps your
crystallise intel
is crystallised
Between heaven and hell
We can be
Influentials when fluency dwells

"Kinaesthetics" is poetical flow
This intelligence come and goes.

But obviously "linguistic"
is our intellectual clutch
Along with high "aesthetics"
But you may still be out to lunch!
"Spiritual" intelligence
can leave us drunk!

"Interpersonally" where are you
That and "artistical" intelligence rules!

"Spatially" we navigate
this "mathematical" understanding
of our universe.

No one possess all
11 intelligents I have mention
So if you believe your above
You've pathologically decended!
Traveler Tim

Part of the lecture I give to a think tank society in my area

Humans have up to a dozen intelligence
Some of yours are higher then mine!
Dec 2020 · 310
Traveler Dec 2020
Slowly in comfort
is the ideal depletion

Serotonin state of wonder
pointlessly increasing

Pleasantly dreamy
Hearth fire warming

Asleep and unaware
a life without warning

But not for me
Bring it all on I wanna see
I wanna live I wanna reach
I got no time for indifferent sleep
Traveler Tim
Traveler Dec 2020
Would you rather a thumbs up
or a heart for your creation

Do you keep the reader in relation
Or write for a personal sensation

Does your muse have a name
Do you become one with pleasure or pain

Are you prophetically ordained
Or a free spirit untamed

Where I ask do we fit in
This phenomenal poetry game
Traveler Tim
Traveler Dec 2020
hard to see through fog
so why are you wearing
that cloudy frown
alone has little to do
with the reason you feel down
you can make you free
from the slave your willing to be
ya you writing your heart felt pain
happiness is not synonymous
to some relationship game
to be alone
until then don’t knock it
put your needs
in a secure pocket
above anyone else!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Dec 2020
Don’t be a stranger or afraid
in a world you never made
in such a dream setting
existence is trapped
Wake up from your mythic nap
leave your magic in a rhyme
use not science to define
We are all of these things
transcending into a larger thing

Without processing conscious review
It just happens to me and you
everybody and everything grows!
Traveler Tim

It’s actually your own fist
The world you imagine bludgeoning you
Dec 2020 · 115
Xenophobic Lens
Traveler Dec 2020
To actually evolved pass bigotry we must remove the xenophobic lens
Especially the ones we didn’t realize we were still looking through!
Traveler Tim
Dec 2020 · 414
Traveler Dec 2020
What does God need?
Surely I’m thankful for all I have
Perhaps God needs our obedience
A 10th of all our cash
But what would God
do with all of that?

Does he own our minds and souls
The worldly knowledge that we hold
Does he want his blue skies back
Another big bang it all turns black

God what could you possibly want
A leap of faith into your swamp
People suffering
Battles Cries
Searching for truth in piles of lies
Trust in the invisible
Trust in man
Numbered with the grains of sand
But here I stand
Alone in my folly
Wondering why
What’s up with this God guy?
Traveler Tim
Dec 2020 · 317
I Swam Here
Traveler Dec 2020
I’ve been compartmentalized
Because of my labels
I’ve been ostracized
Because of my sight
They try to drown me in their river
And so
I swam with all my might

So if you wonder
How I got here
And why I am sopping wet
I was forced to learn to swim
To escape the fishers net.

Are you still treading water
In the deep end of beliefs
Learn to swim my friend
Drown with me in peace
Dec 2020 · 55
Through The Microscope
Traveler Dec 2020
At a rather closer look
we can see living organisms
radicalised microbiota
in a chaotic feeding frenzy
There seems to be little to no order
through the microscope
This chaos exist within us so that our bodies can function in harmony

And so as this planet in all its chaos
Is in harmony with the universe
Traveler Tim
Virtue just is!
like the healing virtue of a plant
You don’t create virtues
Your deepest poetry is part of you
Alan Watts told me.
Dec 2020 · 104
Traveler Dec 2020
the extrovert that thinks too much
I lose touch of my feelings
and fall out of love
I feel to get drunk
but quit at one beer
I am ready to go
but life put me here
Traveler Tim
Traveler Dec 2020
You have drawn the extra version card
Welcome to the deck
Introverted values
You no longer can connect

Intuition, feelings and perceiving
is the game that extroverts play
Opposed to sensing, thanking and judging like those introverted lames!

If you’re not sure which side you’re on
Or if you’re out there on the fence
Do you want to be alone?
Or the party to commence!

So weep not my child
they’ll be no need for fear
God made
An extra version of you dear!
Traveler Tim
Dec 2020 · 104
What was it all for?
Traveler Dec 2020
Push life to the limits
Learn all you can
Gathering experience
A well of wisdom
You will become

Nobody actually wants to hear
Anything you feel important to share
So take all that you’ve become
Die and leave it there?
Traveler Tim
Dec 2020 · 622
On The Floor
Traveler Dec 2020
I propose we elevate our poetical
subjectivity to a faucet of objective reality.
So as we may live in harmony
With ourselves.
A simple brushstroke if you agree
Repeat after me
There’s no place like home
Count back from three
Make it so
Let your creations roll!
Traveler Tim

John Luke Picard in there
Dec 2020 · 331
The Nature Of Addiction
Traveler Dec 2020
These addictions
My mind says I need
But it’s only what I want
Because I’m bored as can be

Fill this emptiness
My urge is on repeat
Give me some ***, food
alcoholic, drugs
This hunger needs to feed

Who can go without
The rush that they now know
Every time the needle sticks
The world just turns to gold

In between is a living hell
Yet although they don’t seem to mind
They return to the ******* ******
Time after time

And that my friends
Is the condition you’re seeing
When this addictive nature
Hi Jack’s a human being.
Traveler Tim

The truth is
We get addicted to substances  and objects
All because we refuse to grow up
Dec 2020 · 119
Sympathy’s For The Devil
Traveler Dec 2020
Who needs sympathy
It’s only a feeling
I have empathy
The power of healing

Sympathy is for the devil
He never gave a ****
He don’t deserve my empathy
But that’s just who I am

I can feel your passionate pain
In the words that you express
I will embrace your suffering
Until you feel your best!

So if you’re feeling down
Broken or just blue
Open up your heart
And I will help you through!
Traveler Tim
Dec 2020 · 57
Life is an unlocked door
Traveler Dec 2020
I know I am out there somewhere
I’m getting closer to meeting me!
I can picture it now
Counselor teacher
Caretaker of the poor
Giver of a light so bright
It blinds the demon hoard
I can see myself beyond
The unlocked door

Won’t you come with me
Into the dark
Together we
Shall shine are part
To save the world
and find our meaning
Before the karamedic
button resets
Life being an unlocked door
Is a much better bet.
Traveler Tim
Dec 2020 · 178
Gender Indifferent
Traveler Dec 2020
It was a big leap
from nakedness to
those hideous fig leaves!

To me the gender phenomenon
parallels romanticism

it’s all backwards to me
Fields of lovely flowers are all I see
Your *** is fluent and mighty
The greater the wave
The deep the sea.

Evolution can’t go backwards
or else we’d all take off your clothes
Wouldn’t that be nice
If your genitality was exposed
You do understand
We still wouldn’t be able
to see your soul...
Romanticism is a belief that we should do things like in the past, but the reason things change is because they weren’t working to begin with.
this is also known as a Paradyne shift
Dec 2020 · 111
Traveler Dec 2020
If the bottom of your feet
have such a foul stench
Then I would suggested
you’ve been walking in
The putrid pastures
of immorality.
My advice
Wear boots!
Traveler Tim

The title has nothing to do with the poem.
I just like the word period creativity has no rules
Dec 2020 · 86
Traveler Dec 2020
where did we come from?

Its actually simple.
We are pieces
Of cosmic debris,
that broke off a giant star.
A star that was among
a large cluster of planetoids,
held together in a gravitational field.
A place we called home,
The Milky Way Galaxy.
Which is a part of our
conscious universe.
It’s all made up of of 30% matter
and 70% dark matter.

And it’s possible
that it all
came from another dimension.
In a instant known as
What’s so hard about that question?

Now ask me a hard question
like why do people have to suffer?
And I would answer you,
so that we may live in poetry!
Traveler Tim
Dec 2020 · 145
Bring’er Down
Traveler Dec 2020
Please don’t call the thought police
I meant to say that underneath
Impeccable words I yet to own
When I’m getting really ******

Bring it down
Bring ‘er on down now!

Put the power trip to rest
We were all born with the best
Although I was hatched by a beast
You don’t need call a priest

Bring it down
Bring’er on down now

Let your blue hair down
Let that blue hair down now
Don’t be wearing no scowl
Just let your blue hair down now!
Traveler Tim
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