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HJV Mar 8
When I think, I queue
Feelings are not blinding, but
Tips caress a braille
Figured I try a Haiku
Andrew Jan 11
I feel the best score for an IQ test
Is to not take it
We can’t measure the full extent of our mentality
And intelligence exists in a situational capacity anyway
So plenty of people with high IQs seem idiotic to me
Because they need to tell me their IQ
Rather than show me through conversation
Can you say you have intelligence
If it can’t be effectively communicated?
What good is it to me then?
Oftentimes they lack emotional or social intelligence
So what the **** are we measuring?
Spatial awareness? Cognition? Retention?
What makes that more important than empathy or charisma?
Can you make me feel better after I make a mistake?
Can you tell me I’m wrong in a suitable manner?
Or would you just educate me?
Letting me know I’m stupid compared to you
After you took that one test
And now you’re smart for life
That seems really stupid to me
Is all about time,
timing. . .
Just give me
more time,
I'm working on it.

On everything.
Rockie May 2015
We simply cannot be a human race,
Simply because we despise those around us.
We hate how we look in the mirror,
Simply because we see the faults in the curves of our ribs.
We simply cannot be a human race,
Simply because we don't understand those around us.
We hate how the grey/pink wrinkles of our brains looks,
Simply because we don't have an IQ higher than our own.
We simply cannot be a human race,
Simply because we do not like stereotypes.
We hate the sharpness of society's knife,
Simply because *the human race isn't that simple.
SøułSurvivør May 2015

here's to the
**** tube
the idiot box
it has pretty pictures
they walk and they talk!

it feeds us
our morals
it gives us our news
you're cool if you watch it
you're into the groove!

it feeds you religion!
"yes! we'll change your luck!
just send your seed money!
hundreds of bucks!"

you'll know who watches
there's no disguise
they are the ones with
the pinwheel eyes!

there's one in the kitchen
and one in the den
put one in the bathroom
watch again and again!

c'mon! sit down!
have a few beers!
watch 'til your brains
pour out your ears!

forget about books
they're so pase'
and stop all that writing
it's so not today!

watch, watch, watch,  WATCH! *
i think you will find
you'll lose your marbles
'til finally you're


(c) 5/18/2015
I can't stand TV

It's a proven fact
that you lose
IQ points
and it's a colossal
waste of time
(depending upon
what you watch)
eliza bonnet Jun 2014
I'm so sick of assumptions
Because I don't have straight As
I won't make it in life
I'm dumb
My IQ is high
I understand people
Pick up on things quickly
But because I can't focus in class
It's all for nothing
Brilliance isn't measured by tests and essays
I've tried to learn in that enviorment
Tried to pay attention
I can't
"Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb, it will spend it's whole life thinking it's stupid"
Jayanta May 2014
Sometime it flyaway to the sky
Passing through enclosure of cloud!
Sometime it climbs through the ladder of hope with wind
Reach in the peak of dream for eloquence of love....
Love for and soil..........!
Sometime it swims in the ocean of felony and transgression
Searching gone astray   generosity and candour!
Consistently it is vivacious and brings new notion to ponder!
Sometime it coverts contemplation to allure
Allure to aspiration
Aspiration to act upon
Then to poignant feat with great ecstasy!
Frank Ruland May 2014
Can anyone tell me what this astounding fascination with marijuana is? Do we really have nothing better to do than sit on a couch, light one up and watch replays of a yellow sponge living in a pineapple? I feel sorry for those of you laughing-- that wasn't a joke. But what I do find funny is how you ***** about nothing in society is getting done, when you smoke yourself into a distant state of apathy whenever you have the cash to burn. Speaking of burning-- how many bowls have you gone through today? How many times have you consulted your towering tube of glass in regards to finding a temporary high you become fixated with chasing? Tell me that's not an addiction. I don't know how you could be addicted to that ****--that pungent, lingering scent which invades the eyes, nose and throat. Yeah, cigarettes give you cancer, but that would be a welcomed reprieve from slowly burning through my IQ. I'd take being terminally ill over being a lazy, unmotivated, uninspired sack-of-**** any day. At least I'd still have my dignity intact. Say what you will, but I will take solace in my freedom from enslavement from that *****, Mary Jane. While you're complaining that the government's iron grip on your ****** is too tight, I'll be laughing at how your obsession has more control over you than anything else. And just from me to you--if you're going to develop an addiction, try being a ******* red blooded American, pick up a bottle of Jack, and drink yourself numb like the rest of us.

— The End —