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1h · 17
Foul Gesture
A coupon came in the mail
Just the other day...
Four dollars off, on a carton of guaranteed death!
Cancer causing agents **** mice in the lab.
I paid the gift of death forward
with a kind and gentle smile.
But looking back I wish I would have never done so vile!
7d · 128
Die Alive
Death is where I was born
personal development
in the eye of the storm
An acceptance
of what I can never change
an extended love
I offer preordained
I pray you die into my birth
Perhaps together we can save the Earth
Come together and put things right
Bring an end to the eternal night
Traveler 🧳
Feb 26 · 370
Shiny Spun
Traveler Feb 26
The vortex of the cloud dragon
has swallowed up the sun
His heart burns with fire and rage
his tail is shiny spun...

My dreams cling
to silver linings
No Dragon can keep
my love from shining!

Life is either worth living
or you plainly wish to die
Poetry is a magic carpet
And so our spirits fly!
Feb 25 · 449
Lovingly A Loser
Traveler Feb 25
Love can make us losers
Invested in love’s game
It can hurt to be human
I love you just the same!
Feb 22 · 83
Perilous Journey
Traveler Feb 22
A Shaman
Was a collector of relics
And little trinkets of gold
He blessed them with charms
Of wonder
As the story goes...
He collected and placed them
On candlelit shelves
Deep in the chambers
Of The Temple Of Self
Then he left and went on a journey
Hoping the gold would be there
On his retuning...

He didn’t fair as well
In his travels of the new lands
In a cavern of dirt he dug in deep
With a guide of retribution and confusion
He knew this place was incomplete.

And so here
In the silence of our prayers
Once again we become aware
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Feb 20 · 362
Sniveling Stars
Traveler Feb 20
Pain, yes “pain” make us strong
Exercise it or suffer along
Feed back is what we seek
We’re all a bunch of egotistic freaks

Take the good with the bad
Don’t know nothing and be glad
The masters fall like eggs from walls
Sniveling stars grow ya some *****!
Traveler 🧳
Feb 18 · 168
Traveler Feb 18
There's 100 trillion universes
With hundreds of trillion planets
We are but a speck of stardust
Yet we take these scores for granted

100 trillion stars
In the sky's of our night's
Hundreds of trillions of people As gravity holds on tight.

A 100 trillion cell's
Make up the human body...
100 trillion Atoms
In each and every cell...
Billions of chemical reactions every fraction of a second.
And all this connected by an invisible quantum field.

See for yourself
What the research says...

In the minute plunk of the atom
Is where we actually live 🎼
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Feb 16 · 68
I’ve Returned
Traveler Feb 16
I am here to resolve
A life time of doubts and
Invisible hopes
There's nothing left to be known and no,
I'm not the Pope
It has all been a grandiose
Innocuously divine design
Parting seas and crushing fleas
Is what seems to please
The human kind
But I’m here now so...
All aboard
It's heaven time!

The HP computer wasn’t letting me on for a minute there
Feb 11 · 323
Traveler Feb 11
There’s uneasiness
In the waves between

A nagging emptiness
Of unfulfilled routine

Can you truly claim
You’re living your dream?
Traveler 🧳
Feb 10 · 42
Quantum Choices
Traveler Feb 10
Aerial receptive
These nerves endings
This husk is merely the host
Our wave lengths interfere with each other
In atomically charged combinations
We choose our relations

Choose wise!
Traveler 🧳
Feb 8 · 174
Traveler Feb 8
Nothing has possibilities
Where did you think
Such impossibilities
Come from?

Light and sound
Are measurably
Atomically associated

Possibilities are merely
The potential of dark matter
The matter of nothing

Don’t exist!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Dark matter is the only thing that isn’t made out of light.
Feb 7 · 167
Rhymes of Insight
Traveler Feb 7
Can our consciousnesses be
Fast or slow?
Can our awarenesses be
High or even low?

You do realise
Of course...

Language was simply designed
to hide our feelings
We hide behind our poetic preserves
Whether were loving or were killing
Say what you shall
In the presence of light
Poets stands up with their words to fight

That was just a few rhymes of insight!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Feb 6 · 288
Only A Flesh Wound
Traveler Feb 6
Free from childhood
That no longer exist
Living in the moment
Becomes our gift

Let not the blemished proof of our youth
Hides our secret truths
Allow them to be merely dimples
In your smiles!
Traveler 🧳 T
Feb 5 · 461
Traveler’s Times
Traveler Feb 5
The simple act of looking
Will cause something to be
So I control my gaze
In a contemporary maze
Of love and poetry!
Feb 1 · 759
Light Defined
Traveler Feb 1
The magnitude and brilliance of
Your luminescence
Is captured in the formula for light!

V•B = 0 🌤

V•D = pv ☀️

V x H = J + —-- ☄️

Shine on you crazy Diamond!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

That is as close as I could get to the actual formula
My iPhone characters are limited
Jan 31 · 341
Traveler Jan 31
The blue sky is my canvas
Until the canopy of the night
Then my brushstroke
Become comet tails
An astroid field of flight

No language in my dream
No limits of the tongue
My flights of mindfulness
Has only just begun
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 31 · 248
Traveler Jan 31
The past no longer exist
The future will never be here
We will always be in this moment
Traveler 🧳
We only have limited colours to paint with.
But the ability of the artist
Has no limits.
Jan 30 · 143
Versus of Venus
Traveler Jan 30
Pristine in her posturing
She's The Mighty Phoenix
She's the elegance Swan
She's the Verses of Venus
She's the Daughter of Dawn

Remotes in her proximity
Across a dreamy grassy pond
I am the song of her destiny
I am the Lily her lotus rest upon

Dear Verses of Venus
You ruffled my drake feather!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 28 · 369
Traveler Jan 28
If I only had the words
That flowed like all the best
I’d tie you in a knot
of my grandiloquence!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Word of the day!
Jan 28 · 291
Flesh On The Line
Traveler Jan 28
Listen to all the unrest
What if they all knew
The universe
Is trying to talk us through

You better learn to listen
And expand your beliefs
There’s no rest for the wicked
Religions can be a thief

Suffer and slumber
Or wake up and fly
There’s much more
Than flesh on the line!
Jan 28 · 857
Good News (For a change)
Traveler Jan 28
I’d like to think
I’ve always been good
But I know very well
What’s under this hood

Things I’ve done
Still make me cringe
Once my shadow
Was on that fence

But the good news
Other than an emotional wound
Bad karma doesn’t mean you’re doomed!
Traveler 🧳
Jan 26 · 90
Quantum Bible
Traveler Jan 26
In the main frame of the gods
Reality is a creative projection
A flash-drive driven hunger
In a field of quantum particles
Forming repetitive simulations
Our flesh is but
A mathematical sensation

Harvesters of experience
Unfolding blueprints of divinity
The scripture of the cosmos
Tell the story’s of our lives
Traveler 🧳

The quick cure for bad karma is to simply realign with the universe.
Jan 25 · 282
Quantum Payer
Traveler Jan 25
I can feel the rain
In the thirst of my prayer
The mud on my feet
Dark clouds everywhere

Now storms are forming
In the desert of drought
The crops are growing
My prayer has no doubt
Traveling 🧳 Tim

An indigenous shaman
Taught me
How he prayed for rain
And it rained....

Inspired by Gregg Barden
A famous scientist
Jan 24 · 618
Traveler Jan 24
What scientist thought to be a Big Bang
Was actually the main frame
Booting up!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 24 · 132
Traveler Jan 24
Order out of chaos
The scale that never ends
Find the tonic of the key
Sustain then bend
Skill comes from discipline
Run the scale again
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 24 · 147
The Eye’s of God
Traveler Jan 24
I have the eye’s of god
Both you and me
Our eyes are blind
But through god we see!
Jan 24 · 588
Exchange Of Smiles
Traveler Jan 24
Behind every tree
An eye watches
The hand of doubt
Hesitantly reaches
While quickly pulling back
To many eyes to count

You and I
Seek the gleam of
Eye to eye contact
Open curtains
Exchange of smiles
But we haven’t seen that
No, not in a coronavirus mile!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Traveler Jan 23
Icarian in nature
We rise till we burnout
The hierarchy inherits
Our uncommon wealth

Grave markers parish
In the forgetfulness of time
We are merely
Used up building blocks
As evolution unwinds

Our consciousness diminishes
Cascading façade
Oozing into the
Muck of wonder
Recycle bin
Take us home
Once again!
Traveling 🧳 Tim
Jan 21 · 250
More Coffee
Traveler Jan 21
Up all night!
Playing poetry
Writing my guitar
Today I’ll be
A falling star..

The caffeinated paradox
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 20 · 150
Weary Eyed
Traveler Jan 20
Between the typos of your lines
I could clearly see your divine
Naked as the ****** birth
Broken contact introvert

You touched me just the same
In a place that has no name...
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 19 · 122
Sexual Orientation
Traveler Jan 19
I have had it with other people
Assigning my gender association
I can’t be identified
by mere ****** sensations
I’m a reject in normal relations
Yet only on special occasions
I like it both soft and hard
Steamy widows
Backs of cars
Poetically ******
Venus’s Mars
I’ll turn it on
My android charm
I swear my sexuality
Will do you no harm!

Especially in extended proximity
So mind your own beeswax
Jan 18 · 129
The Fear Factor Four
Traveler Jan 18
I see your malevolence
How can you be so...

Society has had enough of you!
The hierarchical
Has been notified

You’re going to grow old
And  DIE!

Then you will face
The Unknown!

And so you have it
The four fundamental
Fears humans have

Hope I didn't scare you
Traveler Tim
Jan 18 · 83
Suck In This Place
Traveler Jan 18
If I could only shift
There has to be a better reality of me
Set the quantum computations
The electrons are in all realities at once
Why are we stuck in this version
Of the universe?
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Quantum Machanic’s is a dry subject
For the non-creatives!
Jan 17 · 54
Less or More
Traveler Jan 17
We are paradoxical
In nature
Positively charged
Negatively grounded
We all can be quiet
Pleasantly unpleasant
When resisting becomes aggression

As cowardly unsung hero’s
Our absence is persistent
Who could contain
the vastness of our existence?
Don’t bottled it up in a broken heart
Like the Tin Man for instance
Hiding behind such fancy words
Our identity becomes missing

Oxymorons all of us
As we shift from our left to right
We find our balance in between
Our shadow selves and what is right
Jan 17 · 112
World Unkind
Traveler Jan 17
I dreamt you were an angel
in a world so unkind
A light shone all around you
suspending you in time
You come to heal the people
of their sickness and disease
But you turned away in sorrow
‘cause your touch could not heal me
It all felt so familiar
like it happened yesterday
You left me in the ruins
and slowly walked away
The bridge to my song world and kind
Jan 16 · 122
Darn Angels
Traveler Jan 16
Oh death
Won’t you sing me
My final dirge
Ode to the poet
Who ran out of words!
Traveler Tim
Jan 15 · 226
Traveler Jan 15
Gathering prompts from creation
I weave the fabric of reality
Tonight I paint the sky

An orchestration of shimmering shining
Humming hemispheric harmony
Colourful clusters of lights
Above your evening world!

All shall be remembered through dawn
As my awesome power moves on
To another sky
In somebody else’s mystique
Evening world!
Traveler Tim

In the Platonic, Neopythagorean, Middle Platonic, and Neoplatonic schools of philosophy, the demiurge is an artisan-like figure responsible for fashioning and maintaining the physical universe. The Gnostics adopted the term demiurge.
Jan 14 · 107
Hay Friends
Traveler Jan 14
I just wanted to say
I admire how you have
it all figured out 🤔
You recognise the person in the mirror
I still have my doubts.
I get that although
I know more than you 🧳
you know much more
then I ever could!
Impeccable in the way you should
May love feel our comments
In the force of good!!
🧳 Traveler
Traveler Jan 14
We are the energy
Of consciousness evolving
Mathematically invisible
From wound to tomb
We grow by the
Seasoning of our souls!
What more do you need to know?
Traveler 🧳 Tim

It don’t seem likely that any universe that’s expanding, evolving  consciously could somehow leave us out of the game (death)
As if our energy could devolve into entropy

  Deteriorating atom
Cause Multi-versus to splinter off of this one.
If so we have a lot of conscious energy
Jan 13 · 42
Afar Out Place
Traveler Jan 13
On a fragmented infested planet called Earth
Deep within the body of a distant universe
Smaller than the microscopic lenz
Dwells savage human carnivores
I tell you’
Bearer’s of reptilian brain stems!
Imagine the primal urge tearing from within
Hear their psyches roar!

Wonder how far they’ll get this time around, before the next earths end....
Traveler w
Jan 12 · 131
Confusing Myths
Traveler Jan 12
A myth is but an image
An image is a representation
My words are but Cupid’s arrows
My quiver desperation

Subatomic particles
Are but a myth of our existence
The patterns are repeating
Invisibly but consistent

You are the uniqueness
Of your own story
Your mythology is your glory
Save your own soul
At the altar of your own delusion
I hope there’s not too much confusion!
Traveler Tim

Misapprehension is but white noise
tripping on some really strong LSD
That’s the spirit this world needs!
Traveler Jan 12
It didn’t exist to us
Not until
Some scientist
Went poking around
Into the quantum unknown
For goodness sake’s
Don’t measure it!
Traveler Tim

A very positive negative message
Jan 11 · 115
Traveler Jan 11
The opposite of repentance
Is rebellion
The opposite of resignation
Is reincarnation
A child feels something amazing
So he does it again
And there for
The opposite of righteousness
Is a struggle within!
Traveler Timh
Traveler Jan 11
When you say racism
I understand
What do you mean by
The school system?
The system of government?
I got a great sound system in my house
Subwoofer surround sound

Systematic is all the above
Which there’s
Distortion in the corruption of!
Traveler Tim
Jan 10 · 93
Traveler Jan 10
So often begrudged
So often abused
A costly supply
An electrical tool

More power to us
More power to you
Reserve your energy
‘Till the blackout is through
More power corrupts
More power improves

Do you commit your power
To the ones you love
Or do you share your power
Like me?
You see I rarely run low
My battery recharge with every smile I see!
Traveler Tim
Jan 9 · 872
Traveler Jan 9
Our universe is like a bolt of lightning
Suspended between
A negative and positive force
The past that connects the future
The conductor is intelligence
Conscious energy
Ever flowing

Unfortunately faster than we can think
So it appears our world is on the brinks
Yet beyond all worry and fear
Our energy is pure
Traveler Tim 🧳
Jan 9 · 76
The Traveling Show
Traveler Jan 9
I am a master
Of sloppy guitar
I’ve played the strip clubs
The gutters the bars

I’ve taken the licks
I brandished the scars
My fingers bleed
When I am on fire

these things
that feed our desires
The traveling shows
Is where I’ll Expire
Jan 9 · 113
Traveler Jan 9
2 1/2 billion years ago
there was no oxygen on earth!
Started at the earth’s aqua vents
A byproduct of
Micro bacteria colonies thriving upon minerals
They never exchange their genes
with the sun lover’s
So they still live in the darkness
Continually producing oxygen

The photo synthesizers
That survive the Ice Age
Brought about this new world order
And together we thrive
On gods green earth
Traveler Tim
Jan 8 · 210
Liberation Brief
Traveler Jan 8
Fight it!
If you can beat it
You will be whole!

Face the tyrannical
With promiscuous
Grit and grin
With crooked teeth
Win the the final match
Take it to your wits end

There is where the hero will begin
Such a lovely wonderful liberation!
Traveler Tim
Jan 7 · 116
Rescue Spouses
Traveler Jan 7
Taking on a spouse
is like taking in a rescue dog
You just got a hope the dam thing is housetrained!
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