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Jul 2022 · 170
Traveler Jul 2022
I was turned on by a Toaster, she tanned my bread to gold
In time she ejected me, it was her natural Toaster role...
I fell for her sister, a Deep Fryer in despair, my lust began to boil
I had to come up for some air...
I ran off with a Can Opener, she could even sharpen knives,
She opened up a can of *** whip, she could never be my wife!
I met a **** Freezer, but her heart was cold as ice, I was bitten by her frosty ways
Once bitten, never twice...
I made my way across the tile to an Oven quite unique
All her features were well displayed, on this EZ Baking Freak!
She cooked me on the surface, yet burnt me deep within
I guess my culinary skills were lacking in the end...
So now I date a Spatula safely from the heat
She flips a mean burger and french fries by the heap!
Truth is I'm a Poet
Who simply likes to eat!
Apr 2022 · 989
Peace talks
Traveler Apr 2022
Oh hear me now
dear world at odds…
Bare witness individual ethnic mobs…
Take my words both mythic and literal,
your walls of Eden are hardly impenetrable
Open up your heart my long lost friends,
give peace and love a new way in…
Mar 2022 · 811
Draft Dodger
Traveler Mar 2022
You better get the fact checkers
this doesn’t make no sense…
I feel the wild wind whipping
tearing through the fence…
Soon the walls will tumble
in a trembling blink of eye..
I know there’s an eternity
on each and every side!!
Mar 2022 · 363
Ugly Truth
Traveler Mar 2022
Conspiracy Theories?

Peculiar, when one easily searches and finds the truth on YouTube, the enlightenment severs one’s ties to cable televisions corruption! Resulting in one being labled a conspiracy theorist!

I can’t relate to Bidens administration nor Gladimir Putin‘s administration, but I can relate to all the working-class people around the world who are struggling for a better life, no matter what colour they are!
I am for anti war only!!!
Traveler 🧳
Mar 2022 · 258
The Divine Road
Traveler Mar 2022
How subtle
the slippery sloppy slopes
one must proceed
with pickaxes and high hopes!

Mindfulness is a must
a drifting thinker can loses touch
like a guru-less shaman
drunk on lunch!

The divine road is calling
prepare the fattened calf
The effect’s of the cool aid
we’re never meant to last
Mar 2022 · 146
Suburban Subdivisions
Traveler Mar 2022
We got drunk on 70’s media
Deep in suburbia mind states..
No one had to wonder
Nixon was definitely a fake!
Vietnam was viewed
Through a fisheye lens
Body bags on helicopters
****** a moral sin
When it was over
There was little respect
For any of them…
Mar 2022 · 507
Human First
Traveler Mar 2022
I can’t be sorry
for my state of being..
I am the centre
of my own universe!
All else is outside
of my physical powers..
I shall take my pleasure’s
I shall bear my curse…
I am god
but I am human first!
Mar 2022 · 254
Anti Politic’s
Traveler Mar 2022
I don’t hate the nazis
nor their innocent children
I insist to confess..
If you were led astray
I’d love you none the less!

I wouldn't want to see
a single Ukrainian nor Russian fall..
I hold no socially planted belief about the Chinese
I’m not afraid to love us all!

Look through my eyes
and see the world with love
Separation and hate
we can surely rise above!!!
To be consumed by hate is to be consumed by one's own inherit evil nature
Feb 2022 · 304
Drowning In War
Traveler Feb 2022
The consent for war
is constantly being manufactured
and simply fed to the sleeping masses…
War is not good for us
nor our societies…
We are all part of a collective,
the nature of divinity!
Love thy neighbors
is still the golden rule.
We are mere humans
and war is a drowning pool!
Traveler Tim
Feb 2022 · 429
Love Stays Behind
Traveler Feb 2022
If I could separate
from the folks of a lower state..
Oh how I could flow at a peaceful perpetual pace!
But I don’t believe that is why I’m here,
So ya, I’m willing to set, talk and share!
I love you humanity
have no fear!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Feb 2022 · 167
Dear Body Oh Mine
Traveler Feb 2022
Dear body of mine
I forget how precious you are to me
these precious hands
bear lives bruises upon command..
Hammer and chisel
breaking bar blues
oh how these knuckles
let me break through..
The challenges of youth
that form our esteem
you let me stand tall
on these two strong feet
Dear Body
We are blessed to be complete!
Feb 2022 · 201
Traveler Feb 2022
Sleep disturbance
is here for all of us
humanity needs
to simply wake-up

Life is coddling
our children in wraps
Separation becomes
a sleeping pill trap!

Going to work
getting ******
That was life
throwing you bones

Dreaming is dreadful
as the world dies
we better wake up
while we’re still alive!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Feb 2022 · 326
Gate Breech
Traveler Feb 2022
Dear friends
It’s good to check in
into the cyber world
every now and then!
Don’t let a gateway get you down
You’re still the best poets around
Trick the computer into posting a draft
But if it out smarts you
Just simply laugh
Only persistence can find the path.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Feb 2022 · 210
V Day
Traveler Feb 2022
Pagan lover lurking
bull’s tail
in hand.
Protector of earth’s
and land
I’m at your service
Your go to man!
Happy Valentines
My dear humans!
Feb 2022 · 578
Traveler Feb 2022
One frigid day
when I was finally feeling warm
on this side of the dreaded Capricorn..
I invoked the paintbrush of manifest
painting the skies blue from east to west…
Taking the hammer of eternal unknowns  
I chipped away the cold winds blown…
Pick axed the frozen bergs distractions
salted my path for better traction..
Let the spring come early this year!
Jan 2022 · 168
My Advice
Traveler Jan 2022
Dear New Poets
asking advice on writing poetry.

You already know how!
Remember your first nursery rhymes,
that was the creative seed planted by the universe, water it and grow!
Most of all..
Please yourself and others will find you pleasing!!!
Traveler 🧳 Tin
Jan 2022 · 495
Traveler Jan 2022
Are you ready to win!

Let’s get this done!
Have no fear
of being wrong..
The current system is simply
The furnace is just about
to erupt!
Good shall manifest
in hell’s place…
A final extinction
is absolutely
not the case.
So get ready
to lift the whole
human race…
Keep a smile
on your face!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 2022 · 750
Our Love
Traveler Jan 2022
I need you to know
I need you to heal
I need you use
Your poetic will
To lift the world
To join the band
I need you to
Give more
Than a ****!
Lift your voice
And be heard
A better world
Is what you deserve !!

Cause God love you
Yes We do!
Traveler 🧳
Jan 2022 · 424
Traveler Jan 2022
A poet’s words
only get in the way..
There’s exits no language
for what we so desire
to convey…
Still we attempt
page after page.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 2022 · 260
Traveler Jan 2022
I’m getting old
it limits my pleasures…
I still feel young
behind these eyes…

I like to hike
out into nature…
I can climb
these hills for miles…

I’m getting old
beyond good measure
but I’m still young
behind these eyes!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 2022 · 169
Traveler Jan 2022
She loves her cats
and our chickens..
I love my dogs
and our ducks.
Our geese
obnoxiously honk
and horde over all
our farmyard clucks
keeping the vermin
at bay.

The blessings we allow
to fulfill our life’s
sustain our bodies and souls
I will never let go!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 2022 · 823
Traveler Jan 2022
The fabric of everything is made of beauty
expanding in the aesthetics of love!
Give the whole world a hug!
Jan 2022 · 109
Journey Into Light
Traveler Jan 2022
In the darkness of low vibration
obscured in the groundlessness of fears,
my shadows remained
far beyond the benevolence
of youthful years...

As I continue to lift to a higher octave
in the spectrum's of eternal growth
I leave behind blame and immoral conquests
that were ****** upon my soul!

Behold I make all things new!
Jan 2022 · 96
Traveler Jan 2022
Keep your attention on the stage
everyone's an actor in a play,
each mask a separate scene
every sleeper has a dream.

Roles are gifted to the blessed
There is no one that god love less
Those of us who’s hell unfolds
We simply play and then we go…

Perhaps we all could merge
before the waking
before the purge
these are not just poetic words!

Love is open arms
in the spotlight of source
We are the stars of our own shows
The leading actors of course!
Jan 2022 · 161
Traveler Jan 2022
I am not the sun
of desert rags
I am not the one
who burns your ***!
I am not the sun
of some holy war
burning in heat
for my brother's *****!

I am not the sun
that starves the north
the tip of the iceberg
chose his course...
I am not the sun
in love with lands
all the Amazons
and southern islands...

I am the Sun
I do not rule
I am but a star
Who's light shines true!
Jan 2022 · 168
Traveler Jan 2022
is a condition
of an over active

I imagine we’re all
an ism of some type
or sort
With that in common
we’re all cohorts!

has a hold on me..
Speaking in rhyme
Set a soul free..

When one takes sides
in an ism
the imitations
becomes a schism
Perhaps my philosophy
is lost in intuitionism!
Jan 2022 · 232
The Burning Bush
Traveler Jan 2022
Never a clearer channel
Shimmering shining bright
In the blinking of an eye
All that’s hidden comes to light!

In the movement of the stars
Unlimited conditions
Emerging creative fires!

Can you feel it?
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 2022 · 184
True Science
Traveler Jan 2022
I admit it
I am a regurgitating lecturer
I love us all!
So you should know…
Big Pharma
Is indeed
married to the FDA
our CDC is trying
to take our rights away!
with fake science!!!

Look into it
call it out
and most of all
kindly ask them to stop
forgive them
they don’t realize
the severity of their actions
Real scientist can be found in the science labs of our college’s and university’s.
Not the back room of a pharmaceutical company.
Jan 2022 · 266
My Deepest Respect
Traveler Jan 2022
I’m opened to listen
to any opposing view.
Funny the things
we believe to be true..

I once believed
in all that can be seen.
I never realised
life was but a dream..

More importantly you!
And all that you lived through.
I’d never underestimate
surviving in the human zoo..
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 2022 · 154
Traveler Jan 2022
The calling is quite clear
“wake-up the time is here”
No don’t go back to sleep
In the materials of the meek

Rise and shine
with your true kind
Claim your human needs
Take a moment outside of time
Let yer enter guidance lead!

What are your feelings asking you?
Your heart is on the line
Hear the greater calling
For we are all divine!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

“hart on the line”
I’m from the time when there were
Telephone lines everywhere in the city of Flint…
Jan 2022 · 228
Night Ride
Traveler Jan 2022
Relax my love
Just try to breathe
I feel your unrest riding on the night
I can sense you flying
Thruway through my skies

Your psyche cycle stalls
Your engine starts to climb
All your fears and worries
Entangling my mind

Hold on a little longer
Your heart was meant to change
I shall help to anchor
Your restless growing pains
Jan 2022 · 94
Traveler Jan 2022
Every morning she meditates
while I embrace my arts
The gardener come to each of us
to water these inter parts..

My guitar is a bright bronze
As she connects to golden truth
My poetry silently resolved
In hues of silver blues…

If you listen to the wind
or wave’s upon a shore
the music of the sphere
has wisdom at its core!
Jan 2022 · 281
Common Destinies
Traveler Jan 2022
Could you love evil,
enough to forgive it?

If I were a demon
I’d be destine to live it.

I’d hope you’d understand
in the bitter ends…

On our return
to the source of all
love and sin!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 2022 · 218
Banjo On My Knee
Traveler Jan 2022
The frequency of my love
Is in the strokes of my heart
Beating in atonement
With my music and my art

Lifting ever higher
The vibration of my will
I have come to realignment
Where peace is all that’s real!
Dec 2021 · 175
Traveler Dec 2021
Each of us
a cell of higher intent..

She’s a masculine muscle cell!

Mine belongs to the pancreas..

Strong in life those back bone cells!

Yet those of the grey matter
Believe they are higher then all…

Invisibly my hormones flow!
Dec 2021 · 387
Traveler Dec 2021
We are the creators
of our own creation’s
a manifestation
by manipulation…
Let us shine together
in a loving array
we have the power
to reform the clay!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Dec 2021 · 137
Traveler Dec 2021
I understand
what you’re conveying..
You’re ready when it’s time to pass…
When entropy settles into the bones
the spirit longs for another task…

I’m not ready to allow
entropy to set in yet
I have far to much love to express..

Death is a disease, I am immune!
Cause I believe in love beyond the tomb
Traveler 🧳 Tim

How can I tell folks my age
that good health prevents death!
Dec 2021 · 310
Gaia’s RNA
Traveler Dec 2021
Share the experience of viruses.
Micro packages
of environmental information.
The biome is your savior,
not your enemy!

I know you’re programmed to believe viruses are our enemies,
but that is absolutely a backwards
anti nature condition.
As a matter of fact!!
We are alive because of viruses……..
Traveler 🧳 Tim

In fact we are only 42% human, the other 58% of a human body consists of:
And mostly viruses.

Don’t go by what you have been taught!
Don’t ask your doctor
Most don’t know anything about reality.
Go ask the scientist if you really want to learn how to heal self and the earth,
Before it’s to late!
Dec 2021 · 220
Traveler Dec 2021
The past will always
into the cool vapors
of an unsure tomorrow…

So take this moment
catch your breath
and try to smile!
I assure you
the experience
will be worth the while!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Dec 2021 · 261
Traveler Dec 2021
Dear forces for good:

Please quit fighting
each other…

There’s enough good to go around!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Dec 2021 · 1.0k
2022 Around The Corner
Traveler Dec 2021
I let my love
lead me down
these dark and dreary paths…
I let my light
shine beyond
the gathering karmic wrath…

Take a breath
hold it long
clear your conscience
of society’s wrong’s!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Dec 2021 · 98
Peace Of Mindfulness
Traveler Dec 2021
It begins
at the point of diversification…
That is, the emergence of acceptance.
Then we relax into our eternal existence
gaining ever expanding knowledge
of the living thriving universe!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Diversity of a spiritual rainforest!
Traveler Dec 2021
All of these thing’s
forever happening?
Nothing can ever change?
a truth eternally lame.

I believe everything is going to heal
love has a very powerful will!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Dec 2021 · 410
Why Choose Life?
Traveler Dec 2021
Could you somehow thrive
in a civilisation of bodiless spirits?
What excitement could there be?
Conjuring world’s of gold and silver
of which only you can perceive.

I’d rather stay here
among the sun and stars.
Alive to be
what ever I desire!
And you!
You can be who ever you are!!

Are you sure you want to leave,
leave behind your laden misery?
Turn to vapour unable to touch,
I would rather feel life’s punch!
Dec 2021 · 144
Traveler Dec 2021
What you’re seeing is not fear!
I’m just running from the bear..
Your mistake is
you’re afraid of the bear..

The bear is just a divergent
that separates us from the divine.
I accept the blessings of each lesson
and express them when it’s time…

My words
allow me to climb!!!!!
You don’t get rich working on your wealth, you get rich by working on your love!
Dec 2021 · 189
Shepard Mindedness
Traveler Dec 2021
With watchful eye
He is beyond fear
no need for worries
he focuses on the paths
He knows how he severs
All those communes
Those heard,
packs and flocks
All exist in low contrast
knowing not that they also
are the true faces of god!
Will their illusions ever pass…?
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Dec 2021 · 248
Peace Highway
Traveler Dec 2021
I’m on a road of peace
With a suitcase full of dreams
I would surely share them with you
And all the beauty that they bring

I am on a road of peace
My thumb high in the air
Is anybody going my way…
Or has your war
trapped you here?
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Nov 2021 · 664
Traveler Nov 2021
In a place where entropy collects
my memories of youth
are barely left.

In a deep shiver
I shutter to search
my issues of trust
and limited worth.

There in my program
in bold letters it says
the damages left…
The curtain is closed
on the stages of yesteryears
as we rewrite our scrips
take the wheel and stir!
Nov 2021 · 266
Traveler Nov 2021
We are gifted
another try
every time
we end a life
We can awake to
a brand new existence
where magic is accessible
and higher love is persistent
In the soothing whisper of death
fear has no foundation
we can leave the doors unlocked
and take a stress free vacation…
Take my word
death is absolutely safe
so enjoy your life
fearing not your fate!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Nov 2021 · 1.0k
Soulfully Dark
Traveler Nov 2021
This to shall pass
leaving it’s impurities
a quag·mire of injustice
on a path of tyr·an·ny

At the counter
I paid my fine
a blessing the judge
didn’t give me any time!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

I am always blessed!!!
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