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4h · 42
Mighty are the winds
In their invisibility...
Wickedly blowing
All around me...
I am but an island
In a mighty storm
Of needs...
Resentful lies
Somehow we survive...
Invisibility keeps it alive

This next stanza
Would be to painful to write
So I'll use my invisible words
And hope everything
Turns out all right!
Traveler Tim
18h · 77
Traveler 18h
It’s so beautiful to be human
Once compassion purifies
Like a flame that burns much brighter
It feels so good to feel alive

My smile longs to greet
And mend a broken heart
My love it longs to reach
And mend the worlds apart

No mystery to believe in
No invisible quantum ghost
Just the basic simple freedom
The humanity within the host
Traveler Tim
Written in 2004
Dare you read this
And my truth be further known
I started out
The ******* child
A soul abused and alone
After four children
Of his own
I became the child
Father would not condone
The drunken *******
Was always ******

I found love out there on the streets
Always staying ******
With a young gang or
Friendly thief's
They taught me the ropes
How a city boy is supposed to cope
It's been
Eight years now, out of the pen
I look back and cringe
It all started in a place called
Traveler Tim
So familiar these roads I travel
But where does reason lead
Now concrete which once was gravel
That's all that remains of my beliefs...

The mysterious remains as is
A ghost of a chance I may be right
There's more to ponder obsessively
Upon my bed late at night...
Traveler Tim

Re posted from HP Oct 2013
Use more then once
1d · 306
I am blind to the future
I have lost foresight...
I've been running
From my past
Like a coward
From a fight...
I have so little left
I've lost most all...
A voices inside
For tell my fall...
The end grows nearer
As the poison sets in...
  Imagine hate
That never mends
 Still I must forgive
      How and when ever I can.........
Traveler Tim
Shake it off now
And just hold on
Keep reaching
For the dawn
A spark of life
Brand new seeds
Water with love
And just breathe
Traveler Tim

I refuse to give up
Vanity is my middle name!
3d · 271
The pendulum swings at a steady speed
Inevitably life upon me feeds
I dreamt of real in my delusion
Destiny like free-will a mere illusion
Today’s all but gone, am I still intact
To pull love’s knife out of my back
Brilliantly dim this light of mine
I strain to glimpse the bottom line
These nights do linger pain becomes my art
The Cut that Never Heals still bleeds my heart
3d · 366
My subconscious
Mind speaks
All that I've "let go"
Down below
Still creeps
Invisible as a ghost
Stuffed into place
All my brokenness
Slaps in the face
Forgotten imprinted
Carved into my soul
All of my losses
Tightly in tow
Traveler Tim
3d · 126
If I could be
Simply myself
For just a moment
Or two....
Nothing fancy
Just what you can't see
Expose my ignorance to you

All my secrets open and known
God how I love to always stay ******!
All my laundry, there on the floor
    ***** dishes, no room for more......

Oh and sometimes I lie!
For insistence...
Nothing I wrote above
Is allowed in my life
I am obsessed with being clean
***** dishes? Laundry
I have two different machines

But I do love to smoke buds
After all, truth is
Writing ******
Is my love!!!
Traveler Tim
4d · 144
This poison
She has me on
Black magic spell
Now be gone
Return the Poet
To his pen
Dancing fire
White candle
Traveler Tim
5d · 236
I want to be me
I possess a loving heart
And gifted eyes to see

And somewhere between
The physical and unseen
There exist an over whelming
Need to be free
To love beyond the seas
Sometimes I wonder
Am I on my own team?

Although it's saddening
To feel self suffering
The suffering in our world
Makes my empathy bleeds

And yet
I have hope
And send it
Upon the breeze.....
Traveler Tim
5d · 107
I had been running from
My shadow's for far too long
And so I tried to stop
And take a right
To fix what's wrong
I had to learn to get along

These ghost of mine
They share my soul
They refused to simply just
Let the past go

I burn a candle and meditate
But all my magic is tied to fate
The time to pay
Is actually here
I keep my love
And passion near
Traveler Tim
Pick up one grain of sand from the Atlantic coast
Carried it to the Pacific coast and set it down
Repeat until every last grain has been moved
This is but a drop of time in the bucket of eternity

In the overall scheme of the universe
We are equivalent to a single subatomic particle
Spinning sporadically inside one of the many atom
Which make up a single grain of sand
Yet the possession of our soul somehow
Makes us very significant!
Traveler Tim
Sep 2014 REPOST
6d · 92
If I offered it all
Upon the alter
There’d only
Be ashes left
So I hold tightly to
This fading light
With every
Gasping breath

I dreamt the dreams
And touched the touch
I’ve Stumbled through
The darkness
Of love’s tainted trust
And here upon
My own two feet
Beginning again
Who shall I meet?
Keep's me alive!
Traveler Tim
7d · 118
Way back when
I use to believe
Things got even worse

Assigning judgement
To all my grief
Such a deep regretful curse

There had to be
A reason why
So I said my prayers
And refused to lie

Wisdom comes
In burning flames
As the fire's of ****
Consume your lame

And all that remains
Is a need to love
In a lifetime set free
From those eye's above...
Traveler Tim
Traveler Feb 9
(10 WORDS)
My disturbance deepens
As her lying covers up her cheating
Traveler Tim
Traveler Feb 9
I find my beliefs
Are mostly inline
With the far LEFT
But you know
Every once in a while
I agree with the RIGHT
In fact fear dictates
I wish I had a hand gun tonight

Must I represent
The evil in this world
My empathy engulfs
Every soul that toils
To be accepted
With due respect
I would give my love
And my life

Sure I am of the pigment white
My ancestors aimlessly struggled
But couldn't put things right
Because they lacked
Something in their bible
“No offence” talk about schism
A map that embraced human slavory-ism
And so...
I consider thinking left
As an evolutionary state
A way to clean the slate!
Traveler Tim
Feb 8 · 156
Traveler Feb 8
Talked with my psychologist today
Come to find out
I am afraid of being sober!
I experience my emotions
Far too intensely
I begin to hyperventilate
White noises fills my head
Involuntary muscle spasms
Heart pounding in my chest
Deep breaths, meditation
Better yet medication
My empathy is an open wound
  Quiet! Concentrate on your legs......
Feb 7 · 133
Traveler Feb 7
In an attempt
To just let go
I burred all my pain
Way down below
Below my conscience
Within my soul
Never knowing
The price in toll

Take my word
Inner peace
Is made of glass
When it breaks
It can kick your ***

So now I search
A different way
To return my pain
To it's proper place
To accept my broken
To bear life's weight
To take the reins
And rejoin the race
Traveler Tim
Feb 6 · 284
Traveler Feb 6
( No seriously?)
I have two close black friends
Yet it make me feel proud that
Black men can be my intellectual equals.
Why because they're back?
Is a black face a presumed stigma  
Pry open my third eye
Traveler Tim
Feb 5 · 517
Traveler Feb 5
Here in this corner
Of my private ****
Far to long
But yet I dwell
In time warps of mind
Crossing through lines
I forget so much
Most of it kind
Suddenly a flash
But just a glimpse
Faint memory
But just a hint...
Traveler Tim

I have amnesia now days
When I read my poems from the day before it always is the first time I’m reading them
Talk about a strange sensation
Feb 5 · 291
Traveler Feb 5
I've been lying
I'm not really him....
I never go anywhere
But then again...(-;

Traveling takes courage
And this road is a crazy maze
No one ever just simply
Stops and just forever stays

But if you ever need
Or if in longing want
My love is alive
As an everglades swamp

Snakes, alligators
Catfish stew
I will love you
If that's cool!

Sorry I lied
The Traveler is real
But in the Everglades
Our truths get sealed
Traveler Tim

I did not write this
The sight re wrote many of these words?????
Feb 5 · 86
Traveler Feb 5
If I have to lie
About anything
Count me out
For now on
Truth is what
I'm all about

Get off my back
I have it here
I'm not hiding
This ******* beer

I'm not lying anymore
I am a lonely type of *****

I don't want you
But I'm in need
Will you hold me
While I bleed?

Catch the whiplash
Of my soul
I need more love
Than you could ever know!

I refuse to just simply lay down
In my own truth
Is where I drowned

For now on
Make no mistake
My  heart is condemned
To this hurtful stage

No one gets scared
Or I will of course run
Then again
For now on
    I need “no one”.....
Traveler Tim
Feb 4 · 153
Traveler Feb 4
Where does happy dwell
In the part that swell?
Not even **** can last
Does it live within a laugh?
Is happy but a thought
Manifest and then lost?
Surely life must know
When vibration grows
When time flows
Slower than slow
Yet where does
Happy go?

If I chase it will it run?
To catch it must be fun
I've seen happy in a look
I've read those happy books
Still  I need a little more
To be happy at the core
And then happily I'd rest
Smiling more
  Frowning less..!!.
Traveler Tim
Old one
Jan 31 · 106
Traveler Jan 31
It was 14
Degrees below
In **** Michigan
I'm talking ****
Literally froze!
Traveler Tim
Jan 25 · 664
Traveler Jan 25
Dear lady
I must warn
I am dented
Beyond repair
The point is simply
I've been kicked
I've lost worlds
Crashed and burnt
I've lost a dozen fights
Dare cheek I turn

But one thought of you
My heart skips a beat
Please be careful
Of what you seek!
Traveler Tim
Jan 24 · 170
Traveler Jan 24
I have nothing to say
This world is not going my way
Where I'm broken
No words can be spoken
No thoughts
No prognosis
No haircut
No shave
Forgot to take a bath
Again today!

There's to much
To discuss
Within a poem
There's a lacks of trust
For me
Is a must
So I share and rust!
Traveler Tim
Jan 22 · 431
Traveler Jan 22
"All of us beings"
Believing we're free
Have We?
Could We?
Been tricked or deceived?

We boldly live our lives
And somehow we believe
That we understand the path
Upon this existential sea

But wisdom dictates different  
Nothing can last forever
Especially at this rate
Where nothings getting better
Traveler Tim
Jan 21 · 110
Traveler Jan 21
Please, oh please I mean no offence
And I promise not to try and leave some kind of hints
But can anyone really knows
The personality of god?
Pure and holy
Or is that a façade?
Stern and always angry
A war that never ends
Loving others despite the fact that we never can
Is he the beginning or are we the end
How can anyone win?
Justifying true sin
Over and over tempted again?
Traveler Tim
Jan 21 · 437
Traveler Jan 21
My heart
A road map of twisting roads
So many different ways
Please take it slow

My love
Brighter than the midnight stars
Bigger than the universe
Especially where you are...

My dreams
Extend beyond deepest sleep
My needs are like your's
Someone close I seek

To Have
To hold
To sleep with me in peace
Come and take a nap
Set your dreaming free!!
Traveler Tim
Jan 19 · 775
Traveler Jan 19
There's a snow shovel
On my porch
Under a light
As bright as a torch
A place for gathering falling stars
Unfortunately snow
Is all we are
Frozen here for just one kiss
Waiting to melt
In eternal bliss
Yes it's winter
My heart is blue
I need summer
Just like you!

Traveler Tim
Traveler Jan 19
I truly sincerely apologize
My dearest southern friends
Our light here shines quite pale
Most the things they'er showing us on the News
Minimizes your living ****

This maybe my attempt to try and flush
My weary restless mind
Haunted by all I've seen
Down this crazy ******* line

This is a dangerous world
We gets caught up in our fears
But my arms are open wide
If you ever make it here!
Traveler Tim
Jan 18 · 336
Traveler Jan 18
I never met my (real) father
I wonder who he was
I never got to see
his face
Or ever shared
his love

Perhaps he was a Traveler
From a Royal Traveling line
Or just some old time poet
Forever lost in rhymes

The unspoken truths
Safely hid in lies
Strangely for some reason
I'm prone to speak in rhymes

Computer stuck!!
Traveler Tim
Jan 17 · 138
Traveler Jan 17
Who can you trust?
The question's a must
A foundation needing defined
Come follow me
Clearly you'll see
I'm not the killing kind
Live long and happy
That's why we're here
Vote for peace
I'll buy the beer!
Traveler Tim
Jan 17 · 145
Traveler Jan 17
I could feel the shame
As I loss the game
Surely I'd been beat
But before I could go
I just needed you to know
I would have been worth the keep!

Traveler Tim
Jan 14 · 515
Traveler Jan 14
I know this may seems crazy
And surely I’m
A mere buffoon
I have come
To deliver you
From the darkness
Of your very own gloom
The place where
You hide the
True wishes of your heart
I’m that artiest
You are my art
Aesthetically beautiful
I can't get enough
Oh how I need
More stuff!!!
No thanks!
Traveler Tim

Lonely tonight!
Jan 14 · 138
Traveler Jan 14
There is just so much
That I should outright say
Yet... Unfortunately
That would be a real
Frighting, uncomfortable page...

I mean
Sometimes my mind
Losses doubt
All my past ghost
Start screaming out
Faces I forgotten
Memories obscured
Yesterdays messes
From a city I once severed

So if I happen
To slip and say such words
Let it be known
My heart can no longer endure
Traveler Tim
Jan 12 · 139
Traveler Jan 12
I sought to find
The root of all these impairments
Causing the misfiring of our souls
Not a single time or faze "but"
A place where nobody knows

And there hidden beneath the nothing
I could only take a guess
Perhaps we're simply spores
On a piece of moldy bread...
Traveler Tim
Jan 10 · 171
Traveler Jan 10
Voices in the closet
Where do they disappear
Eyes within the darkness
Creatures in the mirror

Shadow's of lost reason
Tossed and turning bed
Guess I got it coming
My heart keeps
Thumping dread

Long in to this living
Life becomes a maze
Soon the day shall follow
The night shall go it's away!
Traveler Tim
Jan 9 · 710
Traveler Jan 9
Real true love?
I'm not sure...
I love my favorite dog
Despite her shedding hair

I so love the sun
Will you please just shine
Before I drown deeper yet
Into this bitter wine

I love the human touch
Perhaps so do you
I love the way it feels
Between two selfless fools

I'd love to believe
There exist a heaven's door
Simply ***** it open
Feed the sick and poor

Love is meant for more
Than a parent for their child
Open up the floodgates
And let your love run wild
Traveler Tim
Jan 7 · 305
(10 words) Beware
Traveler Jan 7
Someone's been listening
Gathering our prints
Every single cyber glimpse
Traveler Tim
Jan 6 · 282
Traveler Jan 6
I asked the voice
Within my head
Why is this world
Turning red

The answer I heard
Within a sigh
Only the good
Are allowed to die

Once again
I asked the same
This voice had a name

Dear Lord forgive me
Take me away
The voice
Had nothing
To say...
Traveler Tim
Jan 5 · 131
Traveler Jan 5
Why would anybody
Gives a ****
About the misfiring
Within some worn out
Poetic man?

So if you are...
Struggling to be normal
Striving to be sane
The tightest bandages
Tighten tight
Still life
Slowly drains

So loosen up
Let your words
Pour down
In poetical rain!
Traveler Tim
Jan 4 · 86
Traveler Jan 4
I want to run away
Start somewhere anew
I need the samething
The same thing
As you
Empty I die
Alone in this life
I would treat you
Better than right
Don’t let us starve
Without a flight
Send me a message
Chance our lives!
Traveler Tim
Jan 2 · 465
Traveler Jan 2
Lives in their own minds
So who am I to testify
About what is left
When love goes wrong
Will such resentments
Make us strong?

I see why
It all must ends
But how did we manage
To let it begin
Damaged hearts
Unfaithful souls
A perfect blueprint
For growing old alone

And so
A wave of nothingness
Runs through my veins
Now I have no more words
My emotions are drained
Traveler Tim
Dec 2018 · 191
Traveler Dec 2018
Here the free
New Years Eve
A world as drunk as can be
Get out there among the scenes
Absolutely refuse to grieve

We live these lives
That has no ends
So fill your glass'
To the brims!!

Cheers, cheers too
Another even crazier year!

We can all agree these are interesting times
May we no longer cross
Those Human right lines!
Traveler Tim
Dec 2018 · 63
Traveler Dec 2018
I waited beyond logic
Until I deemed myself a fool
I swallowed all her *******
Obeyed all her rules
I feared no turning back
So long I lived in dread
But one day I woke up
And kicked her out of bed!
Traveler Tim
Nov 2014
Dec 2018 · 72
Oh No! Bill!
Traveler Dec 2018
(Friend of mine wrote this)

I’ve been branded with the hate of foes who’ve never met me. All my roots are severed clean and a new day may never come. I’m on the outside looking in, like a ghost nobody sees me. When you take it all away – why does everybody lie? When you take it all away – why does everybody lie?
Lip contact sport stains under glass. Collective vision for the taking. But there is no simple lie and repetition makes it glow.
Things you just knew were kept unseen escaped without you knowing. When you take it all away – why does everybody lie?
When you take it all away – why does everybody lie?
Reason it away but I saw it glowing red hot.
I could barely tolerate the burden of it all. Deny until you die then swear your empty promise. I will give it back to you – why does everybody lie?
My feelings sacrificed for sport – Why does everybody lie? Should I leave this all behind? – Why does everybody lie? Should I leave this all behind? – Why does everybody lie? When you take it all away – why does everybody lie? Everybody, everybody and everybody lied.
2018 By_ Whiskey Williams

My good friend
And band member wrote this.
So I posted it (-;
Dec 2018 · 144
Traveler Dec 2018
Into a corner
Of madness
I've been forced
Crazy dictates
My every course

Windows with bars
Once held me in
Chains and cages
Unforgivable sins

Loved ones lost
Far in the past
Regrets are shared
Emotions amassed
Poison waters
Hold my truths
Grew up in Flint
Youth without youth
Traveler Tim
Dec 2018 · 171
Traveler Dec 2018
My Dear Child
I realize you've pledged
To hate me forever
Engraved upon my heart
Our rope has been severed

But a man without his daughter
Is like a lame leg without a cane
I can feel your ill will towards me
As the cold creeps through my vanes

Perhaps your not my offspring
In this crazy world of chance
But I was still prepared
To be your one loving dad

Perhaps you'll never read this
And you may someday wonder why
Someone called the Traveler
Could never say goodbye
Traveler Tim
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