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6h · 24
To be or not
I can imagine
Who I want to be
But could that ever truly be me
All the time and hard work
To cause a change within
Yet I keep on showing up
Acting like Tim
Perhaps to actually change
Takes a near death awakenings
And so we’ll finally learn our lessons
In the final quickening!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
1d · 46
It’s a clever play on political words,
you know?
They somewhat stick
and absolutely over grow.
That is, the more farther apart in time and space
you staggered his wits and grace.
Why then anyways,
would we read on?
The main point has already come and there for gone…
So long Joe!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Biden is officially no longer in the race

It’s just one big uniparty, anyways.
2d · 79
…is but a dragnet across time
gathering information from fading experiences.
The fine details are forgotten
but the feeling tell you safe or beware.
Don’t override your intuition.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
3d · 386
No Brainer
Every time I’m alone
I get the overwhelming urge to write more poems.
The creative vibe adds to this experience of joyous content.
The contemplations of life
I do not lament.
I let my spiritual intelligence
fill my heart with the math of love.
This extends far beyond the physical hug.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
4d · 36
Live together or die apart
Display your true self
Within your art
Question your universe
Question your God
Construct a reason
For who you are
Both winner and loser
Learn to swim
Through life’s misery

Take it all in deep
And hold it there
Then you’ll know
Why we’re here.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
5d · 28
There are no good guys
Nor hero’s of the day
Only our leaders
Lying to our face
We cope with false hopes
Forever on parade
🧳 Tim
Evil lies will get you farther
There is no devil, there is no barters
Karma leaves no stains
Only martyrs
And now nobody is any smarter
I travelled the Mediterranean coast
when I was young
Such a beautiful landscape
Carefully carved from stone
Castles and cathedrals
Extravagantly designed
The marriage of man and divinity
In a Jubilee ancient time

The ghost of my ethnicity
No long prevails
If there’s no forest or rivers
I call that hell
I’ll take the winter
I’ll wait for the season to change
Find me not in any city
Nor any kind of desert terrain

Out here is where I’ll stay!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
7d · 99
Declining empire
FBI #1 suspect
CIA #2 suspect
Nothing new here.
Traveler Tim
Jul 11 · 297
Waiting List
Traveler Jul 11
Hate is dangerous.
Love is safe.
Time is a line
Limited by fate

On the other side
Nothing exists
Accept of course
An infinite waiting list

You don’t want to end up there
So enjoy your life
While you’re still here
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jul 7 · 270
Co-op Intentions
Traveler Jul 7
The laws of the universe
are written in repeating patterns.
Complicated crystals of consciousness.
Cooperation is a balancing force.
Survival of the fittest
is but death and war.
These laws are not just mine,  they’re ours.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Traveler Jul 6
I don’t believe in the Bible
But I do believe in God
I won’t throw God away with the Bible,
nor the baby with the bathwater.

The Bible teaches judgement and separation…
I believe in forgiveness and togetherness!
My love has no restraints..
Scripture is something I ain’t.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jul 6 · 187
Traveler Jul 6
I can see clearer
through these eyes of time.
I keep them wide open!
I search out realities of which
I choose to pay attention to and know the truth about.
I have no lazy close minded opinions.
If I do, please let me know and I will change them.
🧳 Tim
Traveler Jul 5
I must confess
I keep pictures of slave-owners
Well more or less
In my wallet
Sea-foam green
Fine frog hairs
Cash I mean
Picture printed on the backs of hemp
Were they heroes or merely slave owning wimps?

Even my coins are incline
They shine the barbarism of our kind
Every penny, quarter, nickel and dime
Somehow they spend just fine

Smash the statues
Change their names
From your cultural war
I will abstain

Yet I need my money just the same!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jul 1 · 242
Traveler Jul 1
Who says that there was a beginning?
Surely an end could never be!
Unless of course we start at
the moment you pledged your love to me!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jun 30 · 45
Legit Illegitimacy
Traveler Jun 30
Why support the Unit Party?
Neither side deserves hooray
Legit illegitimacy
They put it in our face.

Foolish distractions
keep us asleep at the wheel.
Meanwhile, people are dying
and the unit party signs the bill.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jun 26 · 43
Known Conspiracy
Traveler Jun 26
I can’t bear to live a lie
but in America
that’s how we drive.
Propaganda we’re force fed
with the devil were in bed
**** their leaders starve their poor
we are responsible for death and war.
Coup their governments take their resources
Send in our reserves and all of our forces.

And still, it’s not enough for the beast.
Traveler Tim
Jun 25 · 82
Poetic Hegemony
Traveler Jun 25
We cross paths year after year,
Your longwinded narratives
were never quite clear..
Now I can see you for who you are,
participant in separation
ethnic cleansing and war!

I don’t put you in darkness
Nor **** the disease
I don’t take it personal that you’ve been deceived.
But mostly,
what ever ethnicity you claim you are…
We all came down from the heavens
and we’re all made of stars.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jun 24 · 130
Dark Script
Traveler Jun 24
Sure, there is scripture that backs genocide.
Do us all a favor,
close that book and throw it away!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Where in scrip you ask, in the book of Samuel who anointed Saul as Israel's first king. But Saul proved unworthy
I read it at least seven times when I was young and impressionable.
(Saul wouldn’t complete the genocide correctly)
P.s Don’t throw god away with the book!
Or the baby with the bathwater.
Jun 23 · 412
Traveler Jun 23
No one can keep up
with the evil deeds
done in our names.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jun 21 · 128
Traveler Jun 21
There’s no mystery
Love is why I’m here
To truly love myself
Becomes so very clear

I love my family
My daily meals
I love the way
Her embrace feels
I love music and poetry
Aesthetics set my spirit free

Still that’s not why I’m here..
I’m here to learn to let my love steer
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jun 20 · 196
The Highest Self Speaks
Traveler Jun 20
Who is this lower self?
Barbarically weak
Seeker of wealth
While I sleep
He drives me blind
Façades of fears
Thoughts unkind
I grab and hold and tie him down
he has no strength only pronouns
But soon enough I tire
Tempted by this ever present
white liar…

Never give up!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jun 18 · 418
Traveler Jun 18
Their eyes
Will always
Look down
On you
Their hearts
Will never

So warm
Your heart
In solitude
A hearth
Of poetic  
Traveler Tim
30 Syllables

Hang in there!
Jun 17 · 59
Nuclear Threats
Traveler Jun 17
A quarter second to midnight
yet we’re still here..

I don’t believe,
I’m sure this world is pure..

The end is not up to them,
the one percent of rich human…

Too rich to care at all..
Waiting for this world to fall.

Greater powers exist
The universe will resist.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jun 16 · 264
Not Another Book
Traveler Jun 16
I don’t pretend to be a writer
I am not hidden behind my words
I can’t complicate my expressions
I won’t embrace my lower fears

I will not be writing a book
only a handful of songs
Life is full of beautiful music
I invite you to sing along!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jun 15 · 99
Bendable Possibilities
Traveler Jun 15
No matter a poet’s personal views
we are all symbiotic
with the eternal muse..

Just when you think you have it all figured out
a new pattern distorts the mystery..
All a poet can possibly do
is try to be on the right side of history.

We hold to our truths
as cogs in a divine façade.
In a matrix that’s much too copious
to possibly know it all.

Emotional states distort our perceptions.
Love and hate
the eternal *******..

The plasticity of heart allows a path
to bending without breaking…
A dark night of the soul,
several or so
can lead you to an awaken.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jun 7 · 420
Traveler Jun 7
Solomon indulged
In the witchcraft of poetry
The magical rites of nature
He broke the yoke
Of wasted hopes
And became a woman chaser

Words form spells
The seeds of dreams
Dark verse light
The earliest memes
Songs of songs
Building grace
Magic is attainable
In the Poet's case
Traveler Tim
Jun 6 · 134
Creative Energy
Traveler Jun 6
In the blind spot
of the transparency of soul
it seems I know more then I know.
I possess the answers
the cures of dis-ease
It’s been there all along
creative energy!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Traveler Jun 4
War is war
destruction and death!
Peace is peaceful
You can feel it
in your every step

Living in dugouts
Shell shocked retreats
Waiting for no more
then a certain defeat

Who deserves
to experience hell
upon this earth
where we all dwell?

Shall we pretend
and close our eyes
as the west continues
to sell their lies?

Peace is simple
beneath the covers
We just stop killing
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jun 2 · 320
Traveler Jun 2
And what about the lairs
Who whisper in our ears
Shadows in the corridors
Envy in their stare's
Evil eyes awatching
Wishing wicked things
I can feel them
Crawling across
The dirt of all our
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jun 1 · 148
Dream Analysis
Traveler Jun 1
Who needs dreams to tell us
what we already known
A bunch of big fat loser
with big fat pots of gold

We are either living in some past
or waiting on some future
Addicted to destruction
Mother Earth abusers

Dreams are the confession of the soul,
now just let them go!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
May 31 · 403
Anything Is Possible
Traveler May 31
We came here to experience love
This is the only place love exist
Question is..
If so will we be able to take love with us when we go?

Perhaps this is the only place
where music exist
Angelic arrangements
cosmic gifts

Perhaps this is the only place where hate exist
The gravity of separatism causes platonic rifts

Time and space can exist anywhere?
Perhaps only here..

I love it here
and I won’t let go
Nor lose my connection
to love, music, time, space and soul!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
May 29 · 215
Traveler May 29
Are you still the same person
as you were back then?
That demon on your chain
no longer can..
All your DNA
has fallen behind!
Do you actually possess
that same state of mind?
Have you learned to forgive
are you angry less?
What’s left to your life
if you pass the test?
Traveler 🧳 Tim
May 28 · 304
Check In
Traveler May 28
At this point of my experience,
I am very content with my reality.
Happiness is being alive, I came here to live a good life and know love from an individual perspective.

Why are you here?
Traveler 🧳 Tim
May 27 · 98
Warning Open Forum
Traveler May 27
Be careful folks and do be warned
there’s no safe place in open forum!

Perhaps you seek a loving rhyme         In the intimate sea of human kind
Perhaps you believe in a sacred place
Where love is limited to face-to-face

Perhaps you forgot to question why
Believing it’s best if others die
Open forum allows these things
But just be warned of where it leads…
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Just thought I’d try something different.
May 26 · 187
Traveler May 26
In to an agreement
we’ve been tamed
Fear of rejection
will always remain
A nod of the head
do as you dread
fragments of images
spin in our heads
Until we figure out
our place in the plan
In new agreements
we make our stands.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
May 22 · 172
To Be Clear
Traveler May 22
I realize that we are different.
I am for world peace,
you pretend to care..
Behind your eyes
there’s only evil out there.

But I have met and experienced
people all over the earth.
They are all just like we are.
They  have the same hungers
and thirst.
We all want love and prosperity.
Knowing this brings me clarity.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
May 21 · 214
Share The Love
Traveler May 21
Putin and Xi Jinping
actually hugged!
Come on everybody
share the love!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
May 20 · 262
Thank You For Your Soul
Traveler May 20
Proud to serve
such empty words
The war machine
is quite absurd
No glory of service
as innocents dies
Sign over your soul
on dotted lines.
Pledge allegiance
close your mind
Thank you for your service
But we must warn you..
Don’t you dare step out of line.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
May 19 · 64
Esoteric Understanding
Traveler May 19
Living with a forgiving heart has changed my reality.
My wounds heal at an accelerated speed.
A knife in my back does not define me.
I hold my head high and dissolve my dis-ease.
I care not to cast my reflections
nor lose my soul in the pursuit perfection.

In a higher vibration
I resolve my agreement’s
to this madness and rise above!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
May 18 · 133
The Spirit Of Human
Traveler May 18
Supremacy is but a belief
held by the sleeping elite.
It’s the mark of Cain
the illusion that religion leaves.

Religion walks hand in hand with supremacy…
Us and them biblically separated.
Yet somewhere inside the spirit of human knows better.
Try to justify if you may.
But it is merely your soul twisting inside…
Traveler 🧳 Tim
May 16 · 222
The Goal Is Love
Traveler May 16
The goal is love
The roadblocks are our own minds
The programs of our childhood’s
Renders are spiritual eyes blind

Stumble as I may
My heart will never delay
I don’t want to be left behind
In a hell of angry rhymes
Hate is a war within.
It will **** you in the end
Traveler 🧳 Tim
May 15 · 48
Foolish Fears
Traveler May 15
Surely the end is always near
When life becomes a disease,
death is the only cure
Sooner or later
all we loved will disappear
But you know
it’ll all still be here
all those things in life
we foolishly fear.
May 13 · 124
For All To See
Traveler May 13
My poetry is plagued
by politics.
The activation of my activist
is triggered by injustice.
The conviction of my moral judgement is put on trial,
for all to see.
And so my spirit is free!
Traveler Tim
May 11 · 91
Amalekite Wisdom?
Traveler May 11
I reiterate what I said before
I need no gender nor ethnicity to block my logical judgement
I am human
and I know right from wrong

I will not put anyone in darkness
I refuse to **** anyone
Just think of a world
where everyone thought like me
Hate would no longer cause misery

All of your religious reasoning
Exist in a fog
The law of love are lost
I seen it through your eyes
When I was one of you.

I read that book of hate and death several times and each additional time it ****** more and more spiritual energy from me
It’s clearly a book of supremacy
The chosen ones only matter
Why would god write a book in the devil’s handwriting?

Look where remembering
“The Sons of Amalekite”
has brought us.
How about remembering to love instead?
Amalek is the archetypal enemy of the Jews and the symbol of evil in Jewish religion and folklore.[90] Nur Masalha, Elliot Horowitz, and Josef Stern suggest that the Amalekites represent an "eternally irreconciliable enemy" that wants to ****** Jews. In post-biblical times, Jews associated contemporary enemies with Amalek or Haman and, occasionally, believed pre-emptive violence is acceptable against such enemies.
May 10 · 132
Hate is not useful
Traveler May 10
We can never have world peace
as long as people are at war with their self.
May 3 · 690
No Need To Run
Traveler May 3
Perhaps I prefer to play the ghost
To only be seen by the ones
I love the most
To limit the stress
Of life’s bumpy roads
I won’t let bad take its toll.

(But that’s not how I use to roll)

Life’s beauty fulfills my quest
A peaceful life is my success
There is no sense in worrying
Simply stay out from under the gun
If there’s nothing chasing us
There’s no need to run.
🧳 TT
Apr 29 · 203
Traveler Apr 29
I fell back to sleep
I let the gravity take me
And knock me off my feet

It happens to the best of us
The lower self prevails
Stumbles back upon one foot
Face to face with hell!

This time Divinity awoke me
And saved me from my pride
Now I’m not afraid too live
And I’m not afraid to die!
🧳  TT
Apr 28 · 70
Keep Out Sign
Traveler Apr 28
Greedy rich neighbors
and their “keep out signs”
no hunting, no trespassing,
no solicitors of any kind!

100 acres is not enough
for greedy rich people
who have a lot of stuff.
I reckon it’s all in case
their going gets rough.
Of course the rest of us
would just be out of luck.

If I had their money,
I would give it away,
you can’t take it with you
at the end of the day.
People simply gets old and broken
with all the wealth they have
put their hopes in.

Eye of the needle open wide
I’ll be broke as hell when I die!
🧳 TT
Apr 24 · 137
Wide Awake
Traveler Apr 24
The clouds refused to allow
the sun to shine as bright
but love will always find a way through the darkest dreary night

Take my word
My poetic hand
I am much more spirit
No less human
Don't believe those lies
you're telling me,
I have spoken your words
I've dreamt your dreams

Nothing can separates
The quantum hold
We are fractals
Of living souls
We are but dreamers
On different clouds
Shake me no more
I'm wide awake now..
Traveler 🧳 Tim
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