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5d · 152
In a sudden
Burst of
Synaptic re-uptake
My euphoric
Feelings stall!
My switch
‘And so I build
My wall's...

Nagging lies
I close my eyes
And search
My memories
I grasp for love
And drown in grief
Alone I bleed in peace

I read your mind
Your star struck eyes
This crazy man
Is f...king high!
My words they flow
From a worn out soul
Yet it's my goal
To love you
Even tho
You may never
Love me!
Traveler Tim
6d · 296
Perhaps a man
Has more then he needs
His hunger for love
His need, his greed
Surely life exist
Outside the stream
We hear the screams
Of the strong
Devouring the weak

We all must
Eat our meat
It is eternal
What we seek
7d · 198
As I walk into the storm
I leave my past behind
The fourth son scorn
The outlaw torn
The thorn within
Their pride

I exist invisibly
Deep inside their minds
A passing thought
A forgotten walk
Through bitter better times

If I go casing winds
I'll make my way
To you
Close my mind
Fall behind
When I'm through!
Traveler  Tim
7d · 172
Touch me now
If you dare
But please remember
Life an't fair
We were never meant to be
But hungry hearts need to feed
On the menu
  ***** deeds
Behind his back
I'll make you scream

And here beneath the bottom line
Your taste is finer then fine wine
The dew that drips from your peddles
Intoxicates like rolling meadows
Into the low lands I take my plunge
You are a passing lunar
Burning like the sun
I am the night
Until you come
Traveler Tim
Oct 8 · 7.9k
Traveler Oct 8
Whether a comma, or colon:
Punctuation slows my rolling
I need no period. When I end
no Capitalization when I begin
Rulelessly I flow my art
  Not a single!
Explanation mark
Are you not the one
Who'll know?
Where a question mark
No longer goes

Warp the structure
Bend the lines
Put in repeat
Let emotion unwind
Make yourself
Your poetry's the best
Be your own ruler
Pass your own test

Take your own road
Where ever it leads
Lover or hater
It's all poetry!
Traveler Tim
Oct 6 · 86
Traveler Oct 6
Serene this cage of mine
I get trapped in my own mind
Shall I dare come up
For air
Oh how these ties bind
Less a foxhole prayer
Answered by the wind
In the distance of dreams
I lost far to much love
To be redeemed
In soul reflections
I've closed my heart
Indulging in pleasures
Aesthetic ******
In inter human
Alone I stand
And now I beg thee please
Come back my love
Come back!!
Traveler Tim
Oct 5 · 1.1k
Traveler Oct 5
Good night my love
Alone I lay
The heart grows heaver
With the end of day
A wandering mind
In a maze of rhymes
Gathering poetry
From vanished times
Lovers eyes
Slit the night
A poetic mind
Possesses sight
To see the wrong
In an artistic light
Where the beauty
Of pain sadly ignites
And there a spark
In the dread of dreams
A mirror reflection
Of what could have been
While alone I lay
In my dark room
Rocking and a rolling
And a howling
At the moon
Traveler Tim
Oct 4 · 211
Traveler Oct 4
The sun no longer
Makes me cry
I refuse to love
A single lie

I can't express
A color scheme
Wordless thoughts
Are all I see

In poetic tongue
My emotions confess
Beautiful words
When I'm a mess

I can't describe
A moonlit night
A star filled sky
I'm not that bright

When my feelings overflow
About to burst
About to blow
I run to my pen
To save my soul!

The sun no longer
Makes me cry
I refuse to love a lie
Traveler Tim
Oct 3 · 239
Traveler Oct 3
The abuse
Belongs to me
I carry it in my soul
Within this body
Never letting go
Dark matter of fact
It’s my
Universal role
Never give in to them
And most of all
Never let them know
Traveler Tim
Sep 29 · 80
Traveler Sep 29
She pretty much can
Shake me round now
Still I can't
Seem to quit her
All my lies
All but stutters now
I can barely whisper
And for some reason
I don't want to go home
But I could never resist her
  I embrace her and kiss her
Our love is but a blister...
Drops of calming potions
She drawls my garden bath
Water pounding on my bones
Lovers never last
Traveler Tim
Sep 29 · 86
Traveler Sep 29
Who would dares
To expose themselves
Too a deep
Dark Hell
Who Would dare to let
Their greatest
Nightmares dwell
Who could hold
Their voice
So as not to scream aloud!
Come and take
Your chance
I believe in true romance
You can always bail
In my chambers
Where I lie
Howls of doom
Come alive
Specters roam
The cobweb halls
My closets full
Of bones I've sawed
Under these coves
I shake, shiver and toss
Weary of
The next lover lost
Traveler Tim
Sep 28 · 188
Traveler Sep 28
Vaguely I recall
Shiny little eyes
My precious baby girl
Feedings in the nights
Heart beat to heart
Now but a stain on all my art
Two small boy and a baby in toll
Three years of the single parent roll
The rest well, most of us know
The pain of losing everything
Even our own soul's
So many the years
I let the pain
Take the wheel
And steer
In my dreams
I still hold my baby dear
A tinny fragment
A tear drop of ink
Brokenness runs deep
In all my poetry
Until my demon sleep
A stumbling block in my serenity
This emptiness bleeding me
Traveler Tim
Sep 27 · 211
Traveler Sep 27
I 'm bravely fearful
The bitter end
Is still quite far away
That's why I live
So lowly
Buried in outer space
Counting the blessings
Of every curse
It seemed better
When things were worst

This final oxymoron
Makes perfect sense
I'm fearfully confident
At my own expense
It freely cost
More then I own
That's why I stay sober
Cause I'm trying to get ******!
Traveler Tim
Sep 27 · 114
Traveler Sep 27
Hay youngsters
With your words so bright
Help her save
The world tonight
Clean water
Clean air?
Hay stop ✋ what
You’re writing there!

Let Greta Thunberg
Touch thy muse
One last chance
Light the last fuse
Take to the streets
Write it in words
  And set your soul free!!!!
Traveler Tim
Sep 27 · 426
Traveler Sep 27
Hyperactive all my senses
I can't shut my hunger off
I want to love all the women
I grow weary of battles lost

In sweet sunshine
I come alive
I run 'til out of breath
My heart beats wild
Mile after mile
Until there's nothing left

Laying down
I dream forever
Of a heart beat
Just like mine
Beneath dark skies
Here I die
In the calamity
Of my rhymes
Traveler Tim
Sep 26 · 580
Traveler Sep 26
Beyond politics
We as a poetic society
Possess gifts
A large verity
Arrangers of word
Raw emotional avengers
Vicariously we live
Safely as pretenders

Close the mind
Let the thoughts flow free
The world still exist
  Outside your zombie
Don't bother breathing now
Your far too late
Our earth is dying
While she's still being *****

Politics they never trend
Fantasy certainly
Will always win
That is
Until the bitter end!
Traveler Tim
Sep 25 · 113
Traveler Sep 25
From the bottom
Beneath my soul
I send fair greetings
Particularly to those
Lonely hearts
Forever bleeding

This body is owned
By somebody else
The game has changed
Now I’m for sale
You can’t afford
To go without
There’s no need
To freak by yourself
This gave me chills to write
Save 44% off
On my loving tonight!

No return policy
Sorry you’ll have to keep me
Promise not to cheat me
Listen to my poetry
Put up with my guitar
Treat me like a star
It matters not
Who you are
As long as you have cash
I will love your ***!
Signed under duress
Traveler Tim
Sep 25 · 172
Traveler Sep 25
In order to touch you
I can only use words
Traveler Tim
Sep 25 · 118
Traveler Sep 25
Well some insist
The cures of a Poet
The blessing of his gift
My body well normal
My mind evolved
There is no problem
A Poet can't solve

I inter the store
Smile on my lips
A big interruption
But I always insist
Excuse me I say
In an inquiring growl
Do you sell stuff here!?
As the crowd turns around

I'm never lost for words
I'm a poetic clown
Being a Poet lifts me up
When I'm down!
Traveler Tim
Sep 25 · 68
Traveler Sep 25
Sometimes people forget
Here you have equal respect
No short change
No Poet is that deranged
Your as whole as I
I hold all your love inside
I dream you as a queen
And I’m your partner
A simple king
Together we sing
Hear my heart love
Let it ring
In your ear
I need you to help me steer
At your feet
I am near
Traveler Tim
Sep 24 · 103
Traveler Sep 24
You said it
She said it
No one regrets it
Death and suffering
Are at the Poets door
You've read it
A hundred times for sure
Think how many more
Poets and Poetess torn
War in their minds
It's rhyming time
Cuts and craziness
Are divine
Line by line
Bleeding is a sad sign
It would be different
If you were all mine
I would hold you
Until you were fine
Traveler Tim

Follow men's eyes
As they look to the skies
The shifting shafts of shining
Weave the fabric of their dreams

Sep 24 · 260
Traveler Sep 24
Things I can't remember
And things that never happened
Are stored in the same location
  I forget where...
Traveler Tim
Sep 24 · 89
Traveler Sep 24
She clearly conveyed
In each and every way
People like me with such
Wicked ways
Shall never be forgiven
A hundred years later
And I'm still living
From birth to decay
Her judgement
Mark of Cain
Traveler Tim
Sep 22 · 218
Traveler Sep 22
In an empty state of being
I walked along alone
The small town streets
My girl bereft of me
Quietly I bled
At Ma and Pa's Country Store
I'm always greeted
With a smile
Cheap pint of ***
Lottery tickets
Then In she comes
Beautiful stranger
I've never seen before
My heart insist to explore
I start small talk at the door
I see her eyes are as bright as mine
Where are you going
I demand her time

She say:
Tim I'm going to my house
You've been there three times
You still have amnesia don't you?

Somewhere in the night
She disappeared...
I woke up home
In a state of fear
Traveler Tim

They hide my truck keys
So I walk a lot
(Oh **** here they are!!)
Sep 21 · 175
Traveler Sep 21
Struggle for cognizance
Disturbing nightmares
Invisible spirit creatures
Nerves system villains
Soul *******
Karma demons
Evil shadows
Walking darkness
Creeping death
Fight for life
Battle for every last breath
    **** and consume
Attempt to survive

Nothing about  suicide or cutting
Yet very dark!
Sep 21 · 133
Welcome To Hellopoetry
Traveler Sep 21
Here is some interesting facts
Certain thing that have caught
My eyes about my hellopoetry page
I've been here on HP since 2013

I am following 701 poets
Here on Hello Poetry
None of whom are following me
Actually I’m following
2633 Poetess and Poets
The computer says....
701 of them are not following me.

I have 174 unfinished poems
In draft
Who, what
I evidently have published 177 collections
Even though I have only ever published 4
I'm in some poet's private collections, two of them
I'm sure that one has to do with my amnesia
I have 1362 poem on Hello Poetry
That I have saved nowhere else
I've never put them on a flash drive
Is someone running this sight??
My memory hope So!!!

The more followers you have the harder it is to trend
I have 1931 followers
I rarely get to the front page!
But I'd be happy to send you there!
Traveler Tim
Sep 20 · 110
Untitled As Of Now
Traveler Sep 20
About my fears
I face my own
My heart defenses
Then turns to stone
All my emptiness
To much I hold
Please try and understand
The words of a broken man
My tears run forever dry
Yet still I lie
I love my soul
My muse is weak
And so
This poem is incomplete
Sep 20 · 149
Traveler Sep 20
There's a demon on a chain
Believe me, he'e not tame
I'm sure he's to blame
He's the one I often frame
   For all my lame...

Blessed in all we do
While the others
All get *******
No not the Palestinians
More like a double negative
Perhaps like a Jew

Saudi oil on the right?
Yemen has nothing left
All our scattered armies
Polar meltdown at best!

Leave Iran alone
Stop picking at those bone
Come on one percent
Leave well enough alone

I'm not going to use his name
He already has far too much fame
  It's Bernie or bust
In that you can trust!
And that's all I'm saying!!!
Traveler Tim
Sep 19 · 1.7k
Traveler Sep 19
Neon lights
Bleed my eyes
I've lost sight
I can only rhyme
Whispering voices
Long day gone
Residue of life
Where’d we go wrong
Giving we gave
Taken we took
Sinners and savior
All in one book
And so we read on
There's no end
To our songs!
Traveler Tim
...I have left this ****** nightmare
In my wake but out of sight
All I want is deviation by design

Out of all the past confusion
Out of all the common spite
Just tell me I am yours 'cause you are mine

Song #3
Sep 19 · 104
Traveler Sep 19
I keep no medals
Nor pictures of back then
I'm no longer a warrior
I have no wish to defend...
In fact, I'm forced to run
Unable to hide
Cameras and drones
Fill my minds eye’s

(Truth is)
I once saved my ship
From sinking
I found a hole
And stopped it from leaking
Somebody up on deck
Got the credit
Even the ships new paper
Refuse to edit

I never needed
A notch in my gun
When the cops yell stop
I'm the first to run
I've done more time
Then I care to claim
I've always been innocent
I just keep getting framed

And still
My love is as big
As the setting sun
If you cry out
Here I come
Yet I no longer feed
On excitement
And speed
A warrior
I no longer wish to be!
Traveler Tim
Sep 18 · 191
Traveler Sep 18

Patiently I stand
I raise a hand
Cue the band!

Pull back the curtains of the night
Let the stars shine upon our hearts
We are the creations of lives magical arts

Muse of wonder
Send forth thy thunder
Pray the gods gather round
We shall preform
For this we were born
Our Poetic soul's renown
Traveler Tim

Listening to Journey
I rewrote it for them  (-;
Sep 18 · 182
Un Functional
Traveler Sep 18
When I attempted
To explain
To him
Just exactly
Who you are
He took shelter
  Beneath our old scares...

He was there
When it all began
All the abuse
At your hands
All the morals
Swallowed up
He was labeled
The one corrupt

Now he's gone
Don't wonder why
Leave Tim alone
And say goodbye
Sep 17 · 161
Life on Prozac
Traveler Sep 17
I thank I forgot to take
My Prozac tomorrow
Please remind me
When it’s time
To take yesterday’s pills
Sep 17 · 147
Traveler Sep 17
That world that she feels
Is so important
To conform to...
No longer interest me
Sep 17 · 236
Traveler Sep 17
My use to knows
Are somewhere lost
In nothingness
I blindly navigate
Using mussel memory
In syntactical frenzy
Sampling residue of
Forgotten stale grey matter
Until finally
A rogue cluster of poetical
Muse cells submerge
Fingers form familiar patterns
Hands grips tight the neck
The cords surface in mind
And matter of fact
Magnetically draws
The remaining missing piece
Into the healing soul
    Of the guitarist.....

Poetry and Music
Are my saving grace
  Thank you Universe!!!

Pardon me my feelings are showing...
Traveler Tim
Sep 16 · 109
Traveler Sep 16
Another man
I happen to love
Started to ramble
About "up above"
Starry eyed
I cut him off
He notice my mark
And turn and walked
What made me that way
He just turned
And walked away
The eulogy
Was bogus
Keeping our thoughts
Out of focus
Sep 16 · 218
Traveler Sep 16
If I were a monster
Which kind would I be
A blood ******* vampire
Perhaps a hungry zombie
If I were but Frankenstein
My grunt's would all rhyme
More like Lizzie Borden
An ax I would grind
  A ghoulish gremlin
A Traveler name Tim
I'd take on the world
This monster within
In the basement
I would keep me
Locked in a cage
Writing my poetry
Alone in my rage
Traveler Tim
Sep 15 · 216
reverse jeremiah
Traveler Sep 15
Let these words reflect
The heart of souls
The heat of passion
Every breath stroke
Let them rise
And softly rain down
May they nourish
Their fallow grounds
Heed no warnings
Embrace the stars
Allow no judgement
Condemn no lair
Keep up if you can
We were meant to win
Traveler Tim
Sep 15 · 77
Traveler Sep 15
Who is this woman
Not sure I ever knew
What were those reasons
I was dragged into

What was I looking for
What did I need
Everyone is broken
Broken like me

I represent myself only
A simple thought
And I can
Recall lonely...
Traveler Tim
Sep 15 · 147
Traveler Sep 15
It wouldn't matter
If I were me
Or somebody else
I'm self assured
In a different host
  I'd still be myself...

The same beliefs
Caught in stasis
Different experiences
Lame in different places
Hell, think of all
  The different faces...

From nowhere
To somewhere
The light grows bright
We all have it in us
To stand and fight
Don't back down
Never give in
Don't make me
Have to live again!
Traveler Tim
Sep 15 · 596
Blue on Black
Traveler Sep 15
I wish she would go
But I need her to stay
I can’t go home
I can’t find the way
I lost my nerve
To call out for help
I lost my voice
I lost myself
Traveler Tim
Sep 14 · 92
Traveler Sep 14
And again
The clouds parted
The sun shines down
In bright unbroken beams
His heart beat faster
The fabric of new dreams
Eternal hope renewed
Upon a latter
Jacobs ascended
Leaving me here
In life open ended
Traveler Tim
Sep 14 · 113
Traveler Sep 14
Dear Judas
I forgave you
So why are you
Still doing time
How could we just
Sacrifice you
With out our souls
Going blind

The coins you threw
Back at their feet
Was repentance
Enough for me
You did your time
So please move on
Go now
And live your life free!

And pray
The hypocrite
Do the same for me!


 *Cain +++
Traveler Tim
Sep 13 · 461
Traveler Sep 13
On this road
Mistakes are prone
Even the Master
Stubs a toe
If he clams otherwise
It would surely means
He still needs to grow

In the limitless rise
Of enlightened minds
Even the leaders
Can be left behind
Stub not your toe
On the ceiling of knowing
Or like the master
The emotion's controlling
Traveler Tim

Zen who?
Sep 13 · 112
Traveler Sep 13
It is relatively simple to convey
The same thought in two different directions
For example...
To avoid conception I use protection
Turn it around...
Protection I use on my *******!
Different directions
Yet both provided
A punch line
In my deception...
Traveler Tim

It is easy to write whole sentences
Using proper structures
That flows and makes since.
Try turning the thought around,
"till it becomes something interesting!
Incomplete sentences
feel as if they falls short of meaning,
When being sampled
While being reviewed by the public!
Sep 13 · 144
Traveler Sep 13
Can you smell her ***
As I shake your hand
I didn’t have time to wash
Her off my skin
Can you smell her ***
When you lean in
I seen you
Sniff your hand again
Sorry but I got to go
Her smell is in my nose
And I love her smell
As a Poet
I always kiss
  Then tell...
Traveler Tim

#grotesquely delicious
Sep 13 · 1.9k
Traveler Sep 13
I'm just another
Voice mail..
Unanswered E-mail..
Unheard prayer ..
Whisper on a scream..
Back burner bygone..
Stumbling block..
For those I was once loved by
And there for
I forgive them
And move forward
Towards a happy ending
I pray you do the same
After all
That's what good people do!
Traveler Tim
Enjoy life and harm no other
Simple Wiccan Creed!!
Sep 12 · 118
Traveler Sep 12
It will always appear
To most quite amusing
So I will attempt
To confess
How I can be
So **** cursed
And yet very
**** blessed

The hang man
Isn't hanging
Death defying
Upon the cliff
I'm scaling
The crowd
Neither haling
Nor for me rallying
I'm a star
Yet a hellion
Higher thinking
In their eyes
Is rebellion
But then again
The hell with them!
'Cause I'm **** blessed
The end!
Traveler Tim
Do the math
Sep 12 · 263
Traveler Sep 12
A song was playing
In my head
When they came and
Took me away
It beats upon my bones
'Till this very day
I refuse to believe
I’m bad
No matter
What most people says

The prosecutor pointed
Till the end of days
The judge slammed
His gavel
And put my *** away
It never was completely over
As if the debt was never paid
Now I wear society’s
Mark of sinner Cain

My pets ****, not me!
Sep 12 · 205
BREATHE (Desperately)
Traveler Sep 12
I will say this once again
If you are lonely
That’s a sin
My heart longs
My love
It runs beside me
Come free me
Together we will
Finally breathe

I save people all day long
Someone save me
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