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Traveler Sep 2019
In order to touch you
I can only use words
Traveler Tim
Traveler Dec 2017
I want nothing more
I am waiting
At your door....
The Traveler
Traveler Nov 2018
It’s not easy to convert
I remain an atheist pervert
Traveler Tim
Traveler Jan 2019
Someone's been listening
Gathering our prints
Every single cyber glimpse
Traveler Tim
Traveler Nov 2018
Dear great invisible sky creature
How long must I wait?
Traveler Tim
Traveler Nov 2020
I’m happy to listen
May not wanna know
My shoulder is soft
My countenance glows

Lay down your burden
Rest your weary head
I will hold you in mind
Until it is dead!
Or at least until it sleeps!

Traveler Tim
Traveler Sep 2018
17 years since 911
Safety has never returned
To the free world
School shootings now rule
Our headlines...
Saudi Arabia still
Our closes allies...
Police still shooting
Our unarmed black men...
The industrial military complex
Bigger than ever
President still doing
The bidding of the 1%
Innocent people died
We were blind sighted
We came together
Only to become
Completely undone!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Aug 2017
When I'm out drinking
On these weekends
You're the thought
That gets me thinking
'Bout all the loving
I ant been making
So tell me darling
Are you taken?
Traveler Tim
Traveler Mar 2019
(Warning questionable subject matter)

Come to find out...
Way back when
In the mind set
Of the early 60's
By ***** deeds
My mother born me

For me her fifth child
She sought out
An attractive smile
Her real husband unhappy
With me for years
Especially nearing the bottom
Of his daily beers...

I don't know who my real father was
Or what he even looked like
Or why he never gave a ****
If he even knew
That I came from him
My mother says he died
I wonder of his end

I hope he was a Poet
A lover of life
Politically left
A humanitarian
A musician
In love with his wife
Guess all I'll ever know
Is just some man
Shot a load!!

Traveler Tim
Traveler Sep 2015
Shall love be limited
To the mate of true soul
Are you so afraid
To just let go

Relax your heart
Control the beat
Fear not the reaper
Resolve your beast

The realm of all possibilities
Holds a constant flow
Through new days of uncertainty
In the benevolence of our role...
Traveler Tim
Re to 01-17
Traveler Apr 2020
Hours into the first awakening
The freshly thawed swamp
Echoes with new spring life
50 Fahrenheit in the sun
My spirit renewed
Wayton to realign
Setting on a hillside
Feet propped on a tree
Mather earth is so Kind
And this body I’m blessed to be
Traveler Nov 2020
Nuclear storm
Clouds of death
When the bell rings
Get under your desk

Pledge allegiance
Recite the prayer
Stand for glory
Cut that hair

Gun safety classes
Learn to submit
Hunting and fishing
Drivers permit

Go to college
Join the force’s
Break you vows
Quick divorces

Rock in roll
Motown soul
Thai stick
Acapulco gold

Good times
Bad times
LSD state of mind
50 years ago
Still I’m doing fine!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Sep 2019
I'm so glad not to know him
  He was what he was I'm sure...
Fortunately my memory of him
Is but a beautiful blur...

I remember Tim in the old days
Such a young foolish man
Traces of his childhood
Blemishes of who I am

When he died
I killed him
By the mercy of my being
So if you happen to see him
It's actually me
That your seeing
Traveler Someone
Traveler Nov 2018
To the reader this may sound
A bit absurd
But when it comes to her
I hold my every word
I stuff them way down
You see
It's the only way I've found
To self preserve...

And although I don't
Write about her
I could never tell a lie
It's not because
Her memory
Has somehow passed me by

It's not because
I don't dream of her
Tossing in the night
Oh no...
Trying to express her
Could never put things right.

Traveler Tim
Traveler Jan 2019
Real true love?
I'm not sure...
I love my favorite dog
Despite her shedding hair

I so love the sun
Will you please just shine
Before I drown deeper yet
Into this bitter wine

I love the human touch
Perhaps so do you
I love the way it feels
Between two selfless fools

I'd love to believe
There exist a heaven's door
Simply crack it open
Feed the sick and poor

Love is meant for more
Than a parent for their child
Open up the floodgates
And let your love run wild
Traveler Tim
Traveler Dec 2014
At one point in life
Magic was real
The rational mind
Rejected it with
Logical reasoning
Tested it and found
Only a fool believes

So blessed be
The foolhearted

But be not deceived
There are those
More foolish
Than I
Traveler Tim

re to 03-19
Traveler Nov 2015
The point known as the beginning
Can only come in play
If something is causing it to begin
Therefor the big bang
Could not be the point of origin.
And we haven't got a clue

So I moved on from fixating on this subject.
Keep it simple.
Traveler May 2017
Are such narratives abrasive
Such as the condition of our racists
Like our cops who fear black faces
Perhaps you find such dialog tasteless

Would you rather read of love
Higher powers from above
Blinded souls that now can see
Angelic intervention when we bleed

Are you afraid to know
Or uncomfortable
Surely you must have a care
The establishment
Has taken the power
While we were unaware...
Traveler Tim
HP  Jul 2016
Traveler May 2015
Twisted figures in the pines
Creates distortions in my mind
Flip the switch close the blinds
Roaming spirits trapped in time

Distorted figures in my mirror
Creepy crawlies where I stare
Black magic residue rips the veil
Unruly realms, so strange as hell

I see them mostly in the day
When the breezy shadows begin to sway
Exposing figures with watching eyes
As if they can see inside my mind
re to 12-17
Traveler Dec 2018
Once upon a time
Long, long ago
My reckless heart became too heavy
And somehow broke my soul
And so...
This is all that I have to offer
A heart still beating strong
Writing poems of yesterday
And how it all went wrong
Traveler Tim
Traveler Dec 2014
You can never know anything
Except that
You can never know anything
Traveler Oct 2020
Big Bang of aesthetics
Cognitive creative thoughts
The universe is expanding
With thee inertia of the god
Traveler Tim
Traveler Sep 2017
In spirit shine
In divine
Yet confined

In flesh burn
By the comforts
We confide in
In our absence
As we travel
In the questions
Beneath our
Unquestionable minds

The difference
Is provided
Changing culture
Tunnel sighted
We dance
In synchronicity
But separate waves
Excited us
We bleed
In emotional contrast
Different areas in our brains
No we are not the same
Traveler Tim
Who can resist a double negative!
Hp 14
Traveler Jun 2018
An abundance of life
In a cycle of death
How much living
Could we have left?

An abundance of stars
Displayed in the sky
Endless pleasures
On a summer's night
Hear and see
Touch and feel
The reality of existence
Consume at will

An abundance of love
To plant in our graves
Pushing up daisies
I wish we could stay
Traveler Tim
Traveler Feb 2017
Shall you hold me accountable
For the weather too **** cold
The dying children suffering
And all the war torn souls

Shall you bow down to me
On broken stones of law
All those chosen by me
All others shall be lost

Shall you gather onto me
In humility as you cower
I shall surely comfort you
As the war machines devours
Traveler Tim
A bit dark out this morning!
Traveler Oct 2017
A shadow blocked
My creative sunshine

Intentions of madness
In codes of rhyme

Safe and secure
Comforting vibes

The shadows creep
Below the lights

All deceieved
By what we believed

Who has set
Their shadow free?
Traveler Tim
Traveler Mar 7
To master my reality
I give it my all
To be one with nature
I obey natural laws
To experience this life
Of such pleasures and pain
To run in this race
Where winning is vain
To live like a fool
So eternally wise
To be loved unconditionally
Beyond my demise
All of these things
I hold in my heart
Creatively shaping
My collection of art
Traveler 🧳
Traveler Dec 2017
To master my reality
I give it my all
To be one with nature
I obey natural laws
To experience this life
Of such pleasures and pain
To run in this race
Where winning is vain
To live like a fool
So eternally wise
To be loved unconditionally
Beyond my demise
All of these things
I hold in my heart
Creatively shaping
My collection of art
Traveler Tim
HP Feb 2014
Traveler Sep 2014
The weeping shady willow slowly swayed in the soft summer wind
Beneath of which my most vivid memory begins
By the appeal of young lust in the days of our prime
We were drawn together to this moment in time

In a meadow of dandelions our bodies embraced
As she bared her breast my heart went to race
With her eyes of blue so innocent yet wild
It was clear to see she was no longer a child

The curves of her buttocks, the shape of her hips
Were as pleasing to touch as my sister’s silk slips
As if everything I ever wanted was opened to me
To share her **** ****** body, my soul finally free

As I nosed her belly ever so lightly I felt her quiver
Lower and lower I went as it turned to a shiver
So softly I touched as her virginity flowed
I felt as if I could peer into her soul

We shared in sweet passion to a deeper degree
I gently inserted as she pulled back her knees
For a while I managed to stay in control
When she scratched down my back it was time to reload

That day with nature we were naturally exposed
For lovin’ is like music, an art to compose
Traveler Tim
Traveler Apr 2
I need to tell you a little something...
Evolution is an illusion
And time and space
Don't actually exist
And we are but programs
Deep within the mainframe
Of a supper computer
Capable of extreme pain
And absolute bliss...

Thank you for listening!
Now go back to what you were doing.
Traveler Tim
Traveler May 2015
We met in back alleys
Trailer trash, slum lords
We laid in the gutter
We crawled on life's floor

I traveled the world
In slumber and sloth
I bled the world dry
And nearly fell off

Treading grey matter
Until the quickening set in
I survived the world
Now a new one begins...
Traveler Tim
Traveler Jun 2017
In that time of our lives
When spirit seeks out truth
Let us not become the victims
Of our lazy minded youth

But rather be thorough
And do this on your own
Check behind each parable
Cleverly crafted, carved in stone

Beware the Old Wives Fables
Let the pictorial language paint
The kingdoms of the garden
Full of sinners, lacking saints

Cast out into the deserts
False believers would surely die
Yet it's more than superstition
Keeping us alive
Traveler Tim
Traveler Nov 2014
Two very large steps forward
Was a bit too fast for our country
It exposed our sad truths

Racism trumps good sense
It doesn't matter how far
Obama brought us
Out of Bush's mess
He is demonized for being black
Oh but how our officials deny
Such accusations...

The majority of us are in fact
Yes (Although it angers people)
Religion and superstition
Share the same definition
The belief in something with no proof

The separation of church and state is an illusion
It bleeds through our government
In the most illogical ways

I believe there is a high probability
That a higher power exists
Christianity and Islam
I don't believe
Everyone who doesn't share my beliefs
Is doomed to an eternal suffering...

I believe in peace, mercy, compassion
And dignity
For all my fellow earthlings
My hope is that all find meaning
In the only thing that is for sure
The here and now...

As slow as the process is
Evolution exists
It saddens me when we take large steps backwards...
Traveler Jan 2019
Voices in the closet
Where do they disappear
Eyes within the darkness
Creatures in the mirror

Shadow's of lost reason
Tossed and turning bed
Guess I got it coming
My heart keeps
Thumping dread

Long in to this living
Life becomes a maze
Soon the day shall follow
The night shall go it's away!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Aug 2015
Sweet eyes aglow
So kindly she smiles
My heart's been ridden
A million miles

In unison with time
The dust of day descends
Somewhere inside
We could all use a friend

In shadows of thought
Our psyche embraces
In the pulse of a smile
A glimpse of true faces

One last smile
Of pleasant farewell
So subtle the mind
As the heart is fulfilled...
Traveler Dec 2013
You’ll never know just how sorry I am
It was absolutely my fault
The world was spinning out of control
And my selfishness is all I sought
In my madness I became too lazy
To stop the world from all it's crazy
Spinning faster and faster
I was doomed to crash
Unfortunately you caught
   The fall-out of my backlash…

Of all this **** I do confess
I’m the reason you’re a mess
Today we’re here tomorrow we’re gone
  Just know you’re innocent and I am wrong…
Traveler Tim

re to 03-19
Traveler Sep 2016
I surely believe
Or perhaps I perceive

Anyways it seems
That feelings deceive

The problem is
If you please

I am but a drop
  In an eternal sea...
Traveler Tim
Traveler Sep 2019
My wall are covered with
Beautiful things
Dream catchers
Suns and planets
Loki and Zeus  
  The mark of Cain...
I love my
Statues of Buddha
Figures of Christ
Paintings of ships at sea
Guitars and amps
Keyboards and drums
  More than I could ever need...
Outside my windows
Lives the Trees
Sweet sounds
Of birds and bees
My aesthetic impairment
Has set me free

Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay
Were laid spread out before me as her body once did
All five horizons revolved around her soul as the earth to the sun
Now the air I tasted and breathed has taken a turn, ooh
And all I taught her was everything
Ooh, I know she gave me all that she wore
Too doo doo doo
Too doo doo

Peril Jam
Traveler Sep 2018
I wouldn’t dare to guess
The whole extent of
The adolescent mess
  Left upon the first broken heart..

Certainly you are one of those
Who have overcome
Those common blows
    That tears a first timer's world apart...

Or even luckier yet
Perhaps your soulmate
This time around
Is who you met
   Reflected in the passion of your art....

Being a poet
Can be quite telling
Aesthetically rebelling
Sharing all the secrets
   Of one's unique solitary heart.....
Traveler Tim
Traveler Jul 2015
Stub my toe
On her stump of coal
Aesthetics still in bloom
Wrought and ****
The old man's heart
Rewind, reload, resume

Distant and removed
Like the dark of moon
Yet her presence  
Never fades
In a parallel universe
Where paradise
Is given birth
To her rays
Lights and waves

The cycle stalls
As we search for a cause
Yet her's is the shadows of night
Although existential mysteries
May never be solved
Her dream
Is a quickening light...
Traveler Tim
re to 02-18
Traveler Jan 13
On a fragmented infested planet called Earth
Deep within the body of a distant universe
Smaller than the microscopic lenz
Dwells savage human carnivores
I tell you’
Bearer’s of reptilian brain stems!
Imagine the primal urge tearing from within
Hear their psyches roar!

Wonder how far they’ll get this time around, before the next earths end....
Traveler w
Traveler Nov 2020
If it feels good do it again
In repetitive continuum

Take the mind for a ride
We are mechanically sound
The great and powerful
is hardly earthbound

In the freedom of subjectivity
can hardly exist

Traveling the synapses
Is a very blissful trip!
Traveler Tim

The empty boat is flooded with moonlight
Traveler Jul 2016
I hold my thoughts
In linear form
Until my eyes let lose
   The page...
A simple cure
For writer's-block
I use to get stuck
   For days...
Words would stick
In self conflict
   Distractions and dismay...
Yet still the need
To push the pen
Would help me
   Find my way...
What would I say
If a matter of gray
Could channel
   The Poets of Old...
Surely the fountain
Would soon run dryer
Than these words
That I've squeezed
   From my soul...
Traveler Mar 2019
I'm always afraid
I'm never sure why
I simply push my
Irrational fear's
Down deeper inside

Dreaded night
One eye open
Nightlight on
Shadows dancing
Into the dawn

But in the day
That's when I pray
All of this beauty
Please let me stay!
Traveler Tim

Death my greatest fear
I must really love
Life here!
Traveler Mar 2014
As I read her piece of mind
I am mush upon her page
Lost within her lines of grief
Trapped within her rage

Still I read on
Her ink again spills red
In silence of lucidity
In a maze of heart felt dread

Yet time removes mind
With the darkening of day
Screens eventually time out
And attentions fade

The heart string
Is carefully enticed
With the realization
She's merely a function of my device
Traveler Tim
re to 04-17
Traveler Apr 2018
I dreamt of you again last night
As so many times before
Again I held you oh so tight
I could have never loved you more

Again I tried to make you stay
I was never quite that strong
Again you turned and walked away
I often wondered what went wrong

Together we made a commitment
To death do us part
But again I lost you before dawn
And again you broke my heart...
Traveler Tim

(I was married once, a long, long time ago).
re to 04-19
Traveler Nov 2017
Can you really trust me
Within this old dead skin
Crow-eyed and wrinkled
Hair graying thin

Moving forward
Ever nearing
The wickedness
  Of that bitter end...

Is it casual or systematic
When age becomes a sin?
Traveler Tim
Ageism is an American thing?
Traveler Mar 2015
With a blank look in her eyes
She exist in our relationship
She moves without mind
As I bail out her sinking ship

A break from her stare
To ***** about cash
We have more than we need
Not counting her stash

Without a word
Without a plan
She dumps her cares
Where ever they land

With both our burdens
Upon my back
She's off to play
And that is that

So now you ask
What will I do
Afraid of change
I'll stay a fool...
Traveler Aug 2014
I once saw things much different
Under a dimmer, duller sky
Yet I can only view the past
Through these present hazel eyes

Once in a while I’ll meet a young person
And I’ll catch a glimpse of then
That is, the days before I understood
That which I can never comprehend
Traveler Nov 2020
A haiku is but
Infinity in action
An instant of life
Traveler Tim
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