Jo Barber 17h
I wish I knew what to say.
My feelings are like clay,
they bend every which way.
I spend nearly every damn day
just trying to be okay.

Maybe this is a cliche,
a girl who fights with her padre,
I keep going astray,
my issues I always downplay.

I wish I were a blue jay;
so I could just fly away.
If you wish to loss weight

Before anything,
Make confirm
If it wants to lose you.
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: What matters | Mutual Understanding | Count Steps | Calorie Chart | Workout
Jo Barber Apr 12
I walk into the room,
my coat still fresh
with the scent of tobacco.
From the corner of one eye,
I glimpse you
and you glimpse me.
I nod. You nod.

I walk forward into the store.
I could've sworn you were leaving,
but you follow me in
with a friendly hello.
How did you know?
How did you know
that I wanted to see you, too?
Talk to you, too?
Palms sweat, I fix my hair
over and over again.
I like you,
but I can't say it.
I've watched this dance before.

Oh, the games we play.
Jo Barber Apr 11
We play among the vines
of overgrown, ripe wine.
The birds fly before us,
their songs a bittersweet chorus.
Lemony drops of dew
line each fence, window, and hall.
You drop your shawl
and walk towards me, your head held tall.
I will never forget the call
of these sweet, simple Saturdays
that go by in a haze.
Jo Barber Apr 2
Words. Words. What an odd word, the word word is.
It has vowels and deep sounds.
It grumbles and roars.
The sounds percolate in my mouth,
Unfamiliar, yet free.
And it comes to a close,
my wits at an end.
But what end?
Where have they ended?
Where does it stop?
Stop. Stop. Stop.
And begin again.
Jo Barber Mar 30
Feel my body.
How it curves and lifts,
how it can be sweet or bitter.
Put your hands about me
and warm your body against mine.
How strong,
how rich,
how smooth I am!
I can reduce any man to despondency.
Once he gets a sip of me,
he'll never let go.
My scent sends you to tears,
I know.
How moody you grow without me!
You could choose tea,
but where would you be
without little ol' coffee?
It's a love poem to coffee. :)
Please let me know if any of the parallels don't make much sense. I welcome the constructive criticism! It's still a work in progress.
Alex McQuate Mar 28
Pain ignites,
Your shoulders and biceps set ablaze to to the beat,
To this resurrected tune from the plantations of long ago,
A specter that hangs over the shoulder  when heard.

Hold that shit,
And you start to think this Sally chick might just be a real cold bitch.

Rinse and repeat the pain.

It's just 30 reps,
Why is it so infernally difficult?
The pressure builds in your muscles and your brain,
Pratcher & the Gardeners heedless of your pain.

The last chorus,
Just a little bit more,
Is it just you or is the music slowing?

The women are weeping,
At the poor departure of poor ol' Luxe.

The song cuts,
You sigh in relief,
As your body crumples on its own accord,
Sick of your efforts and insanity.
...bit the proverbial dust
came crashing down like
a mighty tree in a gust
lay there without a sound

couldn't take it...I fussed
tried hard to cuss
but the words had
vanished to rust

I should be nonplussed
I should's just
it's now ruined my trust
can't think of the words that I lust
for...or those that I feel that I must
find to make my speech more august
...probably more "ust" words but really that's quite enough!
Amanda Mar 8
Heavy darkness all around,
In my footsteps, on the ground,
My path is lined by threatening trees,
Pale moonlight on my knees.

Push my muscles,
Closer to home,
Faster and faster,
Into nights catacomb.

The hour strikes three,
Quiet cold air creeps,
This is when I escape;
While the world sleeps.
An old one I wrote about going for a jog, I hate exercise but growing up I didn't have very many ways to get away from my dysfunctional home life so sometimes I would run or walk a short ways away and close my eyes and pretend I was somewhere else.
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