I wasted my love on you, baby.
I guess it was just an excuse to get wasted?
Another hopeless mission
Another missed connection
In a Society
Of broken dreams.
Haiku Donna Jun 11
It's not worth stressing
about the past and future
Live in your today's
Okay so my BP still alarmly high so been given higher dosage BP tablet today even in happy events can rise BP so learning to not stress so much as well as a healthy diet and longs walk each day , hopefully in time I can get my BP back to normal :)
Have lovely week ahead love to u all xx
Inspired x
Miira Jun 1
Why do I have to go through this?
When will the chattering ever stop?
Am I capable enough to follow my dreams?
I wonder as I turn the doorknob.

Every cell in my body was hated
by every cell in yours
I was only a child
Would you rather suffocate me in drawers?

What do you even benefit from it?
Being happy in front of others
But spit hateful words without people knowing
Oh what a hypocritical pretender

It’s like being
Chained up
Whipped up
Getting all messed up

Or like the cool cyan water
Being ferociously consumed by
the swift fiery orange
Rushing through like the high tide Seine delta

But Plushies,
Blankies and
Radiate through every inch of my body,
Experiencing tranquillity

Faintly hearing...
“Are you alright love?”
“I was afraid you would.”
“I’m glad that you’re okay!”
Ana Butterfly May 17
How don't your parents know you dont eat?
Oh honey,
It's very easy
When no one really notices me.
1,000 calories
Mixed with "I loved last night's dinner"
Seems to make people blind of how much thinner
I've grown,
Even though my collarbones
Have ever so slowly peeked out of my skin.
Not to mention the fact
That I haven't shown
My whole body is months
And I hide the grunts
From the pain of 1,000 squats
And 800 lunges
In my room
It's really bad, im sorry
Mr Uku May 13
on a sunny day —
bee in my face
Really enjoying writing haiku. No idea if they're any good but I'm already thinking about putting together a small chapbook. There's nothing as delusional as a poet :)
Jo Barber Apr 21
I wish I knew what to say.
My feelings are like clay,
they bend every which way.
I spend nearly every damn day
just trying to be okay.

Maybe this is a cliche,
a girl who fights with her padre,
I keep going astray,
my issues I always downplay.

I wish I were a blue jay;
so I could just fly away.
If you wish to loss weight

Before anything,
Make confirm
If it wants to lose you.
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: What matters | Mutual Understanding | Count Steps | Calorie Chart | Workout
Jo Barber Apr 12
I walk into the room,
my coat still fresh
with the scent of tobacco.
From the corner of one eye,
I glimpse you
and you glimpse me.
I nod. You nod.

I walk forward into the store.
I could've sworn you were leaving,
but you follow me in
with a friendly hello.
How did you know?
How did you know
that I wanted to see you, too?
Talk to you, too?
Palms sweat, I fix my hair
over and over again.
I like you,
but I can't say it.
I've watched this dance before.

Oh, the games we play.
Jo Barber Apr 11
We play among the vines
of overgrown, ripe wine.
The birds fly before us,
their songs a bittersweet chorus.
Lemony drops of dew
line each fence, window, and hall.
You drop your shawl
and walk towards me, your head held tall.
I will never forget the call
of these sweet, simple Saturdays
that go by in a haze.
Jo Barber Apr 2
Words. Words. What an odd word, the word word is.
It has vowels and deep sounds.
It grumbles and roars.
The sounds percolate in my mouth,
Unfamiliar, yet free.
And it comes to a close,
my wits at an end.
But what end?
Where have they ended?
Where does it stop?
Stop. Stop. Stop.
And begin again.
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