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Flint Holcomb Apr 15
A floral mat
Separates me from
The tile floor
I feel anxious despite the peace

The instructor speaks
My heart stops
Because I know
The chest binder can’t hold
Through another downward-facing dog
you shouldn’t really wear a binder when doing yoga but i would rather not exercise that do it without a binder
Kai Schultz Mar 10
flesh over fat
no muscle built
up and down the stairs
gasping for breath
after only going up then down twice.
silly girl!
don't quit now!
soon they will all adore
if you just keep away from the kitchen.
now hurry!
mother will be here to pick you up soon
get back on those stairs!
Kai Schultz Mar 9
A glance out a window
every time I raise up
up into the air
from the ground;
a single push up
one after another
keep going
til your lungs hurt
and your back bruises
and then do some more.
Why am I set
to self destruct??
“ 74th Birthday Morning,

phone ringing for wishes… unattended

cup of tea and newspaper waiting for the sip… unattended

something not right…

blood in stool,


the fear…

diagnosed stage 3,

self ….silence…


question from mind : Life is at its evening , is night now near?

answer from will power : Life has a new day every day and evening to disappear.

months and weeks…

chemos & radiation ,

pain , irritation

exercise & running ,

will power , motivation

cheers over jeers

close competition


….the long day ….surgery

preference …on two legs not the stretcher

fun over depression,

proudly walking the red carpet of the theatre

few needles in back ,

….. six hours of unconsciousness


….dark deep silence

then the flash…

a rainbow from nowhere….

in brightness …. appears son’s face ….

congratulations you have won the battle

operation success-full

the smile of his will power replies , yes I hear ”
18th Aug 2018 , an Army Vet age around 74 years was diagnosed with colon cancer stage between two and three.

The picture below is of day 2 after surgery , clicked on 18th Dec 2018 where he is sitting and advising people around on how to defeat cancer.All credit of his success-full operation and recovery goes to his own will power and belief that Cancer is just another illness and can be cured if one is determined to beat it.

Doctors and staff attending him were saluting him for his will power and positivity as he was sitting fit and fine even after undergoing 6 longs hours of surgery.

From the day he was diagnosed Cancer to the day of surgery following was his routine:

8 kms brisk walk daily even on the radiation day.
2 hours exercise ,1 hour morning and 1 hour evening exercise — focused on abs.
no food restrictions everything he had other than non veg.
Main important thing carrying attitude of Positivity and Will Power that he will beat this illness .
Aaron Feb 18
Perhaps I struggle to find the phrase
To set the strands of your soul ablaze
Because when I look at you, I gaze
Into something so much more

How could any worldly rhythm
Though surely bright and strong
Dare dream define such a prism?
You are more than form; you’re song

You are the sound of the galaxy
Dancing through the sky
I dreamed of such a fantasy
And yet you dreamed of I.

No words, no song, no rhyme
Nor thought, nor dream, nor time
Could ever be enough.

You are my beautiful impossibility,
My miracle, my spiritual key;
You are my partner and my very best friend,
And I walk with you without end.
Amanda Jan 6
Emptiness has built a home I inhabit trapped inside my shell
If I remain here at least I'll make it look a little less like ****
My thoughts form with cohesive structure
Dancing with clumsy pictures that slice and puncture
Do the words I am saying make any sense?
Or are they just ramblings of a mind depressed?
Closing in towards the end of strength and will
The finish line seems further still
No one near cheering me on
As I stumble this one-man marathon
That's life
feel the power surge come through my feet
as my body sways to an unheard beat
was feeling drained, forgot to charge it
something popped and someone farted
first yoga session in a week or so.
something I tend to do alone, as it is generally considered "feminine"
Emily Dec 2018
Cocooned by warmth,
Surrounded by fluffy blankets,
Peaceful equilibrium.

Serenity shattered by noise,
Blaring alarms that won’t be silenced,
Brain disrupted from its long hibernation.

Groggily stumbling to the ergometer,
Directed by muscle memory, not sluggish neurons,
Peppy music leading neurons to eventually fire.

If only that were my routine, not this:
Preserve peace by silencing alarm,
Much later, scrambling to avoid being late!
Oliver Philip Nov 2018
An exercise in manifestation
Usually when you want to manifest something in your life,
it is because of the emotions that it will enable you to feel.
For example, if it is a material possession
it may allow you to feel more successful and proud of yourself.
Or if it is a relationship it may allow you to feel connection, intimacy and union.
If it is a new job it may allow you to feel the excitement of new challenges.
If you want greater wealth it may allow you to feel free and able to make enjoyable life choices.
So start to drill down on why you actually want what you want.
This clarity will allow you to start praying for the emotional qualities first and allow you to start to come into vibrational alignment with what you are wanting,
and of course this will make it so much easier to manifest.
So start your day by thanking God and the Universe for bringing your manifestation to you in easy and joyful ways.
Then spend time accessing the joyful feelings that you want from your manifestation
and carry those feelings throughout your day, just like you would if you had already manifested your desire.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
An Acrostic Poem based upon the above text.
Usually ,when you wish to manifest something.
Select yourself a Sacred Space to meditate.
Uncompromising access to a higher self
A feeling of emotional control is the one state
Like a magic wand of success ,a golden ring
Limitless love as your unconditional promise
You can be free to offer this ,as on the wing

When embarking on a fresh career or journey
Hail and anticipate that certain, new success
Excited in the field of that new challenge
Never doubt yourself ,trust in your certainty ;

You wish for wealth to ensure that confidence
On a scale unheard of by your group of peers
Unless you aim that ,high independence fails

Will you drill down to what you really want?
Is your dream impossible? Let wind in to sails,
So start your day by thanking the Almighty
Have a series of thanking the Universe as well

The blessings that you have in  life are such
Only now to understand their true wealth .

Manifestations starting with the first step
And carry those qualities all day long.
Note at least five gifts to be grateful for
In the following hours add them one by one
Finding and researching all the known virtues
Expanding each from groups of Seven.
Starting with the first being that of “Faith”
Then listing the second virtue now of “ Hope”

So on to third virtue we know as “Charity”
Oh , they are the easy ones that come to mind.
My list then comes upon my friend “Prudence”
Each of us appreciates the next as “Justice.”
Then the sixth virtue to live by is “Fortitude”
Have you seen the final virtue to live by?
I have and I recommend you make a friend
Name that friend “Temperance “ he’ll be there.
Go now and manifest with all your heart.
The above “Poem “ is a channeling from a section of the book ( Page ....). As an example of an Acrostic style. The first letter of each sentence forms the content vertically.
Try this around the content of the book and share it with your own thought patterns .
It is interesting as to what prose or poetic verse manifests itself.
Good luck. Philip. 28th September 2018.
Now try an Acrostic yourself and run it passed me.
Usually when you want to manifest something in your life.... Best write it as an acrostic
Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
I stand before you
heaving- begging for your love.
Apathy returns.
In the quiet night
a lonely moon arises,
cold and beautiful.
Bring me home to you.
Harsh light changes me. I want
freedom from the screen.
Your god complex shines.
I wouldn't dare ***** it out.
Like you, I like you.
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