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Ylzm Aug 2019
Profusely thanking their gods and goddesses
when striking it big
Slinking silently from the table
when losing it all
But ever faithful to their capricious gods
Never ever seeing the ever seeing eye
Or the hidden algorithms
Calculated to lure you again and again
To play and pay for the thrills
That by Chance you're the gods' favoured one.
nmo Apr 2017
wake up at six 6am.
grab my phone.
check my feed.

you are always
first post.
always wearing
your beautiful

maybe the algorithm
realized how
i stare at our photos,
some nights
before sleeping.

maybe he
makes the sum
of our unsaid words
and multiplies it
by those nights
i fell asleep in
your chest.

maybe he
never heard
our fights.
the shouting,
the crying.
or maybe he did
but just choose
to keep them
out of the equation.

maybe he
you are still
the first person
i think of
when i wake.

i scratch my eyes
and keep scrolling.
ConnectHook Mar 2017
how about something
                           radically different:

      Trump as ******
& all his followers
                                      as Nazis

yeah...     might just work
          as poetry
           ♡  ♡  ♡
Really maaaan...
We are now living in the 4th ***** maaaaannn --
so punch everyone you disagree with
and hurl (liberally) lots of overused epithets ☺

that will help a lot.

— The End —