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ThatBrokenOne Mar 2019
I have homework to do
But I keep thinking about you
The way we where
It keeps me from thinking clearly

I have classes to follow
But I keep staying at home
Because I keep thinking about you
The way you moved on

I have a study to finish
But I can't focus on the tasks to do
My brain won't let me
Because all it can do, is think about you

I have point to gain, so I'll pass the year
I want to, I really want to
But you, my past are holding me back
I don't know how to, how to move on
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
It was 2nd Christmas day,
I woke up and knew, it is that day.
The day we were supposed to be with your family,
Instead, we were both with our own family.
It wasn't supposed to be like this,
And I hate how it is.
How we don't speak anymore,
For I see you as something more.
Then how you see me,
I hate this new me.
I hate the fact of being alone in those days,
And seeing every one around me having a great day.
It hurts to be a lone,
It makes my heart turn in to stone.
We were one,
Now we both have none.

Every one says merry Christmas,
But all I feel is sickness.
I am not who I was,
And life just won't pause.
It goes on with or with out me,
I have to become this new me.
For I will have to move on,
Because life is like a marathon.
move on or quit,
It is either, make or lose it.
There is no road in between,
At least, there is non that I have seen.
In the Netherlands we have two Christmas days. so that's why there is a 2nd Christmas day
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
Today is achievement day
It is the first day
A, no thinking about you, day
It was a happy day
I will cherish this day
For it is a good day
Today is achievement day
Although I still miss you. I am happy that I didn't think about you today. It means that I am moving on. That I am able to let you go, even with all the pain it causes.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
There hasn't been a day gone by
Without a thought of you
Every day again
Every hour again

There hasn't been a day gone by
Without a thought of the past
What we did
What we wanted

There hasn't been a day gone by
Without a thought of the here and now
How much I hate it
How much I resent it

There hasn't been a day gone by
Without a thought of the future
What it would have looked like
What we would have done

There hasn't been a day gone by
Without my mind being ****** up
Every day again, I torture my self
Every ******* day again, I wish I could travel back in time
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
I do it every time at the same time.
I do it every same day in every week of the year.
I do the same things every time I work.

But today, something was different.
Today was not my normal day of work.
Though today was still a great day.

A regular customer looked at me.
A regular customer recognized me.
A regular customer spoke to me.

And she said:
"I haven't seen you in a long time,
It is nice to see a familiar face around."

And I felt appreciated,
And I felt acknowledged,
And I felt great.

It is amazing how much some little words can mean to a person.
It is important to cherish those little moments.
It is something that we need to do more often.

Just say some little words to someone,
Even if they don't mean anything to you,
It can do a lot for someone else.
ThatBrokenOne Aug 2019
Its been days,
Weeks, Months.
The pain is in the past,
Wrote about it more then once.

All that happened,
It broke, It shifted, me.
I've learned a lot,
With a new vision I see.

She came from the outside,
Found a way, reached into my heart.
She decided to stay,
Reconstructing me after I fell apart.

I am feeling happy,
After all the sadness.
One thing I have learned,
Falling in love is madness.
ThatBrokenOne Feb 2019
Breaking seems to be my new nature
Yesterday I saw a picture of her and a friend
It made me broken again
Broken like a earthquake cracks the ground

She went to a concert with a friend
A concert that we where supposed to go to
It hurts to see her move on while I am staying behind

It feels like I am stuck
Hanging in the past
Frozen in the moment she left me

I feel broken
I feel miserable
Don't know what to do
Where to go
How to get past it

I don't want to feel this way
I want to move on
But every time again
I feel this pain
This emptiness inside me
It keeps pulling me back
Into the void of pain and memory
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
The mind is traveling on it's own
West to South, North to East
It's traveling miles from one side to the other

Thoughts are spinning around
Like a rocket getting out of control
Up and down, right to left

Ideas are popping up
Just the same as a mole pops up to look above ground
Bending backwards over, almost inside out

That little blackhole full of things
It won't rest, it won't sleep
Not when it is in need
In need of space
To think, to be free
To be floating around the earth
Like a hot air balloon
ThatBrokenOne Mar 2019
Being okay is all I ask
Free of pain and thoughts
Thinking like a kid again

Yesterday is the past
Tomorrow is the future
Today is today, and today I live
Forget about the past future
Forget about the future past
Because we live in today's present

Being okay is all I ask
Free of pain and Thoughts
Thinking like a free man again

Living my life as I like
Going places I have seen before
Just on my own, walking around the city
Really on my own
Forgetting about what happened
Forgetting what has been said
Fantasising about the future
Fantasising about what will happen
Living a happy life, free of memories is all I want

Being okay is all I ask
Free of pain and Thoughts
Thinking like me again
ThatBrokenOne Feb 2019
Does this mean I am lonely
Laying in my bed
Listening to metal ish music
With a slightly tipsied head
Writing poems about my thoughts
Does this mean I am lonely
Because I am drinking alone
My brain racing around
Full of thoughts
Does this mean I am lonely
ThatBrokenOne Feb 2019
No I am not
But I live
So I will be in time
ThatBrokenOne Feb 2019
A scar here, a scare there
It is chaos in my mind
You are glued to my thoughts so it seems
Listening to metal keeps me sane
Reflects my mind
Just that organized chaos
I don't know what to do
How to get rid of you
Of the thoughts that keeps coming back
The way you left me
It hurts like hell
It broke me, it left me in pieces
You are glued to my mind
I don't know how to fix it
It makes me go crazy
I know one way to get rid of it all
I requires from me my last breath of air
So I can just be free for once
Maybe this is the solution
Unless some one else knows one
So I can be free and roam around once more
Free of pain free of delusions
Free of thoughts of wonders
Free of the past to get to the future
Free of me, to start anew
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
I don't get it
Why did you do it
We were so happy
You looked so happy
You broke my heart
You were my heart
You were the love of my life
You were my life
Every moment I could be there
I was there
Most of the time I was at your house
With you I wanted our own house
I don't get it
Why did you do it
ThatBrokenOne Mar 2019
A poem to be written
Is a thought to be told
It gives you a new view
A perspective seen by others

A poem to be written
Is a tale to be told
For little kids to listen to
Just the little story before bedtime

A poem to be written
Is a conversation unspoken of
Words from one mind to it self
In order to keep it talking

A poem to be written
Is a song to be sung
For radios to play
And crowds to scream out loud
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
Violins playing
Voices singing
Rooms filled with sound
Sound of music ringing my ear

There is no need for fair
Everyone can listen what the like
Play what the want
Craft things like never seen before
Just do as you like

Who are we to judge
We are not your supervisor
Nor are we god

Be who you want
Be what you want
Think like your self
Act like your self
And let us be one big happy family
Just be you, and don't judge anyone for being them
Let us all be good to each other
And we will all live happy together
ThatBrokenOne Mar 2019
The gloomy glare in the lense
Looking upon a girl standing on top of the rock

It has this warm feeling, it gives a certain presence
Watching over the water, through the trees and over hils

Even though I know what her history is
I still wonder what she thinks about it

The series isn't over yet
Every day again she tries to get a hold of the wheel in the cockpit

But miserably fails over and over
The plane is swinging from left to right and back

Everything seems to be out of control, as if life was over
But there she is, standing strait
Looking over the trees watching the water
At a sunny day, she keeps going

She is bearly holding it together
Crying from day to day, but she has faith
It will all be better, one day, soon
Standing there on top of the rock, watching the water peacefully move by
She knows one day it will all be beter, just like the waters forthgoing
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
You shot me with your arrow of love
It made me feel great
In the end you shot me with your arrow of poison
It made me dead inside
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
The movie in the picture palace
It was a lot of drama
It was like a drama queen
It was about queen

The movie in the motion palace
It made me hate my self
It made me feel so sad
It made me feel broken

The movie in the movie house
It was pain full to see
It was beautiful to hear
It was confronting my live

The movie in the picture house
It made me think
It made me cry silent
It made me feel left alone

The movie in the motion house
It was heart breaking to see
It was reminding me
It was hard to see

The movie in the cinema
It reminded me of what I had
It reminded me of what I could have
It reminded me what love really is like
The movie queen was so relatable in some moments. When i was siting there watching those scenes, i just wanted to be dead. The be rid of ths pain, the pain kf my lost love
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2022
Piece by piece the track flies by,
If you squint your eye,
You can see it in the distance,
The reflection of windows glistering.

Little houses growing in size,
Factories with all their supplies.
Objects growing in the distance as they come near,
My brain starts to think words, as if I am Shakespeare.

Words that I will have to remember,
Before they start to dismember.
Quick I need to write them down,
Before they fade into memory-town.

Piece by piece, words start to flow,
If only you could see my face glow.
The pure joy of being able to write,
It gives a feeling of insight.

These words give you happiness,
They start to flow in all generousness.
Filling paper after paper,
Soon, and you will be able to make it into a wallpaper.

Sometimes you only need one spark,
It lights up all around in the dark.
Sometimes there is that flow of thoughts,
And you are able to connect all the dots.

And there it is,
A new poem in all of its bliss.
ThatBrokenOne Mar 2021
The difficulty with a love one,
When to talk when to keep quiet,
But never to shout.

The love for a love one,
When to keep pushing,
To give the space.

The fear of losing one,
When to stay, when to run,
But never to hurt.

The beauty of a love one,
To hold close, to be dear,
But never hate one another.

The love of a loved one,
The aching moments in between,
But never to be destroyed.

To love a loved one,
To be loved by a loved one,
To keep on loving,
And never to hate.
ThatBrokenOne Feb 2022
What to say to the world,
When there is nothing to say.
What to ask from the world,
When there is nothing to get.

Words are spoke,
Yet there is nothing said.
Deeds are being done,
Yet nothing is changing.

What to be in the world,
When it is doomed to fail.
What to do in the world,
When there is nothing to be done.

Where to go in a world full of hate,
Where to go in a heart of pain,
Where to go when there is no road to take,
Where to go when the path is dark.

Let it be a light in the darkness,
Be who you are, be who you desire to be.
Because being you are is not the hardest,
Being who others want you to be is not something you will agree.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
Hello there
Lets get this message in the air
We might give the convesation a little flair

How are you doing
Maybey the next message goes with a boeing
Just to get the conversation going

I hope you like this little poem
I hope you will find this bottle unbroken
I hope our next message can be spoken

Let me know if this message came through
I would like it if you do
And the best of luck to you
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
When I first met you, I saw this broken girl.
A girl who was in need of someone, someone that would be there for you.
You had been through so much pain and trouble.
Pain and trouble that broke you from the inside.
Inside was a suicidal girl, hurt and broken.

I was there for you just as a friend,
I lent you my ear, so you could speak,
I gave you all my attention,
I gave you all of my time, even more than I had.

You where broken and needed someone to talk to.
To me you spoke about all of your pains.
Pains that made you feel left and miserable.

You never saw me as a friend,
You saw me and was instantly in love,
You wanted me,
You claimed me.

Words spoken by you cause me pain.
Pain in my ears because of your past.
Your past hasn't been easy.
Easy wouldn't have described our lives.
Lives that where full of pain from the past.

You said that I was the one, keeping you a live,
You said that you needed me,
You said that you could open your heart to me,
You said that you where able to speak with me.

And here I am, broken from the inside.
Inside of me is pain and it hurts a lot.
A lot of thoughts of us, are triggered by daily things.
Things we did together, things you liked.

I am broken,
I am hurt,
I am suicidal,
I am feeling left a lone,
I am in need of your help,
I am in need of your love,
I am in need of you.

Inside of me is a suicidal boy, hurt and broken.
Pain and trouble caused by you broke me from the inside.
I have been through so much pain and trouble.
A boy who is in need of someone, someone like I have been.
When you left me, I became this broken boy.
A conversion of the first paragraph to the last one, A transportation of her needs to me. I gave her all she needed, and yet I am the one that is broken.

When I first met you, I saw this broken girl.
A girl who was in need of someone, someone that would be there for you.
You had been through so much pain and trouble.
Pain and trouble that broke you from the inside.
Inside was a suicidal girl, hurt and broken.

Inside of me is a suicidal boy, hurt and broken.
Pain and trouble caused by you broke me from the inside.
I have been through so much pain and trouble.
A boy who is in need of someone, someone like I have been.
When you left me, I became this broken boy.
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
Those words you tolled me felt like
A bullet going through my heart...
A knife ripping it open...
An explosion going of from the inside...
It felt like i was bleeding

The weeks after that it felt like my heart
Was made of concrete...
Was made of steel...
Was made of ice...
It felt like it was made of nothing

I hope that in the future it will feel like
It is made of fire and lite me up...
It is made of snow so my heart can melt once again...
It is made of flesh so it can pump love once again...
It is made of everything I want it to be so I can feel again
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
I need to put on some new glasses
To take a new and refreshed look on the world
On the reality we live in
Just to get the view of the other side of the world
To shift my view from bad and dark
To good and full of light

I need to burn the bridges down
The bridge between the new and the past
I need to burn the bridges down
Burn them down, burn them down

I need to start afresh, take a refreshed look
walk to the other side
Just to take it in another perspective
The turn the thing upside down
inside out, outside in

I need to burn the bridges down
The bridge between the new and the past
I need to burn the bridges down
Burn them down, burn them down

I need to walk away from the past
Move along the path
To the new future
And not cling to the old past
Which had moved on without me

I need to burn the bridges down
The bridge between the new and the past
I need to burn the bridges down
Burn them down, burn them down

I need to take that turn
Just to get away from the past
To start over, start anew
Keep moving even when it seems to get anywhere else
It might lead to somewhere you don't want to be
But that is the path of life
It takes you even if you don't want to

I need to burn the bridges down
The bridge between the new and the past
I need to burn the bridges down
Burn them down, burn them down
Burn them down, burn them down
Burn them down, burn them down
The bridges between the past of my life
And the here and now
I need to burn them down
Burn them down, burn them down
Burn them down, burn them down
Burn them down, burn them down
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
An episode is playing
On the tv screen
At the end of my bed.
I am looking
But not watching.
I am hearing
But not listening.

Down my arm is a little red stream
It feels warm and soft.
Is this what the inside of a body is suposed to feels like
Mine feels cold and hard
Icey and cracked.

It is red and cracked
But it doesn't hurt.
That crack is crying instead of me
Tears of red colour are running down my arm.
It burns when I touch it
But it doesn't hurt.

Where did my feelings go
Where did my love go
Where did my live go
Where did my life go

I am just an empty casing
Full of blood
Without feelings
Without love
I am just an empty casing
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
It has been more then three years
Three years since I had seen you

Today I have seen you once more
Once more we spoke about our lives

Yours hadn't been that well
So well that I had to meet you behind closed doors

Your past hasn't been pleasant
Pleasant is what you would like right now

Behind those closed doors, you have your life
Your life exists of waking up and going back to bed

There is nothing in between
In between you sometimes see your therapist

Sometimes you have a visitor
A visitor has never been one of your parents

That must hurt a lot
A lot of **** has happen in your life

I wish you the best of luck
Luck you deserve more than me
Today I have visited an old friend of mine. When I texted here to she if she wanted to meet, I had in mind to meet here over a cup of coffee. But instead I found here behind closed doors. There is nothing to do all day long. She wakes up and goes back to bed. It is weird to think that those people in there are supposed to get better/ get rid of there depression, but all I could think is: that if I would be in there I would only get more depressed. There is totally nothing to do. I was sad to see, how these people are expected to live. I hope she will survive that place, because it is more depressing than anyone could ever get.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
I am sitting there, on my bed,
Watching a couple of episodes,
About a medieval England going to war.

I am sitting there, on my bed,
With a Swiss pocket knife,
Wait for my self to cut again.

I am sitting there, on my bed,
Asking my self why I still do it
Wondering if it became more of a habit.

I am sitting there, on my bed,
The sheets colored red,
And a red river flowing down my arm.

I am sitting there, on my bed,
Asking my self,
Why I still live.

I am sitting there, on my bed,
All alone, without a tear to cry,
Without a person to share the pains with.

I am sitting there, on my bed,
With the knife covered in red,
A deep cut in my arm,
And a sheet stained in red.
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
A new day starts.
The sun comes up,
I wake up.
The sun travels further,
I travel further.
The sun reached its top,
I reached my top.
The sun goes down,
I go down.
The sun has set,
I have set.
The moon rises,
As do I.
The moon travels,
As do I.
The moon reached the top,
As did I.
The moon has set,
As did I.
And an other day has been lived.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
Please take me now
I want to go
God doesn't love for all I know
You, I don't know

Please take me now
I don't know where else to go
God I have never seen
Heaven know my sins

Please take me now
I must go
Never spoke with god, never seen god
There is no place for me there

Please take me now
I need to go
For I have no life here
And heaven knows
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
The empty void inside of me is growing
The only thing that I do is hoping
That one day my life will pass by
When I do, no one will cry

My life is ****** up from the inside
My life seems perfect and nice from the outside
My life has been turned inside out
I just wish for my heart to be pulled out

What makes it so impossible
What is the point of life if you hate it
What is life if it is far from optimal
I just want to die, just for my throat to be slit

I can't keep living like this
I need to get out of here
I just want to get that death kiss
There is nothing keeping me here

No one likes me the way I am
No one gets a long with me because they like me
No one loves me
All I need to do is, find that **** switch of this program

I am done with life
I can't go on like this
I just need to grab that kitchen knife
I just want my life to burst like a flower dehisces
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
Depression is like math
It is like a sinus wave multiplied by x    
Along the x line we can count the amount of depression
Along the y line we can count how much we feel it

In the beginning there is no depression and no pain
Then there is the first top, some pain and some depression
The further we go along the line of depression
The amount of pain varies between feeling and not feeling
And the bigger our depression gets the more we feel
y = x sin(x)
ThatBrokenOne Feb 2019
At a distance far away
Your house is build on a solid ground
You walk your steps through the city

At a distance far away
Your bed is placed in a tidy room
Your books a stacked on the shelf

At a distance far away
You live your live
You read your book about the higher person

At a distance far away
You step in the teleporting machine
To start your travel to a place far away
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
This pain of mine
I am surely not fine
It feels bigger than me
For I am broken most definitely
I am in need of help
Like a lions mother without her welp

Is there a way to keep going
As the pain is growing
It rides like a car without gas
I get to see it al from first class
All I need is some words
The first to see, it were dead birds
Read it like one poem
Or like two poems in one
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
I had a dream
A dream about you
You and I were back together
Together we were happy

Then something happend, I didn't want to
To stay happy, I should have stayed in that dream
That dream was about us being together
Together everything was fine

I wish I didn't wake up
Waking up is what made me depressed again
Again I want to stay in bed
In bed I want to be all day

Please let me go
Let me go while I can
I can be gone
Gone I want to be

Next time I don't want to wake up
Waking up doesn't make me happy
Happy I'll never be again
Again I hate my life for waking up
ThatBrokenOne Feb 2019
The sun comes up, the day has started
After a long dream, I feel fainthearted
Was it a dreamless sleep, or a big nightmare
You might say; I was a sleep for all I care
But I don't, I want to know
The sleep wasn't for sure about a rainbow

What you dream, tells a story
And it doesn't always shows us the Japanese Morning Glory
It can tell us a story like the Queen of Night
A dream can give you an enormous in sight
An in sight in your thoughts and memory
It tells the story, a known story but with anew energy
We should take this warning to heart
Before we are teared apart
Every dream tells its own story. A story based on your memory. A dream is a process of the memories you have made, it doesn't always seem to make sense. But know this, not every memory does too. Because we all have our own vision on how the world works. It might be different from what you saw, or what you think you saw. A dream is just a mere rewind of your memory but with a refreshed vision, it might be a bit exaggerated but it always is based on your memories.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
My ears are turned red
My body is filled with liquid
My relity is dizzed
My passed is passed
My life is now

I must move on
I can not look back, for it is killing me
I want it to be the passed
I need it to be the passed
I need to move on
I am filled with liquid

It makes me dizzed
It makes me feel wierd
It makes me react slowly
It makes me more wierd then I already am
It makes me qeustion

Do I want more
Do I need to stop
Do I need to drink more
Do I need less
Do I want to drink less

I know it is bad
But it makes me care less
It makes me forget
It makes me move on
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
Your love is like a drug to me.
You made me a drug addict.
For I can not live without your love.
I am in a dying need for it.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
You said those words
"I love you"
But did you every really say them
Or was it more of a "it's what people in love say" thing

You broke my heart
At first I was fine
I was broken for sure

You were the reason
When I realised what really happened
I was gone, gone to the darkness of live

Your absence made me go crazy
I found the light switch
I felt fine, really I did
It was like I fixed my heart

You had me, and lost me
But it never really was a light switch
It was just a mere flashlight
A light that will run out of juice
And I never really fixed my heart
It was just wrapped in ducktape

You are still hurting me
That tape never covered my whole heart
It left open spots
Spots that leak my love, my live, my sanity
From time to time I feel this pain
This emptiness
This absence of sanity
ThatBrokenOne Apr 2019
It has been

I have met you
You have left me

Every single day I have been
Thinking of you
Reminded of you
From the day we met

I want it to

I want to
Live my life
Move on
Be free
Another poem about you, it has been months since you broke up with me. And I still feel the pain, the sadness. I want to be left alone, but every thing reminds me of you. Everything I hear or see or do. When will it end, when will my mind be free.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
I want what you have, you want what I have
And the only thing we see in each others life
Are the good moments
The things, I think you like the most

But the opposite is true
We only see things we like ourselves the most
What we like about the other persons life the most
Are not the things they like the most

We should listen more
watch more
Feel more
Care more
Just to know someone else
And not only think about ourselves
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
Tell everyone,
Or no one.
Tell my parents,
Or tell my brothers and sister.
Tell to all who want to know,
Or don't at all.

I love them,
And I will miss them.
For I don't want to be here anymore,
This I can not bare.

Tell my ex girlfriend,
She was all I ever wanted.
Tell her I love her,
And that I will never forget her.

Tell all of them that I said,
Farewell, please live on without me, because you can what I could not.
Goodbye to everyone that wants to hear that I am leaving this place, for I don't want to be in it anymore.
ThatBrokenOne Mar 2019
I am afraid
Afraid to see you
To be reminded of my past
My past with you
But you where there
There with me, by my side

I am afraid
when I am going to school
The school you go to too
Everyday again there is the possibility
The possibility to see you again
What will I do, when I see you

I am afraid
To see you
because I don't know
What I will do
How I will react
Afraid to see our past
Which I wish wasn't ours to share
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
My dear friends
Thank you for being there for me
Carrying me around, all day long
Feet by feet, step by step

No matter the weight of me
You walk me around
Day in day out, with any question

You are there when I need you
Where ever I need you
How ever I need you

My feet, my dear friends
I thank you for being there
In times of need, in times of feast
For every time you where there for me
It came up in my mind after a long day of school and working, so they are a little bit soar right now
ThatBrokenOne May 2019
Your words made my hair stand up right,
Like frozen water cones hanging from the mountain rocks.
It touched me right in the middle of my heart,
Like a campfire warming you up from the front.
But there was this little feeling,
This shivering down my spine,
It could have been from the cold of the mountain rocks.
You may warm my heart, But it leaves me cold.
You may light my path, But it only will lead into the darkness.
What ever it is that you are doing,
Don’t stop, don’t go,
Light my path, keep me warm,
Or I will end up being a frozen statue in the cold dark mountains.
ThatBrokenOne Feb 2019
I hope you will understand
My pain, my fear, my thinking
I have encountered some trouble along the way

I hope you will understand
When I say I am afraid you will leave too
I had a girlfriend, whom I loved to death

I hope you will understand
That I have been broken before
And now I am frightened it will happen again

I hope you will understand
That I love you with all I have
And I hope you won't leave me too

I hope you will understand
That I don't want you to leave me as well
Not as I have been left before

You must know
That I am giving all I can
That I want you in my life
So please don't leave me too
I want you, I need you
You are all I have, all I need
And I love you
ThatBrokenOne Mar 2019
Between dusk and dawn, time stops
Darkness rises, stars start twinkling
In the darkness you can hear the wolfs howling
Trough the darkness army rises
Armies with large creatures, creatures of the dark

At day they will hide
Seek shelter of the light
At night they will march
To war they will go

Creatures of the night
Rooming the world
Searching and fighting
Looking for salvation fighting for freedom
But they never find it
So they march until the light arises
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
I just want to be free
Free of thoughts about you
They make me go crazy
I like you
But you don't like me
That is what I would have to accept
You are not mine
Not anymore
You have left me
And I miss you
But that is just how it is

There hasn't a day gone by
Without me thinking about you
I want it to stop
But that seems impossible
It sometimes seems easier to just die
Than to stop thinking about you

It needs to stop
As you are not mine
So please make it stop
Before I go more crazy than I already am
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
When will it be Friday
So no one will ask why I drink beer

When will it be Friday
So I don't have to think about school

Please let it be Friday
Because I want to be free
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
It is good to have
Good to acknowledge
To know the are there

I like them
Like them we need more
They are nice

We need them
Needing is all we do
Even in good times

Just be one
Be one to your surroundings
People will like it

Thank you for being there
You are dear to me
Lets meet again
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