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Sally A Bayan Jan 2019
. . . /\ . . .

Every ticking of the clock
there occurs some bad or good acts
they could be organized, or unkempt,
yet, nothing, or no one could pre-empt
our thoughts.....there's not a hint of rage
just questions on being there on a big stage,
called life, like a puppet...or pulling your own
strings...fighting abuse when that moment is born,
the fear to making a vital decision
to reel, when marked as  a failed person,

who wants to be censured......or judged,
be disheartened by an ugly smudge?

it's almost unwelcome, to hear scrutiny
wary of doors shutting on you, with finality

it's hard not to hear people's words
when they hit the ears
and the swords,
a hostile wind.....a strange silence...are felt,
loud in their echoes, human heart is ever made of pelt.

faith and hope
........embolden the spirit to persist,
to rise from all storms in life still exist...

when the winds blow nonstop,, i believe,
God's way of fanning the fires,
........................of our will, to live,
we  go on breathing
...................we survive......


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
January 26, 2019
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
My dear friends
Thank you for being there for me
Carrying me around, all day long
Feet by feet, step by step

No matter the weight of me
You walk me around
Day in day out, with any question

You are there when I need you
Where ever I need you
How ever I need you

My feet, my dear friends
I thank you for being there
In times of need, in times of feast
For every time you where there for me
It came up in my mind after a long day of school and working, so they are a little bit soar right now
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2018
When I am with you I don't feel so alone.
Every part of me that feels empty is filled.
You smile and all of a sudden I feel that I can do anything.
It's not that I don't believe in grand gestures or believe
that they shouldn't be done every so often.
It's simply that these small moments truly define
what you mean to me.
Discovering what makes every moment that much better.
The smaller dimples that help arrange your smile.
It doesn't matter what mood I am in or how I am feeling.
You know just what to say to put my mind at ease.
Assuring that every thing is going to be ok.

When I am with you I poke fun at you because I don't know how else
to express how I feel.
So I include everything in my power to make you smile whilst telling you
How special you are to me.
Even if that requires embarrassing myself in the process.

Exposing my vulnerabilities and insecurities knowing that they are safe with you.
Through action only do these moments come to life.
Holding you every moment that I can.
At times I know it isn't easy.
Often making yourself do things you don't want to do.
Finding the time and or energy to stay up a while longer to make sure that I am alright.
knowing that you have to wake right back up and go to work.
I recognize a lot of my selfishness and realize that I am not perfect.
Through you am I able to recognize this difference and correct what is wrong,
All the while admitting that your head really isn't that big.
It's your heart and I am glad to be apart of it
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2018
Sometimes I think you are a fairy.
Everytime you appear everything gets better.
It's always unexpected.
Not that I don't expect you to show your pretty face.
It's how you appear.
Seeing you whole.
Though curious to where you hide your wings.
No matter how many times I mix my words up
You know just what I am saying.
Reaching into your bag, sprinkling your dust as you please.
My mouth covered a thousand times over, your essence.

Your words fly right out of your mouth.
And like that I am in awe.
One feeling at a time.
It's funny, how beautiful you are.
The way you sprinkle your pixie dust.
You know just how to pick me up.
The twitch of your nose.
The dimple that forms in your cheek.
The world a distant place.
This moment spent ensuring our distance.
The rest of me in your bag.
I acknowledge how special you are.
I'd never place you in a jar or any form of glass.
I'd never misuse any part of you.
My heart being the concrete that cushions the way you walk.
Your lips the fascination of the sun.
The bigger problem is how you always seem to find me when I am at my lowest.
And how I can never catch you off guard.
Your whisper in my ear.

Sinking into your presence
Mfena Ortswen Dec 2017
Tell me in whispers the things you fear
I'll bless you with kisses and wipe away every tear
I'll hold you close to my heart and show you what true love is
I'll take you on a journey of unending bliss
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2017
In a sort of way I was like her pen.
Whenever she needed a place to vent I was there.
In the times when truth was hard to bare. The world a bit colder.
Is when she stained me with her hands. A place she felt most comfortable.
She'd wake out of a dead sleep, to tell me all of her dreams.
The things that kept her up at night. Her fears, her aspirations. 
She inspired me as well.
To give as much as I could.
Knowing her to be all I could depend.
Generous in the way I laid beneath her words.
I remained humble. Replacing my top with every syllable she spoke.
learning to speak in the times she didn't know which word felt best. 
Shutting the world out for moments longer.
In times I wasn't my best. She never minded the ink on her hands.
The moments that became hesitant. Large blotches of ink clogged in a moment of weakness.
The silence of a moment where silence spoke volume.
Closed pen top. The inadequacy of being used until nothing was left.

This was how I viewed the world until she opened me up.
Often times I'd dangle from her front pocket. Kept warm by her side.
Away from all the other things she'd carry in her bag.
In all honesty I loved every story she'd tell.
Shedding light on her perspective of life.

To leave the old me somewhere on a desk
I felt at home living and breathing, nestled between her fingers.
At neither time did we feel we'd run out of ink.
Scribbling her pain, her pleasure 
With my fingers.
And I, curled up in a blanket until the sun rose in her eyes
Julie Butler May 2014
My lady cried
she holds a baby inside
I couldn't believe
in what she was feeling

denied the keep
her heart was screaming at me
oh what a night
and I couldn't be there

changing her mind
my heart it breaks every time
to hear her say
she wants me to be there

that this boy is mine
I've been crowned so many times
and in her eyes
I see our lives
fly by

& when he's born
I will wish I was home
so far away
from all that i'm known for

— The End —