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ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
It has been more then three years
Three years since I had seen you

Today I have seen you once more
Once more we spoke about our lives

Yours hadn't been that well
So well that I had to meet you behind closed doors

Your past hasn't been pleasant
Pleasant is what you would like right now

Behind those closed doors, you have your life
Your life exists of waking up and going back to bed

There is nothing in between
In between you sometimes see your therapist

Sometimes you have a visitor
A visitor has never been one of your parents

That must hurt a lot
A lot of **** has happen in your life

I wish you the best of luck
Luck you deserve more than me
Today I have visited an old friend of mine. When I texted here to she if she wanted to meet, I had in mind to meet here over a cup of coffee. But instead I found here behind closed doors. There is nothing to do all day long. She wakes up and goes back to bed. It is weird to think that those people in there are supposed to get better/ get rid of there depression, but all I could think is: that if I would be in there I would only get more depressed. There is totally nothing to do. I was sad to see, how these people are expected to live. I hope she will survive that place, because it is more depressing than anyone could ever get.
indigochild Dec 2018
pillows are just sponges for the choppy waters on my face
Bridget Crooks Feb 2018
i used to fear my own death,
now i fear the possibility of another breath.
one more second in this word prolonged,
i don't know if i can be that strong.

when they ask me if i'm okay, i lie
but deep inside i start to cry.
closed doors hide all traces,
as do smiles and pretty faces.

tears, smiles, nightmares and dreams,
nothing in this world is as it seems.

— The End —