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These words are for me,
For I'm the one who's hurting,
I'm just healing myself.
I often wonder why we can't understand other's poems sometimes, but deep down it is the one who writes it knows the value of it.
ThatBrokenOne Aug 28
Its been days,
Weeks, Months.
The pain is in the past,
Wrote about it more then once.

All that happened,
It broke, It shifted, me.
I've learned a lot,
With a new vision I see.

She came from the outside,
Found a way, reached into my heart.
She decided to stay,
Reconstructing me after I fell apart.

I am feeling happy,
After all the sadness.
One thing I have learned,
Falling in love is madness.
ThatBrokenOne Jul 20
The rhythm of the sounds.
The words flowing through the speakers.
Every tone makes my mind float further.
Into the unknown.
Into the universe.
Mind and body disconnected,
Like a phone in flight modus.
Listening to music makes me feel free,
Making me feel relieved.
The outer world does not exist,
My mind is the only one persisting,
The survivor of the apocalypse.
A feeling of rest rushing through the veins,
A thought of freedom bouncing through my brain.

But then,
Then there is that singular thought,
A thought that breaks it all.
I MUST.......
ThatBrokenOne Jul 20
I want to write,
I want to create,
I want to speak my mind.

But what is on my mind.
How to create a poem out of it.
How to write it down.

I have lost the inspiration to write,
Which is a good thing,
And yet I miss it.

How to write a poem, I cannot create.
How to speak the words, that I don't know.
How to think the poem, which can't be written down.
ThatBrokenOne Jul 20
Hey you,
Yes you.
How do you do?
How is it going?
It is going well I hope,
What do your signs say in the horoscope?

We haven't really spoken last few weeks,
It is not only the words that speaks.
Your silence tells me a story,
I listen with a bear in my hand to your poetry.
I cleaned my ears to hear your words,
It washed away all my concerns.

Tell we your tale,
Let us drink some ale.
To unite our feelings,
I want something more then only the greetings.
To make our bond grows stronger,
So our friendship will last longer.
I am trying to sleep,
But my thoughts are racing around,
Like a young pupper chasing a ball.

I am trying to sleep,
But all my mind seems to do,
Is keeping me awake,
Like a pupper reaching for his ball under the soda.

I am trying to sleep,
It seems to be an objective to far,
How will I get my good night's rest,
How will I make it through tomorrow,
I want to sleep,
I need to sleep.
I wish to write,
Words on paper,
Sentences on the internet.

I wish to create verses,
Writing poems,
Write it all down, for others to read.

I wish to share my feeling,
So others can enjoy how I feel too,
Sharing the feeling of happiness.

I wish I had it all,
Not for me, not the money,
But the happiness, the love, the sweetness,
Just to share it with you all,
To enjoy it together.

I hope this does a bit of it,
Sharing the happiness,
The tenderness,
The love,
The joy.
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