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ThatBrokenOne Feb 2022
It's been weeks since I left.
But my heart is still a part of your theft.
How will I get backup from this,
How will I fill that hole inside of me, at the size of a fist.

Feeling heartbroken was better,
Dealing with that pain was something I was able to handle.
But this emptiness is somethings else,
Putting something back inside is not something that can be done.

Memories are flowing through the brain,
The weird thing is, it don't feel the pain.
It's the emptiness that makes me feel weird,
What happened is the biggest thing I feared.

It is over, it is done,
The thing we had, it is gone.
Loneliness is setting in,
Happiness is starting to grow thin.

I hope it will get better,
I need to believe it will get better,
I know it will be beter.
But that doesn't mean it is easy,
But that doesn't mean it doesn't take time,
But that doesn't mean it has to be done alone.

Keep in mind, I am not alone,
Keep in mind you are not alone,
Keep in mind, you and I can be friends :)
So lets start here, there is nothing to fear,
So let's start here, it has to begin somewhere,
So let's start here, start with loving ourself :)
ThatBrokenOne Feb 2022
What to say to the world,
When there is nothing to say.
What to ask from the world,
When there is nothing to get.

Words are spoke,
Yet there is nothing said.
Deeds are being done,
Yet nothing is changing.

What to be in the world,
When it is doomed to fail.
What to do in the world,
When there is nothing to be done.

Where to go in a world full of hate,
Where to go in a heart of pain,
Where to go when there is no road to take,
Where to go when the path is dark.

Let it be a light in the darkness,
Be who you are, be who you desire to be.
Because being you are is not the hardest,
Being who others want you to be is not something you will agree.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2022
Piece by piece the track flies by,
If you squint your eye,
You can see it in the distance,
The reflection of windows glistering.

Little houses growing in size,
Factories with all their supplies.
Objects growing in the distance as they come near,
My brain starts to think words, as if I am Shakespeare.

Words that I will have to remember,
Before they start to dismember.
Quick I need to write them down,
Before they fade into memory-town.

Piece by piece, words start to flow,
If only you could see my face glow.
The pure joy of being able to write,
It gives a feeling of insight.

These words give you happiness,
They start to flow in all generousness.
Filling paper after paper,
Soon, and you will be able to make it into a wallpaper.

Sometimes you only need one spark,
It lights up all around in the dark.
Sometimes there is that flow of thoughts,
And you are able to connect all the dots.

And there it is,
A new poem in all of its bliss.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2022
What am I to do,
I don't want to be in pain,
I don't want the way it hurts me.

You want to play a game with me,
The things I see hurt me so much,
But I don't even know what I see.

I could ask you,
But I don't want the pain,
It really hurts me.

I want this to be over,
But will it ever be,
It hurts me that we are not a we.

We are over,
It is gone,
for me and you.

You made that very clear,
And yet, there you still are,
How am I supposed to pull through?
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2021
A week and a half has past,
We broke up mutually.

It was all going so fast,
It hurts, I hate it.

Once again love has failed this time around,
This time it lasted longer.

It feels like life is at a breakdown,
How will it ever get back up.

I know I have had worse,
But it still hurts.

Love feels like a curse,
In time it can only bring pain.

**** this life,
Its not fun.

But at least I am nog grabbing back to the knife,
Not yet anyways.
ThatBrokenOne Oct 2021
Is it really, us?
Who are we?

The neurons, molecules, atoms...
What makes us us?

Where does the cosmos end?
Where do we begin?

What defines me
What is my 'self'?

It begins with the love,
The feeling of being,
The experience of existence,
The exploration of life.

The essence of the self,
Is in the presence of the life.

Its not who we are,
Its who we are not.

It's not what we get,
It's about what we give to life.
ThatBrokenOne Mar 2021
The difficulty with a love one,
When to talk when to keep quiet,
But never to shout.

The love for a love one,
When to keep pushing,
To give the space.

The fear of losing one,
When to stay, when to run,
But never to hurt.

The beauty of a love one,
To hold close, to be dear,
But never hate one another.

The love of a loved one,
The aching moments in between,
But never to be destroyed.

To love a loved one,
To be loved by a loved one,
To keep on loving,
And never to hate.
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