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I've had vertigo
for 7 days now.
It is like being
on a ship
getting your heartbroken
by the captain.
I tried to reach out
to you
gulping waves of salt.
Instead of throwing
me a rope,
you ordered me below deck
with the poor stoways.
"Captain oh Captain"
they sing
like reading that classical
poem underwater.
You let them kiss
your ***
bent over livestock
one by one.
Wrapped up in
one's self I sway
watching you
fix the sail
fix the direction
**** retentive.
My ear a conch
your hands big as
a whale
blowing up boastful
ordering people to
the left of you
unsatisfied for what is right.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 11
I had a dream
Well I should say nightmare
It was about us being back together
Like nothing happened

Then I woke up
Laying there in my bed under the sheets
Comfortable and warm
But yet it felt like I was falling
Down and down, into this empty void
When I dreamt, it was a dream
But when I woke up
I knew it was not a dream
It was a nightmare
I am back in reality
I wish I could dream for ever
I don't get it
Why did you do it
We were so happy
You looked so happy
You broke my heart
You were my heart
You were the love of my life
You were my life
Every moment I could be there
I was there
Most of the time I was at your house
With you I wanted our own house
I don't get it
Why did you do it
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
When I woke up yesterday, I said to my self.
From today on forward it will be a new day.
I don't want to live with this pain any more.
What happened, happened and I can't do anything about it.
So from this day on forward I will just life on my life as it is.

that day was a great day.
I felt more free than I was before.
I could let it all go.
Just because I don't want to drag it a long anymore.
It was a big relief.

Today I woke up.
And their it was again, that pain.
That killing pain inside my chest, my broken heart.
At that moment I realized, it is not that simple.
You can't just flick your fingers, and just forget it.
No it will take time, it will take pain.
But what happened, happened and I can't do anything about it.
So I will just live on my life as it is.

It will be a great day, because it is the second day.
The second day that I said to myself,
I don't want to live with that pain any more.
It happened, it hurt, it was awful, it was heart breaking.
But I can not let it rule my life,
I can not let it ruin my life,
I can not let her ruin my life.
I will be a free man once again.
But this time a different one.
I will be happy, because,
What happened, happened and I can't do anything about it.
So I will just live on my life as it is.
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
Those words you tolled me felt like
A bullet going through my heart...
A knife ripping it open...
An explosion going of from the inside...
It felt like i was bleeding

The weeks after that it felt like my heart
Was made of concrete...
Was made of steel...
Was made of ice...
It felt like it was made of nothing

I hope that in the future it will feel like
It is made of fire and lite me up...
It is made of snow so my heart can melt once again...
It is made of flesh so it can pump love once again...
It is made of everything I want it to be so I can feel again
MU Nov 2018
I am here
For you
How shall I help?

What type of balsam do you want?
Sweet injections for your ego?
Or bitter sirups for your soul?
Or maybe an operation in your mind?

But an amoutation of your sorrows?
I am not qualified for that!
You have to bear the pain
Pain killers will **** you
Let the feelings soar on
And fall off

I shall collect them
And throw them away
To the dogs of forgettable times
And the snakes of ellsuive memories

Let them feast
They are hungry
For smelly things

You limp away
And move on
For love can grow again
Helping a friend through a heartbreake
Fasyalo Oct 2018
This sunset reminds me of a story which has no beginning, nor ending but it was a story
lots of words were written with souls
two damaged souls dying to be together
but they were never together, never was, never will be
their hopes became dust
fly through the air
gets into their lungs
flower-color Sep 2018
i sent a risky message
to be honest I hoped for the best
possible outcome

but guess what?
to my words, to all explanation
his answer was : ill pass

that left me shocked
i was left with no words to convince him
i could have replied almost to anything

but what was that?
ill pass..

i wasnt asking you to the movie
or even a date
i was confessing my love to you...
Josh Sep 2018
You picked me up when I was low,
You took me higher than I’d flown,

But how was I to know,
You would only to let go,

Let me fall so deep,
Then leave me to weep,

Take me so high,
Knowing it was a lie,

Leave me in pain,
Its happened again,

Made me trust you,
Only to brake it,

Told me you loved me,
Only you faked it.
Claire Jul 2018
He fell in love with the wrong girl.
He's never going to know.
His lips burn a thousand degrees.
And hers are made of snow.

They came to an agreement
To keep things on the low.
But together they're a tall rose bush
That's never going to grow.

They winded up the river
Racing against the flow.
Taking breaks between kisses
To row.

He looked at her
Like he was waiting for the wind to blow.
She couldn't bear to see him like this.
She had to let him go.
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