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Stuck in my ways as it has become a habit

she yearns for my attention and has not  grasped it

My intentions were not to lead her down this ravine

Yet, my heart is not ready to give in from the routine

As I could not consciously lead you astray

My first mechanism is to push you away

“It will not be long” oh great, now I sound cliché...

That THIS, will just be another severance left to decay.

We have to sacrifice certain things to gain things we’ve never had.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 10
Oops I did it again
That will be another scar
It will bleed
It will hurt
It will be like me

Oops I did it again
Only he can cry
I can't
I try
But I fail

Oops I did it again
I let the river flow out of my arm
I let the bed sheets get stained again
I let my room fill with this dark red fluid
It happened again

Oops I did it again
I let my self go
I just did it
This time is has been more deeper than ever
This will bleed for a while

Oops I did it again
I feel this warm trickle flow down my arm
I am sitting here shirt less
I am getting cold, I have to be
But yet I don't feel it
I don't cry
I don't shiver
I feel nothing
I am nothing
I just need to be gone
I am not human anymore
An episode is playing
On the tv screen
At the end of my bed.
I am looking
But not watching.
I am hearing
But not listening.

Down my arm is a little red stream
It feels warm and soft.
Is this what the inside of a body is suposed to feels like
Mine feels cold and hard
Icey and cracked.

It is red and cracked
But it doesn't hurt.
That crack is crying instead of me
Tears of red colour are running down my arm.
It burns when I touch it
But it doesn't hurt.

Where did my feelings go
Where did my love go
Where did my live go
Where did my life go

I am just an empty casing
Full of blood
Without feelings
Without love
I am just an empty casing
MG Dec 2018
I don't think they know..
How much it hurts to be me.
To haul the cross of others sins.
To be weighed down by the strain of others emotions.
I would rather drown just to keep them breathing.
Feeling like I am sacrificing my own self,
for the painlessness of others.
Never expecting recognition or gratitude,
Or anything else in return.
Maybe just some acknowledgement,
that I'm hurting too.
(maybe even more than you)
the first thing I've wrote about me.
hannah Feb 2018
Death I can tell you have always wonder what it would feel like to die.
Would it be painless, will you remember the ones you loved, or will you see how they talked about you when you were not around?
Will they even notice your gone or will they be over it in a day only talking about you to have others feel bad?
Will the people who hated you the most talk bad about you like always or will they pretend that you were their best friend?
Godlink Jan 2018
Who would of thought emotional numbness made you physically numb?
When they stuck the needle in my arm
it felt like being pinched but not stung.
Or when I jumped out of a car
no air was knocked from my lungs.
When I stapled my arm
there was no pain that had sprung;
And there's something about living
while feeling so dead.
It's like reading a story
that you've already read.
It's like living your life
but on your deathbed.
It's like repeating a line
that's always been said.
It's like pulling the trigger
with a gun to your head.
Something about living life from a third person point of view.
Is what makes me feel less alive
that's all I've know to be true.
kyle Shirley Aug 2017
Growing older without you..
I'm starting to loose what the feeling of love is like.
I've grown colder to people,
and I'm lossing sight of what loving you has been like, and without that I've got nothing.
Long ago falling in love with you was a feeling that kept me going,
now after all these years
I feel like not even you could bring me back,
to find my way to love again.
I've just run cold now.
n Aug 2017
Your hands around my waist,
heart synchronised to mine

Your fingers run through my hair,
radiating sunbeams of smiles

You watch sunbeams dance in my curls,
body still as a winter's day

You stare straight into my eyes,
your soul connects - to mine

I turn my callous back, then
turn my face to you
I cant  think of a title or get this to fit into a nice little rhythmic scheme
Em MacKenzie Jul 2017
I once heard that suicide was painless,
especially if you use the steel that is stainless.
But when you go, you're bound to die nameless,
and everyone is helpless but no one is blameless.

I once heard you could determine your life with a game of MASH,
from who you would marry and if they'd have cash.
The future was written out but the ink gave me a rash,
and the destination was plotted to come to a crash.

Now through early morning fog I see,
every regret and every memory,
grasping a hopeful visionary,
that in this life we can be free.

I once heard that suicide was painless,
and with tragedy you can become famous,
but the outcome is always quite heinous,
and we all have pride but the release is shameless.

Now through early morning fog I see,
the line between truth and reality,
and with every wish and every plea,
I beg the world to just let it be.

Yes suicide is painless,
it's a route of living chainless,
but it only leaves destruction in it's wake.
Yes suicide is painless,
it's skies are always rainless,
but the rays of sunshine are extremely fake.

Yes suicide is painless,
It's outcome is very gainless,
the only thing that's gifted is heartbreak.
Was watching MASH and felt inspired by the show's theme.
Justin Soberano Jan 2017
As I tread this path with prickles & thorns,
With fluttering butterflies in my gut,
With blurry visions of vague horizons,
Failed to notice, I was stuck in a rut.

I reached a small pond that mirrored my face,
I see roses, patches of red petals.
I was enamored with it as I trace,
The roses that formed a maze to my pulse.

It was blood, I was dying painlessly.
These thorns were shrapnel from a hand grenade,
The feeling of butterflies was numbness,
My blurred vision was from a ruptured vein,
I fell flat, dying, laying on the grass,
Please, my love, end me with a coup de grâce.
A sonnet of the final moments of dying painlessly, or slowly realizing reality.
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