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King Nov 2018
The absence of light is a common fear
Dreaded absence, the non existence which exists
The dark, the absence of light which cant compare
To the fear I felt when you left me in darks grips

I thought you didn’t exist anymore, then you did
Like a light shone in the middle of night
This fear scraped my insides out again, God forbid
You ever realize that which you havent become

I fought so hard to drown the absence
I was healthy, as night and day coexist
Yet suddenly I was shot again by my own perish
If I could control the wound you know I would

Punishment exists in this absence where I live
A shallow voice screaming at another
Both belong to me, for I forbid
Any of this existing in light
King Nov 2018
The absence of me, my very own self
Non existing inside of my vessel once again
How incredibly strange, to wake up hollowed out
To be the absence of a person you’ve always been

Hollowed, by the image of your claws at my skin
Again you grab my face and words swarm my
Ears like bees and wasps I cant let back in
I saw you in my minds eye and let you fill me

An empty bee hive is all I am now
The honey has dried and the clutter of buzz is gone
Hollow is all there is to define my insides
The tree will finally drop me to the rocks before long

The me is gone with no light, simply hollow
The fear is reality as I can see the rocks getting closer
An absence of life is one of the greatest fear
Now I fear that it is only fear which will follow
King Nov 2018
Deathly hollow eyes staring black
Pupils dilated in the abyss
Autopilot is all that’s left
Thoughts flooded of final bliss

Overdosed on emotions
Versatile and utterly unnecessary
My heart is empty but not broken
This feeling is so familiarly scary

This is what I felt in the absence of you
The disappearance of first love
My walls surrounded me, deathly blue
And all was drained from above

Panic and fear is all that’s missing
Manic is the replacement now
My heart wont stop cooing and singing
For the final leap, the last bow

Living in the moment is fright
Terrifying, my soul shivers and breaks
To even imagine going through the night
Without the hope of climbing free

This feeling is what was left,
Its sneaked back into my heart
Unwanted its slowly tearing me apart
And I hope I survive the climb back
The climb back is me
The absence of you,
The realization is what brings
Back me from the absence of me

From being cast to the dark
Torn apart, and nonexistent
From all you left I spark
The climb is what I live through
King Oct 2018
It’s me again
Your age old friend
Tall, dark, eyes as white as snow
One look in my eyes is a fatal blow

My skin is scratchy,
My voice is raspy
And my hands, as cold as stone

My child of fire
You hold my desire
I envy your escape from my clutch
I stalk as you run through this world, so far from my touch

Yet the night grows close
And you have chose
To waltz out for a moonlight walk

The realm without light
The dark of night
You’re in my world now, dear spawn
You can see me, barely, but soon you’ll be gone

Run fast, as far as you can
In the end, you cant escape this plan
This game will end with one winner, one who sadly wont be you

You felt my presence before
Now feel is once more
As my clawed hands dread across your soft skin
And my faceless head kisses the darkness within

The light is all you have
One flash, and I’m gone
But I’ll soon be back again, without warning, behind you

The next time you dance
The last time you play chance
Your final breath will die on my cold skin, I swear
In this world where the light is never, and your heart is dead
King Feb 2019
Isnt it funny to amuse me
To think you can abuse me
Trial after trial,

These cop cars have me thinking
You don’t know what you’re doing
Time after time,

And the fire starts spreading
We're close to beheading
Life over life

Disease of my destruction,
My mothers been crying,
My father’s still rotting,
And I’m too far from resurrection.
King Dec 2018
Oh a skin so soft, sweet as silk
Pale complexion, entranced with silhouettes
Pearly colored, as white as mothers milk
Child which death can no longer threat

Eyes of stone, coldly staring
Ungodly vision of night, haunting souls
You arent even close, yet I feel you glaring
Pupils dialate as you target, your iris of rose

Velvet liquid drops from your snake tongue
Blood has stained your dapper wear
Monster of dark, you enchant while blood drunk
Even as your fangs bite and tear

The beast of sin, romance of unearthly desire
Intense reds, clashing on your inhuman skin
In one human heart you have lit a fire
Let the battle of nature and scorn begin

How could one not fall for the eternally young?
King Jan 2019
I’ll eat you away
Painful thoughts and fears
Destruction at the bay

You have no time
For time has been lost
Devoured by grime

The greens of poison
The ashes of December
The bellows of paranoia

All will be lost in the void
A whirlpool of corruption
All to be destroyed

Vortex of illusion
Spiraling to conclusion
Valley of the end
Lack of comprehension
Eaten in the vortex
Swallowed whole
Eaten away
King Mar 2019
Lay down your guard dogs
I know the truth behind
Your fears

It’s ok to let them free

You’re more complex than
The books you read
Loving the simplified

How could I just let your Sunshine smile

In your arms I feel as if
Summers finally returned
The most purest sense of home

I can tell with you the rainy days are
King Dec 2018
The fear of your own flesh
The skin that cages you helplessly
As a fish frozen inside a lake
Banished from the sunsets lovely

Cold, stagnant and painful
The knowing your body is raw
Sorrow one could only feel in dreams
Just as fearful as knowing it’s wrong

Skin caging us so tightly, like
The potatoes your aunt used to peel
Sitting in your grandmas chair
The memories of when you were better

A child riding a half broken bike
Figuring out how to get the jelly jar to seal
Putting up and braiding long hair
Writing important Christmas letters

Now all that fills you is worry
Your family cant understand the
Skin they gave you isnt fitting
And all you can explain is because

Because it’s how you grew up
Because it’s how you’ve become
Because your head was never ******* on right
And now you fear being alone

Now all that you are is someone
Your family doesn’t know but I swear
As you explore on your own
You find people who love and care

They love and care and hold you
Peeling potatoes of their own
And together you watch the sunset
As you explore you wont ever be alone
King Nov 2018
I close my eyes yet
I know I can not sleep
My mind is awake with
The constant memory

I see his graceful figure
In every single dream
My body aches to hold him
His touch is haunting me

I close my eyes yet
I only see his sweet
Face looking brightly
Back at me
King Dec 2018
I was thinking of nothing when I met you
Silhouettes escaped my mouth and danced
A cowardly song, carrying my feelings to
My eyes open, widely entranced
By the idea of loving again

Soft footsteps, waterfall eyes
Excitement gripping my heart
Ideally, falling to pieces again
As I let you shred me apart

Loud music, static for brains
Fire leaves burns on my face
Lovely, finding the smoke in my veins
As I further my death into art

Dead hands, across burned flesh
Opposites dance in the night
Computer brains, refresh
And candles burn open my eyes
Oh the idea of loving again
King Oct 2018
Oh sweet
My eyes shine in your premise
Oh darling
Your body so greatly divine

My blood beats through my veins from one glance
Is this adrenaline or perhaps I’m on fire
Your touch is one the gods would be jealous of
For hands could not be as soft

My body shivers at the thought of a simple chance
For skin to touch and fulfill my earthly desire
A match made of simple sensation, not love
For what would a dance like this cost?

Oh sweet
You have no want for me
Oh darling
If only I loved you

Love is the excuse for closeness
The shallow bellowing
Covered with flowers
Laced with temptation
Only mankind could be so careless
King Mar 2019
I’m the reason my things get done
With a willpower more powerful than a gun
I slave for myself for most of the day
Yet sometimes others get in my way

These others, I bless them, for how could I go on
Through the trifling days without a smile
Or a hug, perhaps a gift of hospitality, or a song
A sweet gift to last me the while

I sit at home, fiddling for myself before I get weary
I think of the others who enhance my story
Who give me rides, or boost my joy,
The simplest things that mean so much more

More than a fortune, or fame, or remembrance
Yet they lead me to strive for my dreams
I keep the others as close as can be
For they treat me so kind, with endless acceptance

The spirits they give carry me to endless
Messes of my dreams and goals in the end
I bless them with all I can give
For they deserve to succeed

I work for myself, my wealth, and my health
Yet when the others treat me so kind
It is only in my best mind
To work my best for them as well
King Feb 2019
We start the war with beloved behind our backs
Not realizing their land is turning black
Running miles in order to save what’s lost
Not realizing the worthless cost

I watch as it all comes tumbling
While the beasts stomach is rumbling
A hero must always face an end

Relationships turned to desired death
Finding sanctuary within your lovers breast
Consolation turned to sour Blues
Wondering where the path was for you
King Oct 2018
Finger tips, so freshly pricked
The blood, drips so sweet
Dark red, falls and stained
The socks, covering my feet

Finger tips, covered in red
The blood, flows so fast
Dark red, stains the dead
My shirt, torn across my chest

The night has only begun
As the moonlight showers
So does my everlasting fun

Chaotic energy
Demonic Clergy
Sweet sun falls
While spirits rise

Dancing, prancing, gallivanting
Underneath the sweetness of a dark moon
Such a delectable array of freedom, yet it ends so soon

Sun rise, ruins our freedom
Tomorrows day, drags us back
A year, we wait bleeding
My chest, still dripping red

Sun rise, the end of holiday
Tomorrows day, I lay lifeless
A year, we repeat the ritual
My chest, healed by my king
King Dec 2018
I could bring you back
A gift from across every sea
Chocolates, rubies, but
I know none would make you happy

I could find a nest upon
A tower high above the town
You could see the sky forever
Never having to look down

I could hold your hand
Everytime you show a fear
You would never have to stay
Alone for I would always be near

I’d take you far and wide as you like
Farther than a train, or bike with
Adventure around every corner
Biting our toes like sweet torture

Your stone cold face haunts me
As I try and try to please you
Yet here I stand trying
When all I do is making you unhappy

I know one day we will part
And I may never see you again
But you’ll stay in my heart
Remembered as my favorite friend
King Mar 2019
Hi. My name is Michael, and if you’re reading this then please share it. On January 5th something strange happened to me. I’m not the strange type of person at all, I have a seemingly normal and average life that I’ve been living. Im single, I work a small yet suitable office job, I have a caring family, I spend my free time with friends or putting puzzles together, occasionally watching TV.. I’m sure the following details have bored you, but I’ve been urged to put down all I know.
As for what has happened.. January 5th, it was a weekday and I woke up in order to get ready for work just like I do every day. I got out of bed, brushed my hair with a comb, brushed my teeth, and put on my khakis and dress shirt.. yet when I rolled up my sleeves I saw a black dotted line over a small space on my left wrist. This was the start of these strange occurrences. The line was like sharpie, some non erasable marker that had gotten to my wrist somehow. I had no memory or clue to where it came from, yet it was there. At the time I didn’t think much of it so I went on with my day. The strangeness happened yet again the next day when I woke up.. I did the same thing as the last day, yet again when I went to roll up my sleeves I noticed the dotted line was gone.. in its place was an extremely thin scar. As soon as I touched it, just a graze from my thumb, it hurt.. the scar had me extremely concerned but what was even more concerning was the fact that it hurt! I convinced myself so eagerly it was ok! Its fine.. I just.. I didn’t know where the scar had came from! I still don’t! It baffles me and I think about it so so often.. anyways. I was convinced it was a weird sprain, so I made a small brace out of some bandage and I decided to head to work, arriving late which was terrible on my average record. I couldn’t even begin to think that day, it was as if my mind was fogged with questions, theories, concerns and what to do? Who gets into a situation like this? Yet again, I convinced myself it wasn’t as bad as I was making it out to be..
Then I went home, I went to bed and woke up the next day. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t breath when I saw how bad of shape my wrist was, it was painted with black and blue and looked sickly.. I was so distraught, I yelped in my one person apartment before I cried. Never had I been more scared for what had happened to me! Until of course.. I noticed the dotted lines on my right wrist. That was what killed me. I felt like I was going insane, I couldn’t think for atleast half an hour as I was practically paralyzed with fear of what was happening! I didn’t want to be without two working hands..
So with my right hand still working I left to the hospital, I drove fast, as fast as I could while shaking.. I swear the doctors thought I was there for mental treatment when I first approached then blabbering on how something was coming to scar my wrist, on how I needed the line removed.. yet I was calmed as they took me to get an xray of my worse wrist. They kept me in a room afterwards, I waited 3 hours before a shy doctor came in slowly.. he seemed distraught, which didn’t help my situation at all. “Mr. Dickenson…” he said softly, as if trying to calm me before revealing the neighbor ran over my cat, or my mom couldn’t get me that new console.. “I’m sorry to say this, but from the xrays we have it appears that there is excess blood in your wrist from.. well.. one of the bones in your wrist is.. gone.” He said calmly, my stomach dropped and my eyes widened. What the hell? How the hell? I laughed at first as he showed me the xrays before I explained to him dreadfully how it had to have happened. It HAD to have been in my sleep! The lines!! I didn’t understand. He agreed he would keep me for the next few nights to assess my situation. I was lucky that he was as baffled as me..
So I spent my night in the hospital, and as it can be assumed.. there was indeed a scar on my right wrist, and my left had only been getting worse, more painful, more bruised.. I cried as I saw my situation, something had stolen parts of me.. hell I cant even move my right wrist.. I’ve been painfully jotting this all down with a faulty left wrist, that feels like mush where my bone was stolen. I woke up crying as the doctor came in to take me to get more xrays.. three bones from my right wrist had been stolen. The funny thing? I was in the hospital all night. Me and this doctor checked everything to find any forced entries, we checked security cameras to find nothing had been on them.. I don’t know what this is, this ghost, or disease, or hell whatever is happening to me!! What I know is that I’ve checked my body, again, and tomorrow I will die.. these rotten lines made their mark right where the doctor had said my heart is. He checked and as of now it’s still beating.. I’ve called my parents and friends, and sadly they don’t believe me much. Who would? Without proof like the doctor has I sound insane. I’m writing this because maybe you can escape it. Maybe you’ll be able to seek help when you first see the lines.. because I’ve read stories like this. These ghosts. These demons.. these diseases… they never stop after patient zero. Check your wrists before you go to bed tonight, and when you wake up. I would hate to have someone miss a sign.
I’m in watch now. They have cameras in my hospital room to try and catch it better this time. I’ll continue this if I don’t die tonight.
(Last entry, January 8th)
King Nov 2018
Dark dirt and darker skys
The only light of the pale moon to guide me
This tranquility, forever in this
Realm of dying, deceased, and nevermore to be

I, am the scavenger
With my *** I search
Through decaying birch,
Oak, trees, leaves, plants of all

My goal is the vessels
Of the deceased animals
I collect the ends of their stories
The periods at the end of their sentences

Bones, brittle and left behind
Accompanied by flesh
Decaying, rotting, demolished by
The cycle of mortality

The end of one story
Safely kept in my bag
Forever remembered
I hope they thank me
King Oct 2018
This divine thing claws at my skin
Flesh becomes only a cage
Burn me free from within
Let me erupt with rage
This ****** reflex of my soul
Jumping through my veins with naught control
Free me from solid flesh
Unbirth me from this momentary hell
The act of staying still
Yet moving at speeds beyond comprehension within
Rip my pulsing heart from thine bone prison
Reap what has been sown apart
The soul of the dying heart
King Nov 2018
I’ve never been so cold
While lying next to you
I’ve lost that hand to hold
You watch my skin turn deathly blue

I am the venison
Left unwanted after the hunt
Still warm, sensitive
Dying in the cold front

I only wish I freeze peaceful
The snow covers me white
My death comes so blissful
As the moon overtakes the night

The hunters have left to kiss their women
Hug their kids and sleep soundly
While my decayed body is unwritten
And my spirit is ungrounded

Doe of the night,
Wisting away in the wind
The soul of The Taken takes flight
And finds his own ending
King Jan 2019
I see you praising me
As a child I twirl into your arms
You take pride in raising me
That is until I am reborn

Mistaken in the mind
My insides curdle into blue
They don’t know my kind
The stress of being tangled in two

Pressure to change
Mold back into the sweet
Obedience, something they miss
Some things have to change

I cant allow you to change me
As of now you have seen, I love me
I wont need your acceptance
As of today, I do accept me
Although you can know,
I can be known
If you decide to know me

Simply change your mind
You can take your time
A matter of if you’ll
Simply change your mind
King Dec 2018
Legs spread, mind scattered
Organs decay, insides battered
The thought runs wild
“did it even ever matter?”

Blood pours, like wine
Ripe berries, already burst
“Childs joy was never mine"
Tears follow, a mother cursed

Blood fills the floor
Search begins for something more
Ripening fear begins to mild
Dire sorrow fills mothers core

Lifeless child, fresh of womb
A mistake, time has forgot
Too ripe, child now faces tomb
And a sorrow, mother lays distraught

— The End —