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In a relationship, the question isn't
How much you are willing to change.
It's how much you WILL change.
There's a famous phrase.
There are only 2 guarantees in life:
Death and taxes.
But there's a third thing: change.
Everyone gets taller.
Everyone goes through puberty.
You get where I'm going with this.
But for all the things you can't change, there are things you can.
The most important one:
You can change your mind.
And it's okay to.
King Jan 2019
I see you praising me
As a child I twirl into your arms
You take pride in raising me
That is until I am reborn

Mistaken in the mind
My insides curdle into blue
They don’t know my kind
The stress of being tangled in two

Pressure to change
Mold back into the sweet
Obedience, something they miss
Some things have to change

I cant allow you to change me
As of now you have seen, I love me
I wont need your acceptance
As of today, I do accept me
Although you can know,
I can be known
If you decide to know me

Simply change your mind
You can take your time
A matter of if you’ll
Simply change your mind
They say you're such a pretty girl,
Such a waste for you to date another girl.
What do they mean?

They say you're such a lovely young lady
Such a pity you like a girl
What do they mean?

They say you'd have such a nice future
If only you weren't with a girl
What do they mean?

All I know is this never got me confused
In a world full of war and hate
Why would someone tell me off
For sharing love and care for someone else?

Why are the people in this world
So cruel
So uncaring
So intolerant
So self-centered?

We should be spreading
Love, not hate
Care, not contempt
Tolerance, not

But after all...
What do they mean?

— The End —