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King Jan 2019
I’ll eat you away
Painful thoughts and fears
Destruction at the bay

You have no time
For time has been lost
Devoured by grime

The greens of poison
The ashes of December
The bellows of paranoia

All will be lost in the void
A whirlpool of corruption
All to be destroyed

Vortex of illusion
Spiraling to conclusion
Valley of the end
Lack of comprehension
Eaten in the vortex
Swallowed whole
Eaten away
Ben Kaw Dec 2017
Chewing and swallowing is a hassle.
I wish it weren't taboo to cut
open my stomach and insert the meal through the wound. Nothing would go to waste.

Mastication is unsightly. It rots your mind and teeth. It tears and mashes what you love into paste, leaving nothing but bones.

At least **** the marrow dry.

Would you eat something someone else spat out? You are food too. You are slathered in someone else's slime.

I try to slice away the mold that consumes him but the mold is all over. Even a little bit of mold on a treat like him is a sign that it's everywhere, that it's toxic, but I keep carving away, believing there is something that can be salvaged.
December 12, 2017

A prose poem about struggling to connect with a boy and wishing it were easier.
nikolai Oct 2015
he drips red, it smears his face and he licks it off his teeth as if hes never tasted anything like it before
i stain him, inhabit him, and he inhales me, owns me
teeth flash, a not-quite pure white now, against a canvas marred by scars
the feeling when they sink in and his smile curves against my skin is nirvana
i was made for this
he tells me in whispers and between bites that he loves me, that im his favorite, reiterates that im his, and his voice is deep and thick enough to drown in, to be consumed by
i allow myself to be lost
the tears that streak down, not from pain or pleasure but the dangerous, addictive, cocktail they create, dont escape him
he laps them away, tongue warm against my cheek, and i hope they taste sweet like the fruit he loves, tickle against his palate the way his hair tickles my face when he leans in close like this
he presses his lips against mine and i can taste myself there, mixed in with him, our essences mingling together in a dark dance
if i get my way i will linger in his mouth until the stars fall down
god this is gross

— The End —