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Nov 2018 · 407
My Cyanide Soul
Sam Hammond Nov 2018
Deep inside, and petrified,
Within my soul is cyanide,
Sitting, waiting patiently
For chances to escape from me.
For this reason it seems decent,
Fit to logic, moral reason,
That I keep my soul contained
And every single part arranged
Behind a face I've froze in place.
Dull of sense, of thought, of taste.
Trapped inside is where resides
My awful soul of cyanide.
Nov 2018 · 231
Get me Out of Here
Sam Hammond Nov 2018
Somewhere gorgeous, beautiful.
Somewhere with concinnity.
Send me to a land afar,
Ripe with pure divinity.
Pick me from this land of men
Like a scab on putrid skin.
Send me to where all time ends or
Where the end of time begins,
Where this mortal folly dies,
Broken down by natures wrath,
Shaming human arrogance
With its final floral laugh.
Somewhere gorgeous, beautiful.
Somewhere with concinnity.
Somewhere from this concrete mess
Could you please deliver me?
Nov 2018 · 135
To be a Cat
Sam Hammond Nov 2018
More so than celebrities
And more so than the rich,
I would like to find a cat
Whose souls us two may switch.
No more would I work a job,
My life no longer taxed.
Never anxious, no more stress,
Just me, all fat, relaxed.
Food would come quite easily,
I'd simply sit and mew,
Knowing if no humans come
A bird or mouse will do.
In the winter, by the fire,
I would find my home.
In the summer, through the grass
And flowers I would roam.
I would feel so sorry for the
Hudbands and their wives,
Merely just existing while
I live nine perfect lives.
Nov 2018 · 117
Sam Hammond Nov 2018
I am not deluded,
Though a tad erratic.
There are voices in my head
But none are in my attic.
I may have a ***** loose,
I was made all shoddy.
I may hide a thousand thoughts
But never once a body.
****** may excite me,
But only when in books.
If you doubt me come to mine,
Alone, and take a look.
Nov 2018 · 145
Getting Better
Sam Hammond Nov 2018
If you know the way you came
You know how to return.
It may be an uphill climb
With many twists and turns.
You may lose your footing once
Or twice while on your way,
As the road may seem to just
Get steeper with each day.
You will fall from time to time
And tears will follow suit,
Demons from the mountain top
Shout claims you must refute.
If you can brave the obstacles
That once set you aflame,
You will make the journey through
The way that you once came
Nov 2018 · 124
Good Mood
Sam Hammond Nov 2018
Serotonin, dopamine,
Wherever have you been?
I looked for you in *** and drugs
And all that's inbetween.
I even took up therapy
To fix my attitude,
So tell me why it is today
I woke in a good mood.
Should I be concerned of this?
I feel a little fear.
I can hear the singing birds
In place of angry sneers.
I can see the colours dripping
From the sky like rain.
Comforting, it coats me in
A range of gorgeous stains.
Nov 2018 · 131
Forever Anxious
Sam Hammond Nov 2018
Thoughts are racing, pacing fast,
Swirling like tornado storms.
Sweeping up my common sense,
Forcing it to bend, transform.
Once a stream, serene and calm,
Thinking was a simple thing.
Now I'm forced to block my thoughts
Just to stop the pain they bring.
Anxious, nauseous, broken down.
Nervous sweats, all hot as hell.
All I hope is this next storm
Comes to sweep me up as well.
Nov 2018 · 1.2k
A Corpse on Puppet Strings
Sam Hammond Nov 2018
Going through the motions,
A corpse on puppet strings.
Showing no emotions,
Too wooden for such things.
One day I'll be locked away
Inside my wooden crate.
Till that day I'll dance and sway;
A much more awful fate.
Nov 2018 · 121
Full of Shit
Sam Hammond Nov 2018
Now here is the story
Of how you were born.
Your parents did ****
One soft Sunday morn.
It seeped out her *******,
Dripped down in her slit,
And that's how she birthed out
A man full of ****.
From an old School notebook
Nov 2018 · 219
Planet Earth
Sam Hammond Nov 2018
Look at this horizon stretch
To make our lovely sky,
Wrapped up like a ribbon
On the worst gift you could buy.
Oct 2018 · 1.4k
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
Hang me from the rings of Saturn.
Beat the stars into my eyes.
Make my screams a supernova,
Spreading over twilit skies.
Grate my skin on lunar craters.
Drown me in the milky way.
Do whatever you deem fit,
Just promise me you'll stay.
Oct 2018 · 100
Run Away
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
"It's not my place," the girl began,
"To tell you how to be.
But have you ever thought it might
Be nothing short of sheer delight
To run away with me?"
Oct 2018 · 153
Cosmic Doom
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
I found, between the cosmic doom
And manic laughing states,
Is where no more than boredom floats
And unfulfillment waits.

Some will turn, that want relief,
To ***, or drugs, or love.
Some will find just one is weak
And take all the above.

But others have much looser grips,
And joy slips through the three.
And that can make existence bleak
For those in life like me.
Oct 2018 · 312
The Birds and the Bees
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
It's often the birds and the bees
That teach us how *** is a breeze,
But had they before
Said it's all metaphor
I would still have my pet parakeets.
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
The rose has been a symbol for
The joys of love, romance galore,
But could a rose be picked as fine
As you appear in eyes of mine?
See, I expect the red to pale,
The stem to curl, grotesque and stale,
The thorns to fall in ones and twos,
As tears, perhaps, inspired by you.
Oct 2018 · 896
Time Travel
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
I've dragged and I've yanked with my fingers.
My efforts, however, in vain.
Try as I might, to pull backwards the night,
I shan't live that day once again.
The moon gives my fingerprints frostbite.
It's barren and cold with despair.
I wish to return where the sun gently burned
And made glimmer the red of your hair.
Oct 2018 · 119
Waste of Time
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
A rush of satisfaction is
Anticipation dying.
Happiness is merely just
The spaces between crying.
Sober is a waste of time,
And time, a waste of space.
We are people, sick and twisted,
Due to be replaced.
Love exists to make us ****,
The magic is a lie.
Life is less a conquered journey,
More a tired sigh.
Everything we live for is
A system made by man,
Keeping us distracted through
Our lives entire span.
Oct 2018 · 982
Pretty Meat
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
I don't mean to scare you
But could we make a deal?
I would like to wear your skin
To know how beauty feels.
Maybe pop a couple eyes
And test your lovely brain.
Admiring the intellect
This mind of yours contains.
Possibly your lips and nose,
Your fingers, knees and feet.
You'll be my perfect exosuit
Of pretty skin and meat.
Oct 2018 · 626
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
*** and drugs and rock and roll,
Hurts the body, frees the soul.
Lose your thoughts, absolve control.
Find the freedom others stole.
Oct 2018 · 309
I Will Steal Your Heart
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
I would like to tear your chest
And rip it open with my hands.
Grabbing, pulling at your heart
And freeing it from muscle strands.
Holding like a baby bird
I'll kiss it, beating on my lips.
Watching as with every thump
Your teardrop blood escapes and drips.
Full of love I'll kiss each day and
Full of lust I'll lick each night.
If to you, this all seems wrong,
I'd hate to be within the right.
Oct 2018 · 131
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
The world as it seems
Has been painted for me
By what is inside my own brain.
So this may be why
All that's beautiful dies
While misery always remains.
Oct 2018 · 1.2k
In Your Breath
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
In your breath are magic spells
Which wisp and curl on every word,
And as they waltz, your rhythmic voice
Becomes the sweetest sound I've heard.
There is such phonetic grace
In every phatic word you place,
But should your lips eclipse my name,
And let it slip with warm acclaim,
Or better yet, in passions flame,
Should you, with love for me proclaim,
Then science, to its knees will fall
As air will hold no oxygen,
Nor argon, neither nitrogen,
But beauty, magic. That is all.
Oct 2018 · 1.9k
Reunited Again
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
Death may have taken you separate,
But once more you two are now whole,
Buried together, from ashes to ashes,
Particles plenty but singular soul.
Maybe there's comfort in thinking
That death we could someday undo.
For now though, you both sleep in silence,
And live through the roses above you.
He cried as he watched her get lowered,
In hopes from her grave she may climb.
Death may have taken you separate,
But now you are one for all time.
Written after watering the flowers at my grandparents grave
Oct 2018 · 907
The Autumn's Scent
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
The autumn's scent has now released
As air is crisp and rife with chills,
But cold like this is far from bleak
With all these trees where crimson spills.

Orange leaves that catch the sunlight,
Skeletal, their frames are showing.
In their shades of death they give
A final dance from breezes blowing.

The prickling tickles fingertips
To stiffened, numb monstrosities,
And you could swear your blood had froze
To cause such harsh viscosity.

For it's now that summer weeps
A solemn, meek exhailed despair,
Which whistles in among the leaves
And dissipates in frozen air.

The autumn's scent has now released,
The orange, red and yellow shows,
The rigid fingers point away
As summer sighs, and summer goes.
Oct 2018 · 1.2k
Walking With my Mother
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
I can recall, in the past, with my mother,
How every street was so ripe and alive.
How every sight, every smell, every thing,
Would shimmer and brim and dazzle and thrive.
So, now I ask, as I sit in the dark,
Surrounded and shrouded, unable to see;
Did something change, has something happened,
Or does the problem reside within me?
Oct 2018 · 440
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
With every song, it seems, today
I'm dragged, while kicking and screaming, through time.
Slipping between every crack in dimensions,
Feeling the slap and the burn of each rhyme.
Almost nostalgic, but colder.
When goosebumps had formed, it all became clear.
In days long passed, you had shown me these songs
That steal my mind whilst my body's stuck here.
Oct 2018 · 572
Sam Hammond Oct 2018
It has turned to autumn now
But that's not what I see.
Where the leaves are brown and red
Is black and white to me.

Yes, the frost as gripped the air
As summer bids adieu,
But I was cold in mid July
So tell me what is new?

Soon the lakes will glaze with ice
That's carried in the breath
Of the autumns genesis;
Exhaling gelid death.

So, another season comes
Another season goes.
All that's dead remains as such
And all that's living grows.
All that's cold in self and touch
Will some day decompose.
Sep 2018 · 623
Not With a Bang...
Sam Hammond Sep 2018
Well, that's it, my brain is now rotten.
Lost in its fungus are feelings, forgotten.
A spur may occur, on a scarce blue moon,
Of energy telling me I'm back in tune,
But really it's vacant and harsh little lies.
Synapses shooting a brain as it dies.
Misery fruiting on mould colonised
From grey matter, shattered behind fading eyes.
Now just a hollow man, left with no bang,
Merely a whimper with such little whim.
Watching as slowly the old me is lost
While filling the blanks with a bad pseudonym
And sealing them over with mushrooms and liquor,
Though quicker and quicker the struggle gets bigger.
Sick and then sicker, from fluid to rigour.
Stuck in the mould, now forever disfigured.
Sep 2018 · 1.1k
Sam Hammond Sep 2018
Many hundred aeons travelled,
Over many days.
Though I know, with certainty,
Just where all my love stays.
Like a bee to pollen, it is
Instinct, finding you,
As, if somewhere else it went,
All life would turn askew.
So give me all your nectar and
The usual clichés.
Pollinate, repopulate,
Until the end of days.
I promise not to sting you
If you promise not to *****,
For when it comes to both our love
No honey is as thick.
Sam Hammond Sep 2018
Bodies are strewn, one by one, round the room.
All that remains of the casualties here.
All of the victims, perverts and vixens,
Which fell to their instincts, desires and beer.
Recently music had filled air with rhythm,
Masking the retching and ******* the same,
Though rising with sun was the silence, begun
As horizons were setting to flame.

Wading through bodies to go make a drink,
A 6am ***** to freshen the mind.
You scramble and struggle, ignoring the couple
You caught in the kitchen, enjoying a grind.
A smile and a wave, with such sweetness, they gave
And, kindly, they offered some cider.
Approaching the man, you take a warm can
Whilst hoping its not been inside her.

Back to the sofa, a girl has rolled over,
Aeons from sober, you try nudge below her,
Quickly, then slower, with hopes no one knows her,
The types to come over assuming you'll ***** her.
But everything's fine, the coast is all clear.
You soon commandeer, till she falls among beer.
***** turns to smears, but too ****** to hear
Or try interfere, the room sleeps, cohered.

The wait is now on. The coke in your nose
Beginning to burn as you drool on your clothes.
You smoke and you smoke while you cough and you choke,
But it seems with each minute, the time passing slows.
You wack out a notepad, scribble some words,
Draw a few ***** with wings like a bird,
But mostly you sit. Sitting in quiet.
The last one alive in the midst of the riot.
It's a true story
Sep 2018 · 699
In Silence and Heartache
Sam Hammond Sep 2018
In silence and heartache,
The air has turned dire.
Our smiles were combusted
By miseries fire.
Its smoke has enclosed us
Within our own sphere,
Though soon you'll be leaving.
Leaving me here.

For long I'd accustomed
To being alone.
No need for direction.
No need for a home.
But one day you found me,
Your hands full of love,
And lips full of comfort
Which smiled just above.

Now loneliness taunts me
Whenever you go.
You take with you more than
You ever could know.
My happiness follows,
Forever it's yours.
In silence and heartache,
In rises and falls.
To her
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
Sex, Meds and Poetry
Sam Hammond Sep 2018
As someone as pervy as I am,
Never did it come to mind
That ***’s allure
Can be murky, impure
And to some degree, best left behind.

As a depressed individual,
I’d never thought it could be
That I would become
So disgusted and numb
By the wonderful drug; ecstasy.

But furthermore, music, I miss you.
Once you were more than just racket.
So, surf rock, I plea,
Won’t you please unleash me?
I’ll ride on your waves till you hack it.

These, I had thought, were in nature
The typical things we enjoy.
Euphoric, complete,
With a strong rhythmic beat,
And the feeling of girls, or of boys.

Though cravings for these are all vacant.
No ***, meds and no poetry.
A sensation drought,
From searing to burnout.
A ghost of a long deceased me.
"I'm having feelings again. Like some kind of 14 year old kid, or something. You remember feelings, right?"
Sep 2018 · 208
Chemical Reactions
Sam Hammond Sep 2018
I have put myself through hell,
And, God forbid, my mind as well.
The drugs and *****,
The ‘What’s to lose?’
Reductive, simple attitudes.

I can say though, with no doubt,
Regardless of the ***** I spout,
No drug beats infatuation.

So, to her, I’ve one request.
For me to put my mind to rest,
To clear desire
I must try her,
God knows she will get me higher.
Sep 2018 · 492
She'll Steal the Heart
Sam Hammond Sep 2018
She’ll steal the heart you thought had died
And breathe her life into your soul.
A soul that you had never found,
But not without you having tried.

She’ll trace her fingers on your skin
And wear away into your pores
Until within your blood she is,
To overdose adrenaline.

She sinks her teeth, expands her eye.
Encapsulating childish grin
Of innocence and sin intense.
She captures all that pass her by.
Sep 2018 · 202
DIY Salvation
Sam Hammond Sep 2018
I’ve constructed my own heaven,
One that I deserve.
Where the glitter’s broken glass
And all the angels; pervs.
Where euphoria is sold
For money by the gram.
Find me no more there on Earth
For this is where I am.

I’ve constructed my own heaven,
Wish that you could see
How much better this is than
The hell they made for me.
Where the demons hang by neckties
Grimacing in mirth.
Where the price of happiness
Is more than what it’s worth.

I’ve constructed my own heaven
With its golden gates,
Where a hedonistic ****
Of the senses waits.
Where the smokey clouds are dense
With fumes that stick to clothes.
I’ve constructed my own heaven
Of sorts, I suppose.
A poem on addiction.
Sep 2018 · 157
Not Today, Satan
Sam Hammond Sep 2018
God can be patient
And Satan can wait.
Hang up the halos
And relock the gate.
Those who have entered;
Abandon all hope.
Death tried to take me
But just couldn't cope.
Sep 2018 · 1.3k
When I Die
Sam Hammond Sep 2018
If my life, within my eye,
Should flash before me as I die,
Pain and doubt will turn a blur
As I recall my time with her.

Of all life; devoid and cold,
Onto just one thing I’ll hold.
Though I’ll lie in disrepair,
Fear will fade, for she is there.
Sep 2018 · 240
When you Kissed me Last
Sam Hammond Sep 2018
You may not have noticed this
But when you kissed me last
Choirs sung out just for me
That your love had amassed.
In the pools of serotonin,
Scattered on the ground,
Glimmered there a mirrored glare
Of something quite profound.
In the sky was rainbow clouds
Of coloured cosmic dust,
Made not from some broken rock
But from eternal lust.
Air that had a tasteless taste
Had turned ambrosial.
Where was anhedonia
Was now an urge to feel.
From our lips our ecstasy
Was weightless, free and pure.
Glowing pink, its smoke would rise
In decadent allure.
Aug 2018 · 1.2k
Far Out, Man
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
The weight of life is reduced to a cloud
As raindrops of lysergic acid run free.
Their pitters and patters equally loud
As all of the colours that melt around me.
The womb of the universe beating its drum
And setting a pace for the flowers to bloom.
A force with such strength that all nature succumbs
As peacefulness floats in kaleidoscope flumes.

Empathy blossoms, arousing a smile,
That creeps from my lips to the end of the room,
Searing itself on a cosmic denial
That beauty like this shouldn’t gestate from gloom.
Floating, not unlike a dandelions seed,
Thoughts of anxiety flee to the Earth.
They carry but vapidness with the sweet breeze.
In nebulous nebulas they are dispersed.

Now what remains as a warm neon cloud
Is beauty profound and purpose pristine.
Unwanted, the ego is left disavowed
Dancing in memories of amphetamines.
Left in its place was the beauty and I.
Climbing like vines as it forces the walls.
Pushing them down with an ******* sigh,
Revealing a cosmos that rhythmically calls:

‘Freedom is such a deplorable word.
It offers ambitions too fruitful to take.
Though comfort or not,
As with fictitious plot,
It’s only as real as it’s fake.’
Aug 2018 · 210
To You
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
To you, the one I write about.
To you, my old obsession.
To you, whose love I have no doubt
Without would bring depression.
To you, my cosmic concubine,
My supernova rose.
To you, who self-proclaimed they’re mine
Despite that no one knows.
To you, I hold the sweetest thoughts
And toast the sweetest pain.
To you, the girl who, everyday,
I fall for once again.
Aug 2018 · 404
An Extract on Insomnia
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
I am day when it’s night in my mindset.
The dark has no power on me.
I inhale the stars ash with no thought,
And exhale the moons rays from the sea.
With a smile I could bleed the nights darkness,
And burn all the clouds from the sky.
It’s always in the days that I struggle,
Always in the nights that I fly.
Aug 2018 · 115
Writing About You
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
I could write a thousand words
To dedicate to you,
And every single word I wrote
You’d hold no doubt is true.
For every single paragraph,
And every single start,
I’d write for you in no less than
The ink of my own heart.
Aug 2018 · 360
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
Slowly I have noticed that
My days are spilling into one.
Colours started fading out
And now my sense of taste is gone.
Painted circles on my eyes,
From endless hours of restless sleep,
I wear them like a war paint,
My battle cry; a sullen weep.
Now it doesn’t hurt as much
As it has done for many years.
Creeping numbness took ahold
Now even death knows not my fears.
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
When I hold your hand I can see that I’m half.
A half of a whole that’s much greater than I.
Whenever we kiss, and our chemicals mix,
Our atriums beat to harmonious sighs,
Widened in eye with no how, what’s or why’s.
Our love is an answer, a chance and a glance
Of the fact that our lives can be more than survival.

You, with your touch and your loves electricity.
Fertile and fierce, you’re my warm neon rose.
Vicious, your glows, which had soon overthrown
The darkness and evil I trapped deep inside me.
I can’t ignore it, my limerence foresaw,
It’s orphic, and it knows that you are for me.

Moulded by clay to a boring design,
Potentially scraped from the factory floors.
I’ve the conception that my own conception
Was callous and fallow, lazy, fugacious,
But mostly redundant, with one small exception;
As all would have meaning if I could be yours.

Caroline to Byron, Beatrice to Dante,
A muse can induce art much greater than I.
It’s quite right when I write I lose sight of sense,
As when I write of you sense need not apply.
My amorous love, my glamorous drug,
My muse of all muses, my honey soaked hug.
A poem I wrote while on acid, one stanza each hour, spread throughout the trip
Aug 2018 · 164
I mean, three minutes..?
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
I’m sitting on the swings one night,
Beside my friend, who’s ****** on coke.
He spilled the usual complaints,
And so of those complaints we spoke.

“How do I get her to speak to me?”
“How long do you last in bed?”
“Why is it so hard to make them ***?”
“Wish I lived like you instead.”

This mighty man; a stockbroker,
A swindler with no pride to steal,
But as his friend, I felt for him
And sung my praise of lifes appeal.

Unbeknowst to him however,
Behind every word was stuck
An unintended ego boost
From hearing I’m the better ****.

And so I learned that fateful night
Inside I’m no more than a creep.
A **** puddle of arrogance,
Though only really half as deep.
Sorry, mate.
Aug 2018 · 1.0k
A Poem About Sex, For Her
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
Orchids bloom in unison, erecting from my brain.
Pounding impulses take hold that nothing could subdue.
In this life you've painted floral all boring and plain,
So I would like, in return, to paint you floral too.
Cryptic, like the night sky, are the bruises on your chest.
Burning galaxies of bites now light your new-found skies.
On the ground are teeth marks planted, bear traps set to rest.
Keeping guard of what is mine that hides between your thighs.
Red rose petals on your lips, romantic stains of blood,
Made more vibrant with each kiss that I'll force onto you.
On our tongues we taste and share in your ******* flood.
It fizzes in its ecstasy, mollitious honeydew.
But best of all, the syzygy when you and I are fused,
The two of us and love itself all where we need to be.
Now the impulses you've forced have left you worn and bruised,
Painting you in love and lust and ownership by me.
Written for my muse, an artist
Aug 2018 · 379
My Amy
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
The cold groped my skin with a harsh lunar grin
But too busy was I too see,
For out in the cold my desire grew bold
For Amy, the girl of my dreams.
So, against all that’s right, I set foot in the night,
For Amy was all I did need.

At her window I saw what I’d come searching for.
I climbed so her first touch may grace me.
Now unappealing, sensation and meaning,
Unless from the girl of my dreams.
Anxiety fluttered amongst all that stuttered
For words held no weight on her beauty.

There we stood glowing, the world left unknowing
Of what we had found in this scene.
No longer enamoured by lies and their glamour,
I need but the girl of my dreams.
Our hearts were in tune with the spin of the moon.
She brought back the rhythm I grieved.

Now cold had no place up against loves embrace.
Her affection sparked heat deep inside me.
There’s no room for the past when beside her at last,
With Amy, the girl of my dreams.
Though as happiness grew the night slipped too soon
And morning brought end to my dreams.

That April departure, not one thing was sharper.
It pierced me so effortlessly.
When turning my back I was drained from the lack
Of Amy, the girl of my dreams.
The moon that once guided had cruelly decided
To bring forth the end of my dreams.

Now left with her scent, was a tortured descent
Where loneliness mocked so cruelly.
There’s no purpose to find when I’ve left her behind,
My Amy, the girl of my dreams.
So alone evermore, knowing one thing for sure;
That happiness lives but in dreams.
A poem I wrote inspired by Poe's 'Annabel Lee'
Aug 2018 · 409
Parts Of Me
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
Yes, you have some parts of me
And yes, I know it’s true
That every single part you have
Belongs only to you.
I gave up my identity
And did away with pride.
I let myself be disembowelled
By waves from your loves tide.
But even when the storms hit
Or blue sky turns to black,
I’d sooner crawl home incomplete
Than take my pieces back.
Yes, you have some parts of me
And yes, I know it’s true
That every single part I gave
Will now fit only you.
Aug 2018 · 167
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
Let my fingers wander free,
Exploring, mauling violently
The skin that coats your perfect frame,
Your mind of sin and soul of shame.

Let yourself indulge in needs
And open up to where it leads.
I promise you, the guilt will fade,
Like every bruise of purple shade.

Let go of your fears and cares,
Relinquished with your underwear.
Empty out that mouth of doubts,
We’ll fill it up to push them out.

Let yourself explore the urge
Where *** and danger start to merge.
So bat your eyes and beg and pout
And be consumed and spat back out.
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
You know that feeling that you get
After a joke you tell falls flat?
Humiliation unrepressed;
I'd summarise my life as that.

Twenty-one years down the line
But worn as if I'm eighty-odd.
Drug dependant, but still here.
All miracle: No added God!

The classic jokes all told again.
"He looked so cute but what went wrong?"
Too much attention, look away
And ******* with that birthday song.

Twenty-one yet still sixteen,
The pinnacle of gentlemen.
A deviant of *** and lust,
And sickness from adrenaline.

Happy birthday, happy birthday,
Psychedelic astronaut.
Years ago you clambered out
And started having second thoughts.

On hands and knees, I'd crawl back in,
Just like Shawshank Redemption.
This may explain my love of ***,
I shall make no exemptions.
A poem I wrote on my 21st
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