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Apr 2019 · 176
Caleb Stevens Apr 2019
I broke my lamp and I could still see

The unexplained remained, yet I was blind

My world fell silent, I heard a shout

The unexplained remained, yet I was deaf

I was paralyzed, numb, but a touch was on my skin

The unexplained remained, yet I was senseless

The ground collapsed beneathe my feet

I stood

On You

My Rock

10,000 miles out - I decided now

I took one step back and you were there

My God

My Home
Jan 2018 · 219
Te queiro
Caleb Stevens Jan 2018
Mí pluma azul
Escribe una poema a tú
Tú eres mí favorita
Te quiero de aquí a la luna
Dec 2017 · 669
For The Better
Caleb Stevens Dec 2017
Everything started to change.
My clothes were nicer,
My teeth were whiter.
I started caring about school.
My world got brigter,
The Earth got greener;

Only a girl can do this to you.
Nov 2017 · 264
Straight Line of Life
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Life goas quick,
Death comes quicker.
By the time I open up to page one,
I'm in twelfth grade getting my diploma.
Another second passes by and I'm burying my mother.
Another hour,
My wife walks into the room.
One day passes on this speeding line,
Years of my life fly by.
Wife's in the grave; kids forgot me.
All I can do is wait.
Wait for death to come quicker.
Life is a straight line,
Not circle.
Nov 2017 · 258
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Don't tell me no,
Of course unless you want to.

Come hold my hand,
Unless you don't want to.

Please don't leave me alone,
Of course unless you want to.
Nov 2017 · 320
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
But I don't believe that.
Because if everyone does not see you the way I see you,
This would be a sad world.
Nov 2017 · 326
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Ah, it's that time of year!
Where we sit with relatives and friends,
Those we may or may not know.
We should all be thankful for something.
At least 1, maybe 2 things.
What am I thankful for?
I'm thankful for God, art...
And the family I share no blood with.
The reason I'm here.

Thank you.
Nov 2017 · 299
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Butterflies are mysterious creatures,
They choose where they want to go.
Every time I see you,
They seem to be alive in me.
Please follow my page so you can see all my poems and to let me know people like them :)
Nov 2017 · 445
Ode to Sadness
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Everyone is wearing white today.
What a strange thing to wear to a funeral,
Ah, but this is no ordinary funeral.
For my sadness died yesterday,
The same moment you walked in the room
Nov 2017 · 503
Green Tree
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Why is there a tree?
A tree.
So green and alive.
Why is there a tree?
Sitting in cracked desert dirt.
There is no oasis.
There is no life.
So, why is there a luscious green tree?
It's... her.
She is the tree,
My tree.
She is my life in the lifeless wasteland.
Save me.
Please save me from this wasteland....
Nov 2017 · 1.4k
Escape From Evergreen
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Can we dig a path to France,
Here in the woods of Washington?
I want to take you to Barcelona,
Dance on the green hills of Ireland.
Can we set a course to the heart of joy?
Let me take you around the world.

Grab my hand and I'll grab yours,
Let us walk and live in love.
Nov 2017 · 243
Pursuit Of Life
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
One thousand shoes on the ground around me,
Filled by strange creatures,
All on their own mission.
Up to them.
Just breath.
One more day.
One more day.
On more year.
On more year...
Nov 2017 · 945
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Remember homecoming night?
We were awkward.
Wouldn't look at eachother.
Laughing in my head.
Wishing we weren't friends.
Nov 2017 · 867
Nov 2017 · 203
Say Yes
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
What is it, though?
Why do you smile and pierce my heart with the sweetest dagger?
Why do you sing looking down at your hands, fondling the keys, or with your eyes closed?
Just look at me; let me enjoy this moment with an awkward glance back and forth
Let me know I exist
But most importantly, say yes.
Nov 2017 · 159
Complex Love
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Theres nothing more worth fighting for, than the sweet poisonous touch, the sickening harmonious song, the clear mischievous feeling; Of love.

Is it real?
Is it reciprocated?
Am I too young or unwise?
Or am I feeding into false notions?

— The End —