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September Roses Jun 2018
Go asphyxiate yourself

On your dilusional thought of love
One day you'll find the one

And all your problems will dissolve

Your happily ever after

The true perfect match
that you cant spend a waking hour without dreaming of how much they mean to you

Grow old with
Every second of your life as long as you both shall live

Scrap book with and share vows of love

Your fairy tail ending with your Cinderalla and Prince Charming

Search for the eternal solution to loneliness

Your soulmate
     Your other half

True love will set you free

Is that right?

Go **** yourself
ryn Feb 2015
the comforting warmth of the morning sun,
like I had known it from the days of yesteryears.
the familiar scent of dew-kissed grass,
a fresh aroma that brought forth the tide of gratitude laden tears.

I had foreseen the day to be just as before...
I had planned to play out my morning as I had rehearsed.
but your message had foiled all that I thought I knew...
it brought about the smile that eternity had kept pursed.

your words were laced with the flowers of spring...
they set at ease the unapparent apprehension I've always kept.
they spoke of compliments meant only for the worthiest quills,
I've read them in disbelief as I think not of myself, an adept...

truly you are one that's generous and so very kind.
for your words flew off the page and had struck home;
bearing the stoutest of hope and most selfless of wishes.
they had provided direction in these vague circles that I roam.

so now allow me to thank you dear poetess...
for drawing the sunrise clear into my view.
I shall revel and bask in its delightful rays...
because your words had painted today in the brightest hue...
For Pamela Rae.
Paras Bajaj Jan 2019
You stood by my side
when I couldn't sleep
on cold and lonely nights.

You stood by my side
when I was losing
everyone in my sight.

You stood by my side
when I kept over thinking,
felt scared and terrified.

You stood by my side
when I wanted to quit
and commit suicide.

You stood by my side
when I wanted to hide.
You became my best-friend
and that's how I feel inside.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
There are some rare gems in your life that stays no matter what you go through. This poem is a thank you note to all the true friends out there who stays in your ups and downs.
Sara Kellie Jan 2019
With our extremities entwined
two pairs of digits, stroke in kind.
One pair, painted.
The other, dirt.
One of us delicate.
The other, dirt.

A soft and fragrant anticipation
succumbs to an accrid and earthy
magnetic like hold. . .
Hold. . .
Hold. . .
Thankyou Sweetheart,
you were great.
I'm going,
are you *******?

Poetry by Kaydee.
Work, ***, supper, bed
Elaina Mar 2017
Two words
8 letters
Seemingly not much
But they contain everything.
I will always be
For your help
Your support
Your friendship.
Always know
How great you are.
Feel it
Own it.
You are so caring
So good at what you do
Who you are.
Never ever
Let another's
Poor words
Change who you are.
Paras Bajaj Dec 2018
You did the right thing by losing me
and I thank you for not choosing me.
You did the right thing by fooling me
and I thank you for not choosing me.

You did the right thing by playing me
and I thank for you not saving me.
You did the right thing by breaking me
and I thank you for not saving me.

You did the right thing by hating me
and I thank you for not loving me.
You did the right thing by lying to me
and I thank you for not loving me.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
Jarene Aug 2019
because of you
when feel defeat  
i now bleed black ink
to hello poetry:
thank you for giving me an outlet. a place where I can speak freely when i am at my lowest, in the darkest place i can reach. thank you for giving me a place to i can put the thoughts that i cant comprehend in my head, and making me realize I'm not alone. i cannot thank you enough!
Marlin Huang Aug 2017
My mom used to tell me when I was a kid
that thank you note is important.
To let people know that you're thankful,
and appreciate their efforts.
As I grow older,
I'm so used on writing thank you notes
with the same template on every note.
But I, or we, tend to forget to write one
for those who cope with our lives.
So I wrote this one is for you.

Thank you for letting me crash in your place
when I was far from sober,
almost on every Friday nights.
You literally picked me up when I'm down.
On the grown.

Thank you for staying up with me until 5
even when you got a big meeting
at 8 in the morning.
Because you know how much I hate sleeping,
but I'll be the bitchiest *****
if you try to wake me up.

Thank you for bringing me a bouquet
of fake flowers
instead of the real one.
You sure know me way too well
to know that I can't keep real flowers alive.
Or cactus, or fishes, or my phone's battery.
Yea, my phone's battery *****.
But you trust me to keep what we have, alive.
And lasts as long as it possibly could.

Thank you for making every queue line
less boring with all your dad jokes,
they made me think that
you're a qualified good father
to your future kids.
Or maybe ours.
But I hate children and you love them,
as much as I hate karaoke
and as much as you love it.
But gosh, you made me think of adopting.

We are nothing but night and day.
A thunderstorm and a rainbow.
A cactus and a peony.
A manageable chaos and
a managed you.
And yet we compliment each other like
peanut butter and pickle on a sandwich.
Sure, it's one of the weirdest combination
but somehow it goes surprisingly fine.

I swear I'm not going to make this cheesy
but if it was, well,
I know this is not what you imagine
to be with me
in the first place
when you slipped into my life.
But I thank you,
for deciding to stay.
Lyn Jul 2018
Here's the irony: even if I dearly miss you, it is because of you that I'm not afraid of what the future brings. You give me strength to believe that it is still possible to move forward, that no matter how much the grief, I can still believe that someday it will turn into something beautiful, something that would bring a smile on our faces without the memory of the bitter ache. This is not a goodbye, but a thank you. Thank you for loving me, and for receiving my love in return. Thank you for saving me and bringing joy into my life.  Thank you for the photographs and memories I will cherish forever.  You are the very best part of me and my life is better for it. You might be gone but I will forever have you in my heart. It's your turn now to wait for me. Wait for me, okay? Because there will come a day where it is going to be my turn to come back home to you.

I love you.
wonderwall Aug 2019
Thank you
For all the good laughs
For all the endless thoughts
You never know that
A part of me wished
You're the one
And only

Mary Frances Oct 2017
Thank you..
For the pain you caused.
That way, I learned
that in this world,
no matter how much
love I give,
it will never be enough.
Nic Mac May 2018
love letters Unsent
because for you? they’re not meant.
though written in this language inspired by you.
this place discovered, with your hand, as it led me to.

but further, we were not to tread.
and some of these words, are not to be read.
thankyou's, are to be sent instead


for opening this door,  I could not find,
illuminating what lay behind
i to be seeing with eyes for the first time
that had not, and did not, see
what had been within my capacity
with shackles shook free.

this rusty heart begun to speak
within the flow of my ink
as paper below allowed words to sink,

but to send..was not on the agenda
you cannot hear what I shout
as past fears on ears pound
it’s not meant for you and me
not to be truly or deeply,
was it not the reason fate had written?
our stars were those, that would simply, find each other,
to find ourselves.
Philomena Feb 2019
They would have me believe that I am useless
Something to be ashamed of
And even after you arrived people saw it that way
Like a stray you took pity on
And you changed all of that
You refused to believe the stories
And you shut out the hateful people
And you saw something in me for once
And maybe that's why I loved you so much
Because you rebuilt me
And maybe I love you now still for that
For giving me purpose and meaning
And for showing me that I can stand on my own
So thank you
Thank you for believing in me when no one did
You were one of the only good things I left behind
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