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I don't quite know how you did it
But I remember it so well.
On a spring morning
In May
You saw me sitting alone at the coffee shop

You took a seat at my table and drank my coffee
Pulled me out of my chair and said
I want to be able to say that I went
On an adventure with a beautiful broken mystery
Like you.

Dazed I was, you made me
Tagged along, I always was quite awkward
But there was a sparkle in your eyes
That reminded me of my father's
Oldest scotch at the back of the liquor cabinet.

Instead of sweeping me off my feet
you tripped me up and gave yourself
the excuse to pick me up again
and the smirk and the sparkle
and the roughness of your hands confused me.

And when you rolled up your maps
And packed up your compass
And left me stranded in the jungle,
I realised I should have known
That the sparkle in your eye was dangerous.
This world isn't exactly what my heart expected
The only thing that makes sense is you
Even though I don't understand us
I just want you to stand so close to me
That you might become me.

These feelings aren't anything I've ever felt before
The only thing that doesn't surprise me is you
Even though I can't comprehend it
I just need you to take the life out of me
I promise I'll enjoy it.

You light a fire in me I've never seen before
The one thing that keeps me sane
Yet you're driving me crazy
With every breath that you take
I want you to take mine away.

I just want you
To do me no good
And you look like you could
Please can you just  
Burn me from the inside out?
Your lies attract me like sugar
for flies

Your lies astound me like silk
covered thighs

Your lies make me lust like
wanton women's sighs

Your lies are the embodiment of all
that I despise

Your lies are sexier
Than the galaxies eyes

Your lies I will drink like water
from the skies

Your lies collect like children waiting
to be baptized

Your lies get me drunk, leaving me
With red eyes

Your lies promise me
with goodbyes and compromise

Yet like the sunrise
Snake eyes- Beautiful, but untrustworthy

Lie to me again, please, it gets me high

I just want you to break me
And it seems like your lies could.
All my stuffs in boxes
Waiting for the pick up truck to come
And take it to a boat
On a sea
to a different continent.

Your picture is in a special box
Labelled "Fragile"
Like your soul.

Your clothes are in another box
Labelled "personal"
Because you never did like
People going through your things.

I remember grieving
For the loss of our love
Because you never could give
Me the key to the box
In which you kept your heart.
Standing side by side
Your fingers next to mine
Your hands are like a guide
To the unknown.

Your finger moves
You are oblivious
I'm watching the grooves
Of the banister.

Your finger touches mine
I gasp
Your eyes find the blush line
On my face.

You don't realise
You smile
What I've sacrificed
To be in love with you.
I want to be a child
Picking daisies
And running
And falling on the floor.

I want to be a child
Yearning for attention
Dancing around the living room
On my father's weathered toes.

I want to be a child

I want to be a child
I want to love again
With the eagerness of a doe
Bouncing around playfully.

But I can't be a child
Because you broke me
And my pieces
Will not wield to me

Rather, they wield to you,
Waiting for their owner to
Return and fix them
Back to basics.
I was driving along the M4
Mind wandering when I saw
The Chrysler 300C
That you used to drive.

I remember walking past the car
Every morning
And dreading seeing you
And falling for you again.

But today was different
There was no pain
No memories cutting my mind
Missing you.

I was numb
Body and soul turning blue
Choking on my regrets.
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