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  Feb 2015 rob
toaster strudel makes me doodle
eggo waffles feed my poodle
sriracha  hot sauce makes my gut toss
taco salad tastes like farts.
smarty thinkers with big wieners
clear the way for bathroom cleaners
dangerous pokemon in the sky
teach me things like how to fly
supple ******* against my chest
your ****** is hard and so are the rest
eat this pear
munch with care
put those shorts on
watch me stare
take a bath in tasty grease  
my wiener is small to say the least
now let's race inside this tub
we'll see who get's out first
should we get out?
at least 50% credit goes to my friend Rob who helped my write this.
  Feb 2015 rob
banana skin salad in
artificial lemonade
peacocks salivating
mushy rooms belly aching

Oreos are okie dokie
ocean breezes open up me
analyzing any eyes
evaluating coffee grinds
a manifesting apple in me
apple in the Snapple leaking

sticky salamander fingers
static on a broken speaker
attics over broken theaters
salmon eating taco teachers
teaching choco taco preachers
preaching at Chicago creatures

opal rings and oval things
are focusing on yodeling
a social need for opening
in total global offerings

and in a soup or telephonic
happiness in playing sonic
gently speaking thick Ebonics
sickly tonic
Let's be honest,  boys
rob Feb 2015
my dad said i was high
he was right
i smirked
he cried
i laughed
he died
sorry daddy
chill out papa its all good i think
rob Feb 2015
the all powerful lust
of the known unknown
craving to revisit temptation
is all i seemed to know
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