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Violet Blue Feb 2017
I have honestly never met anyone so wonderful in my life,
I used to talk all the time how I would long for my childhood back...
And now it definitely feels like I have it
With you I feel like a little girl again running around the house with you
Tickle fights
You joking being mean to me and I run away
But you still manage to catch me everytime
Cause I'll always give into you
You've always just been there since year 5 in school just always there
in the background of my life and its so crazy!!
You were just there the whole time and I had no idea
that you out of everyone would mean this much to my heart
Violet Blue Feb 2017
My life in its whole self
is completely flipped
completely different
brand spanking new
I prayed so hard for something
I never thought would come
I prayed so hard for a fresh start
Completely flip turned life
I was over the past
I hated it
It was filled with far too much grief
Eating disorders, depression
Anxiety, Insomnia, Broken Hearted,
Scared, everything seemed to just come back and haunt me
The one person I thought would be there forever
Never really cared as much as I thought
Never really gave as much as I would
But then somehow
Everything changed so quickly
I lived somewhere else
Found someone new
and wonderful
Found myself and owned it
Began to love myself from the love I was shown
From the people I managed to surround myself with
I prayed so hard back then for something to come
Someone to come
I didn't know what would come of it
But they were definitely answered
And thank goodness they were....
Because now...
Everything seems to be fitting in how it always should have...
But I guess we're all meant to go on a little adventure
called life,
And experience life without them
So now we can come together as one
and share our stories with each other
And appreciate them even more.
Violet Blue Sep 2015
I loved you
Gave you everything I had
Let you in
Show'd you all my emotions
Told you everything
And now
You tell me this
You choose to tell me when I'm at my worst
Just to add to it all
Just to make it even worse
I should've saved it
Why didn't you tell me ages ago
I hate you for this
You don't even care for me
Like you used to
Did you even genuinely care before
Violet Blue Sep 2015
Give you everything I am,
Let you in
Practically give myself to you
dragged it out for just over a year
and you choose to tell me now
Good ******* job you ****
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