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M Tamura Jan 2015
This sea of sorrow we swim in keeping our heads above to breathe is a fight, life is fragile and un promised to us all. Like waves in the ocean or the turning of the cosmos , change unravels if we want it to or not.
I  hope solace finds a way into the coldest depths of sadness, hope a beautiful human feeling burns and weeps in each of us. The relationships we have with those departed is always with us growing as we do, personalized and meaningful  in our hearts and minds, touched by the light of life we appreciate our own endeavors and those closest to us more. No better a way to appreciate, to give thanks to and also to feel the compassion our cherished friends give us every day.  There is no better inspirations or sacrifice. Andy, so many here moved by you, as we will always be. Thank you for being the inspiration guiding us. You are hope.
It was just a few days ago I was writing and came across your poem, feeling better you said even in this cold weather. Your words shined off the page and burned an imprint in my mental book. I have it now always.
HeyThereLefty Dec 2014
I received an email today
with some of your last thoughts and words.
You wanted to change the world
but you are now no more.
I have never met you,
spoke with you,
seen you face to face.
But in reading your words,
I have found common ground.
You will never know me
and I will never know you.
While I’m still here
still stealing breaths while I can,
I want this to be clear...
You are my friend
and you have changed my world.
I just want to pay my respects.
WickedHope Dec 2014
I'm just tired. Of everything.

Lay your head on my shoulder and rest

Kind and tender offer, truly touches my heart, but my head is too heavy a burden for me to rest on anyone.

I will take that burden as I hold my own. If I were Atlas the Titan holding the sky above I would still take that weight

You are beautiful.
Please don't stop being beautiful, love.
I no longer have a sky,
But you make me want to rebuild mine.
If only a piece.
You are a star,
Shining at night.
You are a lamp,
Shedding some light.
You are a hope,
Making me want to fight.
Want to fight.
But to weak to stand.

I will be your shoulder to cry on
I will be your arm to lean on
I will hold your hand when things get rough
I will light the way in your darkest times
I will be here to the end

I just want to cry but the tears won't come.

Why cry darling? You have no reason to shed tears

I'm so broken, ***, I'm two shards away from gone.

I can be the glue that holds you together. < holds you close > I will be here

Glue always seems to wash away with me
< curls into a ball >

Then I'm industrial welding. I'll be here for as long as you need and longer

Darling... you are a lovely piece of humanity, never lose that about you.

*Please just hang on [my real name]. I couldn't bear losing you.
Losing you hurts like hell, love. </3
What if I still need you? What then?
- - -
Some exchanges from earlier November, when I was "unwell."
I wanted to **** myself, and when I felt like no one else was, Andy was there to give me reason not to.
The BOLD words are Andy's, because everything he said is boldly imprinted into my heart.
- - -
~ 1 A.M. (EST) 12/30/2014 was the last I ever got to hear from him.
I want to remember that.
- - -
WickedHope Dec 2014
Why isn't the sky crying?
When the most beautiful soul has reached up to meet it?
Shouldn't such an embrace bring tears?
Or sunshine?
Why now, is all black and quiet?
Traffic continues when my heart has stopped.
The sky holds the love of my heart
That I never could.
And I'm crying,
And the sky is quiet.
I just hope the sky knows how lucky it is.
And I hope my love, my darling, can see me from somewhere
And know how much I love him still.
Please like and repost this, this is probably the only time I'll ever ask.
Andy was extremely important to me.
Bluebird Dec 2014
Be strong,
there is more of you inside then mere sadness,
so get a hold of yourself,you can do it!
I strongly believe that the desteny is something that we choose
so you just have to make it the way you want it to be!
Lukas Dec 2014
We all wonder in the dark
Trying to see the good
Trying to feel warmth

A small red ember falls to the ground
It glows and it gives of warmth
This is how his revolution started
A small speck in the dark

We fed the ember with praise
And likes that made it grow
People gathered as a fire became

People like his light and his warmth
He grew into a bonfire
Though not low on fuel and praise

Our fire has started to wane
Its not quite as bright
Or as warm
But it still changes our hearts

Andy a poet on here is really sick. Though he still manages to change our lives everyday. He's stronger than anything you'll ever encounter. Andy if you're reading this is means you need to kick cancer's **** because we're here to catch you and revive you so you can win. That's what I want for Christmas. For Andy to survive. When he does I will be first in line to say "Andy you've changed my life and I can't ask for a better savior." ---Lukas---
Ozzie Dec 2014
Blurred images
Hazy edged pictures
Images with burn holes 
Things to see behind
Clouds of lingering sleep
This is the first time in awhile
I've actually felt okay
The world is still moving to fast 
And me too slow
But my mind has a window
So I can see and hear 
Though my throat still 
Struggles for sounds
My hands form letters
That form words
That form phrases
My thoughts on pages 
My feelings on paper 
My soul wrapped into words
That will never be spoken 

These are my own words written by someone else, hope you guys enjoy my first poem in a while, things are actually improving. If im lucky i'll survive -Andy
Creep Dec 2014
I don't want much,
nothing really.
I just hope that Andy survives,
a Christmas miracle.

That will be my priority Christmas gift,
but besides that,
all I want is you,
and for you to get better.

I want everyone has a warm house to come home to,
and a happy Christmas morning and day,
with smiles to go all around.
:) sorry this was crap, but idk how else to embellish this. just wrote from the heart, nothing more, and I'm keeping it simple. ^^ please do the challenge, which i posted before this one.

all i want for christmas
by mariah carey
Lukas Dec 2014
You know the way your hair flips drives me crazy
You have a smile that drives me wild
You've made me laugh even when I can't stop crying
You've held my hand through a dark time

You make my world a better place
You fight the demons of the human race
You make this all a possibility
I just want to thankyou my Andy

I can't word how much this has effected me. I mean you've been here for me and i dont even know how to say what i need to. Thankyou
For andy
Thunderstorm Dec 2014
You know how the sun is so important to us, as humans? You know how it's the center of all life and everything and how we love to see it, how it brightens our day literally and figuratively?  How we try and imitate it with our lights and we remember it through the stars when it's gone, and we wish it could last forever but it can't?
Well, what if I told you Andy is like the sun?
It's brilliant and bright and lightens up our days. just like Andy does.  We love to see it and think of it as a symbol of love and happiness, just like we we do about Andy. We may try and imitate it, but it's never as good as the original. We try and be as good as Andy, but you can never be as amazing as him. We remember it through the other stars the way we find Andy in others. And we all wish it could last forever, but it can't. *All stories come to a close, even the best people's. Even Andy's.
Like/repost if Andy is like the sun to you too. And please write your own poems for him. Thank you.
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