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find the place overwhelming and claustrophobic, yet as you say some bits are interesting if i can stand the first bits.

met the tank man when i was there who talked lots.

knows all about tanks.

says he is in the pub if I want to chat.
they captured him because they could,

then told him he was free to go.

as he walked away

they shot his face off.
intentions to change it all
then see what is already there and
carry on quietly
knowing the change will come
whether slowly or suddenly
mentioning that, please note, it is only

certain elements that startle.

the fear of falling mentioned before, yet i stride out confident and all the while my brain is in-flight with dizziness and disconnect

on pavements.

though, there is a softer sound,

on earth or grass am capable

whilst oft i fly….
told him when he asked about dinner
with his sister

we laughed and the wind blew things
wrote the other day about the coal man falling

being brought into our kitchen

the memories

the marks

mother preparing the chicken killed by the fox in the small holding next door and donated

five of us and are asked to watch

i look away

the table is wood and wide

our gas stove grey with little legs,white door, a downward handle,

space under

where the cat hides

near christmas, she washes the dried fruit and puts under a tea towel on the side

we eat bits

we think she will not know

guess she does and how we laugh when the ginger beer blows up in the larder

i wonder when he eats a whole swiss roll….he dies some weeks after.

my brother..

i don’t like walking in snow
laugh at them talking in metaphors
yet I do the same
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