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How does it feel like to carry half a moon and half a night.
like Standing half in sand and half in sea.
like Watching a boat on the shore, while drowning.
& Writing your name on the sand. half of it on surface & half in water.
Don't you think its perfect, may be only half of it.
Reaching the end, or celebrating it while standing in half of it.
May be its the last minute or just half of it.
May be the half that is untouched is more precious.
There must be a reason half in heart and half remains
within you.
Its better to be half a fool for half a dream.
will continue this ? or keep it half
                                                        coming days
                                                                                 and days after that will be amazing as peace
kainat rasheed Feb 2022
life is a flower, an echo of laughter.
a scene of blooming  colors.
then there is a  gentle breeze near it.
then there is a ripple of fragrance.
then there is a shelter of desires around.
then that will hug you tight and encircle your eyes.
then In its will you will pluck it again.
then Below it there is a thorn like a spike.
then in the middle of blood flow there is a sharp pain.
then there is a scream from empty ground.
that no one listens to.
that's where your deficit is waiting for you.
life is a trial.
after the trial there is a beginning when a Flower withers.
there it Become petal one by one.
this is how the time of each flower is decided and fixed.
that how long it smiled in it's bloom.
then will you throw it away?
then You will save it by picking up it's petals.
then You will hold yourself up again.
then you will put it in the middle of book.
where your story begin to flow .
you  will write it up. How did you pass from flower to petal?
a paper that is Drenched in your tears, ink will  spread on it.
every word of it will be in  remembrance of your laughter.
then you will say, What a life like a fragile flower it was.
but dont left  this book in tears.
write on it   that how you will Encourage  to gather yourself again.
keep the book of the past with you, never throw it .
all the bad and worst have made you.
this book is asking you to feed this flower again.
it want to save a scene, where an innocent child to laugh heartily when he sees it blooming in its own color.
Writer : Kainat Rasheed
kainat rasheed May 2020
It was February 2020,
Exam season,
Six o'clock in the evening,
So the news spread,
"In the country's largest city,
Two Corona patients tested positive"
Life was in its own wave,
I asked for a small prayer,
"Just don't want to give any exam tomorrow"
A five day holiday was announced on T.V,
i was fully  happy,
about that,
I will not have to get up and go to school next day,
i slept  all the  day,
posting memes on Facebook,
Uploading status on Instagram,
It was the last day of the holiday,
I was afraid that now there will be exam ,
But then  ,
an announcement came " a month holiday "
The number of patients kept on increasing day by day,
First two, then twelve, then three hundred, and then a thousand,
then after someday,
Home and me,
These four walls,
myself and old memories,
good mornings were turning to fearing days,
because the lock down happened ,
the markets closed ,the parks closed ,
the malls closed ,the banks closed
the  court close ,the business closed
traveling band  
It just took a month,
I saw a  whole new  life,
When the police had tears in their eyes,
Standing across the praying area, he said with folded hands
and said ,
for God sake ,
Stay away from here and protect yourself and your family,
The guards patrolled at night,
i will never forget the horn of the police car,
But the country's poor have lost their livelihood,
their children went to bed hungry,
The laborer did not receive his earnings,
I saw anguish in some eyes,
I saw this long line of beggars,
Who only had to live up to the morning,
I saw a doctor in the hospital,
And those in uniform on the streets,
No one wants their loved ones to leave them alone,
I saw those who gave their lives,
I saw those who saves others lives,
Everyone had to save the country,
I saw the plague was same for both the king and the slave,
I saw years in a year,
I saw helplessness,
I slept myself all the days ,
My country's markets are closed,
The roar of my streets is gone,
some dreams should  remain dreams,
Some desires force us to put masks on our faces,
Some mistakes leads to  distances,
Today is May, I have only one wish,
I want to spend the day at the roadside,
and Let me put heat of  sun in my eyes,
I want to look at it until its rays dissolve in my tears,
I want to tore this year's page from the book of life,
and someday,
i wish ,
announcement on TV will come that "we have got rid of this epidemic covid19".
kainat rasheed Mar 2020
You know your life is full
You know what it is like to shake hands when you leave the house
you know what its is like to say your first greeting
You know what it is like to watch the sun shine in your eyes at dawn
You know what it is like to sit in the bus seat and watch people walk in their own tune?
You know what it's like to be a part of a crowd and then get lost in it
You know there is a way to get ahead in the race
You know you want to stop. You're tired
You know the echo of the train from the road above
You know that the first greetings of the morning  is your beginning
Do you know what to do with careless walking?
Do you know when the rain looks good?
You know  when the rain is bring your heart to life
You find that every drop of it makes you happy
You know the sounds of those laughs is coming from the next two streets
You know those kids playing in the park in front of you, and the next moment they were fighting  together.
You know you're laughing at your heart 
You know, today you all messed up things  but then you gave up it to  tomorrow
you know that you have a sky full of stars to forget about the night?
You know someone was looking for me by my name. Then they called my name and said we will meet again tomorrow
You know how easy it is to say goodbye to someone
you know  you are thinking like there is no break in your life?
You know what it means to live life
You think life is what you are given
You know life is hollow today
You know the sun was watching you today with anger
You know there are few   left to hear your first greeting
You know the silence echoing on the upper street
You know, people now stopping somewhere along the way
You know you want this race to come into existence again
You know, you know, crowds are a solution you can lose yourself in
You know hope is like that
You know you have a lot of trouble today for tomorrow's mistake
You know there are no kids crying  in the park in front of you
You know the next two lanes are door bands
You know that drop of rain was like ***** mud
Do you know when the rain looks bad?
You know what the distances from fear are
you know what it is like to loose the authorities
You know what life is all about
You know what the fear of death is
You know in some days they won't remember our name
You know, their memories will blur our faces
You know what I'm thinking
about today :))
kainat rasheed Nov 2019
The light that is shining through my window
That darkness that is getting into every vein of my body

The water that is washing  my face
That water that is drowning me so far inside

The flower that is sprouting in every color
That color that is inside me is scattering somewhere

The breeze that just crossing me now
That  is  Getting heavy on my every breath

The man who is just passing by me
that idea that I'm not letting go of it anymore

The first word that my tongue is saying out now
That last words that  I'm writing  here

The greeting for which I was just giving my hand
That distance that  I am now  keeping from all of them
hi !
after  so long :))
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