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ellie Dec 2014
I wish I could help your wandering soul,
Your dreary eyes and your forgotten hope.
I want you back
The girl I knew
before everything got so confused
Your my inspiration,
My friend and family too
I just want you back
Me and you
~ for anyone that has temporarily lost a friend, a family member or themselves through mental illness
ellie Dec 2014
I will not fall to the ever growing expectation, the preconceived ideas of the people and this nation. I will not be compared to a unrealistic interpretation of a silicon barbie doll, with her face plastered in makeup. We are all human, all perfectly unique. So just think about this, every time you speak, for we shouldn't be judged by our looks and appearance but from our personality and our experience.
  Dec 2014 ellie
my heart most be living under water
because I feel like I am
Written: November 29. - 2014
ellie Dec 2014
I wrote this poem for you to keep
As you lie peacefully asleep
To share the stories you once told
Sat in your chair growing peacefully old

I will always remember those days
When I sat up to the table studying the maze
Of thousands of puzzle pieces in my gaze
However I was never fazed
Because you were always there to guide the way.

I will always remember your trips out and about
Although never adventurous I felt,
McDonald's and M&s; without doubt,
Were you favourite places to walkabout

I will always remember your creative flare,
Your knitting needles and you cross-stitch squares,
how you could sit and chat, yet knit with care
Always seemed so unfair  

But most of all, I wrote this poem to say thankyou
Not just from me but from all the family too
For the wisdom and knowledge you once shared
For showing you loved us and that you cared

I wrote this poem to say goodbye
As you watch us from up high
I remember all the fun times we had
As my friend and as my Nan
And I miss you more than words can say

I hope we can meet again someday

— The End —