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I went down to the river
washed the sin out from my bones
let the current take me over
cut my skin on sharpened stones
I felt the spirit move me
as I tumbled through the black,
sent my soul to see valhalla,
it ain't ever coming back.

As my tattered body surfaced
I looked back unto the shore
and knew that in that moment
I was lost forevermore.
I lingered low and lifeless
in amongst the tangled reeds
just a body filled with whiskey,
broken bones and evil deeds.

Let the water wash me over
let it cleanse the flesh away
let it crush my bones to powder,
leaving nothing to decay.
Let me live in constant darkness
filled with rage and zealots fire
only then will I taste liberty,
the one thing I desire.
You might think it silly
you might think it strange
you might think I'm crazy
or even deranged.
You can call me a hippy
a snowflake or worse
for putting my feelings
into rhyming verse.

My poems release me
from a world filled with hate
where everything's wrong
if its not white or "straight".
Where we persecute immigrants,
and  breastfeeding mothers,
the helpless, the homeless
and millions of others.

I yearn for a world
where we all live in peace
arm in arm with our brothers,
would we then find relief?
Or would hatred still flourish
in the smallest of minds,
passed down through generations
'cross the passage of time.

So, call me a Marxist, a snowflake, a hippie
call me a communist, bleeding heart leftie.
While you rail at the world with your ignorant view,
fearing all others who don't look like you.
I'll still be here like a thorn in your side
filled with love for my brother, with arms open wide.
Your hatred will fester, an insidious cancer
as you hoist up your flag and attempt  "Rule Brittania"

Hold your breath, don't look down
take the pills before you drown.
Pretty hues, a rainbow cure
to salve your soul, to make you pure.

Sing your song in darkened corners,
use your light to help you through
let your mind be free of borders
feel no shame in being you.

Do not run from your reflection,
seek the starlight in your eyes
listen not to others leanings,
stand your ground, ignore the lies.

Then when you are feeling stronger,
your battle scars a faded dream
I hope that peace will settle gently
upon your brow to quell your scream.
Out of the black
into deep blue
my soul swims
an ocean of tears
to a place of calm reflection.
Things I have lost,
places I've roamed
all distant now.

Echoes of a life shared,
the constance of a beating heart
are but strangers
now that fate has dealt her hand.
Stumbling through particles of time
within the overwhelming ache
of empty arms
I search for myself.
I left my partner of 6 years a couple of days ago.... guess I needed to write it out.
Sunsets the hue of broken hearts
Cast shadows on my silent tears
how can a love lie down and die
when nurtured for so many years
The bell it tolls as darkness falls
its solemn tone beguiling
a final death knell on our hearts
that once were bold and shining.
When morning comes we'll wake once more
to maintain the charade
and hope to gather up again
the love that we betrayed.
While sitting quietly where you lay
I heard the little drummer play
his beat went on forevermore
calling all young souls to war.

His beat it echoed o'er the  world
Come one come all you boys and girls
Be strong be brave, now is the time
to take up arms, to join the line

The little drummer silent fell
his call to arms a call to hell
no longer heard 'cross hill and glen
until the marching starts again.

I sat beside your grave and cried
for those poor souls sent out to die
in battle for anothers cause,
then spoke a prayer to end all wars.
Won't you come and raise a glass
to faded faces from the past
to those we've loved no longer here
so missed around this time of year

Here's to the smile we'll never see
outside of hazy memory,
the echo of now precious laughs
ring out from faded photographs.

Here's to the memories I now hold
the lives I've loved, the stories told,
and the sometime tear that falls astray
for those I've lost along the way.
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