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In this quiet place I sit,
all alone, yet never quite,
to watch the twilight bleed the day
and bring the bounty of the night.

He comes to me as evening wakes,
His silent solace ever true
bewitched I fall into his eyes
and there I feel my soul renew.
Hold me close, then let me fall
away from you and all I know,
leave me lonely where I lay
down where the water lilies grow.

Loathe my heart with every cry,
**** my eyes with every breath.
Rejoice! for I am happy now
within this sweet, eternal death.
All alone and feeling free
nothing here to bother me,
blue as far as I can see
being all that I can be.

Walking barefoot on the ground,
not another soul around
a sense of peace is to be found
when the joys of Spring abound!
I have no need of salvation
My soul is my own
It stands defiant
within this mortal shell.
It bleeds as I cry
Every drop a blessing
to those who wish me harm.

I have no need of forgiveness
I am humbled by my deeds.
I do not linger on every indiscretion
they are the flames from which I grew.

I have no need of redemption
I do not hear the voice of God
he speaks not of my virtue
but I will raise my face to his
as surely as the sun rises to mine.

I have only the need for love
rare and precious in its truest form
yet deserved by every being.
I will accept no less, nor ask for more.
The little bird no longer flies
she sits and mourns her broken wings
her tattered feathers, faded now
will never feel the breath of spring.

She sings now for the life she lost
a silent sweet lament
such sad refrain, if heard aloud
would break the hearts of men

The little bird falls quiet now,
Her end is drawing near
and not a single soul will know
that she was ever here.
Oh how her tiny wings flutter
against my heart,
her sorrow mine.

All encompassing love
could never hold her.

She exists within summer whispers
with never a cold touch to her soul.

Beyond beauty she flies.
Never to be held,
Lest she falls apart.
Buried in my shroud of tears
I walk among the ******
I count the souls of dreamers past
Upon my weathered hands

There'll be no solace in my name
no mercy at my feet
as daylight crumbles into dark
your soul will cry defeat.

Yet should you feel my icy touch
and hear my ragged breath
fear not, for I will hold you close
in sweet unending death.
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