She comes to me in whispers
her feet treading water above silvered shards
as her cerulean stare pierces the dark.
I breath in the atmosphere
as her chill sets my lungs to burn.
Both fear and adoration fill my mind as beauty in it's bleakest form, beckons.
Starlit starlings sleep unfettered
settled now in treetops high
when dawn awakes they'll join the chorus
Waking all with joyful cry.

They'll take to wing across the skyline
and charm the clouds to a whispered sigh
Come evening they'll return with glory
Weaving waves into the sky.
I have starlings nesting outside my window, they're a very noisy yet beautiful sight
Could you love me for a while
upon a summers day
We'll drift the seas in paper boats
and kiss the time away

Could you love me come the fall
where hues of russet play
We'll kiss among the falling leaves
then in your arms I'd stay

In winter will you love me still?
amongst the ice and snow
a thousand twinkling fairy lights
will hold us in their glow

And when the spring she comes around
and blossoms are in bloom
will you pick some daffodils
and lay them at my tomb.

For I must leave you now my love
for heavens distant shore
but I will hold your heart in mine
until we meet once more
Darkness consumes my every breath
Pulling me deeper into despair.
I am shadow, there is no light,
no smile to tear through the constant lonely aching. I cry, silently within this vacuum of my own design as my desire to be is slowly defeated.
All that remains is time and she alone will seal my fate.
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