Swaying and sliding
Trying to stay afloat
Rocking and riding holding onto hope
Spoondrift spraying on board boat
Steering the waves
Sculling the course
Setting the angles against capsized loss
You can't tame the tempest but can keep inside will
Accept the motion
Be poised and steady
For storm soon pass and you master ready

Sailing in waters calm and still

Serpentine sleeping inside
Ground shakes
Fire ignites
You begin to wake
Come alive
Up you climb
Making body your own
Taking what you need to feed
Discarding which you disown
Coiling around and around
Energy circling now
Each layer removing
Heavy mount
By any means
Feeling crazy
but all is not how it seems
Visions dancing in periphery
Shadows meeting in nightly dreams
Fears full
Sleeping Screams
Shifting mindset from blinkered screens
Physical symptoms catastrophic bouts
World spinning thrown
Til it all comes
crashing down
And you begin to see life
Serpentine knows
What's best for you
My Dear

Can you hear the angels calling to you
The words no need to say
A knowing within yourself
Numbers to guide upon the way
Whispers to echo thoughts flowing chain to chain
Poetry pulling at the core
Spilling pen to paper
The more you trust and believe
Be open to receive
Universal unity
Living in divinity

Always fear of the wasp kind
A pesky insect couldn't abide
Only stung once in life
But as child the memory was horrific
This year for months had to negotiate window open and closed
A hive of activity above the rows
Swarming about sometimes come in to check home out
Would hide by door
If close fall further back into retreat
Not fancy them applying stinging spree
The more eye saw the more to see
Not really interested in causing anarchy
Fly from floral pattern to swirls on the roof hoping for some plant to root
Started getting closer to open window wide could get out not stuck inside
Got to a point on handheld tissue they would hop to venture out without wounding plot
Then one day
Call out had been made for colony to be smoked away
Neighbours couldn't cope to have them creatures stay
I understand a pest to family
But wish nature and man could live in much more harmony
Now gone
Unstung melody
Though not a victory that taste so sweetly
To the wasps that lived above me

O' hark Wren bird you come to my windowsill
You're on the lookout
I watch you watching all around you
You see what must be done
What is clear or what's in your way
Your song you choose to sing
You will not be frightened or threatened away
Bold and resilient
Plumage stands out
Head held high
Chest feathered strong
You will not be weathered by winters throng
Thank You for visiting and stopping by
The God and Goddess messengers of the sky
  Off little Wren goes to perch with joy in birds eye

A trailblazer you were of fire and heat
Cut your own cloth unravelled in silken sheet
A sparkle to your facet
Though when you met with her
She became your sun
When heat applied to stone
Over exposure drew you dull

Dreams turning restless in my head
Fear lifting out to purge on screams to shout
Faces grotesque
Beckoning to test
I face
Even in sleep and half dream state
Dragons at my side
One rogue
Red hot blooded
Fire in eyes  
Wanting to take all that's mine
Stripping bare skin from Dragon kin
I fear somewhat
Though protective in nature
Dragons of Guide
Took to the
Onwards we ride!

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