I thought paradise
was some far off place
But now that I've had a taste
   I realise it's         here with you
in your warm embrace
Kiss me some more
Your eyes feel like home to me
Your gaze so adoringly
With you love is all I see
Eyes speak
Soul deep
Diving blissfully
Ascending to your heavenly shore
I am safe and secure
Passionate and creative
Harmonious and worthy
Loving and compassionate
Feel the air in my lungs
The beat in my heart
Sing the song
from my throat
See with my eyes wide open
Know the light
true being
Dangerous hearts have bled too much or not enough
Their pain and suffering or lack of
passes to the next if they seethe through bitterness
We have all been hurt and have bled but should consciously seek not to pump our blood stains into the next
We have though
Learning curve to forgive ourselves and them
We may never forget but what good does it do to feed the loop of regret over and over again
Our actions have effect
We give and get what we beget
I wish for the world to be happy
To know peace of mind
To care for one another
Leave the worries
I've noticed
The days that could of gone
So differently

I've noticed the days that could of gone so differently
Skating on ice
Heavy bag at my side
Lighten the load
Throw it away
There it goes
Skating uphill
Lighter freeing will
Tutor from years by journeying behind
An obstacle up ahead
Blocks just around the bend
Pick them up put them away safe
As much as can now confidently skate still need to beware not to trip and land on my face or any other to hurt from not clearing up after an untidy place
Taken from last night's dream
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