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In our darkness we are met with bleak
Them shadows taunt and haunt
We fear them
Each time shrieking in the dark
Over time we see but feel more accustomed to, we stay in center line or send them shadows love
New shadows emerge we feel, fear, we accept we purge again sending love when we may
The view becomes clearer it transforms to a mirror
The image reflects our inner beliefs and grievances
Everything that annoys you can be found in me and mirror reverse too
Everything that I treasure is within my sanctum my jewels are worn too within the mirror starer
We share this same space
Though you have to look closely at times
My distaste dislike love compassion empathy apathy security insecurity gift grievances are all mine and yours on similar line
We together carry share lift unburden and shed the load each time
Then to the next reflector
To see deeper and clearer
To mirror more love
acceptance and compassion
On higher planes the heart can feel love unconditional
On lower the heart feels pain and it's sharp dense fangs sinking in
I hope the density can fade
I love you
I miss you
I just want to cuddle and kiss you
I would love to feel your arms wrapped around me again
I would love to lay my head on your chest and feel your heart beating
Hold hands palm to palm
Let me nuzzle into your neck
Smell that adoring scent
I love you and I'm missing you dearly
I would love to be able to tell you all this
I was never really present because I could not keep replaying the old relationships and wounds
I couldn't fully let love in
Lesson learnt
Some one is going through heartache
Some one is going through divorce
Some one is caring for others never gets time off
Some one is battling disease
Some one is processing trauma needed to heal
Some one is living the pain
Some one is crying in the dark
Some one is alone
Some one is trying not to blow out their spark
Some one is smiling through the struggle
Some one is trying each day
I worry about you
I wish I could make things right
I wish I could hold you tight and cuddle the night away
Never forget how amazing you are
Never forget you are beautiful inside and out
Never forget you have a lovely caring heart
Never forget others care for you
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