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Laying hands
Faraway lands
The times of gone before
The lore of what appeased us
What teases us
The spell of hell etched in your veins
To bring out the pains
The aches of heartbreaks
The suppressive shakes
The broken haze
As the energy speaks it sinks into each vessel
It flows from high the source sky
The energy releasing into the body
To clear
As the tears pour out
The heaviness takes a lighter tone
And the men women and souls from now and before and who we have felt to be before find more peace
To release
What has been and gone before
And breathe
In ode to reiki healing
It began with a hello
I fell deeply in love
The love would overpower commonsense
The love was deeply felt
The love would fly over the pain and the hurt and unsettling words
The ego died many times
The love will remain but will it ever repair to health
You have your views
I'll have mine
We see what we've seen
Known what we have known
Lessons learnt through mistakes made
Karma paid
Though the need to control another will never work
The beliefs many ways to see
The darkness the light the spectrum the haze
The glee the sadness the constriction the expansive ways
The shades of grey
The bright colourful days
One thing that may seem real may be an illusion to you or me
Our eyes see through to our periphery the behind past our  fronted forward ways the side step the leap and the stay
The wounds of hurt have obscured part vision
The cave became our sanctuary
The light sometimes a blight as we saw the shadows so deeply projected and directed
Though to see feel and understand these wounds brings in more room to understand not just for selves but for another too
Through this we grow
Sharing more of what we want to show from a more balanced state
My light shone in me it broke me
The darkness felt like warmth
The pain echoed pleasure and the will made strong
The soothing disturbed me it's uncomfortable wake
The thoughts did destroy me
The soul did shake
The actions pull me down dug me to mine grave
The awareness plummeted me and the present received the gift
The moments of paradox
The light and the dark
They gave me roots and a shining bright spark
The mistakes brought the compassion
The aches gave me hope
The destruction new salvation
Heart so broke it can now know love
The world been a torture
The dreams were of death
Over and over again
The light and dark dance they have a fine romance and from that new steps are formed in balance in surrender in will to carry on
In the space between both
Can create anew
love song
We are dying to ourselves
Our past has paved the way
The experiences shaped us
Sometimes got in our way
The surroundings opened or closed us
The longings tore our hearts
The not belonging fraught us
Told us we should part
We are dying to ourselves
The ones we thought we were
The ones we thought we had to be
Which shaped our darkly lair
We are throwing away the old
Tearing it at the seems
We are observing past patterns and pulling out the guillotine
We are dying to ourselves who we once were who we believed and deemed
The breaking down is painful but so has the images and beliefs we have seen
How do we become now
How do we begin
We start from what we love
The heart and souls dream
We build
The dream team
My love
My Leon
When we met I noticed you
I remember the way you turned that picture frame and tidied up the outside table
You seemed a sense of age in your soul
You also have your youthful buoyant energy
You intrigued me with your many facets
The energetic
The concentration of the chess game
Your wisdom
The beauty and engagement of your gaze
You intrigued and amazed
Those days
Each time you came to call I was happy to have you around
I enjoyed our many chats and just sitting together side by side
Your company made me smile
When you first kissed me it took me by surprise
I knew I wanted to though didn't expect it when the time came
I like your cheeky ways and the way you speak directly but with kindness too
I'm so glad we met and I'm so glad to be with you
I love you
My Leon
The picture frame said Love
I love him
So much I love him so much
He makes me cry or I do
I cry cause of all I've held on to
All I need to release and how much love I have to give and how much he gives to me
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