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Play the chord
How's that sound
Is it in tune now
Pluck the string
Is it harmoniously resonating
Is there a healthy tone
A happy flow
Or does the note fall a little flat
A bit off key
Match the response to the melodic frequency
It always amazes me how love can turn to pain in such a short
space of time
Seems like in relationships it just teaches me where I need to work on self worth
As when I love another outside me
I'm only left feeling incomplete
Though I hurt less
I've taken so much more than I can bare
I let you into my life again
I gave you a chance to do it all differently
I gave you compassion and understanding for your difficult time
I made you laugh
I made meditations to help clear your mind and heal your heart
But you didn't want to know
Bit by bit truth came to unravel
The lying eyes you've been hiding behind
Playing with my heart my love my health my life for a second time
I've been feeling like I'm on a merry go round
A rollercoaster ride
And I feel sick now
I've watched as you vented your anger towards another and still tried to see your side
And now you show me all your actions been a lie
You wanted her
The one you went to after you broke my heart the first time
The years I spent healing myself
And when I'm just getting better you think it's ok to come in and just say hi
And pick me up when I made peace with the goodbye
Now everyone is bad in your eyes
When I was struggling need a supportive line
You told me you still want her
Am I just a play thing with no shine
Not to me I'm not
Worth so much more than you will ever know
Lightworker path sounds like a positive laugh
How we spread our gift of joy and sunshine
It's merriment is overlooked
Worker of the light has lived in the dark night
Over and over again
Death of self and friend
Only insight and pen
To share the tale of wisdom spent
To never want another to bleed in Hell
To pass the torch to trauma tormented cell
I'm apparently strong enough to live this
That I keep telling my self and all is well
It came through pierced veils
Dark night
Broken heart
Pray to God
And now I feel alone

When we should feel connected
watch them in their slumber
My love for you is unconditional
Even through the pain
I'm not sure love ever came from you to me
I'll have to move on
If this is not ment to be
I'll still love you all the same
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