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Each day a new dream to dream
A new sky to live under
Another hope to gleam
Birds gliding in-between the subtlety of our minds
Waves of Bliss
You mellow me
I've touched myself in ways in places in pleasures in sensations
No other ever has
Perhaps there is room for change
The dark scares me more now than it ever did
I don't know why
Fear comes up again
The night is more vivid now
Vision more alive
Is that why
Light being
You tried to hide and run from me
But I still see
I feel before I witness

The stomach churns sometimes
The body seems to slip away
I feel the
I use to sneak down as a kid
My body could walk even if I was sleeping
Safe to take myself back to bed

As a baby vivid memory
Could not escape my crib
Morning came awake in the middle of them
Care givers ether side

Later memory
Unable to rest
A window display
Goldfish swim in the invisible water
The flow makes my lids heavy and low
Relaxing to the night
Swimming into peace

Even now if in a place of disharmony
When eyes stream and dreams feel out of reach
A hand holds out for me
Feeling the fingers lace my own
A warm comfort even in agony
The softness caresses skin and bone
Love is home
Hearts of gold
Get collected and sold down the river
Far too many times
No one is immune
It's our greed
It's our desire for more
It's our search for the core of who we are
Where is our love
I'm losing myself and that's ok
I was ment to be lost
To find my feet again
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