Warm air touches skin
Permeating bodies bridge
Gentle breeze softens heat
The air is relaxed and cooled
With sweet kiss a seal pass from lips
He grips firm but delights in her form
Fingers entangle in soft loose curls charmed by her feminine grace
Hand of other with curvaceous hips place
Fingers tighten like tentacles to the twirling of her thighs
In his eyes she feels his love his soul dances to her rhythmic glow
Eyes smile between delicate and passionate kisses
Their world spins with the sounds of life
The arch of her back traces the tree line it's wood hard and  pleasing
A flower in bloom opens to natures tune
The roots run deep below their feet
He takes her down to feel the ground pound
Thrusting to the earth's beat
Leaves crunch as senses rush
Every moment a beautiful note
A message of universal love
A message of loving hope
I don't know what I'm looking for
I feel like I've already watched it all
fade . .  .
I will love you forever
though I can't hold on
You belong to whoever makes your love
be strong
Touch me in first light
As beauty befell incandescent eyes
Bequeathed by blanket of purest skies
Body of earth
Waters birth
Vision forms to hypnotize
Touch of spirit
Like a snowflake
Each unique
Diamonds setting
Of heaven
I'm the serpent
I'm the witch
I'm the lover
I'm the bitch
I'm the Goddess
I'm the Queen
I'm the never has been
I'm the priestess
I'm the power
I'm the forsaken
I'm the tower
I'm the innocent
I'm the pure
I'm the devilish
I'm the demure
I'm a loner
I'm a chance
I'm a victim
Sweet romance
I'm a terror
I'm your fiend
I'm a confidant
I'm a friend
Don't hate me
Don't commend
I will love you
The bitter
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