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They laugh
At you
Rather than with you
They see your smile
And that makes them die
Of laughter
It kills them inside
To see you so happy

So envious
You think they mean well
But you are everything they want to destroy

But let me tell you,
They will ridicule you
And joke with you
As friends do

But an enemy you shall be to them

Behind that mask, a monster they've become
Trying to be you

Because they know
Even though
You are not perfect,

You are beautiful.

And when they age and come to find out
They were in the wrong
That it was in vain
To try to ruin your life

That they never had one to begin with

Always searching for something more
When their life was better off than yours
From the mere beginning

It's not how it starts, but how it ends.
All I need is You, Lord
Sorry it took so long
For me to realize You're all I need
All I've ever needed
Thanks for never forsaking me
When I fell into the deepest pits
Thanks for being faithful
When I wasn't
Thanks for accepting me back
Father, thankyou for loving me
With an unconditional love
Thankyou for giving me hope
Thankyou for giving me a purpose
To live
To continue on
And to fight the good fight
Thankyou for Your blessings
Thankyou for breaking me out of *******
To sin
To the world
To pride and vanity
To materialism
To fear
To guilt
To depression
To drugs
And alcohol
Thankyou for healing me
Thankyou for bringing me someone who loves me with Your love
Thanks for letting me know You, Lord
You are perfect in all Your ways
You are worthy of all praise
You are sovereign
Let my life be glorifying to You
It started out fun
no strings
just you and me
ruling the world
or so it seemed
now I'm just staring into space

Don't remember what it was like before you
but all I know is that what we had was real
what we had was love

You fell into a depression
you turned me into a ******
a madman

I casually lock eyes with a stranger
I keep staring
Like one who has no hope at all
Wondering if my pain can be felt

I haven't touched my coffee
I forgot it was there

As I'm staring into space
I got you on my mind
You left.
You're gone.
I'm here.
With not a soul by my side.
I'm sad.
I'm alone.
I'm scared.
You're asleep.
I'm barely breathing.
Please come back.
I need you.
It is August 22th.
Nothing special happened today.
Like usual.
Just disappointments and expectations destroyed.
Will you still love me when I'm no longer young?
And beautiful?
Will you still care?
Will you still wait?
If I got locked away,
Would you still love me the same?
I'm on the porch
Watching the rain
Dance on the sidewalks
Wishing I could get soaked
And saturated in love expressed by heaven's tears
She's tired of letting the sun outrule her
She's tired of pretending to be okay
And I get it
Because I'm at that moment too

It's about time to head home

Maybe the sky is sobbing because I can't hear you yell my name
I can't hear you telling me that it's getting late

As if I'm going to be exposed to some deadly disease
As if nature was bad for me
As if nature wasn't kind

But then, again, I wish your voice had been louder
I never got to hear it really

I wish the clouds weren't throwing tantrums
Demanding to be heard
Begging to be wanted
I silently almost pleaded with the skies to stop

I wanted to hear your melancholic call
I wanted to hear you say my name again and again
I wanted to be wanted just like the atmosphere wanted to let it all out

But most of all, I wanted you to have run after me as I walked away
Pretending I didn't notice you beckoning me

You almost broke
That was the closest I had seen your walls be shattered
You didn't notice me looking at you but I saw it in your eyes

We were all crying
Not only could I tell by your heaving figure in the corner of my eye
Not only could we tell by the banks of water pitter-pattering
But I started crying after I turned the corner
And that's because you didn't chase me
You didn't follow me

I knew it before I started heading in the opposite direction
Because you knew I'd be gone for awhile

But I'd always come back

I always had hoped you'd open up to me

If I disappeared
It might have started an argument

At least I would know if you cared

It'd be after midnight
When I'd start to walk back home
Long before the rain stopped

And you'd be there
Waiting for me

As if I had never left
As if I deserved nothing
Nothing new
But silence
And a *cold shoulder
Sigh after sigh
Wanting to scream
Wanting to let go
Sigh after sigh
Wanting another life
Wanting to cry
Sigh after sigh
Wanting to leave
Wanting to die
Sigh after sigh
Wanting to dream
Wanting to forget
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