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ajit peter Mar 2018
Today is international poetry day

With a writers block and medicine poetry just doesn't come
ajit peter Jul 2017
Love in heart to keep
Fear not to weep
Be strong to to leap
To dive in trouble deep

Hurting hearts to beat
A smile ever a treat
Victory in every defeat
At hell's gate to meet

No matter what they say
Let love define the way
From heart tis words to say
Let all have joy under sun's ray
ajit peter Apr 2017
Worry not
Think what you got
Forget lost
Paid the cost
ajit peter Mar 2017
Happy Women's Day
And to all the girls turning women one day
Let it not be just a day
Let it be each day sun shining ray
Let it not be just a message to say
Let it be a honor in a man's way
Let it not be celebrated today forgotten next day
A woman safe in earth night and day
A woman not just a object in the way
A heart a part in a man's life to play
Be a message to tie women's day
ajit peter Mar 2017
One fine day
One. Lonely way
Just to fly away
Know not the day
Far yet near they say
A price to pay
Seeking sun's golden ray
Hearts wishes to pray
Travelled all the way
Know not the day
Death a scene doth play
Fear not they say
Thy love left behind will stay
Eternal under sun's ray
ajit peter Feb 2017
Not uttered by lips
In souls depth found
Not just thrown around
Said to heal the broken heart
Words doth break or make
Words of love
Words of courage
Words in rage
Took back not
Till ends words all we got
Never be harsh with words ita an arrow from a bow a bullet from a gun
Yet it could be an angel with a healing touch cost nothing just a beating heart
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