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Nic Mac Mar 26
It’s where I want to be,
That place I cannot reach.
And if I dare to look ahead,
it will taunt me, Warn me.
Go back a step instead!

“I’ll never get there!”
My vision starts to blur.
Reaching out with fuzzy hands,
To hold something steadier than my nerve.

But dense is the air and the fear, that wears me like a cloak.
They picked me up like this, they saw that I had broke.
How to step forward, when these shoulders are my home?
Looking back is easier, if you kid yourself you’ve grown.
Nic Mac Mar 6
Let the dust settle
be patient
as you watch
and trust,
that gravity,
will coax it down

allow 'time'
to assemble its own fate

a silent audience
we must sometime be
to observe all things
bad and great
Nic Mac Mar 6
may the gust of air, remind you that the world is spinning.
let it not instil worry,
let it not instil stress.
let it teach you instead....
to be anything BUT 'still'
bless this ground with your dance if you are able,
and if today you are not?
let it inspire tomorrows mind...
Nic Mac Mar 6
As with flowers and with bone,
the life you lead will be sewn.
and under flesh and weeds,
will lie a soul filled with deeds.
and I hope, upon the greatest descend,
with no-more hearts left to mend,
Before the tears and the dirt,
you'll Smile, for all life is worth.
So when the rain falls and the sun sets,
you'd have loved it all with not one regret.
Nic Mac Sep 2019
There’s an ocean, collected on the other side of the world.
Away from those that taught her destruction.

Learning from the land what it feels like to sink.
What else can she do but weep?
and slowly flood as we sleep...
Nic Mac Jul 2019
You said it ‘would be a ride’
and as you took my hand,
and dragged me along the tracks,
I felt, what you meant.
Nic Mac
  Apr 2019 Nic Mac
people say they’re afraid of the dark
i am the opposite
i am afraid of the light
light exposes
darkness conceals
shadows the parts of myself i cannot face in the mornings
you have to use the senses you so often neglect
listen to my voice
touch becomes beauty
and i am beautiful because you can feel me
in a way where you don’t need to see my physicality
because it exists in your palm
the image of me is yours to create
i am ready to be your canvas so please
paint me with the deepest shade of your kiss
splash me with hot breath
i am sticky from your sickly sweetness
we never have to turn on the lights
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