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Nic Mac Sep 14
There’s an ocean, collected on the other side of the world.
Away from those that taught her destruction.

Learning from the land what it feels like to sink.
What else can she do but weep?
and slowly flood as we sleep...
Nic Mac Jul 2
You said it ‘would be a ride’
and as you took my hand,
and dragged me along the tracks,
I felt what you meant.
Nic Mac
  Apr 17 Nic Mac
people say they’re afraid of the dark
i am the opposite
i am afraid of the light
light exposes
darkness conceals
shadows the parts of myself i cannot face in the mornings
you have to use the senses you so often neglect
listen to my voice
touch becomes beauty
and i am beautiful because you can feel me
in a way where you don’t need to see my physicality
because it exists in your palm
the image of me is yours to create
i am ready to be your canvas so please
paint me with the deepest shade of your kiss
splash me with hot breath
i am sticky from your sickly sweetness
we never have to turn on the lights
Nic Mac Jan 25
When you loose a love,
It wasn’t love that you lost,
For it couldn’t have been.
Nic Mac Jan 24
The advert we laughed at,
all that time ago, is still up,
going stronger than we could funny.
Nic Mac Nov 2018
This mask, so engrained in my mind,
that I forget it resides on the surface of my skin, rather than sunken in.
It slowly, and is, slipping.
Every touch,
Every time,
Loves loving eyes locked on mine.

My curse loosens it’s bind,
As it’s dissolved between us,
surrendering to your affections,
It can’t take loves weight.

Unveiling my colours,
It’s you that pulled the tapestry.
I forgot, of what, I was capable.
Of what, so long, had been hid.

This mask,
Dismantled at my feet.
Lowering my gaze to a shattered past,
Until my chin is met by kind fingertips...

Upwards, my scarred skin, tips,
to face you,
Nic Mac Nov 2018
There is a space between us,
One that I did not make.
It was crafted by your hands,
But you may not recall, my dear.

Perhaps when teary eyes grew tired,
You built it in your dreams,
Whilst I was holding you.
And now we wake,
to a distance we can’t explain.

Air falls differently here,
The heaviness of a space,
You may not truly want,
But may truly need.

Helplessness lays another brick,
A slave to this magnificent structure,
Ever successful piece by piece,
To house the beast that haunts you.

Tear them down with me
Tear them down without me,
Just please my love,
Don’t add a single brick more.
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