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Words' Worth Apr 2020
People talk about death
As if it is the end
Sometimes I see it as a beginning

They tell me that a person expires
When there role is played
And they have done there part

Sometimes I think this body of ours
Is made of wood
The older it grows the more it has to offer

Many people die before their time
People talk of death among other things
These are the very people who should be allowed to grow
No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true
Elly Apr 2020
Do you still remember how we used to be?
Laughing and laughing beneath the sea
The thought of us being forever
I didn't realize that it was going to be over
Everytime my love for you grew
Now I realize, all of it wasn't true
Yet you realize that you're late
Well I'm sorry, but my feelings already fade
David Adamson May 2019
Patiently waiting for the perfect light.
Glassy lake, wind, clouds, perfection’s near
as the moment dwindles into night.

Captured moments prove that you’re alive, a height
of feeling between depths of time and fear
that living casts only imperfect light.

But the moment missed is like a face out of sight
that against all logic you hope will appear
from around a corner, framed by the night.

Technology offers consolation in its sleight
of hand:  Digitally correct the analog here
and now, counterfeit the perfect light.

Yet you want more than the remastered byte.
You want the flash between waiting and souvenir,
Self and spectacle fused, reality felt right.

And so you wait for what’s passing out of sight,
the collision between soon and too late, sheer
threads connecting to the perfect light
before the moment dwindles into night.
Ankita Gupta Dec 2018
Sugarcandy or a chilli flake
Either a sweet tooth or a burning ache
Lethal or way too safe
Either a tequila or a fresh water lake
A diamond or a snowflake
One meek other too brave
Rumi's words or Evanescence
It's birth and death at play
This is a misfit, incomplete attempt, just like an extreme.
AD Letwixt Oct 2018
Ere those despairing months have come to pass
And befall my pensive condition
With tempests that hide a southerly sun in undulating expression

I examine my place here
Mind swaying like blades of grass

With neither voice nor sound of breath
I consider the evanescent present.
bakunawa Jun 2018
you don't have
to hurt
any longer.

let's just
fade slowly
My Immortal by Evanescence anyone?
Daemon Delano Apr 2018
'Twas driven mad this day,
over something small.
Small I say,
But only seemingly so.
Like doors to the fray,
my feelings did flow.

Thine lips of Fate,
they kiss me fondly.
N'one shall know,
Tho they look at me oddly.

Shouldst I dine on thine maniacal stare,
my thoughts and feelings I bare.
and find mineself in evanescence
eternity passes with such sweet decadence.

Finding ourselves in this,
blissful garden of darkness,
My mind doth wander.

Far, Far above those crooked branches,
to a different place in the eon.
You sit at my side and make me whole.
Our child is beautiful,
calling my name.

Jumping on my knee she says with her lips,
"I want the raven."
Before I could reach for this "raven",
I awaken to your nudge and smile.

Gazing into your eyes,
Almost lost,
In the endless depths of your soul,
I recite a verse,
Of that I rehearsed,
Hoping it wouldst make us,
even more so amorous

"If I stay,
I mean,
If i might,
Thoust shouldst be my life."

You question my verse,
And tho you hesitate,
I continue with a simple voice.

"Please, my sweet ember.
Please, my true love.
Find it in your heart and soul,
that you love me,
and make me whole.
You are my One.
I love you."

And as I reach out,
I hold your hand in my palm.
Removing that which is concealed.
I give you my heart in a case,
hoping you give me this alms,
and allow us to meet in affectionate embrace.
I wrote this when I had a glimpse of what would happen if I let something pass. The poem would have been written later in my life but it came to me in a vision of the future. I saw hands, my hand, typing in front of me on a computer at the library. I remembered every word. This poem is the future unless another path is taken or something is altered by an external force. Much why I never share these things. But this is proof to me that I will be married to the most beautiful man in my life and have a child that we share. Call me crazy for having random occasional bursts of clairvoyance that I don't share with people in fear of being met with either shunning and/or abhorring disputants, or opportunists and/or malevolent bystanders. Thank you.
Kastoori Barua May 2016
A stately airship gliding
Over the mysteries of the skies,
I am the smoke trail
That you have left
At your wake.
Evanescent as I am,
Would you really exist
If I had not followed you
Wouldn’t you have been lost,
In the colors of the evening skies,
If I had not pursued?
Jade Mar 2016
beautiful mix of words
from the songs that call
to my soul
out on the landing
that friend i forgot to send home
taught me how
i could save a life
but it was too late to apologize
cold and ashamed,
i lay naked on the floor
i was calling you at 3 a.m.
i just wanted to hear your voice
to tell you that
when i'm gone you should carry on
when i cried you wiped away all of my tears
i'll never be able to thank you enough
and i will never surrender
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