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Jolene Perron Jul 2011
Tired of being here,
of always asking why.
Of thinking of quitting,
of saying to all "goodbye!"

Tired of being sleepy,
of wanting to take a nap.
Of life being hecktick,
and being so out of whack.

Tired of pleasing everyone,
except just me.
Of not having time,
to just be sixteen.

Tired of counting days,
until my life changes.
Two weeks 'till seventeen,
and I'm turning pages.

Tired of writing my story,
but running out of ink.
Of pages being left,
one, two, three - Blank.

Tired of life,
of being always let down.
Of not being me,
and being, who, a clown?

Tired ... just a word,
with so many things it fits.
Tired, my dear,
doesn't begin to describe it ...
Sometimes life just gets you down. Maybe it's growing up, maybe it's the loss of sleep, maybe it's a boss you have ... whatever it is, life gets us all down and we use the word "tired" a lot, even when it doesn't particuarly mean "sleepy". Just, Tired.
Jolene Perron Jul 2011
I’m looking in a mirror,
and this face I see,
Tall with dark features,
at the age of sixteen.

At the age of sixteen,
I have seen the world.
The people, the faces,
the boys and girls.

At the age of sixteen,
I haven’t been far from home.
But I’ve made some friends,
and I’m not alone.

At the age of sixteen,
I’m aware what’s right.
What’s wrong in this world,
the hate and the strife.

But at the age of sixteen,
what confuses me still.
Is how you have children,
on your own free will.

But don’t care for them,
and spread your charade to we.
But I see behind the curtains,
And I’m only sixteen.

I’m only sixteen,
and I see what you do.
I’m behind the acts,
I’m standing beside you.

I’m screaming in your ears,
“Oh, don’t you see?!
The mess you’ve made?”
And I’m only sixteen.

I’m only sixteen,
I manage a life.
I have two jobs,
I am not a wife.

But I am sixteen,
and for a while back there.
I saw your kids more,
and gave them more care.

I am only sixteen,
I will be seventeen soon.
But I’m not stupid,
and I see what you do.
Jolene Perron Mar 2011
She walks through life,
Sunrise, sundown.
She begins to feel nothing,
she's wearing a frown.

Her perspective is lost,
her thoughts unknown.
Not even she,
can decipher this on her own.

Nothing is right,
and it doesn't make sense.
Why there are walls,
who put up this fence?

Is it a fear?
it's something she does not know.
She's oh so lost,
doesn't know where to go.

And she doesn't know why,
where it came from.
All she knows,
is she just feels numb.

She doesn't feel the sun,
she can't feel the warmth.
She's merely sliding by,
putting one foot forth.

The cold wind blows,
but it doesn't seem to matter.
She's standing at the bottom,
of this life's ladder.

And she's not quite sure,
where to go from here.
How to get farther,
how to conquere fear.

All she knows now,
not where she's from.
But all she feels now,
Jolene Perron Mar 2011
You are fear,

You are sunshine,
                        ­          A dream.

We are everything,
                             ­      Wanted.

We are teenaged,

This is mine,
      ­                             Us.

This is not,

                     ­               Real.
Jolene Perron Feb 2011
Have I ever mentioned,
that look in your eyes.
Makes me go crazy,
every single time.

You look at me,
you kiss my lips.
Your touch is warm,
upon my hips.

As you hold me close,
fitting like a piece.
Of the puzzle in your heart,
screaming defeat.

You've won me over,
my heart, my soul.
I'm falling, I'm falling,
I'm a spiraling fool.

But that's alright,
and I promise it's okay.
As long as I'm here with you,
yet another day.

As long as the sun shines,
warm on the earth.
As long as when you walk away,
my heart hurts.

So long as these feelings,
they never go away.
So long as you're here,
forever and always.
Jolene Perron Feb 2011
I'm looking at myself,
in the mirrow in front of me.
I'm picturing who I was,
who I'll never again be.

Someone who's been forgotten,
and lost within the year.
The time that's passed in which,
I've shed millions of tears.

In searching for someone,
who was lost so far beneath.
The lies, the scars, the hatred,
couldn't stand on two feet.

I was always falling down,
I was always on my knees.
Crying out for help,
screaming "Someone. Please!"

I used to be someone,
who gave everything but.
Left nothing for myself,
and dug myself a rut.

I crawled down deep,
hiding in my shame.
Losing myself,
forgetting even my name.

But now as I stand,
confident and tall.
I see where I was,
and I'm tearing down the walls.

I'm loving who I am,
and where I am  in life.
I'm making a change now,
and everything is right.

My grades, my work, my life,
new friends I'm surrounded with.
The boy by my side,
who reassures me with each kiss.

I've taken myself from the drama,
the cruelty and lies.
I'm moving forward now,
leaving it all behind.

I'm someone different but,
never will I forget.
Who I was before,
everything that was meant.

For where I've been back there,
and where I am now.
Is the secret to the life,
in which I have found.

I'm standing tall and proud,
beautiful inside and out.
I didn't run away from it,
instead, I found a way out ...
Jolene Perron Feb 2011
Going through pictures,
the moments, the laughs.
Going through memories,
when I sat on your lap.

I captured a moment,
who we were back then.
Wasn't long ago,
but I remember when.

The exact moment in time,
when my finger hit the button.
Who we were then,
it seems to be forgotten.

I'm tired of moving on,
I just want to stay still.
Be me, as I am, forever,
I'm wishing with all my will.

I don't wanna grow up,
don't wanna lose this.
Who we all used to be,
it's something I truely miss.

Back then, back when,
we were loving and laughing.
University was far away,
life seemed like a simple thing.

But now, I'm struggling,
school, social life, work and sleep.
Seems we can only ever have,
one, two, maybe three.

And as we grow up , get older,
things are constantly at change.
People grow up,
and sometimes feelings fade.

I hate change,
and I only wish it would stop.
But it doesn't matter,
what I wish, what I want.

Because life is going to keep moving,
and I just have to hold on.
Look at this picture and memory,
and accept that it's gone.
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