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Nick Burns Feb 5
mundane brain
cell amputation
weekdays built
toward bored
flogging guilt
dead med kit
needing feeding
without exit
Nick Burns Nov 2021
these eyes as a fish-eyed lens
the mind’s eye turns into them
capsize belly-up again
recycle my abdomen
Nick Burns Jun 2021
Winston, how do you do?
The long burn always
suited you.
Somber smoke and draw;
Cut dry but always
pulling through.
Never let the heat run out;
let time lull by and
smother fools.
Brass plume and patting snare.
Our bodies packt like
thieves with care.
Digital patterns breathe like air.
Glue cracking, splitting;
bands don’t care.
Salted earth is always fair.
Fermented stacks of
ashes bear.
A strange ode to cigars and Radiohead :)
Nick Burns May 2021
I’m only still
in our bed
waiting for you,
but I guess
just your side
will have to do.
Nick Burns Apr 2021
seeds: hidded.
jaws: fitted,

one ounce,
too speedy.
three loves,
for teeny.
your lies?
you could run the world
from your momma’s house,
from your barn house,
from your silo house,
our flintstoned-foot mouse.

RIP, Vasily.
Nick Burns Jan 2021
Cursor flashes:
and not there;
and not there.
It reminded me of you.
Not because you have left us,
not because you will be back.  
But, because of that little glint
that goes as quick as it appears.
My routines have been reduced
to some sort of stutter with no end.
Plural forms when singles will do;
not two leashes, one instead;
one bowl of water, one of food.
They say all dogs go to heaven,
but we don’t go with them too.
Lost a good boy today.
Nick Burns Jan 2021
Nested topic,
Inverted spirals
contain the heroes.

Double cross me,
ensnare the copy.
Commitment en masse.
Only we can stop me.
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