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Nick Burns Jan 10
Nested topic,
Inverted spirals
contain the heroes.

Double cross me,
ensnare the copy.
Commitment en masse.
Only we can stop me.
Nick Burns Nov 2020
the only way
to leave
without leaving,
to see
without seeing,
to be
without being.
Nick Burns Oct 2020
I know I came home mad
and I know I didn’t say anything
and I know we had family time,
and it was fine.
I know I helped you go to sleep,

I know I’ve built a case
and I know who it’s against
and I know I’m buying time,
and that is fine.
I know that I’ve needed sleep,
Nick Burns Aug 2020
Dreamt a dream for two, you did.
There’s a stake, if you can grab it.
Two travelers together live,
ain’t nothin’ funny-like about it.
But, now you can’t do nothing,
Jus’ gotta go and let ‘im have it.
Go on an’ tell ‘im how it’s gonna be.
Go on an’ tell ‘im ‘bout the rabbits.
Nick Burns Jul 2020
This is
a time
to have
and to
and to
Nick Burns Jun 2020
I stopped off at the moon,
on my way to the Sun,
for one final look at Earth.
Then I couldn’t help but stop at Mercury
for yet another glance
as my eyelashes turned to ashes,
set to orbit our star.
Nick Burns Mar 2020
to see

it never
the dirt

to die
to be
Roger, that *******.
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