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Nick Burns Oct 5
does not ****
the soul
the soul
cannot die

muscle from bone
our spirits stretched
beyond the unknown

you carry me
i carry you
however far
however far
we’re strung

muscle from bone
our spirits stretched
until we’re both home
transatlantic flight down half-crew split
Nick Burns Sep 6
I’m crashing
I love you
beat the brakes
right off me

you’re rushing
I love you
push the sun
to the sea
Nick Burns Sep 6
wanted to
to **** you

i love you
just improve

wanted to
to **** me

we’re helpless
forget this
Nick Burns Dec 2018
I catch myself
feigning sadness;
‘’Tis the season,’
my voice might creak.

There is a dread I keep,
from year to year,
from month to month,
just for this week.

Forgetting why
should make me smile.
Yet, I don’t feel replete.

This season shines,
faux philistine;
Yet, still, you’re incomplete.
Nick Burns Nov 2018
Getting better
is so alien to me,
to be the three
that we
set out to be.
I pictured ruin
or a split,
but not writ,
though we
resolve to breathe!
Still, I’m the type
to measure in nights
not days!
Who stays?
Who goes?
Is it the same?
Still, you’re the type
to always be right
not wrong!
Won’t you stay?
No, don’t go.
I want to play.
So, please say-
Please say
you will stay.
I know you
will always stay,
my little rose.
My little fae.
Nick Burns Aug 2018
they who filed the bars and sent the world to the stars
in a slow, but heavy descent, god only knows what they meant
with an enveloping down and a comforting cry
is a rating for us to decide or just to imbibe
well, step aside, because i...
i can definitely imbibe
Nick Burns Aug 2018
My alarm clock screams.
Been awake for three hours;
so ahead of the game,
unaware of my powerless range.

I’ve been tossing, turning, creaking,
coming up with new names;
another attempt to link together
all of my fireless plains.

Hey, I’m running on fumes.
Hey, I’m Eugene Tooms;
stretching, twisting, warping,
got you reaching for clues.

It’ll all come together,
posted up in a small room;
just typing up a dichotomy
of life as a lifeless plume.
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