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Bianca Apr 29
We are leaving in the morning.

I can feel the press of memory
in the curve of a downward
fold, behind a torn up receipt just
next to the jut of new
roller handles. I feel it

in the coconut drink the park
cafeteria ran out of this afternoon.
The açai you thought I wouldn’t like.
How many unfinished days
are there left scratched into places
tipping over the ends of old maps?

You hand me a snack box (for tomorrow);
tell me to go to bed.
I am afraid Today will spill out
through my yawning–
from my head to the pillow
until there is nothing left, only

our Unfinished set aside for tomorrow
and all the packing we have left to do.
Haruharu Jan 10
Beach dress soaked from the rain.

Jumping in puddles with flip-flops while we run to the highest peak.

The high waves, the horizon and the brazilian rain.

I felt like one with the world.

The heavy rain cleansed my body from the salty ocean water.

I wish I could stand there forever,
to just watch the powerful nature work it's magic.

So soaked it felt like my whole body was made of water,
I started to shiver from the cold.

We kept running along the filthy streets.

Splashing ***** water at each other like children.

Lips blue from the cold,
yet I felt a strong fire burning inside me,
more intense than I've ever felt.

All I could think about was how beautiful life is,
it's all about moments like these.

So full of life I knew I'd always treasure the memories from this day.
Alice Oct 2018
Please, may someone save my country?
Save it from the guy that says he would beat up any *** couple he saw kissing
Save it from the guy that says **** woman don't even deserve to be *****
Save it from the guy that says he approves torture
Save it from the guy that says his son would never date a black woman cause he was raised well
Save it from the guy that says people should be fuzilated
Save it from the guy that says he weakened and for that he had a female child
Save it from the guy that says parents should beat up their kids if they started "acting ***"
Save it from the guy that says it's okay to put rats inside of teen girls' vaginas as a way of punishment
Save it from the guy that says women should be paid less than men
Save it from the guy that says the mistake of the military regime was to torture instead of killing
Above all
Save it from all the people that voted for him
Save it from the 97.290.000 that voted for this man today
Save it, or else I don't what to do
Where to hide
Where to cry
Above all
Do not save this country
Just save those people
Those minds capable of agreeing with such terrible things
Save them
And you'll save my country
Save them all, worldwide
And you'll save this planet
Do it otherwise
And we're all dummed
Yeah, let me introduce you to someone worse than Trump. He almost became the president today. Let's only hope he loses the next round of the election.
Much more of a vent than a poem.
God, I can't believe my parents support this guy.
#EleNão #EleNunca
#NotHim #NeverHim

UPDATE: He won. He is the president now. I'm scared.
Mariam Baalbaki Sep 2018
Our children screams
As loud as they can
Don't shoot them in the face
They are just afraid
Don't look them in the eyes
They are begging for mercy
They don't wanna hide

Our history burns
The anthem is silence
A country with no rules
Where the people are blind
The government hides
The mess and the chaos

There is no life
We lost it waiting in line
Bleeding because of a lost bullet
Screaming for help
But no one hears
Until we die
Until we are silent

The future is dark
We can't see it through the smoke
Our television is rose colored
Always telling lies
And I can't decide
If I fight for this country
Or let it die
DP Younginger May 2018
The girl who catches the eye, like fireflies in the fog,

A majestic mountain, towering over my every thought with clouds of tomorrow,

Fingers like feathers, tickling my heart with a few short strokes,

A smile so free, teeth like ivory keys shining in song, a tongue giving directions,

Unbelievably shadowed by immense rays of fascination, I can't look around her,

So innocent and strong, a face solid with concrete dimples, weighing the world down with her happiness,

Loves me and I her, eyes like sparkling diamonds, hoping that I can be her jeweler, selling my love at half price,

Looks at me with this fierce growl and I stare back with prey-like tendencies,

Is more amazing than a soft winter blizzard, quietly falling over and over again, for me,

First poem written in 2018. Very simple with no edit.

Tinha uma voz doce;

Um cabelo ***** cumprido;

Olhos de ressaca;

Ficava bonita até de batom rosa;

(Odeio, batom rosa).

Mas melhor de tudo;

Foi a mulher mais linda;

Que eu já vi na vida.

Ela não cabe em um livro;

Ela está nos menores frascos;

Até porque,

Neles estão os melhores perfumes.

E como diz aquele velho ditado:

''Secretárias são sensacionais''.

Mas eu,

[Tenho esse erro;

De me apaixonar todo dia;

Sempre pela pessoa errada].
Steady rain
soft bossa nova
in Rio.
Haruharu Jul 2017
I wanted you to be like me.

You wanted me to be you.

It worked for awhile.

But we found our way back..

To the ones we actually are.

That's when it crashed.

Our worlds collided.

It didn't match.

We grew apart again.

But for a brief moment, we were something.

We were glorious.
I left my heart with a girl from brazil
'you remind me of a tiger'
I thought
as she walked in the bar
she had brown eyes
bronze curves
copper curls
a camera hung from her neck
a denim rucksack on her back
she was an oasis
in the desert of my boredom
a ray of sunshine in my darkness
but was she a miracle
or just a mirage?
only one way to know
and that meant having the ***** to approach her
I reached down between my thighs
to check on the gentlemen.
yep, still there.
so I approached her
and she smiled with great curiosity
as our conversation began
her voice was soft as sand
being washed by waves on the ocean shore
she was like
a walking talking
bossa nova sound track
she was a gift from the favelas
a flower from brazil
and I was drawn to her
like a sad man to a violin
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