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  Jul 2016 freya
Tark Wain
I find my calm not at the finish line, looking back at the distance I've traveled, but in the moment, on the run, out of breath, looking forward. I don't know where I'm going, and I guess I hope to God I never get there—I'm happy as I am: Chasing something eternal and ethereal. The world is not—will never be—enough for me and that's just the way I like it.
  Jul 2016 freya
Julia Mae
i wish i hadn't talked
i wish i hadn't said anything
i should have bit my tongue
and kept my silence
i didn't want things to get this violent
nothing good comes when i let words escape my mouth
i wish i hadn't said a word
i wish i knew how to drown without spitting up water
freya Jul 2016
to love you at the end of the time,
to make sure you happy forever,
to make you my last lover ever.
freya Jul 2016
how cruel i am,
how cruel you changed.
freya Jul 2016
yet so far, so deep,
i lost, lost you, mostly lost everything,

its slowly breaks, into a hole deep scars,
left me your name and memories,

wondering, asking, begging,
can you come back and stay?
freya Jan 2016
You said move on, where do I go?
I guess second best is all that we know.
freya Jan 2016
For stop chasing you,
For not always stay by your side,
For denying I love you so much,

For ingore the flowers you bought,
For stop dreaming the worlds is our,
For not enough times to spend together,
For just holds your arms when we walk,
For ingore when you talk,
For step back when I give you hope,
For never believe that we'll make it works,

For giving you a hope and run again,
For making things even worse,
For letting go the chances,

For no reason at all.

*Regrets for just for nothing.
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