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Echo Apr 2017
I have learned to hold back words
Strong words, careless words,
Words of many storms.

I have learned to hold back tears,
Wet tears, silver tears,
Tears more painful than blood.

I have learned to not trust words,
Lying words, doubtful words,
Words that are false on ears.

I have learned to stay strong,
Through bitter pain, through unending pain,
Pain that will never cease.

I have learned all this and more,
By loving.
Loving is a dangerous thing.
Echo Apr 2017
Once again,
I am alone.

I thought it would be different.
I thought we'd be forever.
2 years. We were together for 2 happy years.

Then everything changed.
You changed.
After years of talking,
Years of love,
You haven't left me a message in months.

Sometimes I wonder if you think about me,
But then I remember to shut it from mind.
You're gone, we went our separate ways.
We are no more.

It's been 2 months without you.
2 months and you are still in my dreams.
I still wish to hold you.
I still wish to trace every inch of your skin,
I still wish to send shivers down your spine.

I miss staying up all night with you.
I miss the phone calls, the laughter,
The way we'd plan our future together.

I miss when you'd spam me.
I miss singing you lullabies.
Yes, I miss it all.

I still miss you.

But you changed.

And now, I am alone.
Echo Jun 2015
The voices inside of my head,
They do not want me to live.
They say that I am better off dead.
I do trust the voices inside of my head.

They scream when they need to,
And shout when they must.
They tell me all I am,
Is desired for lust.

I can't take the pain,
I can't do it on my own,
Hearing those words,
Makes me want to be alone.

But I found love,
A love I want to keep,
But will it turn out like the rest,
With me left to weep?

Crying in my room,
Crying in the hall,
Crying in the mirror,
Crying tears for all.

All the heartbreak,
All the sadness,
All the loneliness,
All the pain.
Everything that was caused by,
All of love's feign.

The voices inside of my head,
They tell me I'll never find love.
They say I am better off dead.
I do trust the voices inside of my head.
Echo Mar 2015
From the day I met you,
I entered a state of deep sadness.
It tore away at my soul.
Breaking my heart into pieces.
Since the day I met you,
I could only feel pain.
My life is a pit of tears.
I am shriveled up inside.
What have you done to me?
From the day I met you,
I died a little inside.
My pillow has never been more drenched,
With blood and tears.
Since to day I met you,
I knew I'd never be the same.
I'm running around in a lonely world;
And you're the one to blame.
^^^My feelings
Echo Feb 2015
We met over the internet. And we're thousands of miles away.
I may have never held your hand,
Maybe I never really kissed you,
And I've never heard your voice, but...
I still want to be with you forever.
Everytime you post, I seem to smile.
You always know just what to say.
I should've never fallen in love with a boy outside of the internet.
They like to play with my heart.
They like to think everything's just a game.
They like to think my feelings don't matter.
The only reason why I left you,
Was because you were never online.
Well, I've realized that doesn't matter.
I want to be with you forever.
Nothing should come in our way again.
A love that stretches for miles on end,
Grows stronger everytime I hit "Send."
Echo Feb 2015
~Two years ago, I met somebody.
Someone who could make me laugh,
A special somebody.
Only on that Friday,
Did he tell me he liked me.
And at the moment,
You were the only guy I could see.
A special feeling.
Did I forget my true love though?
Did I forget the one I had left behind?
You're miles from me,
Yet you're the perfect find.
You showered me with love,
The love of a lifetime.
I can't believe I nearly fell in love with a player,
When I should've always known,
You are the perfect one for me,
And I will be the perfect
Like it? (:
Echo Feb 2015
~You're the only one for me,
And I'm the only one for you~
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